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Designer: Ryan LO Ryan Lo is an emerging designer from Hong Kong. He’s in love with the colour pink and anything that a girlie girl would love. His collections have the consistent theme of a ‘Romantic Fantasy’ and he’s best known for showcasing his spring’ 13 collection at Fashion East; which he also won the womenswear award. Lo is known for his love for the colour pink and his trademarks pieces are his over the top pink frocks. His collections often symbolise the woman never letting go of her inner child. He likes to work with contrasts and often mixes up the ‘sexy but not sexy look’ and the innocent and the naughty girl. Ryan Lo likes to push the boundaries and experiment through his designs. He’s constantly thinking outside the box and never fails to please his audience. Here are a few images from his Spring’13 collection, which he showcased at Fashion East.

Designer: Ryan LO Here is more of our Ryan Lo research. We felt as though in order to complete a successful fashion film unit we needed to understand our designer and understand what kind of designer he is and his work ethic. The next few pages will be our research for Ryan Lo.

Designer: Ryan LO Here are some images of things that Ryan Lo is inspired by. As you can see he is inspired by many things a little girl would love. Some of his inspirations come from: childhood toys such as; teddy bears, child books, colourful and over the top eccentric dolls, cute little girly products and as you can see the first image is Ryan Lo experimenting with fabrics and colours creating something outside the box.

Designer: Ryan LO Here are some of Ryan Lo’s Spring’ 13 visuals. For this collection it went by the theme of a ‘Dark Disco and Sugar Rush’. His love for pink shines through as well as his love for colour in general.

Designer: Ryan LO Here are two collages of his inspirations. He’s inspired by many things including overly girly clothing especially girly frocks. He is also inspired by many things from his hometown of Hong Kong.

Designer: Ryan LO Here is a spider diagram of Ryan Lo. We felt that it was important to know Ryan Lo inside out and to identify with what he aims to bring through his designs and ethos.

Designer: Ryan LO

Ryan Lo’s main theme that is often channelled through his collections is the theme of a ‘Romantic Fantasy’. Here we have brainstormed the romantic fantasy theme and seeing how we can incorporate that in our fashion film.

Designer: Ryan LO Here is an analysis of Ryan Lo’s spring’ 13 collection. As this is the main collection Ryan Lo has done that has been recognised within the fashion industry we felt that it was by his Spring collection that people would relate our film to Ryan Lo. We wanted it to be as accurate as possible. In order to produce an accurate fashion film for Ryan Lo we had to see what his collections were like and grasp his style.

Ryan Lo’s Inspirations Ryan Lo finds inspiration in many different ways to help him create the best possible collections. Some of his inspirations include: various bright colours, anything pink, dolls and teddies which he had from an early age to pink wigs. He’s also inspired by his home town; Hong Kong and a famous film director named, Wong Kar Wai. Wong Kar Wai has directed many big films in Hong Kong and for his Creating Fashion Narratives unit, we looked at his short film ‘There’s only one sun’. Similarly to Ryan Lo, Wong Kar Wai is very visual and likes to work with a lot of colour in this short film. We analysed a few of the stills from his short film and tried to pick out a few references to better and improve our fashion film. Here are some still images from Wong Kar Wai’s short film: ‘There's only one sun’.

Ryan Lo’s Inspirations Here is more of our research on Wong Kar Wai who is a famous film director from Hong Kong that Ryan Lo is inspired by.

Ryan Lo’s Inspirations Another inspiration by Ryan Lo is Studio 54. Studio 54 was a popular and world renowned nightclub during 1977- 1981. It was sophisticated and had groundbreaking multi- media visual extravaganza.

Ryan Lo: Inspiration, the Lolita Another one of Ryan Lo’s inspiration is the Lolita. Ryan Lo has stated ion many interview that he is inspired by the ‘naughty Lolita’. What he means by this is that he is inspired stylistically by the Lolita's and in the way they dress. We have researched into the concept of the Lolita and we understand that it’s a deep concept, however we have not gone into the topic too deeply; we have only touched the surface to shown research of Ryan Lo’s inspiration from the naughty Lolita's. Here are some images of the Lolita's Ryan Lo is inspired by:

Ryan Lo: Inspiration, the Lolita

Ryan Lo: Fabrics and Colours Ryan Lo likes to work with various fabrics and often likes to mix them up. He works with contrasting fabrics such as luxurious ones and cheap ones. He’s best known for using fabrics such as: Mesh/ Tulle/ Knit/ Mohair/ Chiffon and Netting. His signature colour is pink and works closely with the family of pink colours such as reds and corals; however generally he likes to create various colour explosion with his garments. Here are some examples of a mixture of his work and the colours and fabrics that he uses.

Ryan Lo: Round Up  

 

He loves all things dreamy and isn’t afraid to create his own fairytale. He’s inspired by dolls, teddies, a Japanese song called ‘The Days of Love and Desire’, studio 54 and many more innovative things. He loves anything pink and works with bold and bright colours. He’s also into colourful wigs. He likes working with contrasts and he likes to mix up the type of fabrics he uses. He works with fabrics such as; mesh, tulle, knit, mohair, chiffon and netting throughout his collections. He loves to create themes through his collections. His spring’13 collection went by the theme of a ‘Dark Disco and Sugar Rush’. As you can see he is playing around with the idea of the ‘dark disco’ being the bad and naughty side of the girl and the ‘sugar rush’ would be her innocent side. This would all be contrasted and shown through the models styling. Ryan Lo has previously stated in many interviews that he is inspired by the naughty Lolita. Although the Lolita concept is deep; Ryan Lo is influenced stylistically and visually. He likes working with a naughty side; as well as a good and bad side.

Ryan Lo: Our Inspirations As Ryan Lo’s consistent theme is Romantic Fantasy we decided to research into fantasy photographer: Tim Walker. Tim Walker is best known for his dream like and fantasy photography. He creates a childlike effect through most of his photography and uses a prop to lead the narrative behind the photograph. Looking at Tim Walkers photography it helped us gather various dream like ideas and to create a childlike persona through our fashion film. Here is a scan of one of my research pages looking at Tim Walker for our inspiration for our Ryan Lo fashion film.

Ryan Lo: Our Inspirations This is our Tim Walker inspiration page continued. Here is another scan from our research into Tim Walker’s amazing dream like photography.

Ryan Lo: Our Inspirations As Tim Walker is one of the greatest photographers we thought it would be a perfect idea to research into his iconic short film ‘Like A Doll’. As we are creating a short fashion film we thought it would be good to see how a fantasy and dream like photographer, with similar themes to our emerging designers (Ryan Lo) can incorporate those themes through moving film. Here is some of our research on his short film ‘Like A Doll’.

Ryan Lo: Our Inspirations Here is more of our research on Tim Walker’s short film ‘Like A Doll’.

Ryan Lo: Our Inspirations The Wonder Girls are a South Korean girl group who have risen to fame in 2007. I have decided to use their hit single ‘Nobody’ as inspiration for our Ryan Lo fashion film. The setting of their music video is similar to Ryan Lo’s Spring’ 13 presentation room of the ‘Dark Disco and Sugar Rush’ collection. The video is sweet, playful, fun, girly and over the top. The background of the video is similar to Ryan Lo’s dark glittery backdrop and the singers all look like possible Ryan Lo models as they have that innocent sweet girl look about them with natural beauty. Here is our research on The Wonder Girls.

Ryan Lo: Our Inspirations Here is more of our Wonder Girls research. This was part of our inspiration for our fashion film. These girls were girly, over the top, slightly cheesy however they also had an innocent side to them. I thought of Ryan Lo when I saw this particular video of theirs and similarly they both had a glittery backdrop (Ryan Lo had his at his Fashion East showcase).

Ryan Lo: Our Inspirations As our Ryan Lo fashion film was split into two different looks: the innocent girl and the naughty girl; we decided to look at Jessie J’s ‘Price Tag’ video. This video was girly, childlike and it was almost connoting the theme that Ryan Lo relates his collection, as the woman never letting go of her inner child. Here is some of our research into Jessie J’s music video ‘Price Tag’.

Ryan Lo: Our Inspirations The second part of our film is when the girl has transformed into her naughty self. This takes place through a big hypnosis sequel. This section of our film is the most important as it leads the narrative and transforms the girl. We took references from Trey Songz ‘Can’t be friends’ video as we wanted to show the hypnosis sequel through crazy fast faced movements and we believed that this video allowed us to reference exactly what we wanted. Here is some of our research on the crazy fast paced movements for our hypnosis sequel.

Ryan Lo: Out Concept

Ryan Lo: Our Concept Breakdown Here is some of our research explaining our contrast of our good and bad girl in our Ryan Lo fashion film. The contrast will be shown through the stylistic side and the colour and music will lead our narrative.

Ryan Lo: Our Concept Breakdown Here is the breakdown of our fashion film. We felt that it was important to include a breakdown of our film as we could then have something other than our storyboard to relate back to.

Ryan Lo: OUR MOODBOARDS (RENAME THIS) Here is our research for the hair styling. As our film concept evolves around the ‘good and naughty Lolita’ we had two looks that we wanted to go for. Here is the innocent Lolita look. We decided to style the hair in a Kung Fu Hair Bun as Ryan Lo used this hairstyle with his models at his Fashion East showcase.

Ryan Lo: OUR MOODBOARDS (RENAME THIS) Here is our research for the hair styling for the naughty Lolita look. In comparison to the first look which was sweet and slightly innocent; we wanted the final naughty Lolita transformation to be slightly sexy and have an edge to it. Here is our research for the naughty hair styles.

Ryan Lo: OUR MOODBOARDS (RENAME THIS) Here is our research for the makeup. Similarly to the hair moodboards, as we were channelling two different looks we had to research into the ‘innocent’ and ‘naughty’ make up looks. We wanted to keep the innocent make up simple and natural as Ryan Lo only focuses on the lips and eyes for his models make up; everything else is natural. Here is our research for the innocent make up looks.

Ryan Lo: OUR MOODBOARDS (RENAME THIS) Here is our research for the naughty looks for the makeup. In comparison to the innocent make up which was simple and natural, for the naughty make up we wanted to create a slight seductive twist and add red lipstick. Although Ryan Lo keeps the make up natural, he does tend to focus on the lips and eyes for his models make up. Here is our research for the naughty make up looks, as you can see we were playing around with the possible lipstick colours.

Ryan Lo: OUR MOODBOARDS (RENAME THIS) Once we researched the possible naughty make up looks, we then researched Ryan Lo’s Fashion East showcase and we narrowed down the look to exactly what we wanted. We stuck with the red lipstick as we believed this shows seduction and gives the girl a naughty side just by enhancing the colour of her lips and drawing the attention on her lips. We also decided to go with light green eye shadow as he used a little on some of his models. Here is our final Ryan Lo ‘naughty Lolita’ make up look.

Ryan Lo: Our Model Call Sheet For our fashion film, we felt that it was important to create a model call sheet. By doing this it helped us finalise our decision of choosing our model and making sure that she fitted every box and fit the look and part we were going for. We researched into the models Ryan Lo uses and we came up with requirements such as: A brunette with an ethnic skin tone and dark eyes. Here is the call sheet.

Ryan Lo: Innocent Clothing Moodboard For the innocent look, we wanted the girl to look over girly and have a slight innocent look about her. We wanted the dress to be floaty and give a sense of sweetness. We didn’t want it to be too short however we did want it to be over the knee as Ryan Lo likes to push boundaries and mix a ‘sexy but not sexy look’.

Ryan Lo: Naughty Clothing Moodboard For the naughty look, we wanted to girl to have an edge to her. The transformation was a key factor in our film and we wanted it to be an obvious stylistic transformation. We wanted her to look seductive however still looking girly and childlike with the colours she was wearing. Here is the naughty Lolita look research page.

Ryan Lo: Analysing Our Looks For the naughty look, we wanted the girl to look over sexy and still have a slight secretive side to her. We changed it up a little and instead of her wearing another dress we got some short shorts, a pale pink fur jacket (which showed that the girl was strong and powerful and not afraid to make a fashion statement). We also made a netted skirt which Ryan Lo often has. This created a twist to just having another dress. We wanted to play around with the looks and make them as different as possible.

Ryan Lo: Prop Moodboard Originally to begin with me and Nicola wanted to use child props such as: teddies/ dolls and a carousel. We wanted to concept of the ‘woman never letting go of her inner child’ to stand out and we had a literal approach. However after speaking with Antonio we realised that perhaps that would decrease the quality of our film and could make it look cheesy. We decided to only use a few shots with the teddy bear in however to lead the narrative we have used the colour pink and music. The lightness/ darkness of the colour connotes the models innocence/ purity. We also covered a stool in foil as we wanted the model to be sitting on the stool for some shots. We didn’t want to have a plain stool, we wanted to make it more Ryan Lo and added some foil to make it look more eye pleasing. Here are images of the props we used for our final fashion film concept. As you can see we have covered the chair in foil, we have a teddy bear and Ryan Lo’s hello kitty inspiration teddy and we have a snap shot of our film of our model sitting on the foil chair for the first establishing shot.

Ryan Lo: Test Shoot for our Fashion Film When we felt we had enough research and were comfortable with our idea, we booked a test shoot. The test shoot helped us alter our storyboard as there were 2-3 shots we couldn’t do, as they didn’t fit in the camera screen. It also helped us see what backgrounds work well, as we couldn’t decided between the pink tint and the pink backdrop. Here are some images from our test shoot.

Ryan Lo: Analysis of our Fashion Film Test Shoot After our test shoot we then started to analyse everything, from the models positioning on screen, her clothes, the background, the props and we analysed what works and what didn’t work. We also changed our storyboard a little and made it the best it can be. The next few pages will be some analysis of our test shoot.

Ryan Lo: Analysis of our Fashion Film Test Shoot Here is more research of us analysing our test shoot.

Ryan Lo: Analysis of our Fashion Film Test Shoot Here is the second part of us analysing our test shoot. We felt that it was important to go into detail with analysing our test shoot and how everything went as this was our last chance to correct any mistakes before the real shooting of our fashion film.

Ryan Lo: Location for our Fashion Film- The Studio As Ryan Lo is a relatively new emerging designer, we didn’t want to pick an over the top location that he has not yet done and therefore we couldn't justify our choices and reasons behind this. We looked into his Fashion East location which was in doors and presented as a presentation room setting. We then gathered inspiration from this and by using the studio we believed that we could create a scene and create a girly and childlike Ryan Lo inspired atmosphere which would fit our fashion film perfectly.

Ryan Lo: Location Analysis- Indoors- Presentation Room Setting We have analysed Ryan Lo’s Fashion East showcase event which was in a presentation room format. We felt as though it was important to look at where Ryan Lo has showcased (such as Fashion East) and stick to what he has done as we could justify our choices and explain them with solid examples. Here is our Ryan Lo location analysis of his Fashion East showcase.

Ryan Lo: Our Fashion Film- The Hypnosis Sequel As the Hypnosis was one of the main concepts of our fashion film we broke it down into specific moves that our model could do. We made sure it looked okay on camera and the model knew exactly what she was doing and was comfortable with it all.

Ryan Lo: The Colour Pink Analysis As we were using the colour pink to lead the narrative, we wanted to create a research page connoting the meaning of the stereotypical girl colour pink. Pink is also Ryan Lo’s trademark colour and this is why we chose it. Here is the research for this:

Ryan Lo: Uploading our Footage Our studio time slot was 9am- 12:30pm. As we then had the rest of our day we took the advantage of uploading our footage on the laptop and convert it on our laptops. It was important that we converted all the files on our hard drives and went through each clip making sure they were viewable.

Ryan Lo: Uploading our Footage Here are some images of us uploading our footage.

Ryan Lo: Shooting Our Fashion Film The day of our fashion film shoot, we made sure we were organised and had everything such as the make up and hair accessories, the props and the garments. We had them all ready a week before therefore this was no issue for us.

Ryan Lo: Shooting Our Fashion Film Here are more images of us shooting our fashion film. When booking the studio we made sure we had enough time throughout the day to shoot everything we wanted.

Ryan Lo: Editing Our Fashion Film Once we shot out footage and uploaded it on the laptop, we were ready to edit. We made sure that we didn’t rush this editing process and took our time to make it the best we could. Here are some images of us in the editing process for our film.

Ryan Lo: Our Fashion Film Timeline STAGE ONE: Research on Ryan Lo Research on his collections Research on his inspirations

STAGE TWO: Our inspirations from Ryan Lo Our Film influences STAGE THREE: Concept brainstorms Further development of our idea Storyboard breakdown STAGE FOUR: Planning the looks Ordering/ buying our garments Moodboards for the hair and make up STAGE FIVE: Booking the studio for a test shoot Preparing for our test shoot (made sure we had the garments/ hair/ make up accessories, shoes, props, our storyboard to follow). STAGE SIX: Analysing our test shoot and solving any implications we had- such as altering our storyboard and making sure you could see each shot in the shot. Preparing for our final shoot STAGE SEVEN: Final fashion film shooting day Uploading the footage Download the 30 day Adobe Final Cut Pro X Free Trail The editing process begins STAGE 8: Fashion film evaluation Putting together our production dossier in the form of a Ryan Lo book.

Production Dossier- Ryan Lo  

Project Unit: Creating Fashion Narratives