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Men's Trainers – Cheap - Sports direct •

Product- One shoe from each pair from the products are up along the wall with the prices displayed underneath.

Price-Cheap prices ranging from £7-25 in store.

Place-They are of ten placed on most high street and sometimes have the larger stores located in retail parks.

Promotion-Constant sale and reduced adver tising all over store and in shop windows. Previously adver ts were used, showcasing stock and the cheap prices.

People-The ser vice isn’t ver y quick or ef ficient however they know the basic communications and they are helpful when asked rather than of fering to help.

Physical evidence- Lighting poor and not overly clean, stock is crammed in close together.

Consumer-Spor t par ticipants ranging from kidswear, mens ,womens and accessories such as shin pads, footballs and kit bags.

Men’s trainers – mid market - usc •

Merchandising: wood cabin walls and plain grey shelves

Packaging: no shoeboxes visible, only display shoes, need to ask for ser vice to tr y any on.

Price: £45-£70

Promotion: no big add campaigns on the walls

Brand look: Casual maybe slightly Preppy, street urban style.

Visual Clues of indicated price range : no clear signs of price and the women’s was upstairs (which is unusual).

Location: High Street

Target customer: 16-30 Clearly known as a boys store because the men’s was when you first walked in usc in the store, for example the jeans said black tag denim.

Customer Ser vice: not greeted when first entering but sales associates were lovely once you asked them a question.

Men’s trainers – expensive - Size •

Product: Merchandise on or in individual glass boxes. Makes it exclusive, don’t touch! Stored in chest of draws, mix of materials give a urban feel.

Price: £90- £135

Consumer: Style and brand conscious males, 17-30

Place: street, near more vintage side of town, biggest competitor of fice.

Promotion: A chalk board outside with latest trainer in store. Ever changing. Also gives a jokey pub vibe.

People: stuf f are same age and dress the same as target consumer, friendly, but male orientated.

Men’s jeans – cheap - tesco F&F •

Product-Hung separately on hangers with individual tags indicating the price and the size of the product.

Price-Cheap end budget consumer s are acquainted for star ting from £10.

Place-Usually in the larger Tesco’s, which have to be driven to, but due to customers having to drive for a large food shop they can be influenced to do ever ything all in one shop.

Promotion-Of fer s such as 2for1 or packet of fers such as 3 vest tops for the price of 2.

People- Not many staf f located within the clothes sections due to the vast amount needed within the store, however are helpful if needed and friendly.

• Physical evidence-basic stands with lots of variety of sizes all close together. • Consumer-Large Families as it accommodates all age ranges and is cheap but not too bad quality.

Men’s jeans – mid market – H&M •

Product: jeans just laid on a table and hung on racks (nothing special)

Packaging: no visible packaging

Price: £20- £30

Promotion: posters of add campaigns on the wall

Brand look: hip, cool, and original

Location: high street.

Customer Ser vice: not amazing, employees available to answer questions but not super friendly. Not a ver y tidy store.

Target customer: young boys and girls around 15-25

Men's jeans – expensive - levis •

Product: Jeans are laid out on large display tables. Modern designs are at the front best sellers at the back.

Price: £85- £120

Consumer: Male and female from 18- 50. older people too that have always worn levis.

Promotion: Lack of adver tising in store, and little mannequins. Mostly men’s wear, little woman’s section.

Place: city Centre, high street which has lots of male based stores.

People: Knowledgeable and friendly staf f, that create and easy fun shopping experience

Men’s jeans – expensive - usc •

Product: laid out on large pool table, give masculine bar feel. Or on industrial style pegs. Jeans placed in brand, fit and size.

Price: £60- £100 (slightly cheaper then levis store.

Place: located near levis, competitor with selling that brand too.

Consumer: 17- 28, young feel within store, loud music, lots of brands.

Physical Evidence: Low lighting, loud par ty music. Store decorated in wood and brick, give a street style urban vibe. Mix matched.

Promotion: Lack of imager y, or dressed mannequins. Simple signs to adver tise brands in store.

Ladies dress – cheap - usc •

Product- All ranges of dresses hung around the store in dif ferent fashion style areas related by colour or trend.

Price- Ranging from £10-25

Place-on most uk high streets, however not as well known compared to other stores such as New Look or H&M.

Promotion-Little promotion within store or as adver ts, however • PeopleSmall amount of staf f have within of fers the such as student located stores that lock in nights student aren’t overly and helpful until discount asked promotions. specifically. • Physical evidence- Not a lot of imager y promoting the clothes,

Ladies dress – mid market - zara •

Product: open floor plan, tables as you walk in, racks against the wall.

Packaging: no visible packaging but sizes available to choose, so you don’t need to get help from an associate

Price: £20- £50

Promotion: not many posters on the wall, just mannequins

Brand look: feminine, young, long lasting, classic


Location: high Customer international, Ser vice: friendly but you have to street approach them

Visual Clues of indicated price range: some clothes weren’t folded, like someone had looked at it and no one had, had a chance to fix it yet Target customer: women predominately, young maybe 17-25

Ladies dress – Expensive – Karen millen •

Product: Merchandised in a ver y stylistic way, the mannequins looked per fectly linked. All packaging is hidden away to avoid mess in store. Black shiny rails and mirrors give a exclusive back stage feel.

Price: £140- £200

Place: located with high end stores (exchange walk) selected stores

Consumer: 28 – 50 high disposable income, wealthy professional. Smar t and stylish business clothes.

• Promotion: None in store, simple dressed mannequins. Swing tags with pricing. • People: provide ser vice to the people, by making it a small store with little staf f to create a more personal shopper experience.

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