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I am a student who is ready to explore different types of design. I enjoy the creative and analytical parts of design, and I am interested in learning everything I can, and I am quick to pick up new things. I approach projects with research and an open mind, ready to look at many options to find what is most appropriate for each project.

CONTENTS Retail Custom Retail Features Kroger Total Health Wall Design Partner Project Live-Work Model

Retail Space LN Gross Building

Street Level Fixture Plan

Concept METAMORPHOSIS A physical change in form or nature resulting a new form. Change and transition happens throughout the space and at a smaller scale in the fixtures. Modcloth provides modern clothing with a vintage vibe showing a transition over time. A form is repeated in the space throughout the center at a shorter level and surrounds the outside at a taller level.

Lower Level Fixture Plan

Perspective From Back

Program This project entailed designing a retail space within part of the LN Gross building, a historic structure in Kent. The purpose of the retail was to bring something new to Kent and provide an appropriate shopping experience for local residents. Modcloth is the retailer featured in this design. They provide women’s clothing and a small line of men’s clothing I proposed to expand, that are for people in their twenties and early thirties providing professional attire and quirky casual clothes. The layout of the store includes several custom fixtures including the clothing

Perspective From Counter

displays and the front desk.

Point of Purchase Counter


Program The retail space required a unique point of purchase counter. It needed enough space for two cash registers and storage for items cashiers will need and to organize returns.


Rendered Model

Outcome The resulting point of purchase counter is a unique form that was inspired by the shapes in other custom forms in the design. This counter’s base is made of precast concrete with a wood top. The resulting space from the two counters will provide employees with an area of free movement and the curve of the front counter will encourage smooth circulation.

Clothing Fixture


Program The space required a fixture for the merchandise to be displayed on. The main merchandise for Modcloth is clothing and therefore needs a way to display clothes on hangers and folded clothing on a table or shelf.


Front Elevation

Built Model

Outcome The design of the clothing fixture stemmed from the form of the columns on the perimeter of the space. The hangers on one side serve the function of hanging clothes while the shelves on the other side alter as you move up the piece demonstrating the concept of metamorphosis. The tow forms sit opposite each other and are connected by a glass panel.

Rendered Model

Kroger Total Health

Bubble Diagram

Logo Design

Concept Plexus is an intricate web like network and the inspiration for the design of Total Health as an intricate network as a whole and in each area that guests can navigate easily and feel connected. To accomplish this a focal point will be created in each area where staff interact with guests. The customer orientation feature connects the four large areas of pharmacy, the Little Clinic, over the counter, and personal care having each area branch off the feature in an asymmetrical floor plan like a web that also connects the areas directly to each other to make way finding easier. The blue of the Kroger logo will carry into logos and signage used in the total health area and orange will be brought in to contrast the blue and bring in something new. Orange will be used in counter areas that will be in each of the four main areas and in the main kiosk area, to emphasize the interaction of costumers and staff.

Clinic Rendering

Customer Orientation Feature Rendering

Program Total Health is intended to provide needed services to customers with a personal approach of real people present to help them meet their needs. This zone is for Kroger stores and encompasses four main areas of pharmacy, clinic, over the counter, and personal care.

Rendered Floor Plan

Wall Design


Program The project required the design of a wall that implemented a pattern and incorporated an HVAC system. The wall was then used in the retail design project shown previously.



Concept METAMORPHOSIS A physical change in form or nature resulting a new form. The wall transforms looking at it from top to bottom and looking horizontally.


Path Partner Project

Preliminary Model

Program The purpose of this project was to work with a partner to create a path. The intention of the path is to move through the model in an interesting way.

Final Model From Top

Outcome Working with a partner allowed for the exchange of ideas and aiding each other in the movement of the path. This resulted in two individual models that work as a connected pair.



Live-Work Model

Program The intention of this project was to utilize new materials and create different lighting effects. The lighting effects and materials could then be utilized to create a house with an area for sleeping, eating, and work.

Light and Color Model


Outcome The result was several spaces in the house having individual roof elements that are able to move to allow the user to customize the amount of light coming in. The area for eating has a fixed ceiling that is transparent and red and has a grid pattern on it so the light does not come directly in.

Top View

Front View

Erin Hardgrove Portfolio  
Erin Hardgrove Portfolio