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Customer Journey:

NYC Taxicab Service NAICS - 485310

Strategy Canvas:

Needs A Ride


After Ride

Before Ride

Pay Driver

Hail Cab

Customer Value Proposition:

For people in NYC that need to get to a specific destination on time, NYC Taxi is a transportation service that delivers comfortable, convenient, and efficient transportation within Manhattan and the surrounding areas. Unlike the subway or bus systems that have restricted routes and set schedules our service is highly accessible and customizable, because we offer a personal door to door delivery experience picking you up and taking you directly and safely to your destination.

Carter Hudson:

During Ride

Jenna Shu

Heavy User Core Service:

Low Personal Activities

Travel Distance


Value Factors Taxi

Taxi Use: End Goals: Get to business meeting on time Experience Goals: A quick, effiecient, no nonsense ride.


During Service


Friendly Service

Reliable Schedule


Travel Time




Passenger Information Monitor Luggage Assistence Lost and Found Posting GPS System Payment Transaction Friendly Service


Transportation within Manhattan and the surrounding areas

Yellow Medallion Availability Lights Visability Dispatch System


Enhancing Services:

Facilitating Services:

35 Sales Manager for Herman Miller Girlfriend of 8 years Apartment in Brooklyn None Subway, taxis, car, bike Attached to his ipad Stock trading, die hard Knicks fan, plays in a community basketball league


Age: Occupation: Status: Home: Pets: Transportation: Habits: Hobbies:


Subway rail

Age: Occupation: Status: Home: Pets: Transportation: Habits: Hobbies:

Identified Gaps


Word-of-Mouth, Personal Needs, Past Experiences

Rushed, Frazzled, Exhausted


Journey Map


27 Hair Stylist for York Salon Single Shared apartment on Lower East Side Cat Subway, taxis, occasional rental car Shoe addiction, social smoker Blogging, pilates, jewelry making

Taxi Use: End Goals: Meet friends at a restaurant across town Experience Goals: A comfortable, relaxed ride


Expectations and Emotions

Light User

Grabs breifcase and ipad, pulls on coat, and takes the elevator downstairs.

Puts on heels and texts friends as she heads down three flights from her apartment.

Expectations and Emotions

Expects to catch a cab immediately. After two taxi’s drive by he starts to get frustrated.

Anxious, Tense, Impatient

Expects the driver to take 8th Ave because everyone knows it’s the quickest route in this traffic.

Walks from office to the corner of the street.

Immediately makes a quick business phone call. Sticks arm out, waits, and hails a cab

Opens taxi door and slides into the backseat.

Tells driver his/her destination.

Walks from apartment building to corner of the street.

Expectant, Eager, Animated

Doesn’t bring a coat because she doesn’t expect to wait in the cold too long.

Puts on seatbelt while having a short polite conversation with the driver. Thankful, Energetic, Pleased

Expects that the driver knows the quickest and best route to the restaurant.


Is driven directly from pick up location A to specified destination B.

Trusting, Distracted, Fascinated

Not surprised when he was only 30 cents off when guessing what the total would be.

Looks at notes on ipad prepares for meeting, watches news on TV monitor. Checks make-up in mirror, texts on her phone, looks out the window at the city lights.

Confirms amount owed

Discusses amount owed

Aware and Alert

Has credit card already out and ready to pay.

Scrambles and digs out wallet from purse.

Expects ride to be longer. Surprised when the driver stops and they are there already.

Amazed and Flustered


Swipes card on customer information monitor.

Forgets about taxi ride immediately after closing the door.

Opens door, gets out of backseat, double checks for belongings and then closes door.

Pays the driver with a $20 and waits for her change.

Apologetic and Appreciative


Checks watch as he quickly walks from street to office building entrance. Walks from cab down the block to the restaurant.

Forgets about taxi ride immediately after closing the door.



lives in Brooklyn with his girlfriend and takes the subway into the city every morning. He’s been working for Herman Miller for close to 5 years but has worked in the city for 15 and knows the streets like the back of his hand. His office is centrally located at 6th and 46th but his client meetings are scattered throughout Manhattan and he relies on taxis for the better part of is day. Thank god for the company credit card because the cab rides alone cost a fortune. Carter is working hard for a possible promotion at the end of the year. His girlfriend complains that he needs a vacation but he just can’t see the value until he gets a leg up. Although he would like to see the Knicks game this weekend.

Relieved, Confident and Focused


Service Delivery


Mgmt perceptions of consumer expectations

Service Provider

The Knowledge Gap: There is a gap between the managment and the consumers expectations. Management currently applies a “one size fits all” to consumer expectations and may be unaware of unfulfilled consumer needs.

Happy, Fulfilled, and Excited

Customers that are not paying attention or are not familiar with NYC streets/wayfinding and are not familiar with the taxi payment system:

External communications to consumers

Translation of perceptions into service quality specs.

Sits down at table where friends have already ordered her favorite drink.

If a taxi ride goes well and the customer is satisfied, they quickly forget about the experience after use of the service. But if the customer has a bad experience they remember and hold onto it.

Could be subject to longer unnecessary routes or fradulant charges.

Perceived Service

Gets to meeting 10 minutes early.

Good experiences do not remain memorable experiences



Suspicious, Observant


Expected Service


lives on the Lower East Side and shares an apartment with two roomates to save on rent and bills. She loves working at York Salon. It’s been a dream come true to move to the city and do what she loves. She still can’t believe she lives here, in Manahattan! York Salon is on the Upper East Side and even though it is not too far from her home, she still takes the subway and walks rather than taking a taxi everyday. It can get expensive... and that deters from saving money for her shoe obsession. She loves going out with the girls for dinner and an occasional show at the theater. So on nights when she’s dressed up she splurges for the conveinence and safety of a cab ride. Expected




High Perceived

Erin E. Dora | SERV 724 | Prof. Bau | Spring 2012

NYC Taxi Service Concept Analysis  

Service Design course for Savannah College of Art and Design focusing on human-centered brand innovation.