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explosive detection canines certified through

CFL is on the FRONTLINE of EDC training and technology - using REAL explosives in their canine program Call us to see how we can support your security needs.


“Trained bomb dog teams are so valuable an asset that they should be used for searches whenever they are available.” - FBI Bomb Data Center Camp Frontline LTD. (CFL) builds a secure environment for your business — providing your employees, building occupants and guests a sense of stability in today’s unstable world. CFL’s experience with explosive detection dogs is unmatched in the field of security. For over 20 years in the private sector, the principles of CFL have been known as the go-to-team to create the ideal secure environment. Working as single-handler dog teams, the professionals at CFL and their dogs convey a sense of strength and force when present at a scene.

No person or machine can detect explosives as well as a certified explosive detection canine and canine sweeps are a safe, non-intrusive, effective means to clear suspect packages, locate explosive devices and avoid unnecessary evacuations. Our teams are certified by the standards put forth by the International Police Work Dog Association. Training situations include problem solving and searching: • buildings


• movie theatres

•freight areas

• open areas

• commuter rails

•vehicles and busses •commercial aircrafts

Response time in crisis situations is critical — having a CFL team on hand to decipher whether a threat is real saves time and money for businesses and preserves the lives of those on the premises. For more on Camp Frontline LTD. check out our website and catch a glimpse of a CFL team in action at To find out what CFL can do to satisfy your security needs call 212.945.0336 or email us at

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Designed, chose stock art, and took photo for this tri-fold bochure. Wrote copy for this piece focused exclusively on explosive detection ca...

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