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Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Local indie talent growing with LIIFE

GLAMOROUS EVENING: County Legislator Dave Denenberg bestows Nassau County Citations upon the crew of “Send No Flowers,” the film that of ficially opened LIIFE on Friday. From left are Director Fred Carpenter, Mr.

Denenberg, actors Russ Camarda and Jackie Mar tling, and Vincent Nigro, who wrote the award-winning song for the film.

by Kristen Buckley, Colin Hekimian and Danielle Sopchak

award for Best Original Score. Feature Film – owns his own studio in Massapequa. This is his sixth independent film score, and each takes about 12 weeks of intense work to create, he told this newspaper.

The Long Island International Film Expo (LIIFE) officially opened its 16th season at the Bellmore Movies on Friday, complete with Long Island celebrities Jackie Martling and Russ Camarda commanding early attention during the 5-7 p.m. reception for independent filmmakers, actors and producers hoping to make inroads into the world of independent filmmaking. Mr. Martling, from Bayville, and Mr. Camarda, from Lindenhurst, star, along with Hollywood actors Sean Young, Tony LoBianco and LIIFE favorite Robert Clohessy, in Fred Carpenter’s new film “Send No Flowers,” a Mafia mob film that headlined the 9 p.m. time slot. Mr. Carpenter, director of the heavily anticipated “Send No Flowers,” fielded questions on the red carpet along with Mr. Martling, Michael Lovaglio and Mr. Camarda. Mr. Carpenter told Bellmore Life that Merrick writer Lee Kolinsky came to him with the script and he liked it, moving them to make the movie. Mr. Carpenter, an experienced director and

previous LIIFE award winner, was able to successfully engage the interest of the star-studded cast to join in making the film. Mr. Camarda, a two-time LIIFE award winner, is also the editor, executive producer and contributing writer of “Send No Flowers.” He won the top technical award for Best Editing and accepted his award saying, “This is the best film festival on the East Coast.” Mr. Martling, a veteran Long Island comedian who works on Howard Stern’s Sirius radio show – and plays a strip club owner in the film – praised the film and Mr. Carmada’s riveting performance in the movie. Mr. Martling couldn’t wait to see the film. “I haven’t seen it yet,” said Mr. Martling. “It’s going to be fun.” Mr. Camarda frequently collaborates with former Baldwin director Fred Carpenter and was happy to be back on his “home turf,” saying that screening the film on Long Island is “like playing Shea Stadium.” Mr. Camarda added that, “The quality of the music in this movie is unlike any other independent film.” Vincent Nigro, who scored “Send No Flowers” – and who won a technical

Bellmore Life photo by Douglas Finlay

Indy encouragement abounds The universal opinion of the party revelers was that independent filmmaking provides a tight-knit community experience, especially around the film festival circuit. Director T.J. Collins, who won a LIIFE award in 2009, spoke to Bellmore Life about the growing independent film industry, and what sets it apart. “It’s a very exciting time for independent filmmaking,” he said noting that the process is longer and allows more freedom to blend genres and serve the story, which he believes to be the most important element of filmmaking. “In independent film, you can blend genres and the process takes longer so by the time someone is finishes making a film the interests of the audience can change.” Because audience interests can change by the time a movie is complet-

ed, “It all comes down to how original the story is, because story is the most crucial part of filmmaking,” he remarked. He added that the industry is seeing growth because of the emergence of more online outlets where filmmakers can get their movies seen. Mr. Camarda said that the independent film industry has become an easier entry point for filmmakers to make and send out films, and everybody on an independent film pitches in. Joe Pomarico, director of a short film “This is Love,” said that film festivals are “a great way to network with people.” Jake Lloyd, the writer and director of the short Western film “The Skull Rosary of Frao’ Ranggoh,” told this newspaper that filmmakers “tend to see the same people in the indy film circuit,” reinforcing the idea of community and networking in both the independent film industry and the independent film festival circuit. Another important theme Another important theme of the evening was the Long Island perspec(continued on page 3)

NAMES MAKE THE NEWS: Read about y our neighbors! 79 local people’s names were in y our community newspaper last week. Maybe yours is in this week! See inside.

LIIFE Technical Awards winners page 2

Frustration mounts for homeowners page 5

Opening night Laura Schofer movie reviews publishes first novel page 3 page 8

Technical awards were presented last week during opening par ty festivities in the Filmmaker’s Lounge. General awards in the actress and actor categories – and scriptwriting – will be given out at the Closing Night Par ty and Awards Ceremony on Thursday, July 25, at the Bellmore Movies, beginning at 7 p.m. Best Art Direction Pete Montgomery and Macrae for “Titanic Love.”


Best Cinematography Feature Film Sean King for “Send No Flowers.”


Short Film Navid Khayati-Daryan for “Titanic Love.” Best Original Score Feature Film Vincent Nigro for “Send Flowers.”

These Special Awards will be given away at the LIIFE Closing Night Party and Awards Ceremony on Thursday, July 25, beginning at 7 p.m.

Russ Flowers”

Best Actor Feature Film Camarda for “Send


Honorable Mention Zamora for “Thursday’s Del Speaker.” Best Actor Short Film Robbie Capaldi for “Brighton.”

Short Film Marc Riou for “Tilt of a Rose.” Best Editing Feature Film Russ Camarda for “Send Flowers.”

Best Original Song Mike Pettry for “Naked: A Musical Short Film.”

Best Actress Feature Film Molly Ryman for “Things I Don’t Understand.” Honorable Mention Margaret Keane Williams for “Wet Behind the Ears.”


Short Film Attila Ats for “A Strange Kind of Love.”

Honorable Mention Kristofer Martin for “Oros: The Coin Bearer.” Best Supporting Actor Short Film Matt Heller “Tilt of a Rose.” Honorable Mention Ethan Kogan for “Dr. Gutman’s Eulogy.”

Winner: “Reflected,” written by Joe McClean. Finalist: “Alone in Amsterdam,” written by Ralph Suarez.

When it comes2013toFinishing Facilities, Fund Grantthe winners (The Finishing Fund Grant winner Bartholomew Funeral Homea check provides at the will be awarded Closing Night Party and Awards Honorable Mention the best in the Bellmore area. Ceremony on Thursday, July 25, Jessica Piervicenti for “Wet Behind

the Ears.” Best Supporting Actress Short Film Sara Percival for “End of the Great American Businessman.”

beginning at 7 p.m. at the Bellmore Movies) Gaynell Stone, Director Suffolk County Archaeological Association

Flowers by Voegler

Short Film Judith Roberts for “My Day.” Best Supporting Actor Feature Film Michael Giese for “Wet Behind the Ears.”

2013 Script Writing Competition winners (The Script Writing Competition Winners will be awarded their certificates at the Wine and Cheese Reception on Thursday, July 25, from 5 6:30 p.m. in the Filmmakers Lounge)

The best

Best Supporting Actress Feature Film Grace Folsom for “Things I Don’t Understand.”

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Bellmore Life Wednesday, July 24, 2013 Page 2

LIIFE Technical Awards for excellence

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by Kristen Buckley The Long Island International Film Expo’s Friday opening night ceremonies at the Bellmore Movies included both 7 and 9:30 p.m. opening film blocks. Bellmore Life reviewed the 7 p.m. block, which included a music video, two short films and a feature film. The block opened with a music video for 13-year-old Levittowner Kyla Silk’s song “Don’t Cry for Me,” a modest production shot in Seaford that featured some distinctive creative qualities. A strong singer/songwriter

It’s great because I graduated college a year ago and to win an award a year after graduation is amazing.” Mr. Riou also did the cinematography for Robert La Rosa and Nugent Cantileno’s film, “End of the Great American Businessman.” The story concerns a man who is unemployed and is in a “disconnected state and does not know what to do with his life,” says Valley Stream co-director Robert La Rosa. The screenplay is based on the feelings of a father while he was unemployed for two years, giving the story line a local emotional connection to Long Islanders. (continued on page 7)

Time machines and ice cream shops: LIIFE’s opening night films sensibility manages to attract casual listeners as she sings about an omnipresent but always relevant subject: the pain of lost love. However, the message of the song is clear and uplifting: I’m in a happy place, so don’t cry for me anymore. It is an easy tune to latch onto, a formidable quality for any piece of musical production. The music video offers an elementary but capable first step forward into the potential career for Kyla Silk. The first short film, “Time 2 Split,” from Paris, France, was a brilliant and emotionally poignant representation

of separation. Director Fabrice Bracq primary uses split-screen to show the lives of a couple who have split up and share custody of their young child. The short makes tight artistic use of its split-screen and has a deeply satisfying finale. The second short was a trippy tale of time travel from Belgium titled “Bona Nox,” which deals with a boy in a wheelchair who wants to go back in time to prevent the car accident that disabled him and killed his mother. The best component of this short is the candid perspective of its young protagonist. Shorts such as these demonstrate how filmmakers tell effective stories in only a fraction of time by removing all filler and focusing on the plot’s most basic elements, letting the story move at a brisk pace. The feature of the night was “Wet

Behind the Ears,” a light-hearted coming-of-age comedy directed by Sloan Copeland and starring the film’s co-writer Margaret Keane Williams, a likable actress whose energy and charm is reminiscent of Kristin Chenowith. The film is about a recent college graduate who struggles to make a living and gets a job at a local ice cream shop. The low-budget film was made in two months and shot around East Islip and Manhattan. The film is full of good laughs, enjoyable performances and a hilarious array of subplots and colorful caricatures. “Wet Behind the Ears” emphasizes the benefits of combined amateur and independent filmmaking, making it a most-valued spokesperson for the entire film festival.

Lynn Karp • 516-659-2291 •

Lic. Broker Assoc Hall of Fame Recipient

ld So t s Ju

Lynn Karp Awarded

#1 Team for 2012



The old college try Mineola’s Nugent Cantileno and Valley Stream’s Robert La Rosa collaborate on two LIU Post student projects. “Tilt of a Rose” is a flapper-filled speakeasy film depicting a 1940s Old

Hollywood scene, in which a downand-out actress with a bad addiction flashes back to the roaring 20s. Mr. Cantileno and Mr. La Rosa, both film graduates from LIU Post (formerly C.W. Post) filmed it at LIU Post’s campus and in Mineola. The cinematographer, Mark Riou, won the LIIFE Award for Best Cinematographer for “Tilt of a Rose.” Mr. Riou told Bellmore Life, “To make the movie work, we had to nail the look of the film for people to believe it. I did a lot of research on styles and watched a lot of ’40s movies. To do so, we used eBay and goodwill for the right clothes.” When asked how it felt to win the award, Mr. Riou said, “It’s awesome.

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tive, since most of the films in LIIFE have either been shot on Long Island or feature filmmakers who are from Long Island or New York. “Send No Flowers” was shot in several Long Island locations, including Malverne and Old Merrick, Brookville. Sean Robinson’s short film “The Puritans,” which has already been shown in 30 film festivals around the world, was filmed in Southold because Mr. Robinson was inspired by the town’s hauntingly beautiful setting. Andrew Henriques, the director of the vampire short “Ten Questions,” is from Bellport, where he made the short at his hometown studio.

Nugent Cantileno, the writer/producer/director of the nostalgic 40sstyle short film “Tilt of a Rose,” is from Mineola and shot several scenes in his hometown at The Black Sheep Ale House. Many filmmakers have been inspired by Long Island for both aesthetic and personal reasons, a sentiment displayed at the official opening night of the Long Island International Film Expo.


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Page 3 Wednesday, July 24, 2013 Bellmore Life

Local indie talent growing with LIIFE

Bellmore Life Wednesday, July 24, 2013 Page 4

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What am I hearing? by Bob Trentlyon More and more people ask me why Mayor Bloomberg won’t look at building storm surge barriers from the Rockaways to Sandy Hook and at Throgs Neck. I say I don’t know. I don’t know why we are committed to building more new buildings in the flood plain. Is this a King Canute complex? One friend whose business is on Warren Street told me he is spending $4 million to make his building secure from flooding. The new Whitney Museum west of the High Line in Greenwich Village will spend $40 million more due to fear of storms and flooding. A photographer I know who lives west of Tenth Avenue lost a lifetime’s work in his basement and is busy spending money to try to seal his building. In the new opus, “A Stronger, More Resilient New York,” on the first two pages the authors give a

FIRE CONTAINED: Some 15 and more firefighters responded to a Signal 10 on Sunday around 2 p.m. when the roof of a house on Johnson Place caught fire. Five pieces of equipment put out the fire in 15-20 minutes, with no injuries repor ted.

bellmore bits B L O O D D R I V E : Assemblyman Dave McDonough(R,C,I-Merrick) will host a blood drive in support of Long Island Blood Services on Thursday, August 8, from 1:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at the American Legion Post 1749, 1298 Newbridge Road, North Bellmore. Long Island Blood Services will also provide two tickets to an upcoming New York Mets game to donors. To be a donor you must bring valid photo or signature identification, weigh at least 110 pounds, be age 16-75 (16year-olds must have parental permission, eat well and be hydrated prior to your appointment, and not have gotten a tattoo within 12 months (unless applied in New Jersey). For information call the assemblyman’s office at 409-2070. ©©© DAYAN LILAH GROUP: The Bellmore-Merrick Dayan Lilah Group of Hadassah has

photo by John Scalesi Jr.

announced it will hold its annual Mah Jongg, Games and Martinis Night on Wednesday, August 14, at 7 p.m. at the Bellmore fire station, 230 Pettit Avenue, across from LIRR station. The cost of $33 per person/members or $37 per person/nonmembers includes martinis, snacks, Italian dinner and desserts! Instruction will be provided to those who don’t know how to play mah jongg. . RSVP by Tuesday, August 6, to or email with any questions. Sorry, no walk-ins! Proceeds from this event will go towards Hadassah’s breast cancer research. ©©© ICE HOCKEY CLUB FUNDRAISER: The Bellmore-Merrick Bulldogs Hockey Club will host a day at Bethpage Ballpark, home of the Long Island Ducks, on Sunday, August 25. For $35 per adult (includes

definition of resilient, and there is a statement by the mayor saying New Yorkers are tough. I believe that, but then I ask myself, are they smart? If they were smart, they would realize they will be spending their own money to shore up their buildings. If they rent, their landlords will raise their rent to cover the cost of making their residences more resilient. If storm surge barriers were to be built, then the federal, state and city government would be paying the tab and getting a much better result. What is so wonderful about being tough and year-after-year suffering from higher tides and more violent storms? The people of London were certainly very tough when the Germans were bombing them every night during the Second World War and they had to sleep in the subways. But when they had a major storm in the last century, they decided to build storm surge barriers across the Thames to safeguard Central London. No water has come into

children 11 and up) and $30 per child (ages 4-10 [children under 4 no charge]) come and enjoy an all-you-can-eat buffet and the game. It will begin at 3:30 p.m. in the Hebrew National picnic area. The pre-game buffet lasts for 90 minutes prior to the game. Make checks payable to Bellmore-Merrick Bulldogs Hockey Club, Inc. and mail to Michele Lynott, 1791 Thomas Street, Merrick 11566 no later than August 15. Any questions can be directed to Lenore Baccarella at 300-9500 or Michele Lynott at 384-7221. ©©© BBQ FUNDRAISER: The Bellmore Knights of Columbus will hold a country-themed barbecue on Sunday, August 11, from 1-6 p.m. in support of families who have been harmed by the Oklahoma tornadoes. Cost is $30 for adults and $10 for kids. There will be food, drinks, a pig roast, games, prizes and more. For information call 785-9407.

Central London since. The London Environment Agency is constantly strengthening London’s embankments with their 50-year plans. You want smart, for every one pound of cost there is a cost-benefit ratio of 164. How about the people of St. Petersburg, which was named Leningrad during World War II? They certainly were tough. They fought off the Germans at unimaginable losses to the civilian population. Last year they completed their storm surge barriers across the Neva River Delta and the North Sea. This year was the first in over 300 years with no flooding in St. Petersburg. We are using the Army Corps of Engineers consistently on small projects. Let us stop the patchwork that we are engaged in and adapt a regional plan. I can see us slowly using up all the $60 billion that the federal government has promised us after Sandy, and not doing the major projects that will protect us for the next 50 to 100 years.

gave me $60,000.” “I feel like I’m on an island.”

Wantagh resident Peter Bauer expressed anger and frustration last week during a superstorm Sandy meeting at the Knights of Columbus because of the continued lack of help he has experienced since the superstorm. He was just one of many upset attendees at the meeting held by Legislator Dave Denenberg and Freeport Mayor Robert Kennedy at the revitalized Knights of Columbus building on Bellmore Avenue. Superstorm Sandy struck in late October and, as evidenced at the meeting, people are still coping with the devastating effects. Mr. Denenberg told this newspaper, “It’s been eight or nine months since Hurricane Sandy, and this is still half of what I do every day.” Mr. Bauer detailed the substantial damage wrought upon his life due to superstorm Sandy. He said his house was destroyed, forcing him to move into a one-room apartment in Bellmore with his wife, daughter and two dogs. His ire is toward insurance companies and FEMA who refuse to give him relief funds because they say that the damage to his house was caused by “shifting of the earth,” and not the storm. Rebecca Furst, a flood plain manager at the Town of Hempstead’s Building Department, explained to those in the audience that words such as “shifting earth” have come to replace words such as “scouring” and “flood water” within reports from investigators within these agencies. Mr. Bauer said, “My house is completely destroyed. I have not been in my house since the storm. I’m still paying my mortgage for a house that’s not even there. I’m also paying rent. Every time I send my stuff into FEMA, they say they didn’t get it. I’m getting estimates for $340,000 to raise my house and bring it back to code. I have flood insurance and [it] only

Wants new law Within this context, Legislator Denenberg told those in attendance of his proposed county law requiring banks and insurance companies to give homeowners their money being withheld to use for repairs. He said that banks have begun instead to use repair money to apply it to mortgages, to make sure the banks are getting their mortgage money. In a story in Bellmore Life on March 27 (“Proposed county laws could help retrieve homeowner funds”), Republicans claimed the county has no jurisdiction because banks and insurance companies are state or federal issues. “If we could get authority over the banks, any legislation might work,” remarked Brian Nevin, counsel to County Executive Edward P. Mangano.

Still to rise New York Rising is gearing up to

“I feel like I’m on an island.” – Peter Bauer But Mr. Denenberg countered at the meeting that the county does have jurisdiction because they are businesses run in Nassau subject to the fair-practice rules of the jurisdiction the are in. Under fair trade practices, insurance companies have to pay within 30 days. Mr. Denenberg said, “Banks cannot withhold checks necessary for repairs to apply to mortgages instead.” Mr. Denenberg said also that “FEMA has to improve its individual assistance. If the town’s building department requires raising a home then the local government will require an increased cost of compliance in flood insurance, which would allow people to get $30,000.”

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Help through an emotional time Project Hope was at the meeting to continue to provide support for residents still in shock after superstorm Sandy. Its work focuses on helping homeowners through feelings of desolation from the storm, and who may also be experiencing feelings of overwhelming fear, anger and frustration. Counselors hold group meetings, offer advice to people and will meet with residents virtually wherever the resident wishes. They have 12 agencies assisting them and have a team in each town. Project Hope will be on Long Island until end of the year 2013 or into early 2014. Its service is completely free and confidential. Counselors have spoken to tens of thousands of people in Nassau County alone.

Freeport mayor talks Freeport Mayor Robert Kennedy

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provide grants of up to $50,000 and $100,000 or more, if justified, to residential homeowners or rental property owners who experienced a structural loss. The prerequisite is that homeowners must register for a pre-application and must have a licensed engineer or architect sign off on the project. At a recent meeting Matthew Nelson, president of the New York State Office of Community Renewal, told the audience that the program could make residents “more whole” than before. He said someone with a bill of $300,000, having received $200,000, may be eligible for the extra $100,000 to pay expenses. He added that two NY Rising offices were to be opened, one in Freeport, the other in Seaford. One is already open in Island Park. New York Rising Recovery helps manage the disaster recovery award from the State of New York. Another program to elevate homes is available that may fill the gap between the $31,900 for Increased Cost of Compliance (ICC) and the overall cost of elevation. The third program available will make destroyed homes available for purchase at fair market value. For information you can visit

spoke of a private company in Freeport that will elevate houses at $35 per square foot to build a new foundation. Dennis Bulkheading can be reached at 633-2277. The mayor told this newspaper he is in the process of evaluation to get his house raised the FEMA-required 12 feet because his house got flooded in three feet of water. He noted that the village has been successful with a new pump-flow mechanism that has helped remove water from traditionally flooded Freeport neighborhoods during rains. However, he cautioned that it would not work for storms that cause flooding over the bulkhead. Annmarie Farrell of Freeport told this newspaper she is still living in Lynbrook because she has a letter of determination saying she needs to have her house elevated. “More than 50% of my house was damaged,” she said. “And it will take two-four years before it can be elevated,”she added. Looking for financial assistance, she said so far that she has been disappointed in NY Rising, because she hasn’t gotten any response. She has gotten some rental assistance, but she is still paying her mortgage. Meanwhile, her children are going to another school district. “I’m seriously considering leaving the home,” she said, saying others in the neighborhood have done precisely that. Managment Federal Emergency Agency representative Danielle Hill said that FEMA entered into a partnership with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development with the Disaster Housing Recovery Program. Recently, U.S. Senators Charles Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand announced that HUD would issue new guidelines giving more flexibility for Sandy victims who turned down Small Business Administration (SBA) loans because they couldn’t afford to take on more debt. Ms. Hill said the program has not kicked in yet because there are not enough participants who have exhausted all other measures at their disposal to receive the increased funds. Summing up the feelings of the evening among those who attended, Mr. Bauer concluded, “I’m tired of people not doing what they are supposed to do. I’m tired of being Mr. Nice Guy. I do the right thing and in the end I get taken advantage of. I’m tired. Period.” – with additional reporting by Douglas Finlay

Stacey Radinsky, M.D.

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By Colin Hekimian

Page 5 Wednesday, July 24, 2013 Bellmore Life

Frustration mounts for homeowners affected by superstorm Sandy

Bellmore Life Wednesday, July 24, 2013 Page 6 LINED UP: Filmgoers at top line up to get into 9:30 p.m., opening movie “Send No Flowers.” Above, county film office director Deb Markowitz with Russ Camarda, starring in

ALL SMILES: Bellmore Life intern Danielle Sopchak poses with Jackie Martling as they discuss aspects of the film “Send No Flowers,” in which Mr. Martling stars. Bellmore Life photos

Hot New Novel

by Doug Finlay and Paul Laursen

INTERNS Colin Hekimian and Kristen Buckley, top, talk with Sean Robinson of the muscial “Naked.” Above, a luscious food spread from Piccolo’s Ristoranté.

Available as an e-reader at


Can Ellie resurrect her life or will she, too, succumb to the Fingerprint of Destiny?


In the small suburban community of Hope’s Point, Long Island, something has gone horribly wrong. A series of arsons in landmark homes, now run down and overrun by Latino immigrants, is destroying the community. Ellie Sinclair, the troubled publisher of a smalltown newspaper, struggles to make ends meet. The arsons are just another story until Ellie’s estranged mother, Hortensia Borgias Sinclair, returns to town and dies in the latest fire. Ellie wonders if it is destiny, as Hortensia always claimed, or something more insidious? Now Ellie must find out who is behind the arsons and why. She must shine a light in the dark places of her town – the slums and factories, where Latino immigrants struggle to make a life in suburban America. Then there is a larger mystery to be solved. All the women in Ellie's family are born with a small red birthmark on their left arm, a signature called the Fingerprint of Destiny. In a series of flashbacks interspersed throughout the novel, we learn about the violent fate of the other women in Ellie’s family. These stories are filled with adventure, magic, murder, retribution, love, war and an obsession that spans the centuries and takes the reader from the jungles and plains of Venezuela to suburban Long Island.

Page 7 Wednesday, July 24, 2013 Bellmore Life

Local indie talent growing through LIIFE from page 3 Jeffrey Miller discussed the trailer for Bellmore resident Leslye Abbey's upcoming film “Buffalo Nation/The Children Are Crying,” for which he is editor. Ms. Abbey was on location and could not attend LIIFE. The documentary showcases the lives of the Lakota Native American tribe in South Dakota reservations and the strife they endure. Mr. Miller says that conditions are indeed getting worse and nobody is helping. Mr. Miller remarked, “The kids don’t have a future. The Native Americans were here first and the government is pushing them around. We hope this movie gets the word out. We are trying to give a voice to people in need.”

Kristen Buckley studied film at SUNY Purchase; Colin Hekimian, New York Press Association intern, is studying film at the University of Vermont; and Danielle Sopchak is studying English and music application at University of Tampa.

BELLMORE LIFE’S Doug Finlay talks with Henr y Stampfel, owner of the Bellmore Movies, hosts of LIIFE. Above, the crowd of directors, actors and film crews assembled in the Filmmakers Lounge on opening night.

Bellmore Life photos: Paul Laursen, left, and Doug Finlay, above.

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Music videos, too Actor/producer Camille Saturday is promoting her original music video “Secret Detective.” Filmed in Lindenhurst and Amityville, the video follows a detective who is tricked by three shady women. It is loosely based on a true story. Ronda Swindell, Robert Wilson and Al Buksnis performed a music video tribute to “Mr. Bojangles” (Mr. Robinson), an American tap dancer and singer, and actor of stage and film. He was best known for dancing with Shirley Temple. It is a six-minute short film as well as a mini documentary. It was filmed in Queens, Long Island, and Brooklyn in Cypress Hills cemetery in Forest Park. Mrs. Swindell is the singer of the movie and came up with the idea for the film. Mr. Busknis is the producer. “The music made that video. It was inspiring to me,” he said. “Don’t Cry for Me” is an original song by Kyla Silk, a 13-year-old Levittown resident (see review on page 3). Three years ago her uncle was diagnosed with cancer and was in the hospital for that summer. Kyla’s song and music video, produced by John Iadevaio from Seaford, is a gripping performance about the pain of having a sick loved one. Portland native Alexander Fraser was at the film festival to promote his film “Last Train Home.” It is a music video about the end of a relationship and transition. Fraser is the director, producer, and editor and the music is modern pop folk. Fraser said, “It has very beautiful imagery and great music.” Friday’s opening festivities also included LIIFE Technical Awards for excellence. (See page 2). The closing night party and awards ceremony celebration complete with a buffet, celebrities, winners clips and filmmakers from all over the world will be held on Thursday, July 25 beginning at 7 p.m. This year’s honorees include William Sadler (“Iron Man 3”) and Ally Sheedy (“Breakfast Club”). Presenters include Federico Castellucio (“The Sopranos”) and Robert Clohessy (“Blue Bloods”) with more signing on daily. Celebrities appear schedule permitting, and the line-up could change before the festivities. For information on the 16th Annual Long Island International Film Expo, go to or you can email Or call 571-3168.

about a cleaning lady on Long Island. “Silent History” was produced at the Speigel Theatre at Hofstra University in conjunction with a conference on Long Island Women. “Cleaning Lessons” was produced in conjunction with the “Women and Work Performance Project” by NEAR Theatre in Huntington. Ms. Schofer has an Master of Fine Arts degree in dramatic writing from

her town – the slums and factories, New York University and a Bachelor of where Latino immigrants struggle to Arts from Wheaton College, Norton, make a life in suburban America. Massachusetts. She is a member of the Then there is a larger mystery to be Society of Professional Journalists, The solved. All the women in Ellie's family Pen and Brush and is an associate memare born with a small red birthmark on ber of the Dramatist Guild. their left arm, a signature called the The following is a description of her Fingerprint of Destiny. book: In a series of flashIn the small suburban backs interspersed community of Hope’s throughout the novel, we Point, Long Island, somelearn about the violent fate thing has gone horribly of the other women in wrong. A series of arsons Ellie’s family. These stoin landmark homes, now ries are filled with advenrun down and overrun by ture, magic, murder, retriLatino immigrants, is bution, love, war and an destroying the community. obsession that spans the Ellie Sinclair, the troucenturies and takes the bled publisher of a smallreader from the jungles town newspaper, struggles and plains of Venezuela to to make ends meet. The suburban Long Island. arsons are just another Laura Schofer Can Ellie resurrect her story until Ellie’s life or will she, too, succumb to the estranged mother, Hortensia Borgias Fingerprint of Destiny? Sinclair, returns to town and dies in the For copies of the e-book visit www.amalatest fire. wonders if it is destiny, as ebook/dp/B00DOG9XLE/ref=sr_1_1?s=b Hortensia always claimed, or something ooks&ie=UTF8&qid=1374161794&sr=1more insidious? Now Ellie must find out 1&keywords=The+Fingerprint+of+deswho is behind the arsons and why. She tiny. must shine a light in the dark places of


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Laura Schofer, assistant editor of L&M Publications and award-winning community journalist who has covered the news in our South Shore communities for 17 years, has published her first novel. “The Fingerprint of Destiny” is available exclusively in e-reader format. The publisher is her newly created press called Hope’s Point Press Ltd., which will publish books written by women from Long Island, about Long Island. Ms. Schofer has won journalism awards from the National Newspaper Association and the Press Club of Long Island for environmental and investigative journalism. She also has written about Long Island’s rich history, and the people and places that make America’s first suburb a unique place to live. “Fingerprint of Destiny” is her first novel reflecting her experience as a journalist as well as her family’s Latin American background, which hails from Venezuela and Argentina. Additionally, Ms. Schofer has written several plays: “Silent History,” a play about famous women from Long Island, and “Cleaning Lessons,” a two-character play


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Laura Schofer publishes first novel

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Host a fresh lobster luau this summer!

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Kennedy High School will hold its multiyear reunion on Saturday, September 21, at Mulcahy's, 3232 Railroad Avenue, Wantagh, starting with a buffet from 7:30-9:30 p.m. and a cash bar for graduation years 19682010. A minimum of 1,000 alumni are expected to attend. All alumni, guests, teachers, coaches, advisors and staff are invited. Kennedy High School has been the foundation of education to many world renowned and famous people who have made a difference. Some of these alumni have been inducted into the Kennedy High School Hall of Fame and they will be at the multi-year reunion. Here are just a few of Kennedy’s alumni: Michael Kors, fashion designer; Krugman, economist, Paul Princeton University professor and columnist for The New York Times, Nobel Prize in economics, Spencer Eig, attorney for former Cuban refugee Elian Gonzales; Doug Ellin, creator of Entourage; Bill Freiberger, Emmynominated writer and producer of “The

Simpsons,� “The PJs� and “Drawn Together�; Steve Levy, host of ESPN Sports Center; Scott Lipsky, tennis player; Adam Schefter, ESPN football analyst; Jason Smilovic, writer and producer; Steven Walfish, Global QARA statistician at GE Healthcare; Harry A. Goodman, engineering director, Exelon Corporation. Also Colonel Steven D. Hunte, USA (Ret.), who is also the most decorated wrestler in the history of Kennedy High School; Artie Kempner, assistant wrestling coach at USMA at West Point, “Gators� football squad, USA Network – director of U.S. Open tennis, FOX sports director for the NFL, NASCAR, NHL, director of Super Bowl XXXIX and XLII, Eight Time Sports Emmy winner, founder and past-president of Autism Society of Delaware; Joan Littman Landry, first female from Kennedy to attend and graduate from the USMA at West Point; Larry Scott, graduate of Harvard College, professional tennis player (ATP Circuit) and commissioner of NCAA PAC-12 Conference; Kenny Dichter, founder

of companies Alphabet City, Marquis Jet, Jonathan Fish, and executive vicepresident and chief financial officer of the Advertising Council, Gold Medalist, 1986 Goodwill Games, Russia, Olympian in Seoul, Korea, 1988; Lori E. Horowitz Moran, former chief counsel, Nassau County Board of Supervisors, chief prosecutor for child abuse, Nassau County, chief of operations for Nassau County Executive Thomas Gulotta; Eileen Korey, recipient of six Emmy Awards recognizing excellence in news and public service reporting and a two-time winner of the UPI United Press International News Leader Award; Arthur Pitts, supervisor, Town of Babylon; George E. Manaskie, graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, and commanding officer of U.S.S. Bergall Submarine; Dr. Thomas Pappas, Cardiology-St Francis, Roslyn; David Bernstein, CFO of Carnival Cruise Lines; Dr. Wayne Gersoff, team physician for the Colorado Rockies baseball team; Dr. Ellen Gendler Salik, famous

dermatologist; and Dr. Jonathan A Haas, Winthrop University Hospital, chief of radiation oncology. Come for old friends, food, music, and memories. The alumni bands such as The Kamelot Alumni Band, Friends To The Ends Alumni Band, Dana Ritacco of the Band LaBouche, and JFK Alumni Choir will keep the night filled with music. There will be private areas for 1973 grads 40th Reunion, for ‘83 grads 30th, ‘93 grads 20th, and '03 grads 10th year reunions. Discount tickets can be purchased through Saturday, August 31, for $35 per person.


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Adult Summer Reading Club This summer the Merrick, North Merrick, Bellmore and North Bellmore libraries have collaborated on a groundbreaking Adult Reading Club. Registration at the reference desk has begun. All participants are invited to a party at Merrick Library on Wednesday, August 21, at 7 p.m. Author S.J. Rozan will be attending the party along with any members.

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Kennedy calls to all graduates for reunion


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