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erin alexandra hartmann

Projects: 1. decordova 2. vineyard 3. copley 4. sketches

blind contour sketch - mfa sculpture

decordova sculpture park & museum

The deCordova Museum in Lincoln, MA is calling for a new educational center and studio residences for visiting artists. This project seeks to create a unified site by joining the private studios in the woods to the welcoming education center at the front lawn entry. A steep slope separates the two primary spaces in view, but the hill’s hinge point creates a connector between the spaces.

vineyard residence

The fictional vineyard site was used to explore a landscape typology and ground manipulation. Henry Moore’s Four Piece Reclining Figure was a sculpture used for influence. Using references from its form allowed for the creation of a set of design guidelines. The sculpture’s curved forms and break in its core inspires an actual break, or morph, in the vineyard’s geometry.

HISTORYlit Stepping Toward the Future with Reflections of the Past

Copley Square has a rich history as one of the most important open spaces in Boston. However, it currently lacks dynamic lighting it deserves. Our design gives new life to this infamous gathering space.

The Path (A): Until the 1960’s, Huntington Avenue ran diagonally through Copley Square. It was later cut off at Dartmouth Street and Copley became the open park space it is today. This pathway highlights the original location of Huntington Avenue in the square. It becomes the main path of circulation. As people walk on the path, it resonates with light and creates direct interaction with the past.

The Glow (B): The longer someone stands stationary on the pathway, the brighter the glow under their feet becomes. As they move, the footprints slowly fade away. The impact that people have over a space leave an impression well after they are gone. The pathway becomes a mapping of where people have been in the past.

The Technology (C): The pathway would be constructed of a pressure-sensitive flooring that contains piezoelectric discs. These discs, when compressed, generate voltage that powers LED lighting. Because it only activates when pressure is applied, there is no wasted light. A large disc is in the center, and there are smaller surrounding discs connected to it. This ensures that someone can step anywhere on the path and generate light with more precision.


The Goal: This pathway is intended to make someone realize the impact they have in a space. After stepping on the path, you leave a presence behind you that can be physically seen. This is HISTORYlit.


shiftboston copley lighting competition



In my Space Through Hand Drawing class, I worked with many unfamiliar mediums including charcoal, pencil, conte crayons, graphite, pen, watercolor, and more. Projects like the Public Alley 701 drawings and the brownstone sketches inspired me to explore new spaces around Boston. I pushed to communicate existing architecture through my own perspective using new mediums.

erin alexandra hartmann

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