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Acalypha Pendula Chenille

Achillea Gypsy White

Ageratum Patina Blue Patina Purple ‘10

Alternanthera Brazilian Red Hots Little Ruby Party Time Raspberry Rum True Yellow

Anagallis Compact Blue

Angelonia Angelwings Dark Blue Angelwings Pink Angelwings White Carita Cascade Deep Purple Carita Cascade Raspberry Carita Cascade White Carita Purple Carita Raspberry Carita White

Scopia Great Purple Scopia Gulliver Blue Sensation Scopia Gulliver White Taifun Appleblossom Taifun Mega Blue Taifun Mega Pink Taifun Mega White White Wedding

Bidens Giant Sun Mexican Gold Improved Mexican Gold Compact Mexican Gold Semi-Double 2-Teeth Lemon Star

Arctotis hybrid

Argyranthemum Angelic Bordeaux Angelic Dark Pink Beauty Yellow Butterfly Yellow Neptune Reflection Pink Sassy Compact White Sassy Yellow Sassy Pink Sassy Red

Artemisia Silver Brocade

Asparagus Fern Sprengeri

Bacopa Calypso Jumbo Lavender Calypso Jumbo White Scopia Double Ballerina Pink Scopia Double Blue Scopia Double Snowball Scopia Great Classic Pink Scopia Great Pink Ring

Calitunia Pink

Cassia Brachycome Amethyst Brasco Blue Brasco Violet

Bracteantha Strawburst Yellow Yellow

Bridal Veil Tahitian, White Flower, Trailing Habit

Calendula Skyfire

Calibrachoa Ravers Bumble Bee Ravers Frosted Cherry Ravers Peachy Mango Ravers Pink Sugar Ravers Pumpkin Pie Ravers Sun Spot

Noa Dark Fuchsia Noa Dark Pink Carnival Noa Deep Purple Noa Mega Magenta Noa Mega Pink Noa Red Wine Noa Sunset Noa Tangerine Noa Ultra Purple Noa White Noa Yellow

Callie Bright Red Callie Coral Pink Callie Cream with Eye Callie Dark Blue Callie Deep Yellow Callie Gold with Red Eye Callie Light Blue ‘11 Callie Mango Callie Orange Callie Orange Sunrise Callie Star Coral (Painted) Callie Star Pink Callie Peach Callie Purple Callie Rose ‘11 Callie Scarlet Red Callie White ‘11 Callie White w/Rose Vein Callie Yellow Improved Celebration Exotica Celebration Star Blue Celebration Star Cranberry Celebration Star Purple Celebration Star Yellow-Red Improved Celebration X-treme Red Lindura Light Blue Lindura Pink Lindura Purple Lindura Red Lindura White Lindura Yellow Noa Almond Blossom Noa Banana Noa Blue Legend

Denotes New or Improved Item for 2013

Popcorn - avail. week 8 & after

Coleus Canine Green - Stinky Alabama Sunset Beckwith’s Gem Burgundy Sun Chaotic Rose Creamy Pineapple Dark Star Defiance Dipt in Wine Finger Paint Fire Fingers Fireball Fishnet Stockings Flamingo Gay’s Delight Glennis Hurricane Jenni Jupiter Kingswood Torch Kiwi Fern Mariposa Millenium Red Moonglow Oxblood Peters Wonder Pineapple Beauty Pineapplette Pistachio Nightmare Plum Parfait Red Velvet Rustic Orange Saturn Solar Eclipse Solar Flair Solar Radiance Solar Red Solar Shade Solar Spectrum Solar Storm Solar Sunrise Songbird Tiny Red Toes Wild Lime

Convolvulus Sabatius Light Blue

Malmborg's Greenhouse 2013 Catalog  

Vegetative Annual Rooted Cuttings

Malmborg's Greenhouse 2013 Catalog  

Vegetative Annual Rooted Cuttings