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Don’t Forget To… “Vaccinating young man can reduce the amount] of the virus circulating the in the population and ultimately lower the incidents of HPV-related cancers in both sexes” -Dr. Richard M. Haupt, Merck’s director of research for Gardasil

Which one has HPV? They don’t know either!

Don’t be one of the 75-80 % of people who acquire one or more types of HPV at some point in their lives…

SO GO GET IT NOW! Use this chart to keep up with your appointments.

Vaccination Schedule: your appointments:

1st Dose Today:

2nd Dose


2 months after the 1st Dose:


3rd Dose


At 6 months

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Call or visit your local doctor for more information regarding the vaccine.

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BUT they could prevent it with...


 HPV is usually invisible and can lay dormant for years.

 There are no immediate symptoms and .

What is HPV and how can YOU get it?

 Human papillomavirus (HPV) is the name of a virus that infects the genital area.

 There are more than 100 types of HPV, but only 40 types can cause dangerous health conditions such as: Anal cancer Penile cancer *Genital warts (most common)

 It can be spread or contracted through vaginal or anal genital contact.

 At least half of sexually active people will contract HPV sometime in their life.

 Over 6 million people contract HPV each year.

 Approximately 75- 80 percent of people

contract one or more types of HPV at some point in their lives.

can be easily spread without the person realizing it.

 The only sure way to know if you have it is to get checked regularly by a licensed physician.

Why should YOU get the GARDASIL vaccine?

 GARDSASIL helps protect against four specific types (6, 11, 16 & 18) of HPV.

 GARDSIL is 89 percent effective against

the certain types of HPV related to genital warts.

 The vaccine is also 94 percent effective against external genital lacerations.

 GARDASIL stimulates the immune system to produce antibodies against the 4 specific types of HPV.

How can YOU prevent HPV or genital warts?

 Practice monogamy with an uninfected partner.

How can YOU get the Gardasil vaccine?

 Use latex condom every time you engage in intercourse.

(This only provides protection for the area of skin that is covered)

 Abstinence is 100 percent effective  Merck‘s GARDISAL vaccine was approved for men by the FDA and is the next best alternative to abstinence.

(This method is only effective in preventing HPV, not treating or curing it)

 The GARDASIL vaccine can be acquired at your local clinic or doctors office.

 GARDASIL is injected in the muscle of 

the upper arm or in a higher area of the thigh muscle. The vaccine is administered in a series of 3 shots over a six-month period.

Gardasil for Men Brochure  

This project was a group effort done in Persuasive Discourse. The goal of this brochure was to educate our target audience (young males) ab...