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Certification as per EN 60079 Ex-d, Ex-e, Ex-t, and Ex-i (NEW!)

All of the FEMA Ex-pressure switches and thermostats with the new certification at a glance: Ex-Pressure switches for liquid and gaseous media from -1 to 63 bar: Ex-DCM, Ex-DDCM, Ex-DNM, Ex-DNS, Ex- DWR, DCM-, DDCM-, DNM-, DNS-, DWRxxx-513, -563, -574, -575, -576, -577 Ex-Pressure switches for flammable gases from 15 to 250 mbar: Ex-DGM, DGMxxx-513, -563, -574, -575, -576, -577

Ex-Thermostats from -20 to 130 째C Ex-TAM, Ex-TRM, Ex-TX TAM, TRM, TXxxx-513, -563

EXPLOSION PROTECTION MEANS ALL-AROUND SAFETY EXPLOSION PROTECTION is one oft he most-important aspects for personal and environmental safety, in the context of continually changing process engineering and manufacturing technologies.

Numerous changes in standards – e.g., the new regulations pertaining to dust explosion protection – necessitate increased vigilance in rechecking design type approvals.

In doing so, customer demands were taken fully into account and both the expansion of Ex zones and the inclusion of devices according to Ex-i ("inherently safe") included in the certificate.

FEMA by Honeywell has taken this fact fully into account in re-approving its tested-and-proven Ex pressure switches and thermostats according to EN60079.

Dust explosion protection has been achieved with Ex-t ("protection by means of housing").

NEW ASPECTS OF CERTIFICATION: Parameters as per IEC 61508-2: • • • • •

Alteration of the named certification body to "IBExU" Certification for dust explosion protection (Ex-t) as per EN60079-31 Expansion of the temperature range from -15 °C to -20 °C Zone 20 in the sensor for use in permanently dusty atmospheres Inclusion of Ex-i ("inherently safe") as per EN60079-11

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