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Valves, Instrumentation & Plastic piping

Valves, Instrumentation & Plastic piping

ERIKS is an industrial distribution company supplying a wide range of mechanical engineering components. ERIKS does not only offer high-quality material and application know-how and a service-oriented approach but above all is a reliable business partner. ERIKS bv is part of the worldwide operating ERIKS group nv employing a workforce of over 5,400 in over 265 companies in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, central Europe, the United Kingdom, the USA and Asia. ERIKS group nv is listed on the Amsterdam stock exchange (Euronext N.V.).

Product range:  Valves and instrumentation  Plastic piping  Hoses, accessories and expansion bellows  Sealing technology  Industrial plastics  Power transmissions  Tools and maintenance products

Valves available from stock If you are looking for quality from reputable manufacturers, ERIKS is the place to be. ERIKS offers a wide range of DIN and ANSI valves and accessories. Many of our products are available from stock and can be adjusted to your specific wishes in our own workshop. For example valves can be assembled with an actuator, position indication or fieldbus connections.

Quality ERIKS is ISO and VCA* certified and operates in strict accordance with the standards and provisions that cover its field of activity. Many valves are supplied with (CE) certificates and instruments are accompanied by setting values confirmed in writing. ERIKS’ quality control is certified independently.

Logistics ERIKS ensures that your shipment arrives at the agreed time. Anything you need immediately is dealt with on the same day you place your order. If you have any specific requirements, appropriate arrangements can be made. ERIKS Easy Order System offers many opportunities, from ®

ease of ordering to a reduction in the total procurement costs.

Product and application know-how Besides high-grade products and services, ERIKS is especially noted for top-quality products and services. Our sales engineers will recommend the best possible solution for the application for which you need the product.

‘High-grade product and application know-how’

Product summary Valves and accessories Ball valves and butterfly valves All kinds of ball valves and butterfly valves in various materials and types.

Automated valves In our valve workshop we can provide any valve with a pneumatic, electric or hydraulic actuator.

Globe valves and bellows valves Globe valves and bellows valves from reputable manufacturers in various materials and types.

Diaphragm valves and pinch valves Diaphragm and pinch valves in various materials and types suitable for all applications but especially for aggressive and abrasive media. SAUNDERS: The first and still the best diaphragm valve!

Gate valves and knife gate valves Gate valves in various materials and types. Parallel and conical gates. Intelligent modular knife gate valves for the most varied applications.

Check valves Waver check valves, swing check valves, piston check valves, ball check valves in various materials.

Filters and strainers Beside Y-strainers, cartridge and temporary strainers, ERIKS also supplies the complete Airpel range of single and dual filters and self-cleaning filters.

High Purity Valves Polished fittings, valves and accessories for the food processing industry, bio technology, pharmaceutical industry and other sanitary applications. Connections according to various standards.

Others  Safety valves  Reducing valves  Steam traps  Sight-glasses  Steam boiler equipment

ANSI/ASME Valves Valves according to ANSI specification from reputable manufacturers including JC, LVF, SJV, FIRSA, VELAN, GOODWIN, CRANE, SAUNDERS, CONACO, AIRPEL and RHODES.


Plastic piping

Control valves Wide range of control valves We can also convert standard valves including butterfly valves and diaphragm valves into control valves.

Plastic piping for “Building Services� applications PP-R and ABS plastic pipe systems form CH, cooling, sprinkler, tap-water and compressed air systems.

Solenoid valves Process solenoid valves for liquids, gases and steam. Also solenoid valves for operating pneumatic valve actuators.

Plastic piping for industrial applications PVC-U, PVC-C, HD-PE, ABS PP-H and PVDF plastic pipe systems.

Temperature and pressure measuring and control components Thermometers, temperature controllers, temperature switches and temperature sensors. Pressure gauges, pressure controllers, pressure switches and pressure transducers with accessories.

Plastic valves Extensive range of valves from PVC-U, PVC-C, PP, ABS, and PVDF. All valves can be supplied with a pneumatic or an electric actuator.

Flow & level measuring and control components Mechanical and electronic measuring and control of flow and level.

Course on installation techniques for Plastic piping To process products into a reliable system, ERIKS regularly organises courses at its instruction room in Alkmaar. After the training the participants receive a certificate in their own name.

Ham-Let instrumentation fittings and valves Tube fittings and instrumentation valves in a wide range of materials.

The private label RX® RX® valves and instrumentation components are produced under strict supervision of ERIKS and have been designed according to customer requirements. The products are distinguished by a solid construction, a high degree of reliability, a competitive price and optimum availability. ERIKS’ private label RX® is particularly suitable for light industrial and HVAC applications. The RX® range consists of: ball valves, butterfly valves, globe valves, gate valves, knife gate valves, non-return valves, filters, pneumatic and electric valve drives, solenoid valves, thermometers pressure gauges.

Building Services projects ERIKS has much experience with large projects, including the construction or renovation of office buildings, schools, hospitals and data centres. The majority of these projects consist of the supply of plastic pipe systems and valve and instrumentation components for CH systems, cooling systems, sprinkler systems, drinking-water systems and compressed-air systems.

Industrial projects The supply of valves for new development or maintenance projects requires special attention. In this field too, we have a team of dedicated specialists with much knowledge and wide experience.

Course on installation techniques for plastic piping To ensure that the products are processed into a reliable system, ERIKS regularly provides processing instructions at its instruction room in Alkmaar. After the training, the participants receive a certificate in their own name. During these sessions, the first things that are taught are the chemical and mechanical properties of the various pipe materials. This is followed by the practical part, which focuses on joining and fastening techniques. The participants are given ample opportunity to learn how to make a reliable welded or glued joint.

‘Over 50 years of experience in valves’

Test facility valves and safety valves

Automated valves

ERIKS modern test facility enables testing of valves and

With over 50 years of experience in the field of valves, ERIKS

adjustment of (spring-loaded) safety valves. The test results will

has all the knowledge and experience needed for the automation

of course be presented on an official test certificate and will be

of valves. We stock several types and makes of drives, which are

provided together with the valve or safety valve.

mounted on the valves in our own workshop. Of course, each

Valves are tested for the tightness of the valve body (body test)

automated valve is tested for operation before it is shipped.

and the tightness of the valve seat (seat test). The tests are performed according to the EN12266 standard. The adjustment of spring-loaded safety valves is done according


to PED. ERIKS has been certified for this by Lloyd’s Register.

For more information, please contact the Business Unit Valves, Instrumentation and Plastic Piping

Instrumentation workshop

Valves and Instrumentation: Phone +31 (0)72 514 18 00

Regular inspection of the measuring and control components

for pressure, level and flow will help companies prevent a lot of problems. Accuracy and reliability of the instruments, often documented in ISO procedures, is our primary concern. ERIKS has its own instrumentation workshop, which is among the most modern in the Netherlands, where new measuring and control components for pressure, temperature, level and flow can be calibrated and certified. We can also recalibrate and certify your existing components.

Plastic Piping:

Phone +31 (0)72 514 18 11

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Eriks productrange valves instrumentation plastic piping  

Eriks productrange valves instrumentation plastic piping  

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