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Camp Xpress Guidelines

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Camp Xpress Guidelines: Chapter 1 What Camp Xpress Is About


The Tone & Mood


The Logo


Variations Of The Logo


Mood Board


Camp Xpress Guidelines: Chapter 2 Logo Spacing


Camp Xpress Typefaces


Complimentary Colours


Do’s and Don’ts


Try and Avoid These


Camp Xpress Guidelines: Chapter 3 Photography18-19 Applications - Banners & Ads


Applications - Clothing


Brand Guide | 3

What Camp Xpress Is About

Understand us

Camp Xpress was inspired by the artistic expressions of youths all over and needing a place for all to gather who shares the same creative passions as others. Camp Xpress is the place for all youths to come socialize, chill and be able to freely express their creative side. The brand and everything about Camp Xpress is all for the creative expression of youths.

The Mood

We aim to create a place where youths can relax, feel “chill�, be able to create and express art in such a place that creates a cheerful easy-going mood. The brand should tell our stories and the logo must be show it. Each word should send a message that reinforces the brand itself.

Camp Xpress Guidelines: Chapter 1 4 | Camp Xpress

The Tone & Mood

Artistic Memorable Fun

Colourful Inspiring

Side Notes


Camp Xpress is a place that nurtures the artistic lifestyle.


What this brand should be is something memorable and sticks to them forever.


This brand isn’t all about serious topics but a place where if someone sees it, they can see some enjoyment from this brand.


Art comes with colour so the it all coincides with each other.


The tone and mood of Camp Xpress should be able to inspire to create wonderful things.

Brand Guide | 5

The Logo

What it ’s about

A design is the tangible part of Camp Xpress which consumers are able to see or feel. This logo is about the five words that shape the brand; Inspiring, fun, colourful,memorable, and artistic. The logo is the marketing use for Camp Xpress, it advertises the brand 24/7.

Camp Xpress

Use the logo in a business savvy way to create a beneficial advantage to the brand that creates a connection. The logo is a combination of logo types, a symbol of the pen but also a ribbon the creates the shape of the letter C and X. Also with a Typekit typeface wordmark that is written Camp Xpress.

Have fun n’ relax

The logo is all to attract the target audience which are youths of all ages that are wanting to find a creative space to come and to socialize with like-minded people.

Camp Xpress Guidelines: Chapter 1 6 | Camp Xpress

Variations Of The Logo

Side Notes Coloured Anywhere where it can be printed with several colours. If available use it.

Grey Scale Used for things such as news paper and black and white print outs.

Reverse On dark or black surfaces, use when only needed if not necessary use coloured version.

Brand Guide | 7

Mood Board

Mood Board

The mood board was created from the five words. Aimed to create the tone and mood for all of the brand.

Camp Xpress Guidelines: Chapter 1 8 | Camp Xpress

Mood Board

Pieces of the board

Each part of the board was centered on a one word. The colours that were chosen for the mood board where a selection that are more or so toned down giving that relax chill vibe for the overall tone of the board.

Brand Guide | 9

Logo Spacing

X marks the space

For creating the space around the Camp Xpress logo, take the X from the logo as seen on the example.

Give it some space

That is the space around the logo needed when being around graphics or anything else. No exceptions. Size doesn’t matter unless the Camp Xpress text is not visible which makes the minimum size to 1 inch by 1 inch.

Camp Xpress Guidelines: Chapter 2 10 | Camp Xpress

Logo Spacing

Side Notes Size matters

Keep the proportions of the symbol, wordmark and letter mark all the same. To keep consistency with the spacing.

1 inch in size

Brand Guide | 11

Camp Xpress Typefaces

Fonts to use

The fonts available to use for the brand are the Avenir Book, Avenir Heavy and the Typekit typeface Museo 500. Both acceptable for use, the Avenir Book typeface used for body text while Museo 500 is used only for such smaller sizes of text. The heavy Avenir another suitable typeface is used for subheads, headers or titles.

F lexibility of typefaces

Although the Avenir family and Museo 500 is usually used for Camp Xpress. Certain other typefaces may be used in place instead of them. As long as they are in the Avenir family or Museo family they are acceptable to use.

adorns condensed sans type face

Camp Xpress Guidelines: Chapter 2 12 | Camp Xpress

Camp Xpress Typefaces

Avenir Book The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrsstuvwxyz

Museo 500 The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrsstuvwxyz

Avenir Heavy The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrsstuvwxyz

Side Notes

Use this for body text Used for many of the body texts for the brand but other thin versions avenir family does also work.

Use this for body text Museo type face is a replacement to Avenir family if it is seeking for serif typeface.

Use this for headers Used only for headers, titles and such. Big texts only

Brand Guide | 13

Complimentary Colours

Our colours

Colour matters, the four main colours of Camp Xpress are two different blues and two different purples. Although only four colours are used in the logo, you’re able to use other colours through out the design outside of changing the colours of the logo. It can range from different shades of these four colours or even use a colour wheel to create a complimentary set for these.

Camp Xpress Guidelines: Chapter 2 14 | Camp Xpress

Complimentary Colours

Side Notes

The blue that inspires

Inspiring Memorable Blue Blue

Relaxing Purple

Camp X Purple

Deepening Greyscale Grey


Abyss Black

C=50 M=0 Y=0 K=25 R=87 G=165 B=196 Hexcode: #57A5C4 PANTONE 7702 C

Memorable blue C=50 M=0 Y=0 K=55 R=57 G=116 B=139 Hexcode: #39748B PANTONE 7698 C

Relaxing purple

C=30 M=50 Y=0 K=0 R=178 G=138 B=191 Hexcode:#B28ABF ANTONE 7439 C

Camp X purple

C=65 M=75 Y=40 K=20 R=98 G=74 B=101 Hexcode: #624A65 PANTONE 7666 C

Deepening grey C=0 M=0 Y=0 K=60 R=128 G=130 B=133 Hexcode: #808285 PANTONE 430 C

Greyscale grey

C=0 M=0 Y=0 K=30 R=188 G=190 B=192 Hexcode: #BCBEC0 PANTONE COOL GRAY 4 C

Abyss Black

C=0 M=0 Y=0 K=100 R=0 G=0 B=0 Hexcode: #000000 PANTONE BLACK 6 C

Brand Guide | 15

Do’s and Don’ts

Do these

Playing with the logo is a very important task. There are tons of rules that must be laid out before doing so since no one wants to mess the logo into something horrifying. Resizing proportionally, turning it into grey scale or using reverse set as seen previously is a go.

Don’t do these

Trying to do any of the examples onto the Camp Xpress logo is a no go, since the logo was made by Eriko Ronsayro and has expectations of what it will turn out in the end it was not created to become a mess.

Camp Xpress Guidelines: Chapter 2 16 | Camp Xpress

Avoid These

Side Notes Don’t do this









1. Shadows & bevel 2. Squeezing 3. Tilt 4. Upside down 5. Coloured inconsistently 6. Stretching 7. Same colour as text 8. Removing parts

Brand Guide | 17


The style we use The photography used for Camp Xpress is one where the it has the vintage set out look and as well the out doorsy setup. The image should look slightly toned down with a vibe that sends it being chill of some sort. Scenic views are mostly used in Camp Xpress photos. They create a visual elegance and falls under the five words of the brand.

Camp Xpress Guidelines: Chapter 3 18 | Camp Xpress


The feel of it all Take it with care

May it be nature or the city, Camp Xpress photography should show an artistic mood to it all. Creativity is what Camp Xpress is all about thus is does not have to be exactly these things but as a result it should turn out artistic.


Brand Guide | 19

Slap the logo on The style we use

Whenever possible even on small things. Doesn’t have to be a big project have the logo slapped on it and make it be the center of the image. Creating a visual catch for the eyes. Having the logo laid out anywhere to show off the brand is an important factor to keep things memorable.

Camp Xpress Guidelines: Chapter 3 20 | Camp Xpress

Applications - Banners & Ads

Express it Show it off

Show off the logo whenever possible on the ads and wherever else you choose to when doing a project for Camp Xpress. The logo must be visible at all times and should contain the essence of the brand.

Applications - Banners & Ads

Brand Guide | 21


The style we use The clothing for Camp Xpress is modern but not high end crazy looking clothing but meant to be worn at a camp or outdoors setting. Several hats and clothings are created with the logo on it to have a memorable expression on them that uses the logo on all of its clothing.

Camp Xpress Guidelines: Chapter 3 22 | Camp Xpress

Applications - Clothing

Fashion & Function

Comfy at all costs All the clothing created are designed to be incredibly comfy while looking fashionable to the youths and fitting to be worn out on out doors type situations. When creating clothing for the brand the logo must be found somewhere on it, even on the smallest part of the shirt or inside the item.

Brand Guide | 23

Applications - Clothing

Designer Eriko Ronsayro 2017 Š

Camp Xpress Brand Guide  

Eriko Ronsayro 2017

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