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Volume 2, Issue 9


OFFICIAL NEWSLETTER OF Division 16 of the New Jersey District

QUIRKEY Greetings from your Lieutenant Governor Hey Key Clubbers!

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The end of Key Club?


DCON Breakdown


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Erik Lim

Erik Lim, Lieutenant Governor of Division 16 and Jae Shin, Lieutenant Governor Elect of Division 17


A word from your Lieutenant Governor...Elect By Jae Shin from Teanfly Hey, hey, hey from LTG elect Jae! I hope you’re all handling these insane weather changes better than I am. Mother Nature managed to sneak up on me and give me a killer cold. Anyways, to all of who it may concern, here is a brief summary of my goals and future plans for this upcoming service year. If I don’t get the chance before District Convention and club elections have been held, I would like to personally meet the new generation of club officers. Seeing that DCON is only days away, I will most likely hold off this task after I officially become Lieutenant Governor. I am aware that some schools have policies against their Key Club’s being in contact with international, but if possible, I would like to personally visit each and every Key Club within our division at least once during my term. Of course, I will send out letters and emails requesting a visit to make sure I don’t cause a ruckus within the campus and ideally, they will give me a visitor’s pass and allow me to walk through the halls and into your Key Club meetings. Another specific goal of mine is to rebuild my local Kiwanis; the Tenakill Kiwanis. I know that there is one in Secaucus but I’m not too sure of its current state but based on the emails I have been receiving from a Kiwanis LTG, it seems to be going well. I hope to visit it some point before the school year ends and I hope to get the Tenakill Kiwanis back on its feet before the school year ends as well. More broad goals would be just to fulfill all my requirements as LTG and to improve communications within the division. Erik has done a fantastic job throughout his term and some of you may remember the potluck he had with his DCM. I hope to host a few more social gatherings in hopes to strengthen our division to a point where we may be able to rely on each other for support whenever needed. Erik may not be that much taller than me, but his feet are definitely bigger than mine. He’s leaving behind huge shoes for me to fill in but I have an entire Key Club family supporting me so I’m not too worried. I’m incredibly excited to be working with all of you and I hope to see you at future DCMs if not DCON! Have a marvelous day~ Page 2

Volume 2, Issue 9

The End of Key Club... Or is it? By Marisa Wong from Tenafly My Key Club journey began freshman year. I joined because I actually found a small piece of paper in my locker on the first day of school that had the logo of Key Club International, and by the time my school's club fair came around, I signed up to attend the first meeting. I was genuinely curious as to what Key Club was. Soon after the first meeting, I began attending events and met more people who had a strong passion for service. It amazed me how much time they dedicated towards Key Club and service in general, and that's what motivated me to stay in Key Club. Looking back, I'm glad that I took on this journey of service, caring, and leadership because not only did I help my school and community, but I also met tons of new friends across the nation, traveled to so many places all over New Jersey and the east coast, and shared countless memories of laughter and fun. I'm sad that my journey is almost over since DCON 2014 is right around the corner, but I'm certain that the next generation of Key Clubbers will do even more amazing things in our home club and beyond. I don't regret the time I've spent with Key Club because it was one of the best experiences in high school for me.

All things DCON! The New Jersey District Convention (DCON) is right around the corner! A weekend full of exciting events, workshops, district executive board elections, and multifarious contests, DCON is an event that every Key Clubber should definitely attend. At DCON, Key Clubbers from through the district get to meet up and celebrate not just the end of an amazing service year, but the beginning of an even more incredible one. Destination Service This year, DCON is once again being held at the Ocean Place Resort and Spa. The theme of this year’s DCON is “Destination Service.” Each division is assigned a country, and our division has been assigned the beautiful Thailand in Southeast Asia. If you’re going to DCON, make sure to bring Thailand-worthy apparel and represent our division! Contests Every year, DCON holds many contests for Key Clubbers to participate in. Outstanding clubs are recognized and awarded by the Club Achievement Award. Page 3


Service event contests include contests for the best service projects that fall in categories such as Major Emphasis and Single Service. Clubs can also submit their websites and newsletters in the club website and club bulletin contests. At DCON, Key Clubbers can participate in a variety of contests, including the Oratorical Speech contest, the Talent contest, and the Traditional and Non-Traditional Scrapbook contests. Clubs are also awarded for paying early bird dues and for raising the most money for the EliMiNaTe project. Finally, officers, Lieutenant Governors, and club advisors have the opportunity to become distinguished and lauded by the district for their work in an incredible service year. District Executive Board Elections During DCON, Key Clubbers vote for their district executive board officers, which include the positions of Governor, Secretary, Treasurer, and Editor. Key Clubbers listen to speeches and ask the candidates questions on Friday Night. On Saturday morning, candidates officially march through the assembly with their campaign teams and once again give speeches and answer questions. Voting takes place by the House of Delegates on Saturday afternoon, with each club casting two votes. The new board is recognized on Sunday morning. Be prepared to be bombarded with cool posters, loud chants, and Key Club spirit as you decide who you want to represent you and New Jersey Key Club on the district executive board! Workshops Many workshops are held on Saturday, all prepared by the sweat and tears of the district board. Some workshops prepare officer-elects for their new positions, while others educate Key Clubbers about district projects. Other workshops serve to help clubs hold successful fundraisers and events. All workshops are fun and interesting, and each club should try to hit up as many workshops as possible! That’s just about it for DCON! Most importantly, make sure to have fun, eat lots of delicious food, and soak in the Key Club spirit. DCON is a truly vibrant and life-changing event that will open your eyes up to all of the amazing things that Key Club is and has to offer.

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Volume 2, Issue 9

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Volume 2, Issue 9

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District Convention I started my first newsletter with a recap of District Convention and it seems that it has come full circle with District Convention approaching soon. I urge all clubs to attend this event. I have already sent out the packets with the corresponding information of how to register along with links of promotional Facebook Coverphotos and Profile Pictures. Utilize these resources as you please. Here is a quick list of things about things that you can do before the actual District Convention: There are several contests to enter for including: A Talent show, Oratorical and Impromptu Essay contest so you can start considering these options. Scholarships for Key Club Seniors! The Club Annual Achievement Award

Volume 2, Issue 9

KEY CLUB Mission Statement Key Club is an international student-led organization which provides its members with opportunities to provide service, build character and develop leadership.

Vision We are caring and competent servant leaders transforming communities worldwide.

Core values The core values of Key Club International are leadership, character building, caring and inclusiveness.

Pledge I pledge, on my honor, to uphold the Objects of Key Club International; to build my home, school and community; to serve my nation and God; and combat all forces which tend to undermine these institutions. Motto Caring–Our Way of Life

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Division 16 of the New Jersey District

Thank you for reading! Hi Everyone! Thank you all for taking the time to read my eighth edition of QuirKEY. I hope that you all enjoyed it! The service year is soon coming to an end but that doesn’t mean that the service stops. Continue the great work that I know each and every one of you are doing and hopefully we will be able to celebrate it all at the end of the year. Key Club International truly is an international organization, with branches in over 30 nations across the globe! This year’s annual District Convention theme is “Destination: Service.” As such, each division has been assigned a country to represent them at the convention. This will be the identifier for where to sit during convention and such. Division 16 has received the country of Thailand! Look forward to my next newsletter issue and as always, have a splendiferous day!

Important Contacts of the NJDB District Governor Ryan Clarkin

District Secretary Kelly Tran

District Webmaster Yuya Ong

District Treasurer Penny Xu

District Editor Pak Chau district.editor.pak@gmail.c om

Lieutenant Governor 16 Erik Lim

QuirKEY Volume 2 Issue 9  

9th Official Division 16 DCON Newsletter highlighting the upcoming DCON event and goes into further depth on it.

QuirKEY Volume 2 Issue 9  

9th Official Division 16 DCON Newsletter highlighting the upcoming DCON event and goes into further depth on it.