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Cruise Norway Product Manual 2015/2016 Cruise Northern Norway & Svalbard is an associate member of Cruise Norway. Our marketing activities are coordinated with Cruise Norway’s activities, and all our cruise destinations are members of Cruise Norway. We cooperate in the best interests of Northern Norway & Svalbard, so that the cruise lines and passengers will all have good experiences by sailing in our region. Check Cruise Norway’s product manual for 2015/2016 for an overview of our cruise ports and shorex offers. You will also find useful information on our website, cnns.no Welcome to the world’s northernmost cruise region!






Theme cruises: Utilizing the opportunities in the north


Svalbard Cruise Network: Joining forces


North Cape and Narvik: Turnaround on a large scale


Bodø ready for larger ships


Facts about CNNS: Ports & Destinations


New era for Tromsø Cable Car


Turnaround in Northern Norway: Cruise into Russia


Exploring the Winter Wonderland


Festivals & Events

Editor: Erik Joachimsen (Cruise Northern Norway & Svalbard), erik.joachimsen@cnns.no Layout: Krysspress AS, Tromsø, Norway English translation and proofreading: Gavin Tanguay Oversetting og språkvasking, Tromsø, Norway Print run: 1,000

Printing: Skipnes, Trondheim, Norway Paper quality: Multiart Silk, 130 gr E-publish edition: cnns.no/download/ Ecolabel: The Swan Copyright: Cruise Northern Norway & Svalbard SA (cnns.no) Cover photo: Lofoten Links

CNNS is an associate member of Cruise Norway, and represents 12 cruise ports. For more details, please visit: cnns.no


Experience Nordkapp 71°10’21’’ Visit us at www.visitnordkapp.net ACTION!


Welcome to the northernmost point of Europe and enjoy the wealth of facilities at Nordkapp


“Cave of L

The North Cape Hall offers: • New film, Nordkapp Panoramafilm shown in a 160° widescreen portraying the four seasons at Nordkapp • Exhibition from the long history of North Cape as a travellers’ destination • Chapel of St. John - the northernmost ecumenical chapel in the world • Exciting gift and souvenir shop with a rich varity of beautiful items • Restaurant, cafe and bar with a fantastic panoramic view of the Arctic Ocean

• Northernmost post office with at special North Cape mark

KingCrab Safari







Midnattsol IceBar


Local Gallery vizuelli.no Photo: Aune forlag. Illustration: Bjørn Holthe

Hotel & local food





y Photo: Port of Brønnø

Photo: nordnorge.com

Photo: Erik Joachimsen/CNNS

The strong increase in cruise traffic to Northern Norway and Svalbard in recent years has contributed to more companies concentrating on cruise tourism, which has resulted in a wider variety of shorex products. CNNS strongly believes that investing in innovative shorex products is the right way to go so that this region will be more attractive in the future too. From 2010 to 2015, the number of arriving cruise passengers to the 12 largest cruise ports in the north increased by 43 per cent, while the number of calls increased by 8 per cent. The difference in growth may be attributed to the fact that the average number of passengers on board the ships is increasing significantly. There was an average of 820 passengers per ship five years ago compared to an average of 1,100 last year.

CNNS arranged our first FAM trip to our neighbouring country Russia in 2015. There were two main reasons for this. Firstly, we have a strong belief that the Solovetsky Islands in particular is an attractive destination. Secondly, we believe it is a good idea to perform turnaround operations in Northern Norway in order to operate sailings to Russia and Svalbard as week-long cruises. Read more about our fantastic trip to the east on page 26.

Last year will be remembered in particular for the Spanish cruise line Pullmantur’s repeated turnaround operations with MV Empress in Lakselv and Narvik/Evenes. The ship used Northern Norway as its home port in June, and thousands of passengers were flown in and out of Spain to the two North Norwegian destinations in order to experience our beautiful region on week-long cruise. If you take the circumstances into account, you can definitely describe the turnaround operations in 2015 as successful. The idea of fly and cruise combos is good, and this has been proven time and again. Read more in this edition of Cruise North.

There have been rumours that the Northern Lights will “disappear” for a period. However, we can put an end to this here and now. Naturally some years will be better than others since several factors come into play. In March 2015, Cruise Norway arranged its first ever winter FAM trip and, of course, this was in Northern Norway. Near the back of this edition, you can join us and explore the wonderful opportunities that exist in the north during winter. Several British cruise lines have already taken advantage of these unique opportunities for several years, and we are delighted that AIDA has become the first German cruise line to follow suit, adding three sailings to several of our ­destinations in March 2017.

Another cruise line that contributed to the innovative activity in 2015 was the Italian cruise line Costa. One of its smallest ships, Costa neoRomantica, embarked on a “slow cruise” calling at Sortland, Leknes, Bodø and Narvik with 1,670 passengers on board. There is every reason to believe that this form of low-stress cruise will be repeated by other cruise lines. A ban on heavy fuel oils was imposed in Svalbard from 2015. However, the Isfjorden basin is exempt from this ban. Most overseas cruises could no longer reach the classics, which have been Magdalenafjorden and Ny-Ålesund. The fjord in which the port is situated, Isfjorden, is now being used for compact cruises. The tourism industry in Longyearbyen has now established its own cruise network. Its main aim is to turn what was initially a threat to cruise traffic to Svalbard into an opportunity for the tourism industry.

For CNNS’s part, this means increased focus on innovative shorex products as well as focus on new sailing opportunities, including turnaround operations in the northernmost part of Europe.

Harriet Willassen

Chair of the Board Cruise Northern Norway & Svalbard

Erik Joachimsen

Managing Director Cruise Northern Norway & Svalbard



A SLIGHTLY DIFFER Northern Norway is far more than beautiful nature, small fishing villages and a few towns and cities. It’s quite possible to offer cruises based on an activity or theme. Northern Norway is truly a different story! Let’s start with what is perhaps the world’s most widespread activity that is also relevant for cruise passengers – golf. Northern Norway has four 18-hole golf courses, all of which are located in spectacular natural settings. Add to this the fact that the golden rays of the Midnight Sun enable you to play a round of golf not only during the day, but at night too. All the courses are located within a reasonable distance of a cruise port. The two courses that rank highest are the spectacular course on the island of Gimsøy in Lofoten and the course just north of Bodø. Lofoten Links on the small island of Gimsøy, midway between the cruise ports


in Svolvær and Leknes in the beautiful Lofoten Island, has an idyllic location facing the open sea. Several golf magazines have described this course as one of the most spectacular in the world, and deservedly so. Several of the holes are located on small islets in the sea and the water hazard is quite simply the open sea. You can play golf here 24/7, and if the weather is good you can play under the Midnight Sun. An experience like this can make the entire cruise worthwhile! Just a few minutes north of Bodø is a wonderful 18-hole combined links and forest course. The local golf club is the largest in Northern Norway, and Bodø Golfpark offers surroundings to take most

people’s breath away. Sea, islets, coastal rocks and mountains frame fairways and greens that are on a par with the very best. At Skjomen, just south of Narvik, you will find another 18-hole course. The Narvik Golf Club course is also extremely picturesque with 1,600 m high mountain peaks at virtually every angle and views across the calm fjord. The actual course is beautifully situated beside a river, and the area is covered by tall pine forest. Section 19 of the club’s rules is rather unique: “If you hit too far on hole 10 and strike a salmon in the river, you need to treat everyone on the course to a dinner of salmon and champagne.” The world’s northernmost 18-hole

RENT CRUISE? Hammerfest

golf course, Tromsø Golf Club, is located outside Tromsø. Overlooking the beautiful Lyngen Alps, a majestic mountain chain covered by glaciers and with many peaks rising up to 1,800 m directly from the sea, this is another course where you can play at any time of the day or night. In Norway’s northernmost county of Finnmark, you will find two golf courses, Lofoten Links one in Hammerfest and the other in Lakselv. Since it is light 24/7 from May to early August, it’s quite possible for cruise lines Bodø Golfpark wishing to offer “golf cruises” to plan itineraries that feature overnight calls at several North Norwegian golf courses. This Golf course also provides opportunities for passengers who do not play golf to go on excursions or eat dinner at a local restaurant. Lofoten Links


Tromsø Golf Club

Harstad Golf Club Narvik Golf Club 18 holes 9 holes

No. of holes

Nearest cruise port

Distance from Contact details port to golf course (km)


Svolvær and Leknes

Bodø Golfpark





Skjomen Golfpark





Tromsø Golf Club





33 / 47



CULTURE CRUISES A wide range of festivals and events are held throughout the entire region all year round. Combining a cruise with events offers great experiences for passengers in a region that has a lot to offer! The region’s best known cultural festival takes place in Harstad and lasts a full week. The Arctic Arts Festival in June each year presents a broad range of North Norwegian culture and music. Bodø and Lofoten both host music festivals of an international standard during the summer. The Narvik Winter Festival, which honours a local heroine who helped the migrant workers who built the iron ore railway line,

is a major annual event in March. This is preceded in February by the Northern Lights Festival in Tromsø, which features international music spanning various genres at a number of venues throughout the city. By planning calls to the appropriate ports at the appropriate times, the cruise ship’s passengers will be able to take part in these events and get a completely different

insight into the culture and way of life of the natives of the north. You will find details about the largest events on our events calendar on page 34-35 of this edition of Cruise North. Check page 34 – 35 for a complete overview of the largest cultural and sporting events in Northern Norway.

ARCTIC MENU Local food as part of the experience In recent years, restaurants in Northern Norway have become conscious of serving new and traditional dishes that are both tasty and based on local ingredients. Arctic Menu is a network of restaurants and cafés that aspire to achieve these goals, and which are now experiencing that tourists visiting Northern Norway view food as part of the overall experience. Shellfish are in special demand, and king crab, scallops, shrimps and various types of fish soup top the menu. Many restaurants are also experiencing that the customers want to know more about the origin of the ingredients as well as the history of the place the ingredients come from. Cruise North has hand-picked a selection of restaurants that as well as offering the best of Northern Norway are located close to a cruise port.


These places are also marked on the map: • • • • • • • • • • •

Longyearbyen: Honningsvåg: Hammerfest: Alta: Tromsø: Harstad: Narvik: Sortland: Lofoten: Bodø: Brønnøysund:

Huset Bistro / Funktionærmessen Corner / King Crab House Du Verden / Skansen Du Verden Matbar / Sorrisniva Skarven / Emmas Under De 4 Roser / Bark Bygården Restaurant & Bar Ekspedisjonen (Nyksund) Du Verden (Svolvær) / Lofotmat (Leknes) Restaurant Bjørk Hildurs Urterarium

FISHING Enormous quantities of Arctic cod migrate to the Vestfjord and the sea north of Lofoten each winter to spawn. This is one of the world’s best regulated fisheries, as well as a region where the fishing industry is important for continued employment and settlement. For the cruise lines it provides opportunities to get first-class local ingredients on board, while for the passengers it provides opportunities to participate in this unique fishery in February and March. The World Cod Fishing Championships in Lofoten take place in March each year. It’s unclear whether the objective is to catch a lot of fish or to have a big party. In true North Norwegian tradition, the festival is characterised by great ­hospitality, an open mind and good humour. You will also meet the typical North Norwegian soul, and it is always friendly. Schedule a call in February or March!

FISHING Photo: Terje Rakke / nordnorge.com


Cycling tourism is on the rise in Northern Norway. It’s as if the region was created specifically for cycling tours, with roads winding between mountains and the sea past wonderful panoramic views and idyllic villages. This was also the reason why the French company ASO, the world’s largest organiser of sporting events, decided to invest in a major international stage race in the region for the world’s cycling elite. In 2016, the third edition of the Arctic Race of Norway will take place with Northern Norway as a backdrop. The stage race is highly regarded within the sport. It takes place a few weeks after the more famous Tour de France and attracts many of the same teams and riders. ASO owns both races and both generate massive TV coverage worldwide. The increasing interest in cycling, also in the form of cycling tours for tourists, provides an opportunity for cruise lines.

The concept of leaving passengers at one port to ride to the next port with a guide provides opportunities for exceptional overland tours in a region with a well-developed network of roads complimented by natural gems in the form of mountains, fjords and the sea. However, as few ports are located close to each other in this region, such tours should only be offered to groups of riders experienced in road cycling races over longer distances. Participants would require a high level of physical fitness, meaning this would not be a viable option for everyone. An easier variant is implementing shorter cycling tours while the ship is in port, which is possible at all North Norwegian ports.

DOG SLEDDING Some events really stand out as being of particular interest during winter. Europe’s longest dog sledding race, Finnmarksløpet, has already experienced a British cruise line scheduling a call to Alta to coincide with the start of the race in March. The passengers experienced the magic atmosphere in Alta during the start of the race and some even sat on a sled during

the prologue on the opening day. This runs from downtown Alta and a few kilometres up to the Sorrisnivia Igloo Hotel. The longest category is a full 1,000 km and stretches all the way from Alta to Kirkenes on the Russian border. Several companies organise dogsledding trips for cruise passengers wanting to try this activity. Tromsø and Alta are the most suitable locations

for this. This is a soft adventure, and the peak season is in February and March. For calls in the summer season, the guests are able to meet the dogs and experience the dog sledding race through photos, film and narratives.


made excursions and activities for passengers visiting Harstad during both winter and summer. Harstad during both winter and summer.

post@destinationharstad.no www.destinationharstad.no Tel. +47 77 01 89 89 www.destinationharstad.no Tel. +47 77 01 89 89

Schedule your turnaround operations in Harstad and uti- Port of Harstad, PO Box 193, NO-9482 Harstad Schedule your turnaround operations in Harstad and uti- Port of Harstad, PO Box 193, NO-9482 Harstad lise Evenes airport and the Port of Harstad. havnevakta@harstad.kommune.no lise Evenes airport and the Port of Harstad. havnevakta@harstad.kommune.no www.harstadhavn.no Tel. + 47 77 00 12 10 www.harstadhavn.no Tel. + 47 77 00 12 10 Our authorized guides will ensure your visit is a memoOur authorized guides will ensure your visit is a memorable one! rable one!


Sjøveien naturligst i Norge Sjøveien naturligst i Norge

– Gateway to the World Heritage Area

The coast of southern Helgeland with At the Norwegian Aquaculture Centre over 12.000 small and big islands you can get a glimpse of the life in is the home of a unique nature and the sea, and learn about modern cultural heritage which makes the aquaculture, from fish-egg to ready products of high quality. The Centre coastal scenery exceptional. The Vega -Archipelago Gateway tothethe the World Heritage Area Gateway to World is on UNESCO WorldHeritage offersArea underwater cameras, feeding of Heritage in recognition of the with At fish, information films and professional The coastList, of southern southern Helgeland theNorwegian NorwegianAquaculture Aquaculture Centre you The coast of Helgeland with At the Centre you fascinating interaction between the guiding. over 12.000 12.000 small small and and big bigislands islandsisisthe the can canget geta aglimpse glimpseofofthe thelife lifeininthe thesea, sea, over islanders the eider ducks. home of aaand unique nature and cultural cultural and and learn learn about aboutmodern modernaquaculture, aquaculture, home of unique nature and heritage which which makes makes the the coastal coastalscenscen- from fromfish-egg fish-eggtotoready readyproducts productsofofhigh high heritage The famous Mythical Mountain ery exceptional. The The Vega Vega Archipelago Archipelago quality. quality. The TheCentre Centreoffers offersunderwater underwater ery exceptional. Torghatten with its distinctive hole right cameras, feeding of fish, information is is on on the the UNESCO UNESCO World World Heritage Heritage List, List, cameras, feeding of fish, information through its middle must be experienced. in in recognition recognition of ofthe thefascinating fascinatinginteracinterac- films filmsand andprofessional professionalguiding. guiding. You can walkthe a well-prepared patheider up to tion tion between between theislanders islandersand andthe the eider the hole, enjoy the fantastic view and ducks. ducks. walk through the hole.

Foto:Orsolya-Haaberg Orsolya-Haaberg Foto:

Foto: Orsolya-Haaberg Foto: Orsolya-Haaberg

Foto: Brønnøy Foto: Brønnøy Havn Havn KF KF

Foto: Brønnøy Havn KF Foto: Brønnøy Havn KF


The The famous famous Mythical Mythical Mountain MountainTorghatten Torghatten with with its its distinctive distinctivehole holeright rightthrough throughits its middle middle must must be be experienced. experienced. You You can can walk walk aa well-prepared well-prepared path path up up toto the the hole, hole, enjoy enjoy the the fantastic fantasticview viewand andwalk walk through through the the hole. hole.

Brønnøysund BrønnøysundCruiseport Cruiseport P.o.Box 6565 P.o.Box N-8901 N-8901Brønnøysund Brønnøysund Tel. 0101 2020 7070 Tel.+47 +477575 www.cruiseportbronnoysund.no www.cruiseportbronnoysund.no

LONGYEARBYEN and ISFJORDEN -- unique experiences next to the North Pole

12 12


Explore the Isfjord & Longyearbyen in the High Arctic wilderness. During the summer Svalbard comes alive with calving glaciers, teeming bird cliffs, unique Polar wildlife and hardy flowers, all set against a backdrop of majestic mountain ranges and endless Arctic tundra. Longyearbyen, the northernmost town in the world, bids you welcome to these experiences plus so much more. During your call you can enjoy a range of excursions, all including pick-up from the pier. Slow cruising in the magnificent Isfjord is a new option, offering a widespread of nature, wildlife and sites of cultural heritage to visit, among others the ghost town Pyramiden and the Russian settlement in Barentsburg.


Kjetil Bråten Port Director kjetil@portlongyear.no www.portlongyear.no

Eva Britt Kornfeldt Manager evabritt@visitsvalbard.com www.visitsvalbard.com/cruise


SLOW CRUISING Svalbard is focusing on a renewed and sustainable development of the cruise tourism to Longyearbyen and Isfjorden. The list of confirmed calls for 2016 shows that the introduction of compulsory pilotage and a ban on heavy fuel oils in the area has not resulted in the negative development that was feared, so Longyearbyen is now establishing a cruise network to increase cruise tourism. The new network will cooperate with the industry to further develop the concept of slow cruising in Isfjorden and offer new and unique shore excursions in and around Longyearbyen. “The Local tourism and business community in Longyearbyen is organising a cruise network and investing its own funds to put Longyearbyen and Isfjorden on the map as the preferred Arctic cruise experience,” says the Chair of the Svalbard Cruise Network, Eva Britt Kornfeldt. “In recent years the port, destination and local companies have done a lot. We now have the opportunity to develop new experiences so that even more cruise lines add Spitsbergen to their itineraries, with Isfjorden and Longyearbyen as a base for a longer stay.” Svalbard Cruise Network will, in close cooperation with the local companies, develop the concept of slow cruising in Isfjorden and add new shore ex possibilities with visits to Mine 3 and beer tasting at the world’s northernmost brewery in Longyearbyen. Moreover, the port facilities are being revitalised and organised in such a way that the cruise passengers can easily find their way to the town’s cultural attractions and shops. “We look forward to meeting the cruise lines and telling them about the boosted focus on cruises to Svalbard, a place that no one should simply sail past,” concludes Kornfeldt.

“We now have the opportunity to develop new experiences so that even more cruise lines and Spitsbergen to their itineraries, with Isfjorden and Longyearbyen as a base for a longer stay”, says Chair of the Svalbard Cruise Network, Eva Britt Kornfeldt.

Opportunities in Isfjorden The majestic Isfjorden on the island of Spitsbergen offers great opportunities for a diversity of experiences within a small radius; glaciers, wildlife, cultural relics and small settlements. This vast fjord stretches from the west of Spitsbergen to the east, virtually dividing Svalbard’s largest island in two. The majestic Isfjord on the island of Spitsbergen offers great opportunities for a diversity of experiences within a small radius; glaciers, wildlife, cultural relics and small settlements. The settlements of Longyearbyen and Barentsburg are both located in Isfjorden which also has a number

of smaller arms, one of which is Billefjorden. At the head of this fjord, cruise passengers can go ashore for a guided tour of the abandoned Russian mining settlement of Pyramiden, a former communist stronghold in the High Arctic. The Svalbard Cruise Network will develop and facilitate exciting new shore ex options in the Isfjord area.



While MV Empress was moored in the Porsangerfjord, the passengers and baggage were tendered to the port in Hamnbukt.

Northern Norway had big expectations about Pullmantur’s turnaround o ­ perations in the region in the summer of 2015. The cruises were successful, and virtually everything functioned perfectly between the port, airport and d ­ estinations. The region is now preparing for more turnaround operations, but not until 2017. Meanwhile, efforts are being made to convince the Norwegian government to put more efficient logistics in place for cruise calls and the handling of large aircraft. CN: Erik Joachimsen

In 2015 the Spanish cruise line Pullmantur, in cooperation with European Cruise Service, performed three turnaround operations in Narvik (Evenes Airport) and two in Lakselv. In order to 12 CRUISE NORTH 2016

avoid the Norwegian cabotage rules, several calls by MV Empress occurred in Murmansk in Russia, 220 nautical miles east of North Cape. It was initially planned to use a SeaWalk for the turnaround activity in Lakselv, 170 km south of Honningsvåg. However, for

various reasons, efforts to have this in place in time were unsuccessful. This was replaced by tender operations using MV Empress’ own lifeboats and a separate boat to handle the baggage. Back on land, an old warehouse building has been converted into a maritime


All photos: Erik Joachimsen (CNNS)

Going ashore in Hamnbukt. The turnaround operations in both Lakselv and Narvik were described as very successful.

exhibition. This also served as an effective terminal for checking in and out a total of 6,500 passengers on their way to or from Banak Airport, which is just a 10-minute bus ride from Hamnbukt. “We have the impression that the passengers were extremely satisfied with what they experienced while they were here, combining Sami culture in Karasjok, experiences in Stabbursdalen National Park and the various activities implemented by the business community in Lakselv,” says Fred Persen, who is one of the driving forces behind the turnaround project in Lakselv. However, he added: “Banak Airport is a major airport in terms of the length of the runway, but the technical facilities for handling baggage from wide-body aircraft need to be upgraded. They CRUISE NORTH 2016 13

are working on this locally at the airport. The same applies to the movement of passengers from ship to shore, including a significant number of suitcases,” concludes Persen. Cruise North was a spectator during the turnaround operation in Lakselv on Saturday 20 June 2015, and was able to witness activities taking place in an exceptionally smooth and relaxed manner. A delegation headed by the deputy mayor also visited the captain on board the cruise ship, who was very satisfied with the somewhat improvised operation.

NARVIK Farther south in the outstretched region, in Narvik, a total of 10,000 cruise passengers were turned around using Evenes Airport, which is a one-hour bus trip from the port. The passengers were met at the port by 40 buses waiting to transport them to Evenes Airport. At the same time, jumbo jets transporting 1,800 tourists were landing at Evenes after a direct flight from Spain. The turnaround operations in Narvik were moved from Bodø at relatively short notice. The Port of Narvik already handles ships transporting iron ore, which are considerably larger than normal cruise ships, so such calls were a straightforward challenge. The same goes for Evenes Airport, which has significant capacity. The world’s largest aircraft can land there as the airport was actually built for military purposes. The main challenge for Narvik was buses and guides, but Cruise Narvik in cooperation with Visit Narvik dealt with this in an excellent manner. The Narvik community is now concentrating on developing new unique selling points to attract cruise passengers and other tourists to a region that is experiencing rapid development. Polar Park, Narvikfjellet (pictured), the Ofoten Line and the new War Museum are four ­attractions that are all strong in their own right, but jointly make Narvik an ­interesting destination with an intense story to tell about World War II. Throughout history, the transportation of iron ore from Kiruna in Sweden has contributed in a major way to the society having such a sound financial base. A survey conducted by Cruise Narvik shows a solid increase in the sale of excursions in the Narvik region. The proportion of passengers buying shorex products in Narvik is over 60 per cent. Further development of these products will lead to the number of cruise ship calls continuing 14 CRUISE NORTH 2016

There were many pleasant encounters between the Spanish passengers and Synnøve Vereide, who is Synnøve speaks Spanish!

the positive growth we have seen in recent years.

2017 European Cruise Service is waiting for more efficient logistical solutions to be in place at both the port and airport in

Lakselv. Banak Airport is a major airport in terms of the length of the runway, but the technical facilities for handling baggage from wide-body aircraft need to be upgraded. The same applies to the movement of passengers from ship to shore, including a significant number of suitcases.

Panoramic view from the mountains of Narvik. MV Empress did three turnarounds at Port of Narvik in 2015. Photo: Pål Jakobsen / nordnorge.com

The jumbo jets landed at both Evenes Airport near Narvik and at Lakselv Airport Banak, and the passengers and their baggage were handled efficiently at both places.

Sami. By the way, it was a considerable help that Photo: Erik Joachimsen (CNNS)

As for the SeaWalk, a push is now being made to the Norwegian government to finance what was lacking in 2015. Consequently, there is good reason to believe that this important piece of the puzzle will fall into place well before the 2017 season. It’s as if Northern Norway was created

Deputy Mayor Reidunn Hesjevik, dressed in her Sami costume for the occasion, greets the captain on board MV Empress.

for turnaround operations “There are 12 different cruise ports in Northern Norway and Svalbard, and four of these currently account for 80 per cent of the traffic. For cruise lines looking to offer exciting new alternatives to their passengers, there are rich opportunities and many hidden secrets, which we are

sure will be discovered in the coming years. For most cruise lines, Spitsbergen and Russia for instance remain undiscovered,” says the Managing Director of Cruise Northern Norway & Svalbard, Erik Joachimsen, adding that it’s worth noting that Spitsbergen is located outside the Norwegian customs zone. CRUISE NORTH 2016 15

Port of Harstad – culture, history and coastal adventures! The cruise port of Harstad offers wide variety of tailormade excursions and activities for passengers visiting Harstad during both winter and summer.

Destination Harstad, PO Box 654, NO-9486 Harstad post@destinationharstad.no www.destinationharstad.no Tel. +47 77 01 89 89

Schedule your turnaround operations in Harstad and utilise Evenes airport and the Port of Harstad.

Port of Harstad, PO Box 193, NO-9482 Harstad havnevakta@harstad.kommune.no www.harstadhavn.no Tel. + 47 77 00 12 10

Our authorized guides will ensure your visit is a memorable one!

Harstad Havn KF

Sjøveien naturligst i Norge

Cruise Port Bodø WELCOME TO BRØNNØYSUND over 12.000 small and big islands is the

We are proud to present Bodø as a new exciting home of a unique nature and cultural Photo: Knut Skarsfjord cruise destination in Northern Norway. We can heritage which makes the coastal scenaccommodate virtually all cruise ships and offer Photo: Nadia Nordskott ery a great variety of shore activities for all ages, all exceptional. The Vega Archipelago is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, group sizes and all activity levels. Foto: Brønnøy Havn KF

Foto: Brønnøy Havn KF

- Gateway to the World Heritage Area Your First Port of Call – North of the Arctic CircleThe coast of southern Helgeland with At the Norwegian Aquaculture Centre you

walk a well-prepared path up to the

Bodø also has a major airport with one-stop connections to most gateways in Europe. hole, enjoy the fantastic view and walk




Foto: Orsolya-Haaberg

Foto: Orsolya-Haaberg

in recognition of the fascinating interac-

Bodø is Northern Norway’s second largest tion town, between the islanders and the eider with modern Scandinavian shopping and restaurant ducks. experiences available. Among shore highlights is the world strongest maelstrom Saltstraumen with a The famous Mythical Mountain Torghatten visible presence of an exciting stone age heritage; the Norwegian Aviation Museum; Kjerringøywith its distinctive hole right through its – picturesque historic trading post. middle must be experienced. You can

Photo: Ernst Furuhatt through the hole.

can get a glimpse of the life in the sea, and learn about modern aquaculture, from fish-egg to ready products of high Photo: Bjørn Erik Olsen quality. The Centre offers underwater cameras, feeding of fish, information films and professional guiding.

Brønnøysund Cruiseport P.o.Box 65 N-8901 Brønnøysund Tel. +47 75 01 20 70 www.cruiseportbronnoysund.no


INCREASING CAPACITY - MUCH TO OFFER From 2017, the Bodø Cruise Port wants to be able to receive larger and more cruise ships at one of the busiest ports in the north. In order to achieve this, the harbour basin is being dredged and rocks are being blasted away. The port conditions have prevented Bodø, the region’s second largest city, from achieving its potential for cruise traffic. When the ongoing improvements are completed, Bodø Cruise Port will be much better equipped to handle a larger volume of cruise passengers. “Bodø Cruise Port will be able to handle virtually all cruise ships trafficking in Norwegian waters after the dredging project is completed, with very few exceptions. We can then handle ships with a LOA (length overall) of 300 metres (quay 350 metres) and draft up to 10 metres,” says Port Director Ingvar M. Mathisen, who has high expectations about the outcome of the improvements. “We expect a great increase in both the number as well as the sizes of the cruise ships calling at Bodø Cruise Port when this project is completed. This is based on the interest from the largest cruise lines that visit Norway with sizes of ships that currently cannot call at Bodø.” When this is resolved, there are more than enough shorex offers awaiting experience-hungry cruise passengers. It’s just a 30-minute bus ride or a quick ride by speedy rigid inflatable boat (RIB) to the world’s strongest maelstrom, Saltstraumen. On one side of the strait visitors to Saltstraumen can experience the marine life at the Magic Saltstraumen experience centre, while on the other Tuvsjyen recreates the way of life of the hunters who settled the area during the Stone Age. North of Bodø is the idyllic trading post Kjerringøy, which is the site of several film recordings. The main attraction in the actual city is the Norwegian Aviation Museum, while a wide range of excursions are available from the port area to the surrounding islands.

Saltstraumen near Bodø is the world’s strongest maelstrom, with water speeds reaching up to 20 knots. Tourists can enjoy themselves on RIB trips arranged by professional Photo: Tommy Andreassen / nordnorge.com providers. CRUISE NORTH 2016 17

1 Svalbard / Spitsbergen - Longyearbyen

Unique Selling Points: High Arctic nature and wildlife, explorers, ­adventurers and polar history Quay “Bykaia”: 300 m/9 m, Quay “Gamlekaia”: 90 m/5 m Shorex contact: Svalbard Cruise Network, evabritt@visitsvalbard.com Port contact: Port Manager Kjetil Bråten, bykaia@lokalstyre.no

2 Tromsø


1 Longyearbyen

Unique Selling Points: Where your Arctic adventure begins, Northern Lights, Arctic adventures, the Arctic capital powered by nature, world’s northernmost university, the “Paris of the North” and “Gateway to the Arctic Ocean” Quay Breivika: 102 m/11 m, 104 m­/­11.5 m, 150 m/11.5 m Quay Prostneset – City Centre: 200 m/8 m and 300 m/9 m Shorex contact: Arctic Guide Service, arcticguideservice.no or Farout, farout.no Port contact: Marketing Manager Harriet Willassen, hwi@tromso.havn.no



8 7 Vesterålen

6 Leknes

This map provides an overview of all the cruise destinations associated with our network, Cruise Northern Norway & Svalbard (CNNS). Our cruise network was established to develop new shorex offers, create interest in turnaround operations and promote CNNS in collaboration with Cruise Norway. CNNS is an associate member of Cruise Norway. If your cruise line or cruise company wants to come on a FAM trip to our ports and destinations, please feel free to contact us. You will find contact details on our website, cnns.no. You will also find all ­information imaginable about each destination, including port information, shorex database, image gallery, sailing distances, downloads and turnaround ­opportunities.

4 Brønnøysund 18 CRUISE NORTH 2016

6 Svolvær

5 Bodø Bodø Airport




3 Honningsvåg / North Cape

Unique Selling Points: North Cape, the ultimate place to see Midnight Sun and Northern Lights, life in the fishing villages, catching the Red King Crab, the Sami life and the reindeer migration and seabirds Quay North: 100 m/12 m Quay 1: 150 m/10 m Quay 2: 70 m/10 m Quay 3: 125 m/10 m Quay West: 115 m/10 m Quay South: 80 m/10 m Quay East: 80 m/10 m Shorex contact: Arctic Guide Service, northcape@arcticguideservice.no and Artico Ice Bar, artico@articoicebar.com Port contact: Keth Lokke Pettersen, keth.lokke.pettersen@nordkapp.kommune.no

3 Honningsvåg / North Cape

11 Hammerfest

Lakselv, Banak Airport 10 Alta

2 Tromsø


Harstad Evenes Airport 9 Narvik

4 Brønnøysund

Wide body aircraft

Unique Selling Points: World Heritage area, geology, where Northern Norway starts/ends and trade history Quay 1: “Gårdsøya”: 250 m/25 m Quay2: “Central Port – town centre”: 140 m/6.2 m Shorex contact: Tove Nordås, bronnoy.havn@bronnoy.kommune.no Port contact: Port Manager Sølvi H. Kristoffersen, bronnoy.havn@bronnoy.kommune.no

5 Bodø Medium body aircraft CNNS Cruise destination


Unique Selling Points: Coastal culture, trade history, defence history, the “spy city”, the modern service centre and the Saltstraumen Maelstrom Quay1 + 2: City Centre 150 m/7 m and 200 m/7 m Quay Rønvika: 1: Rønvika 300 m/8 m 2: 150 m/9 m 3: 210 m/8.4 m 4: 200 m/8.5 m Shorex contact: Visit Bodø, Ann-Kristin Rønning Nilsen, ann-kristin@visitbodo.com Port contact: Port Manager Ingvar M. Mathisen, imm@bodohavn.no

6 Lofoten - Leknes

Unique Selling Points: The Lofoten seasonal fisheries, spectacular nature and Viking history Quay 1: 230 m/10 m Shorex contact: Destinasjon Lofoten, Sissel Hansen, sissel@lofoten.info.no Port contact: Port Manager Ann-Helen Ernstsen, ann-helen. ernstsen@vestvagoy.kommune.no

6 Lofoten - Svolvær

Unique Selling Points: The Lofoten winter fishery, spectacular nature and Viking history East Quay: 214 m/6 m West Quay: 122 m/10 m Shorex contact: Destinasjon Lofoten, Sissel Hansen, sissel@lofoten.info.no Port contact: Port Manager Kjell H. Hanssen, vaganhavn@vagan.kommune.no

7 Vesterålen (Sortland)

Unique Selling Points: Amazing nature and wildlife, whale safaris year-round, life in and by the sea, the fishing industry (historical and modern) Quay: 450 m/7.5–12 m Shorex contact: Ssemjon Gerlitz ssemjon@discoverarctic.no Port contact: Port Manager Geoffrey J. Armstrong, ­havnekontoret@sortland.kommune.no

8 Harstad

Unique Selling Points: Viking, medieval and military history Quay “City centre”: 300 m/9.3 m Shorex contact: Gro Dagsvold, gro@destinationharstad.no Port contact: Port Manager Ivar Hagenlund, ivar.hagenlund@harstad.kommune.no

9 Narvik

Unique Selling Points: Polar Park, The Ofoten Line Railway / Ore industry and World War II history Quay “Fagernes”: 250 m/15 m Quay “Pier 1”: 140 m/15 m Shorex contact: Grethe Parker, post@cruisenarvik.no Port contact: Maritime Manager Øistein Kaarbø, ok@narvikhavn.no

10 Alta

Unique Selling Points: Northern Lights, the Sami and Alta River Quay Terminalkaia: 265 m/10.2 m Quay Marinekaia: 63 m/12.5 m Shorex contact: Henriette B. Eilertsen, henriette@northadventure.no Port contact: Port Manager Arnt Trygve Nilsen, arnt.trygve.nilsen@altahavn.no

11 Hammerfest

Unique Selling Points: The world’s northernmost town, from Pomorian trade to energy town (5 energy sources), Meridian/land surveying history Quay 1: 220 m/9 m Quay 2: 120 m/8 m Quay 9: 300 m/12 m Shorex contact: Beate Juliussen beate@hammerfest-turist.no Port contact: Port Manager Per-Åge Hansen, havnevakt@hammerfest.havn.no



Flakstad Church, a listed church Built in 1780 out of timber and exposing beautiful joinery in all its unpainted beauty. It’s a cruciform church with an onion-shaped spire, possibly of Russian inspiration. Altarpiece painted in 1765 by Gottfried Ezechiel, the main illustration showing the Last Supper. Two beautifully crafted bridal chairs. Pipe organ dated 1980. Two antique chandeliers, possibly of Russian origin. There are about 24 days a year with church service in Flakstad church. The church is also used for concerts and occasionally exhibitions.

www.fmkirken.no Contact: post@fmkirken.no Phone: +47 76093145, +47 98017630

The Blacksmith of Sund Includes the Sund Fisheries Museum

Visit this small, privately-owned, working museum focusing on fisheries, boat motors and artistic blacksmithing. See a demonstration of traditional blacksmithing and starting up old boat motors. Café. Distance from Leknes to The Blacksmith of Sund: 42 km Distance from Port of Leknes to Flakstad Church: 25 km www.smedenisund.no www.sundfiskerimuseum.no Facebook: Smeden i Sund Phone: +47 913 71 718




In the old medieval town of Vágar lay Storvågan, founded on the Lofoten Fishery and the stockfish trade. This town gave life to Lofoten in bygone times, and is the perfect place to explore the history connected with the stockfish, the “skrei” and the Lofoten fisheries. Feel the aura of history in an authentic atmosphere from the 1800s, with the

authentic squire`s residence, country store, fishermen’s cabins and traditional Nordland type boats in Lofoten Museum. Be moved by the artist Kaare Espolin Johnson’s powerful expression as he depicts the regions dramatic history and the coastal people’s life and fate. Guest exhibitions, shop, film – Gallery Espolin.

Experience the fascinating underwater world of Lofoten. Different species of fish and marine animals, films, the exhibition “The Art of Co-existence”. Feeding of seals and sea otters. High capacity. Gift shop and café. BOOKING: skrei@museumnord.no Tel + 47 900 88 336

21 museums – 1000 stories • museumnord.no


PORT OF LEKNES - LOFOTEN GATEWAY TO THE MOST BEAUTIFUL ISLANDS IN THE WORLD Fishing villages, fishing trips, hiking, kayaking, Vikings, Northern Lights and Midnight Sun safaris Lofoten offers spectacular nature and adventures all year round



P.O. BOX 203, N-8376 LEKNES havn@vestvagoy.kommune.no +47 900 35 379



USEFUL FACTS: Recommended time use: 60 – 100 min (extra for Viking activities). Audio guide system in exhibition halls (6 languages). “Live guides” in the Viking Chieftain´s house. Museum gift shop with a wide range of quality gifts. Cafè (June – August). Viking style food all year (request) Capasity: 3 buses/ ca 130 persons pr 15 min. Open: all year! BOOKING: booking@lofotr.no Tel + 47 76 08 49 00


2015 WINNER! Certificate of Excellence Lofotr Viking Museum

The largest Viking longhouse in the world was found at Borg in Lofoten. The reconstruction is in full size, 83 m. Beautiful decorations and exhibitions fill the house. The smell of tar and smoke, delicious Viking style food – it all takes you more than 1000

years back in time. Row the Viking ship, try your hand at archery and other activities (seasonal). Modern exhibition halls with unique archaeological artefacts, film. Viking festival every august, 5 days of fun.







Lofotr Viking Museum is a part of museumnord.no • 21 museums – 1000 stories!



NEW ERA FOR OLD TOILER This year marks the start of a new era for the Tromsø Cable Car. After recently undergoing a complete renovation, a tradition that started in 1961 is being continued and taken to new heights. CN: Erik Joachimsen

The Tromsø Cable Car was officially opened by King Olav in 1961 and has transported passengers from the lower station up to the upper station at Storsteinen on the mountain Fløyfjellet overlooking Tromsø virtually ­uninterrupted for 54 years. Tromsø Cable Car was founded by four Jakobsen brothers, Helge, Guttorm, Tor and Gunnar. In the post-war years, they earned good money from shipping ­operations, hunting and trapping and expeditions from


“pole to pole”. The legendary polar vessel “Polstjerna”, which is now displayed in a glass structure beside the Fram Centre in Tromsø, is one of many vessels that laid the foundation for the success that began with the brothers’ shipping company, Brødrene Jakobsens Rederi. The cable car was always operated during the summer months, while the winter months were used for ­maintenance work. However, when the Northern Lights tourism exploded around 2010, the company felt “forced” to operate yearround. In the last full year of operation

prior to the upgrade, a total of 118,000 passengers were transported up the mountain. This was a record for the old toilers. Hence, the “Seal” and the “Polar Bear” could enter retirement with a clear conscience. The cable car’s farewell trip on 31 August 2015 was a nostalgic moment for many Tromsø residents and, in particular, the many descendants of the four Jakobsen brothers. When the last passenger boarded for the final trip, the passenger counter stopped at exactly 3,462,769. In order to meet the requirements for

Fun facts about Tromsø Cable Car (Skips AS Nordfisk): Opened on 22 February 1961 by Bank Manager Anton Jakobsen, followed on 29 July 1961 by the official opening by King Olav.

the cruise industry amongst others, the owners decided to invest more than NOK 60 million in completely new machinery and two new gondolas from Doppelmayr. The new gondolas have a capacity of 28 passengers, while the old ones took 27. The speed of the new gondolas can be increased by 40 per cent if required. There is no point transporting the passengers up the mountain quickly, but on days with several cruise ships it will be sensible to do this to reduce the waiting time,” explains General Manager Tom Schreuder. The upgrade project also includes a long-awaited passenger lift, which means the whole facility is now disability-friendly. The terrace at the upper station has also been rebuilt to accommodate the support structure for the new gondolas. It has been

Number of passengers from 22 February 1961 to 31 August 2015:


Annual passenger record:


April 2016

extended a further 12 m out from the mountain, providing an even more aerial experience of the spectacular panoramic views of the city of Tromsø and the surrounding area.

King Olav opens the Tromsø Cable Car in 1961

Brochure from 1961


HAMMERFEST The northernmost town in the world! Where tradition meets modern spirit. Cruise port Longyearbyen, one of the world’s most fascinating destinations


Icefjord Safari

The cruise port of Hammerfest welcomes you to experience some of our activities Guides with experticewide range of Exciting excursions

SPITSBERGEN TRAVEL, YOUR SHORE EXCURSIONS PROVIDER IN SPITSBERGEN• Electric bike tour Guided Hiking Trips cruise@spitsbergentravel.no Longyearbyen is one of the world’s most fascinating towns. Located at 78 degrees north, it is• offi Tlf: and +�� �� �� �� �� cially the northernmost town in the world. An unusual, modern and international tax free settlement • The Royal Ancient Polar www.spitsbergencruise.no just 1300km from the North Pole. Longyearbyen welcomes visitors to our slice of the Arctic, a safe Bear Society Go North AS in the otherwise harsh and wild landscape, where polar bears roam and the elements rule. With haven • UNESCO World Heritage Site Hamnegata 3 our highly knowledgeable and well-trained guides, Spitsbergen Travel has been a vital force in the The Struve Meridian Column N-9600 Hammerfest development of Longyearbyen as a ‘Mecca’ for adventure. Be it hiking or Champagne tasting, a fj–ord tel: +47 901 82 402 • The Museum of Reconstruction in high-powered open boats or a guided visit to the prize-winning Svalbard Museum, Spitsbergen safari Travel ensure that your guests have the opportunity to experience all this unique town has to offer. • Sami Culture www.go-north.no

Operating from the real ARCTIC HUB

one contact point arctic logistics port agency year around 24/7 we embrace the challenge

mail@pole-position.no +47 4900 +47 7902 4990 Longyearbyen Svalbard & Jan Mayen islands




TWO FOR ONE AT PORT OF LEKNES Great news from the world’s most beautiful islands: Leknes Cruise Port is now offering two days for the price of one for cruise ships staying overnight. This enables the cruise passengers to go on one of the new shorex products - a Northern lights riding trip or an experience for the culinary-oriented guest at the Norwegian Fishing Village Museum.

Two days for the price of one at Leknes Cruise Port: Leknes Cruise Port is now offering cruise ships that stay overnight a special deal of paying for just one day instead of the normal two. This offer applies in both summer and winter. This new deal really enables you to take advantage of the time and provides excellent opportunities for shore excursions in the evening/night. This will be far more comfortable for the guests as it will not be so crowded, and it also enables the guests to experience the Midnight Sun or the Northern Lights at shore. After all, this is probably one of the main reasons they went on the cruise

Shore Excursion ­Recommendations Northern Lights Riding Tour – Hov Riding Centre: Hov Riding Centre is now offering cruise passengers the opportunity to experience the magic of the Northern Lights from horseback. Meet the Vikings at Borg in Lofoten: The Vikings at Borg in Lofoten now offer better experiences for guests with limited time to visit Lofotr. For the Culinary-Oriented Guest – Norwegian Fishing Village Museum: The Norwegian Fishing Village Museum at Å in Lofoten now offers a more interactive visit for the culinary-oriented guest, which includes a visit to their new bakery.


FAM TRIP TO RUSSIA In April 2015 Cruise Northern Norway & Svalbard hosted a FAM trip to northern Russia. We visited a country with a difference, with a rich culture and proud people. For explorer ships and medium sized cruise ships, there are definitely opportunities for Arctic Cruises east of the North Cape.

Calls to Arkhangelsk / Solovetsky in 2013 and 2014: • 2013: MV The World, MV Discovery, MV Silver Cloud, MV Braemar • 2014: MV L’Austral, MV Silver Cloud, MV Island Sky, MV Deutschland. All but one of the ships called at Solovetsky. The only exception was Silver Cloud, which arranged charter flights from Arkhangelsk (Vaskovo Airport).


CN: Erik Joachimsen

Throughout history, Northern Norway and Northwest Russia have had good relations through Pomor trade and cultural exchanges. This was manifested through the establishment of the Barents Cooperation in 1993. With a strong belief in increased cruise traffic to this “undiscovered” region, CNNS arranged a FAM trip to Arkhangelsk, the Solovetsky Islands and Murmansk in Russia, which ended on the Norwegian side in Kirkenes.

ARKHANGELSK AND SOLOVETSKY CNNS was joined by two cruise lines, and the purpose of the trip was to show them the shorex products on offer in the Pomor city and to inspect the port facilities. The main difference between Arkhangelsk and Murmansk is that Arkhangelsk is Russian and was founded 433 years ago, while the latter is Soviet

and is exactly 100 years old. Both have a population of around 300,000. Arkhangelsk is situated on the banks of the Dvina River about 40 km before it drains into the White Sea. Russia’s most important medieval trading port, Arkhangelsk consists mainly of wooden buildings located on tundra. Downtown Arkhangelsk is characterized by wooden buildings that are in a slight state of disrepair. This is mostly due to the fact that they are built on the Arctic tundra. This stands in stark contrast to two modern and identical shopping centres filled with luxury shops. In the centre of the city, a giant statue of Lenin gazes out over a concrete space and the Dvina River, which flows slowly out to the White Sea. The top attraction is Malye Korely, a large open-air collection of traditional wooden houses from the region, which is situated a short bus ride outside the city centre. The area is beautifully developed and well adapted for larger groups and, as is common in Russia, the local guides are knowledgeable and multilingual.

Welcome to Arkhangelsk. Cruise calls to Arkhangelsk use the Northern Pier, which is an industrial port on the Dvina River. Ships of up to 210 m can moor there.

The region’s most attractive highlight, the Solovetsky Islands, are a short flight over the White Sea. Inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list, the island group is the dream of any Russian and Putin’s favourite. The Solovetsky Islands are home to the world famous Solovetsky Monastery. The first settlers were Sami hunters and fishermen, but from 16th century monks started to build what to this day is one of Russia’s most impressive buildings. Soon after the Russian Revolution, the Soviet authorities closed down the monastery and converted many of the buildings as a prison and labour camp as part of the Gulag system. After the October Revolution of 1923, the monks were deported, imprisoned or executed. Instead, the entire monastery was converted into a prison camp where “counter revolutionaries” were tortured by Stalin’s men using the most gruesome of methods, where “the camp guards were given free reign for their sadistic inclinations”. Today, the Solovetsky Monastery

Solovetsky Monastery is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List and is a “must see” for all Russians. CRUISE NORTH 2016 27

Our guide at Arkhangelsk’s most popular tourist attraction, Malye Korely.

Everything including the people and animals lived under one roof. From the Wooden Architecture Museum Malye Korely (www.korely.ru).

is a popular destination for tourists from around the world who are ­interested in history. President Putin has channelled substantial resources into upgrading the entire monastery, so it emerges as a showcase and an attraction of worldwide importance. It’s completely possible for cruise lines wishing to call at the Solovetsky Islands to do so, but tendering is the only alternative. There are no large quays, but there are two good options for anchoring in calm waters and transporting the passengers ashore to small quays, both of which are close to this World Heritage site. This place is certainly worth making an effort to reach.

Russian forces chased them from the fronts near Murmansk and far into Norway. This also marked the beginning of the end for the German war devastations. Nearby, visitors can see the Kursk memorial in honour of those killed in the tragic submarine disaster in 2000. Visitors to Murmansk should not forget the 36 m high Alyosha monument, where the unknown soldier guards the eternal flame, the monument dedicated to the waiting fisherman’s wife or, for that matter, the Church of the Saviour on Waters. Murmansk offers many powerful stories.


The strong relationship between Norway and Northwest Russia stretches back several hundred years. There is very little of “enemy image” between the east and west in the north. Consequently, it’s natural for CNNS to cooperate with Russian partners to increase the cruise traffic in the entire region. Performing turnaround operations in Northern Norway may be the first step in this direction, as one can call at attractive ports in Norway as well as Murmansk, Arkhangelsk and the Solovetsky Islands during a seven-day cruise. Increased cruise traffic to Murmansk and Arkhangelsk in Russia will also lead to more sailings along the coast of Northern Norway and up to Spitsbergen. North Norwegian airports also have the capacity for wide body aircraft, which enables efficient turnaround operations to be performed in Northern Norway and, in so doing, calling at Russian ports on a week-long cruise.

This Soviet city located just 100 km from the Norwegian border provides a completely different experience. The city is based mostly on the navy and fisheries and comprises mostly of large concrete buildings. This is the largest city in the world north of the Arctic Circle and its level of prosperity must be considered high by Russian standards. Murmansk has an impressive range of museums and other attractions, many of which are based on war history and Russian expeditions in the Arctic Ocean. One of the most impressive sights accessible to cruise tourists is the nuclear-powered icebreaker Lenin, which is actually moored close to the cruise port in Murmansk. Launched in 1957 as the world’s first nuclear-powered surface ship, it’s now an excellent museum showcasing Russia’s research activity in the Arctic. The Northern Fleet Museum, which is situated a short distance outside the city centre, proudly conveys Russia’s wartime history, the highlight of which came in November 1944. German forces were given a demonstration of the art of war when 28 CRUISE NORTH 2016

Lenin Avenue in Murmansk


The Alyosha monument in Murmansk, the unknown soldier and the eternal flame and a lookout point over Murmansk

The nuclear-powered icebreaker Lenin is displayed at a floating museum adjacent to the Murmansk Cruise Terminal.

All photos: Erik Joachimsen (CNNS)

Lenin Square, Arkhangelsk

Victims of the concentration camps from the Gulag period: this is portrayed at a separate museum in the Solovetsky Islands. If you are going to Arkhangelsk, contact this guide at Intourist: Evgeniya Tanaseychuk.

Northern Pier

The Murmansk Cruise Terminal is centrally located in downtown Murmansk.


The Northern Pier in Arkhangelsk is a 20-minute drive from the city centre.

Google Map: Arkhangelsk and the Northern Pier. CRUISE NORTH 2016 29

Snowmobile safari beneath the Northern Lights on the way to the North Cape.


Cruise Norway organised a FAM trip to Northern Norway during the winter for the first time, in March. As we were pursued by the Northern Lights, this was an u ­ nforgettable experience for everyone involved. For several years now, the Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis, has been the unique selling point for the tourism industry in the northernmost part of Europe. This has resulted in an explosive 30 CRUISE NORTH 2016

growth of the shore-based tourism. Some British cruise lines have also discovered this opportunity, and several fully booked cruise ships have sailed from England to selected destinations in the north.

This time even more cruise lines got to experience this opportunity first hand. And what a trip it was! It all started at the North Cape, where we set out to conquer the world famous North Cape Plateau. The road to the plateau is actually open year round, but we chose to arrive Finnmark style – by snowmobile. With clear skies and cold weather, the prospects were very promising and Miss Aurora didn’t let us down. We had driven almost half way when she cast her green magic across the night sky, in so doing confirming the trip was already a success.

Moonlight over the North Cape

All photos: Erik Joachimsen (CNNS)

The group stayed overnight in the staff quarters at the North Cape Hall, which despite being located 2.300 km from the capital is one of Norway’s most visited tourist attractions. You can literally stand on the edge of the cliff and take pleasure in the panoramic views of the Barents Sea. North Pole next! Inside the hall, there are many attractions, the highlight of which is a 125-degree panoramic film presenting the harsh climate of Europe’s northern­ ­most point in an action-packed manner.

Snowmobile parking outside the North Cape Hall

At Honningsvåg, 35 km from the North Cape, we experienced the latest addition to the shorex menu; the local cultural theatre Perleporten, which has produced a funny show called “Our Northernmost Life”. A cruise passenger wrote in the guest book: “Excellent entertainment, much better than the cruise ship!” The next stop on the trip was Alta, which has been the biggest draw for winter sailings in February and March each year. Alta is a winter tourism paradise, and you are unlikely to find the range of winter

experiences on offer there elsewhere. Virtually everything is close to the cruise port and the town centre: Sami experiences, dog sledding, snowmobile safaris, the Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel and the beautiful Northern Lights Cathedral in the heart of downtown Alta. In 2015 North Adventures sold 20.000 tours to 11,000 guests. The cruise ships were docked on average for more than two days on each call, and on average the passengers spent €200 on shorex products. In short, Alta has everything that is needed to satisfy both the CRUISE NORTH 2016 31

View of a sea of fog in Tromsø from the cable car, which

Northern Lights lavvu in Alta guests and the cruise line in terms of both experience and the bottom line.

URBAN WILDERNESS Where is the best place to experience the urban lifestyle while also getting a hint of civilization at 69 ˚N? We travelled to Tromsø, an Arctic oasis that is so far north that there are hardly any other cities or major towns at this latitude. Due to thick fog, the aircraft encircled the city known as the “Gateway to the Arctic” for more than half an hour before landing at this major airport, which is barely a fiveminute drive from the city centre. Tromsø has the rare combination of being a metropolitan city with the world’s northernmost university, while a population of just 70,000 people live here. This taken into account, Tromsø has 32 CRUISE NORTH 2016

Northern Lights Cathedral in Alta evolved into a tourist magnet that sneaks on to one top-10 list after the other of “places to see” in travel magazines the world over. In the space of a morning, we experienced the Tromsø Cable Car (see page 22), which took us back over the fog again, the legendary Ølhallen (beer hall), the Arctic experience centre Polaria and this special city on a picturesque island far from the rest of the world. Our journey continued southwards and the anticipation grew as we got closer to Polar Park. We were about to dance with wolves. Real wolves. As the group stood outside the park, there was a full moon and clear skies. Everything was set for a thriller. We imitated wolf sounds, and a response was not long in coming. Our calls were answered with real wolf howling. The wolves at Polar Park are socialized, so we were allowed to enter the enclosure and

greet them. This was another unforgettable moment for everyone, and certainly something else to write home about. The amazing evening reached a new level when the whole sky exploded with the Northern Lights. On arrival in Narvik, the guests were still wiping tears out of their eyes after the evening’s incredible encounter with the forces of nature, as they prepared for the final stages of the tour. The iron ire town close to the Swedish border has many moving stories to tell, and is in the process of building a brand new War Museum to convey stories about World War II and how to create peace. Taking the gondola up the mountain Narvikfjellet to a height of over 650 m offers a wonderful panoramic view of the fjord. Cruise passengers can also make use of a chartered train and travel along the shores of the majestic

reopens in April 2016

Meeting a Norwegian troll near Narvik

Dances with wolves” at Polar Park north of Narvik Rombaksfjord to get a taste history of the migrant workers who built the iron ore railway and Swedish Lapland before returning to the ship. The last stop on Cruise Norway’s first winter FAM trip ever was Bodø. This city just north of the Arctic Circle has a wide range of shorex offers, many of which are linked to the Cold War and the National Aviation Museum. Not to mention the world’s strongest maelstrom, Saltstraumen, and Tuvsjyen, where a recreated Stone Age settlement allows cruise passengers to go back in time. Also highly recommended is a visit to the historic trading post at Kjerringøy where you will find one of the most picturesque places along the coast. It wat a trip to remember! To date, only British cruise lines have discovered the coastal route to Northern Norway in winter. However, the list of

scheduled calls to Alta in 2017 shows that the German cruise line AIDA will call. We believe that this will also open up the German market for completely unique cruises on which the Northern Lights are

the big draw, but where passengers will discover many other hidden treasures in a region that displays its beauty regardless of the season.

Calls to Alta in 2017 (as per March 2016): 2017-02-18 08:00

2017-02-19 10:00

MS AIDAcara - 1300 pax

2017-02-22 08:00

2017-02-23 17:00

MS Marco Polo 800 pax

2017-02-28 13:30

2017-03-02 02:30

MS Oriana - 2000 pax

2017-03-04 08:00

2017-03-05 10:00

MS AIDAcara - 1300 pax

2017-03-07 18:00

2017-03-09 12:00

MS Saga Pearl II - 500 pax

2017-03-12 08:00

2017-03-13 03:30

MS Oriana - 2000 pax

2017-03-18 08:00

2017-03-19 10:00

MS AIDAcara - 1300 pax

2017-03-24 08:00

2017-03-25 14:00

MS Braemar - 929 pax

2017-03-31 11:00

2017-04-01 07:30

MS Minerva - 450 pax

2017-04-01 08:00

2017-04-02 10:00

MS Aidacara - 1200 pax CRUISE NORTH 2016 33

SOMETHING FOR EVERY TASTE This overview includes all relevant large-scale festivals, sporting events and cultural events for cruise passengers. You will also find photos and links on our website: cnns.no

North Cape


The North Cape Festival Month: June

North Cape Film Festival Month: September nordkappfilmfestival.no

Alta Finnmarksløpet (sled dog race) Month: March finnmarkslopet.no


Northern Lights Festival (Nordlysfestivalen) Month: January / February nordlysfestivalen.no

Tromsø International Film Festival (TIFF) Month: January tiff.no

Sami Week in Tromsø Month: February (Sami National Day, February 6) msm.no

Midnight Sun Marathon Hammerfest Days (Hammerfestdagene) Month: July hammerfestdagan.no

Month: June msm.no

RidduRiddu (international indigenous people’s festival) Month: July riddu.no




Arts Festival of Northern Norway (Festspillene i Nord-Norge)

Nordland Music Festival – Winter

Month: June festspillnn.no

Month: March musikkfestuka.no

Bodø International Organ Festival


Month: April biof.no

Winter Festival in Narvik

Nordland Music Festival – Summer

Month: March vinterfestuka.no

Month: August musikkfestuka.no

Lofoten Cod Fishing World Championship Month: March vmiskreifiske.no

Lofoten International Chamber Music Festival Month: July lofotenfestival.com

Arctic Race of Norway (international cycling race) Month: August letour.com/arn

Brønnøysund Rootsfestivalen Month: July rootsfestivalen.no

Lofotr Viking Festival Month: August lofotr.no

Torghattmessa Month: July Annual three-day trade fair in South Helgeland combining entertainment, information, sales promotions and amusement – and with a lively atmosphere right in the thriving Brønnøysund. torghattmessen.no


Northern Norway & Svalbard Northern Norway and Svalbard offer ultimate cruise opportunities. Our region is powered by breathtaking nature and offers a host of unique opportunities based on nature, culture and activities.

On our website cnns.no you will find information about our shorex project, turnaround opportunities, winter cruise and port information. In addition, you will be able to read news and browse through our extensive photo gallery.

At Cruise Northern Norway & Svalbard (CNNS) we will do our utmost to facilitate the cruise lines and agents to provide an outstanding service for passengers who visit our cruise region.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to discuss joint opportunities in Northern Norway and Svalbard. We will do our outmost to offer your cruise line or agency the best shore excursion opportunities and infrastructure in our cruise region to create unforgettable adventures for your passengers

We strongly believe that our future success will depend on our ability to constantly improve existing shore excursions and develop new ones. CNNS also considers that turnaround operations in the northernmost part of Europe are the key to success.

Kindest regards

Harriet Willassen


Chair of the Board

Erik Joachimsen Managing Director

Profile for Erik Joachimsen

Cruise North Magazine 2016  

Publication from Cruise Northern Norway & Svalbard

Cruise North Magazine 2016  

Publication from Cruise Northern Norway & Svalbard