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Erik Evers

Selected Works

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Erik Evers November 15, 1983 Male +46703751598 Stenberg 101, 891 96 Arn채svall, Sweden

CV Education 2010 - 2014 Ume책 Institute of Design, Master of Fine Arts, Transportation Design 2009 - 2010 Ume책 Institute of Design, Industrial Design Intensive 2005 - 2009 Lule책 University of Technology, Bachelor of Science, Industrial Design 2003 - 2004 Military Service 15 months, Second Lieutenant, Air Defence Battle Leader 1999 - 2002 High School, Nature Science Mechanics & Engineering Experience 2012/08 - 12 4 month Internship, Volvo Cars Strategic Design, Gothenburg Sweden 2012/01 - 05 5 month Internship, BMW Advanced Design, Munich Germany 2011 Freelance, Product Design, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences 2007 - 2008 10 months Internship at Volvo Cars Ergonomics Department Awards 2011 Winner, MOVE Award 2013 Winner, Interior Motives Award Skills 2D: Digital, Analog CAID: Alias, Maya, Sketchup CAD: NX5, Catia V5 Other: After effects, InDesign, Keyshot, Shot, Move, Drive Languages Swedish - Native Language English - Fluent German - Basic


01 Unplugged

The project was executed as a part of the course in design strategy. Norwegian EV-manufacturer THINK was the collaborating partner. With the help of strategic tools & methods the goal was analyse the brand, spot opportunities on the market & envision a new product for the company. The THINK Unplugged is not just a vehicle, it’s a complete service package with the aim to bring the modern urban user in contact with nature & through emotion communicate the brand values & Norwegian heritage.

Made: spring 2011


H +


ow can a small player make it to an increasingly competitive market? Norwegian EV manufacturer TH!NK has been producing electric cars since 1995. At the start the were ahead of their time, not only in being electric. But also in terms of production, using spaceframe construction & moulded plastic body panels. Times have changed & the competition is catching up faster then ever. In times like this you have to turn your weaknesses in to strength. TH!INK are small but nimble, the have bold idealistic values & a unique heritage!

“TOP OF MIND is better than top of market�

inspiration brand This document is for the use of the intended recipient only and should not be

IDENTITY Plastic Body Panel System THINK City unique features Matt plastic panels

Designed with the process

Contrasting cantrail and details

Cantrail, lamps, handles etc


Ideal product relation to brand


Thermoformed with pressure and vacuum Female tools (grained) CNC trimming and jigging

Ideal product relation to brand





ASA/ABS ASA top layer UV ABS carrier Colored through, Unpainted Bumpers PP for low temp impact

This document is for the use of the intended recipient only and should not be copied or distributed to any other person


This document is for the use of the intended recipient only and should not be copied or distributed to any other person

Ideal product relation to brand

urban escape trends







Inspiration The design is highly influenced by modern outdoors products. Especially the hiking backpack. It’s graphical looks, clever use of material & smart storage made it the main inspiration for the design.



“Positive association”


The logotype of a company should be highly respected. TH!INK are very proud of their exclamation-mark & were looking for ways to implement it in to the design. This design proposes to use an associative feature instead of implementing the actual logo. Therefore the light graphic was made to remind of a “thought-bubble”. A strong visual identity visible from a far distance!

Package Length: 3690_mm Height: 1660_mm Width: 1960_mm








One of the main identifiers of a THINK interior is “the small car with a huge inside�. A lot of thought was put in to developing a concept for this. It was achieved through storing luggage on the exterior & a 3+1 interior. The rear occupant is seated diagonally for maximized space.


unplugged The Think Unplugged packed & ready for adventure. Three XL hiking backpacks secured at the rear. Final exterior modeled in Alias.


02 Aurora

Winner in the 2011 round of MOVE 2011, awarded an internship at BMW Advanced Design in Munich. The project was done in collaboration with Bombardier. The goal was to spot an opportunity in the market & envision a future urban vehicle that takes advantage of induction technology.

Made: 2010 - 2011

Quality of life, not quantity Is the mega city really our utopia? As the living standard in the world icreases and lifestyle improves, the population growth tends to stagger. More and more of are starting to realize the importance of taking care of the world around us. And also finding real pleasure in doing so.

+ Vehicle zones


This project questions the mega city scenario & envisions a future focused at quality of life, not quantity. We have to remember that we are in control over our own future. That we not only design for a future that seems likley, cause then, that’s where we will probably end up...

Stockholm 2030

Bad flow

Extreme inefficiency


Highly efficient! But...

No privacy, nor pleasant Constraints

Give the user complete control of where to go & when. This will create a strong true alternative to public transportation

Not being in control


+ Shared


Intelligent and convenient But..



Bad flow and congestion can be solved with intelligent systems & autopilot technology. The biggest problem is not space, but weight. A future mobility solution should be a lot more weight efficient.


Who? The target group are urban young adults between 20-30 years old. They don’t have the economy to buy a car but have a big need for mobility


Light weight

The need is there and probably will continue to be. But...


Why? Cars are becoming to expensive to buy for normal people & especially young people. Cars are also becoming unsuitable for the urban landscape of today and tomorrow.


What? The goal of this project has been to design a vehicle around the idea that mobility is offered as a service. The concept will focus on improving the emotional connection that a personal vehicle offers.

Offer a product with a strong identity. This should be visible in everything from the vehicles and every aspect of the service touchpoints. Doing this would improve the emotional connection to the user.

Dull brand experience No identity No personal connection


Specific vehicles

Rational vehicles specific to the purpose of use will help to solve problems like waste of recourses & efficiency.



Designed around YOU

Starting by considering the needs of a young urban adult. Basic storage & furniture inspired design in the interior.



Bare and simple

Using an induction powertrain greatly simplifies the architecture of the car. The task of the car body on a vehicle like this will be to house the person inside and act as a self supporting structure




History is something that is unique for every city, area or country. The shape of the Aurora is a blend of Scandinavian history & modern Scandinavian design. Dramatic, functional yet simple.



Emotional Magnetism

How will emotion be emphasised in a car sharing scenario? By having dedicated interactive surfaces on the exterior of the vehicle the driver can communicate his/hers intention with the surrounding.



Functional Asymmetry

On a small vehicle the entry & exit for the occupant becomes more challenging. Asymmetry could be an interesting way to solve it by allowing one side of the vehicle to be dominated by the door. It could also allow for intriguing design & visual drama.


Motor Concept

+Urban Semantics

Designing for a user that does not care about cars inspiration has to come from something else. Urban products like, bikes, headphones & sculptures came to play a big role in the development.


Power Bearing Coil Magnets

Structural Battery Body



A small vehicle that does not intimidate pedestrians but that also has presence among other vehicles. By keeping the silhouette low but raising the shoulders of the car a new kind of sculpture is created. The driving is done through a virtual window.


Sandwich Suspension Magnetic Induction Antenna

+Semi Autonomous

The interior collects information about the drivers status and intentions and comunicates it to the surrounding using three different colours.


Virtual windovw for manual drive or watching video

Steering unit & main computer

Media interface Active noise reduction

Relaxed & lightweight seat






Less Than 166 KG

True efficiency can be measured in weight of vehicle per occupant. A typical car offers an optimal ratio of around 350kg per passenger, but usually around 1,5 tons when only one person is driving. A fully seated city buss has a ratio of around 166kg per occupant. Imagine if we could reach such numbers for individual mobility...


# Winner

03 Split Vision Concept >The goal of the project was to design an interior concept around itegrated safety.The Split Vision Concept is designed to provide the driver with intuitive information based on the drivers need. Instead of the user adapting to the system, the system is adapted to the user creationg a safer & more engageing driving experience.

Made: fall 2011

Split Vision Concept > Today driver performance and safety seem to improve with the driver’s abilty to adapt to the system. The most adapted drivers on our roads today are between 40 - 50 years old. They possess a good combination of experience and sharp senses. Young drivers lack the experience and drivers 60+ begin to lose their sensorial sharpness. Recently released statistics show that those involved in fatal accidents are not usually the actual cause of the ac-

Innovative Aircraft heritage Scandinavian Origin

cidents. The drivers between 16 - 25 are the most involved because of their inexperience to read and react to a situation when an accident is about to happen.

The Split Vision Concept is designed to provide the driver with intuitive information based on the driver’s need. Instead of the user adapting to the system, the system adapts to the user creating a safer and more engaging driving experience.

Progressive design Sporty Diver Focused Responsible Performance



1. Layered glass sculpture creates a 3D effect by having sctions of a geometry painted on to sheets of glass.

2. Kinect sensor can map the driver with high accuracy in real time to assure that information in the HUD is dsplayed correctly



> A holistic near future concept with focus on intergrating safety an design. With the aim to create an enhanced experience for the driver and passengers.


>User testing with a full scale mock up, observing peoples response and developing an understanding for the driverposition & the overall interior layout

Interior Theme

> The interior is devided in two zones. Driver focus with mute, grippy and low reflective materials. The passenger zone uses felt and warm natural materials to create a sculpted Scadinavian lounge.

> Staggerd seating greatly improves side collison safety by putting the occupant closer to the core of the vehicle. It also puts the driver in a more focused orientation

> Easy take on 4-point seat belts intergrated into the seats. Much safer tha traditional 3-point.

> Visibility glass drop characteristic widow graphic that allows for better visibility.

Sketch break

Sketch break

Sketch break

Sketch break

Sketch break

Sketch break



Hybrid speed bike

Made: spring 2012

This hybrid bike was made during a few evenings. It is design proposal for a friend who designed an in wheel radial engine and rim for his engineering degree. I decided to design something modern and provocative in contrast to the traditional readial enigine.


04 Lukas

The Ockelbo Lukas is a serious attempt to reinvent the ATV. The goal has been a more high end product where design & engineering goes hand in hand from the very start. Creating a new type of vehicle that truly fulfils the need of a demanding user.

Made: spring 2011

Lukas “The faithful all season all terrain companion� The ATV is mainly a utility vehicle used by forest owners, farmers & other professional users. Until now these users have been dependant on different vehicles to complete their work tasks. With a new

unique & dynamic appearance the all new Ockelbo Lukas will be the first all season workhorse to meet the demands of these users.

+ Inspiration

winter to summer Loyalty workhorse Dedication spirit & passion





Worried about roll overs? When the seat is tilted into buggy mode, seatbelts become exposed underneath the rear seat panel. 3-point harness Adjustable buckle

Versatile storage attaches to hardpoints at the rear of the vehicle. Detachable rack for Hardpoint



Classic ATV


Hydraulic Power

Auxiliary output for powering attached equipment such as, lawn mowers, excavators, woodchippers etc. Mechanical connection for rotational transfer Socket for hydraulic powered tools OPOC-diesel engine. (Opposite Piston Opposite Cylinder) 50% efficiency over conventional diesel at two-thirds the weight Longitudinal mounted OPOC-motor





05 Nรกvdi

This is the result of a 4 week clay project. The assignment was to design a snowmobile for a given scenario. I chose to design a snowmobile specialized for reindeer herding.

Made: spring 2010


During herding season Samis move their reindeers on to bait. The Samis uses a big variety of vehicles to move the animals even helicopters and ultralight planes. The idea of this project is to design a vehicle specialized for the herding task.

The idea

Small, naked and nimble. The idea was to make a machine that was easier to affect with the riders own bodyweight. This would make it easier to keep control of a large number of reindeers by being able to do quick changes of direction. Like a cheep dog!



> Key Sketches

> One goal was to keep the feeling of the wolf but tone down the aggressiveness. By adding a slightly more fluid treatment to the design the goal was achieved.

> Clay model

The Nรกvdi concept is a super nimble vehicle developed for reindeer herding. The driver is seated on a saddle on the back of the vehicle. The high seating position gives the rider excellent situational awareness.


Controlling the steering and brakes on the Nรกvdi is done by traditional reins. Throttle is controlled on a separate handle between the legs. Some Features are, in seat suspension, powerful headlights and hardpoints for attaching additional equipment such as a rack.

Control reins

Saddle wrapped in leather Detachable rack

Throttle control

High power led lights

Desktop Lamp The Wingtip is an advanced concept of a traditional desktop light. The concepts intention is to serve the user in a way never seen before. By using cutting edge materials the lamp has been made able to move without the use of joints. It is also super energy efficient by using an extremely low

Active tip, turn on/off here IR sensor

OLED - lights on the back

Electro Active Polymer joints

Elastic material Power cord underneath desk



Ta c k ! T h a n k Yo u ! Vielen Dank!

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