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How to be a man in the postmodern world

This is John. John works for an insurance company. It’s not nearly five o’clock yet, but John is already tired of it all. John is like most men out there. Instead of doing what he wants, he buys stuff that makes it looks like he does what he wants.

Every now and then, his boss comes over to point out everything John is doing wrong. Why does John put up with this shit? Because heĘťs afraid to lose the job he hates. Because John wants to buy stuff that make him look like a man whoĘťs got it all. Instead of trying to be that man, he buys crap to pretend.

When his boss finally has something else to do, John drifts away in his imagination. Wondering what it would be like to do what he wants. To open a dive shop on Fiji, and work outside. To do everything he ever dreamed of. To be a man.

While fighting horrible traffic on the way home, John thinks about what to do with his life. Should he tell his boss to screw himself? Go to Fiji? What would he do about money? ItĘťs harder then it at first appeared... His dream is quietly slipping away from him. HeĘťs now almost sure that he will be back for work tomorrow.

When John is watching TV on his fake designer couch, he drift off again. But this time he concludes that he hasn’t got the backbone to chase any of his dreams. How fucking sad. And the worst is, John is one of many. He has to do something about it.

The next day, John is happy. He decided not to wear a tie. And he unbuttons his shirt a little, so that some skin is visible. John feels like the Marlboro cowboy of the insurance company. John doesnĘťt live by rules, and he does whatever the fuck he wants. John is a man.

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