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Erik Chavarria EDUC 405 Dr. Lubbers Classroom This plan was specifically designed for a classroom composed of a great amount of diversity. 9 (freshmen) students are the dominant group taking this course but it is not limited to them. There are some 10th (sophomores) that take this course to. Classroom size ranges between 30-35 students with about ž labeled as regular students. Ÿ of students are labeled as special education, none of the individuals cases are severe there are students with a specific learning disability or some sort of impairment/disability. The gender ratio is fairly equal but females do outnumber males by 4. The ethnic background consists of about 73% Caucasian/White, 14% Latino/Hispanic, 4% Black, 3% Asian, 2% Native American, 2%, and 2% Two or more races. The socioeconomic status of students will vary from high to low. About 92% will be middle or close to middle class. 5% will be in worst conditions than middle and either be low class or in danger of being there. 3% of students will be well off, wealthy. About 3 students are going to have absences/truancy problems due to unreliable transportation, no transportation, distance, and other commitments like work or chaperoning younger siblings to school. th

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Behavior plan nov7  
Behavior plan nov7