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Five reasons to take Spring Break in Breckenridge Spring Break is approaching, and you're wondering where to go to take a break from the daily grind you usually experience. Ever consider lodging in Breckenridge? This year, forget about the sand and put your feet in some snow. Here's five reasons you won't regret getting vacation rentals in Breckenridge. You can play in sand year round Go to California, Florida, or a variety of other warm places throughout the year where you can put your feet in the sand, and depending on the temperature, go for a swim, but there's only a limited amount of time you can get vacation rentals in Breckenridge to actually enjoy the snow. Sure, the town is great year round, but there's something extra special about lodging in Breckenridge while there's snow on the slopes. It's inexpensive Compared to a lot of other stereotypical hot spots, lodging in Breckenridge during Spring Break is relatively inexpensive. There are plenty of places offering discounts while still pulling out all the stops to make it an excellent place to party or relax depending on what you're in the mood for. Even privately owned Breckenridge rental homes offer deals for the occasion. It's a last hurrah to the winter season Thanks to all the snow the nation has seen in 2014, the ski season has been extended until April 21, which means you have even more time to book vacation rentals in Breckenridge as a last hurrah to the winter season. You can go skiing, sledding, snowboarding, tubing, and partake in a variety of other winter activities, and the best part is that wherever you're lodging in Breckenridge, you're still at the center of it all. You get sun AND snow Just because there's snow on the ground while you're staying at vacation rentals in Breckenridge doesn't mean that there's not going to be sun in the sky. You can still get the sun you would have while stepping foot on a beach while still getting your last push of winter before the hot temperatures take over. Many Breckenridge rental homes come with a nice yard, so don't forget to make snow angels to commemorate the occasion. It's a low key alternative There's still plenty of ways to party during Spring Break while you're lodging in Breckenridge, but it's not as insane as if you were partying in, say, Cancun. It's a more low key approach, which is great for those who want the fun without the insanity.

When you're checking out vacation rentals in Breckenridge, make sure that they're close to the action and can easily accommodate everyone traveling with you. If you're going with a larger group, Breckenridge

rental homes are a great option as they have room for groups of all sizes.

Five reasons to take Spring Break in Breckenridge