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NAME:______________________________________________ Number of list:___ Group:_____

Activity “ You can see me� See the picture and answer the questions.

Picture A

Picture B

1. How many persons are in the picture?

1. How many people are wearing sun


glasses? __________________

2. How many drinks are in the menu?

2. Where

are __________________



3. Where are they? __________________

Read the sentences and watch the pictures then write the correct possessive pronoun: his, her or their. Picture A

Picture B

1. _____ hamburger

1. _____ guitar

2. _____ pizza

2. _____ astronaut costume

Select the answer and write it on the line.

Necklace 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.




You wear these in your ears __________________________ You wear these on your feet when you do sports. __________________________ You use it to tell what time it is. __________________________ A piece of jewelry that is worn around the neck. __________________________ You use it when is raining __________________________


Instructions: read the text of Sam´s wardrobe and colour the clothes of Sam´s Wardrobe.

Instructions: watch the code of the table and discover the Word, then match in the correct picture

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