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Graphic design as an educational tool in the participation of change with social responsibility Abstract In Mexico, Graphic Design originates from the evolution of Visual Arts, particularly from the development of the arts and crafts movement. The need to satisfy the needs of individuals shaped the evolution of design. These needs have implied a challenge to design generators who have focused mainly in the advertising and marketing fields. Against that perspective, another one proposes a greater responsibility regarding social issues. An approach that contemplates social needs is the one developed in the United Kingdom, considered a change generator under which changes can lead to individual and even cultural behaviour. In addition, design features great potential to solve social issues. Therefore, this thesis establishes that by working from academic training, design professionals will be strongly committed to his social environment. Through the development of a new methodology of teaching design education this has changed. This thesis traces the shift of a pedagogic process of asking students to replicate styles of advertisements or publications, to one that requires the student to be an active researcher, ascertaining the needs of society and the role of the graphic designer.

Key words: graphic design, university education, crime reduction

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