GFF: Gluten-Free Forever Magazine, Issue 2, Winter 2015

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W H E N D I S C E R N I N G F O O D - L O V I N G friends

who are not gluten-free tell us there’s a must-try GF bakery in New York, we waste no time investigating. That’s how we connected with Helene Godin, owner of By the Way Bakery, and her delicious recipes. Helene’s story is a fascinating one. A Manhattan intellectual-property and media attorney for twenty-two years for companies like NBC and Bloomberg, she decided she wanted a career change before she lost that loving feeling. So she simply up and quit. But within a few days of retiring her briefcase, she was itching for her next professional challenge. Helene had no idea where she was headed, but she was sure of a few things: She had a fantasy of opening a restaurant; she wanted to work in her hometown of Hastings-on-Hudson in New York’s Westchester County so could get more face time with her teenage sons and her community at large; and, as a longtime vegetarian with an understanding of the challenges of living with a restricted diet, she wanted to serve as large a specialty community as possible while maintaining quality. A simple trip to the grocery store refined her vision. While wandering the aisles in search of new food trends, she noticed the gluten-free food section was growing. Her instincts took over. Leveraging her well-honed researching skills, Helene took to the Internet, teaching herself as much as she could about gluten-free baking. She knew that dairy-free offerings would broaden her bakery’s appeal, so she refined her recipes even further, first attempting to go vegan but settling on eliminating milk and butter from the mix. Just like that, a vision for a bakery where no food-restricted diner would feel left out started taking shape. She opened By the Way Bakery in Hastings-on-Hudson in 2011 and a Manhattan location in 2014, both to instant success. While it’s impressive that she launched her venture with no prior food service experience, the real mind boggler is how she continually offers gluten-free and dairy-free desserts that look, feel, and taste so delicious, they make you want to serve them to unsuspecting friends, then point out the ingredient list just to see the shock on their faces. Never mind that everything is kosher and baked in a certified gluten-free kitchen by hand, from scratch, and in small batches using upscale ingredients. It’s the moist and delicate crumb and enviable flavor of the cakes, cupcakes, and cookies that remind us there really is no reason to settle for anything less. If you make it to New York, we strongly recommend you pop in, say hi, and buy your body weight in baked goods (they freeze well). But meanwhile, you can get a taste with the following recipes.

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