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Produ c tio n Title

10th December 2009

“Calling Out”

Dire ct or(s)

Produ cti on Comp any

Produ c tio n Cre w

Brittany Matlock, Casey Brown, Erika Sullivan.

CCN A2 Media Studies

Brittany Matlock, Casey Brown, Erika Sullivan.

Workin g title:

Resourc es Equip m e nt Facilities

Cre w / talent

Loc ation / studio

“Calling Out”

Two Sony Handycam cam corders, fig rig, tripod. Instruments (two guitars, bass guitar, drum kit, microphone), boombox. Gloves/scarfs/coats/umbrellas (for warmth and dryness), food and drink, plastic carrier bags (to protect unused camc order from rain). Brittany, Erika, Casey = crew. The Howl Project (four members; singer/rhythm guitarist, lead guitarist, bassist, drummer) = talent. Lynford Arboretum.

Description of h o w the pr o d u c t will b e m a d e : two cameras,

with one on a tripod (for performance shots, whole group photos etc) and one on a fig rig (for any close-ups or panning/tracking shots). Will focus on shooting band performances first, as they will be a majority of the final piece. Any close-ups or shots based on the lyrics will be shot afterwards.


Our treatment for our music video 'Calling Out'.