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Erika Jacobs Lord



sheltering emotions

Design a live/work space for an artist, informed by Kengo Kuma’s idea of the “planless house”

If functional determinism is taken out of the architectural plan, a vacuum is created allowing new paradigms to be explored. In designing a space for the artist Robin Dicker, I chose to work with emotion as basis for the design.

The meditation chamber, which at the same time grounds the structure and reaches to the sky, balances the whole. The interior of the factory serves as artistic playground.


putting a spin on the office Design an office which expresses the corporate identity of the client

The ground floor allows for a grand entry and storage. Kitchen, bathrooms, and private working areas are located on the first floor, and extended meeting space is on the top floor.

An open plan encourages employees to create their own workspaces aligned with the company’s creative culture.

Barsuk Records is an independant record label based in Seattle, successful for bringing local Seattle music to the world. They required a building which would support their informal organizational structure and encourage a healthy group dynamic. At the same time it must be bold, innovative, and make an elegant impression on visitors and clients.

A cone of glass cuts through the building creating a dramatic entrance.

urban relax

renewing the post industrial

Give the Pastoe factory in Utrecht a new life as cultural hub

The old Pastoe factory will become an new urban cultural playground for the city of Utrecht.

Cutouts – negative volumes – open up the dark and expansive factory space and connect it with the city.

Two cutouts house indoor forests which help visitors escape from the hectic urban environment.

Multiple cafés, spaces to explore and varying cultural programs ensure a dynamic visit.


keeping cool Renovate a gÎte in southern France for two families with children An historic but rundown gÎte in St. Jean de Minervois (France) needs a renovation which will provide vacation apartments for two families yet offer privacy for all occupants. Walls are broken through to allow movement of air and light but on the whole left intact to provide natural thermal protection. Rough hewn stairs oat in a glass enclosure, providing privacy and light simultaneously. Purpose built furniture provides needed storage and stowage for folding beds during the day. Balcony and sun room open onto garden and offer unobstructed views of the Pyrenees.

you are here

local identity

Design for Java Island, Amsterdam (winner MAHKU competition)

The rich history, vibrant present and bright future of the area around Java Island will be reflected in a landmark for the neighborhood.

Renewed and reused materials reflect the maritime history and future of Amsterdam. Shipping containers, dock pilings and ships’ planks give the sounds and smell of the sea.

Sightlines, the basis of the structure, are designed to frame views important to the history of the area. A café and constantly refreshing exhibition of local artists’ works serve as natural endpoint to a bicycle ride or walk in the area.

hang out

book(-case) go vertical! A bookshelf, minus shelf, with minimal footprint. Inspired by Shakespeare, Sonnet 64

A hand-sewn unbleached cotton strap quietly expresses knowledge of future decay in a world which denies age.

The system can be used to make hangling sculptures of any objects and can serve as interior curtain, room divider, object of interest


finding the recipe Develop a new material

The goal: to create bubbles in liquid epoxy informed by the notion of Deleuzian smooth space. The process is designed, not the outcome.

A technique was developed whereby bubbles were formed as in bread without taking on the rigid form of hexagonal foam.

Varying amounts of rising agents, heat, and material bases produced different effects and qualities of foam. The resulting product is suitable for insulation and acoustic applications.


feeling space Design for MAHKU Exhibition library space

Library and reading table designed for the third DARE exhibition in the Pastoe factory. With the addition of a purpose-built table, the space over a stairway becomes usable

Perfume makers from France and Northern California created scents for the space evoking tobacco, worn leather, aged wood and ancient pages.

With little space for shelves, many books oat, allowing playfulness. Recycled innertubes provide acoustic cushioning and semi-transparent walls.


erika jacobs lord

Education 2004-2008

Computer Skills Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, Utrecht, Netherlands Masters of Art cum laude, Interior Design Bachelor of Design, Interior Architecture


Volksuniversiteit, Utrecht, Netherlands Nederlands voor Anderstaligen (intensief) modules 1+2+3+4


Bryn Mawr College, Bryn Mawr, PA, U.S.A. Bachelor of Arts, Magna cum Laude. Departmental Honors for Senior Thesis, “Visual Archaeology for the Information Age.” Major: Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology Minor: Music Performance at Haverford College

Summer 1995 Summer 1996

Athienou Archaeological Project Field School, Athienou, Cyprus

Work Experience 1999-2003

Watchguard Technologies Sales Engineer, Europe, Middle East and Africa Technical Support Engineer, Reseller Team Lead


Medalia Health Care Help Desk Analyst


Seattle Indian Health Board Information Systems Report Analyst


Cello performance, arrangement, touring and studio recording

Adobe InDesign Adobe Photoshop Autodesk AutoCAD 2005 Autodesk 3D Studio Max 9 Digital photography and editing Google Sketchup 6.0 Microsoft Office Network security theory, design, and implementation Video editing with iMovie HD, Final Cut Pro

Languages English (native) German (read, write, speak) Dutch (read, write, speak)

Contact Erika Jacobs Lord Ruijgenhoeklaan 15-I 3523 HJ Utrecht The Netherlands +31 6 41 58 92 56

Erika Jacobs Lord Recent Work  

Recent work from my BA/MA study at the HKU (Utrecht College of Arts)

Erika Jacobs Lord Recent Work  

Recent work from my BA/MA study at the HKU (Utrecht College of Arts)