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Day at the Museum

Erika Bowring, Angela Ekanem, Alyssa Salciccioli American Studies A3 Convery 26 February 2014

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One day, my dad took me to the museum. When we got there, he left me in the World War 2 exhibit while he went to go see other stuff. While I was in the exhibit, the strangest thing happened. Everything came to life! The American soldiers ran around performing drills, Army Nurses tended to those who were hurt; it was the coolest thing! One soldier noticed me and asked me, “What are you doin’ in the middle of a war zone?” “I’m going to help you explain the current situation going on here?”

defeat the Nazis!” I said. “Could

“Right now, we are trying to move east towards Germany. Today is June 6th, 1944, also known as D-Day. We finally landed on the beach in Normandy, France. We want to go to Germany to stop Hitler”, explained the soldier.

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“Can I come too?” I asked. “Alright. Just be careful, the Nazis can be tricky”, said the soldier

At the beach, I was very scared, but thought it was cool at the same time. I saw a man I recognized. It was my grandfather! I remember my father telling me about how my grandpa fought on Germany’s side during World War II. I tried to run to talk to him, but I

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felt something holding me back. The American soldier shouted to me, “Are you crazy kid?!”

I ran up to the Nazi soldier to say hello, but he pointed his weapon at me! “Grandpa!” I shouted, “What are you doing!?” He spoke some words I’ve never heard before. Then I realized he did not know who I was. To him, I was a smallish boy in an American uniform.

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The American soldier who was guiding me before heroically ran over, knocked out my grandfather and led me back to safety. “What were you thinking? That was a Nazi! He’ll shoot you with no second thoughts! Oh never mind, just don’t do that again! Come on now, the troops are moving forward now.” “Where are we going now?” I asked.

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“We are advancing Germany, although there may battles along the way.” He

towards be some replied.

After a while of marching along the road, we came across a strange camp filled with people. They all looked sick, sad and frail. “Are we going to help them?” I asked. “Of course. That’s what we do. We give people freedom,” said the soldier.

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After we captured the camp, we came to learn the name of it was Dachau. It was the first concentration camp created by the Nazis. It was kind of like the “test” to see how it would work out.

While around the find survivors, something disturbing. people. people. would do such a said.

looking camp to we found very It was Piles of “Why people thing?” I

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“That’s just something that Nazi’s do. It’s truly sad,” Replied the soldier. We continued to trek on our journey to Germany after aiding the prisoners.

We were stopped by opposing forces and fought what came to be the Battle of Aachen. Aachen was the first major German city that the US army came across. It was a month long battle but in the end, Aachen was surrendered to the US army. ”We won!” I shouted,” That was so cool!”

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After Aachen, we continued to march until we were finally stopped as the Nazi’s tried one more time to regain their grasp and destroy the enemy. This was called the Battle of the Buldge. It was fought in the wintery months from December 16, 1944 to mid January 1945.

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When we finally reached the destination we had been marching towards for months, we found Hitler was already dead. He killed himself so he would not have to face the US army. “What a coward!� I yelled.

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After the surrender of Hitler, we were back in the museum, and all the displays were going back to their stands. “So that’s what happened in Europe during World War 2,” I said. “Yeah. Now best find your Dad before you go running into a Nazi.” He replied before going back to his stand.

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