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    Ateneo  Environmental  Science  Society  Executive  Board   Minutes  of  the  Meeting   August  29,  2013  /  9:00AM  –  10:30  AM  &  12:00PM  –  1:30PM  /  MVP  307  (AESS  Room)     Attendees:  (11/16)   Present:  Ivy  Uy,  Eya  Beldia,  Deo  Estanislao,  Likha  Alcantara,  Ingrid  Calub,  Alecz  Fernandez,  Kang  Medina   Late:  Corrine  Barcelona  (8  mins.),  Ivy  Uy  (20  mins.),  Bryan  Erfe  (30  mins.)   Absent:  Pat  Robles,  Koko  Roque,  Christine    Ghie  Legaspi,  JL  Algo,  Mara  Gallmann,  Benjz  Sevilla,  Pat  Alvero     Meeting  started:  9:40AM  |  12:30  PM     Agenda  Point   Department   Discussion  Items   Action  Item   1. EcoDebates   PM   Discussion  about  partnering  with  ADS   VP  PM  -­‐  Contact  Project   Discussion  about  partnering  with  Office  of  President  –   Head,  Office  of  Envi.  (Jenica   Environmental  Protection   Dizon),  &    ADS   2. Kimikalikasan   PM   Discussion  is  confusing     No  direction  from  ACHeS   Pending   3. Evaluations   PM   Discussion   EVP  -­‐  To  set  another  meeting   EVP  –  Formatting   next  Week   4. PPR   PM   IN  PROGRESS     Information  from  CorBarq   5. Internal   PM   IN  PROGRESS     Concerns   Bonding  session  soon!   6. EvSem   EVP   IN  PROGRESS     7. ESS  Debates   EVP   IN  PROGRESS     8. SC  Johnson   ES   Representative:  JL       Forum   Reactor       Office of the Executive Vice President  



9. EcoTalk 1   10. EcoTalk  2  


11. AESS Week  


12. Reward System   13. Informal   bonding   plans  


PPR Posted  in  Gdrive   Discussion  among  needs   Laptops  for  registration:  Ivy  &  Eya   Items  needed:  Token   PPR:  Project  Head   Evaluations:  Same  template  but  slightly  edited   Text  blast:  Keep  it  short  &  simple!   No  Venue   Core  Team  Assembly:  September   EcoRelay  –  Combination  of  tribe  wars  &  EcoRelay;  Will   coordinate  with  HR   Coordinate  with  FIN  on  prizes  

Text  blast  tonight  


Date: • September  13   Venue:     • Berchmanns   Program:   • Submitted  program  to  OAS   • Includes  GDs   Second  semester  event  plans:   • Recruit  EcoWarriors   Documentation  &  Publication:   • c/o  MKT   Food:   • Waffle  Time   Registration  &  Evaluations:   • Edit  c/o  Mara  

  Office of the Executive Vice President  

Promotions: • Delays   • Coordinate  with  MKT     Meeting  ended:  10:15AM  |  1:20PM      

  Office of the Executive Vice President  

08/29/13 EB Minutes  

Ateneo ESS Executive Board Minutes of the Meeting

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