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      Ateneo  Environmental  Science  Society  Executive  Board   Minutes  of  the  Meeting   August  13,  2013  /  9:00AM-­‐10:30AM  &  12:00PM  –  1:30PM  /  MVP  307  (AESS  Room)     Attendees:  (12/16)   Present:  Ivy  Uy,  Eya  Beldia,  Likha  Alcantara,  Deo  Estanislao,  Alecz  Fernandez,  Pat  Alvero,  Ingrid  Calub,  Benjz  Sevilla,  JL  Algo,  Bryan  Erfe,  Pat  Robles,   Koko  Roque   Late:  Ivy  Uy  (1  minute),  Kang  Medina  (1  minute)   Absent:  Christine  Ghie  Legaspi,  Mara  Gallmann     Meeting  started:  9:00AM  |  12:12PM     Agenda  Point   Department   Discussion  Items   Action  Item   Deadline   1. Madlum   PM   Orientation  postponed  to  August  16,  2013,  K304   Get  final  update:  (c/o  Eya)       Batch  3   Extend  slots   How  many  signed  up?   How  many  signed  up  from  ISDA?   2. EcoTalk  2     PM   EcoTalk  2:  Sustainability       Dr.  Cuyegkeng   3. Kimikalikasan   PM   Meeting         List  of  researchers  sent  to  Deo     4. Tribal   HR   Objectives:   Plan  program  –  August  14,  2013     Bonding   Engage  the  members  in  environmental  issues   Final  program  –  August  16,  2013   Foster  relationships   Draft  budget  –  August  13,  2013   Promote  future  projects   Final  budget  –  August  16,  2013     Room  reservation  -­‐  August  21-­‐27,   Success  Indicators:   2013   Attendance  of  100  EcoWarriors   Equipment  reservation  –  August   PENDING  Attendance  of  at  least  50%  of  the  ES  Majors   21-­‐27,  2013   All  activities  in  the  itinerary  will  be  followed   Volunteers  for  D&P  –  August  26,       Office of the Executive Vice President  

5. Other   concerns  


6. EcoDesigners   Contact   Details   7. EcoWarrior   Manual   8. Physis  


Ave.  rating  of  at  least  7/10  from  at  least  80%  of  the  participants     Target  date:     September  13,  2013   Target  promo  release:   August  26,  2013   PENDING  Evaluations   PENDING  Tribe  points  tracker   PENDING  Core  Team  template  (c/o  Mara  &  Ivy)   Information:    


9. Shirt   Competition  


10. EcoFinanciers   FIN   Workshop   11. Good  Karma   FIN  



Contact  sent  to  PRES.  





Brief  update   Plans  to  have  a  contest  about  Literary  pieces   Plans  to  have  coupons   Photoshoot   Models:  9  

Final  content,  layout  and  design   update  by  next  meeting  


Send  JOF  to  MKT  –  August  16   Promo  release-­‐  September  23,   2013   Passing  of  designs  –  Semestral   Break   EB  will  choose  design  2  weeks   before  ESS  Week   ESS  Week  –  Pre-­‐order  Shirts    

Target  promo  release  



PENDING   Postponed  to  August  20,  2013   Batch  1  –  Paid  

    Office of the Executive Vice President  

2013   Submission  of  Job  Order  Form  –   Within  the  week   Upload  documentation  –   September  20  


12. 13. 14. 15.

ICC     E-­‐Waste   EcoMixer   Org  Room   Clean  up   16. Blue   Harmonies   17. PPR  

PM     EVP   EVP   EVP  

Batch  2  –  Pending   Curtesy  Call  with  Nasugbu  Mayor   No  details  yet   Fun!   Soon!  

    Make  poll  on  new      



Meet  with  the  people  later  at  Mateo  Up,  3pm  




PENDING   To  be  posted  ASAP  



  Meeting  ended:  10:12AM  |  12:18PM      

    Office of the Executive Vice President  

08/13/13 EB Minutes