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For those who Build.

A Global Brand. for those who Build.

IRONGROUP | Global manufacturer and distributor of IRON products. MISSION At IRON Group we focus on transmitting clarity, honesty and transparency to our clients. Our experience supports our certainty: being clear and transparent has allowed us, today and in the

past, to build solid and long lasting relationships, making us not just a provider but also a strategic partner with our community of users.

IRON GLOBAL NET With own offices in different countries and through our wide net of distributors, sub-distributors and official agents, IRON Group sells building, agricultural, industrial, mining, and port equipment all over the world.


Manufacture equipment in America and Africa - Set assembly plants in different communities so that, by gradually adding locally produced parts, they can manufacture IRON equipment.

Contribute with regional developments - Provide small, medium and large size of agro producers, road contractors and governmental entities with reliable and accessible machinery by offering them different financing plans that let them pay their equipment with the proceeds of their work. Globalize the IRON brand - Continue expanding our global distribution network. - Export part of the production of every plant to the different countries and regions where IRON operates.

IRON COMMUNITY Our team is made up of proactive and enterprising people who strongly believe that permanent innovation is the very only way to be competitive. For that reason, we count with the best professionals for each area of our global net.

IRONSERVICE Through its wide net of national distributors and local agents, IRON Group is always nearby and ready for a quick answer to Customer Service needs of its community of users.

IRONPARTS IRON Group has regional distribution centers of parts, accessories and consumables, ready to act immediately against any requirement of a distributor or user.

COMPLETE PRODUCT LINE IRON Group, alongside with the most important companies that produce equipment all over the world, manufactures a complete machinery line: agro tractors, industrial forklifts, energy genera-

tors, truck and crawler cranes, soil compaction and earth moving equipment, excavators, skid steer loaders, mixing and concrete pump trucks, among others.

IRONGROUP FINANCE Headquartered in London (United Kingdom), IRON Group Finance offers different and customized financing systems at the regional and international level, which meet the needs of its clients, both private and governmental.

QUALITY & PRICE The high quality of IRON products, combined with its unbeatable price, financing and service have positioned the brand among the most recognized ones in those countries where the group operates. IRON equipment counts with the most demanding international certifications such as FOPS, ROPS, ISO and CE, among others.

SOLID RELATIONSHIPS …”We have built solid & long lasting relationships with each of our clients and distributors for 15 years”… CEO IRON Group

I R O N - G R O U P. C O M | i n f o @ i r o n - g r o u p . c o m |

IRON | Corporative brochure 2014 | English  
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