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Cloud 9 The Team

ction Two

Duncan Colquhoun- DFI

Jonathon Shek - DFI

Luke Wilson - DFI

Steven Myers - IMD

Jonathan Hamilton - IMD

Jonny Andrews - IMD

Design Process • Exploration of different forms in relation to the context of the product.

GPS, locations and reviews via wi-max

live updates of travel times etc.

Translator/ phrase book

• Research into the position of current products.

• Illustrating how the product would be used.

• summary of the area that we are going to tackle.


na d ra s

al Photography mode with instant editing and quickj upload to facebook, flickr, blogs

Planning & itinerary

ut also ou ng.

• Analyzing our development and refining the concept we felt had the most relevance to the market.

• Research into the process, environment and tools to find a problem space.


Investigation START


Ideation • Created several directions around the idea of photography.

Refinement • We validated our model making and sketches with CAD to achieve a product that represents the ergonomics and construction we have explored.

• 3 concepts, the idea to create a modern day lightbox.

• We used the cad data to prototype the model.

• Card modeling allowed us to quickly mock up the concepts and explore the different elements of the product.

• Finally choosing materials and finishes.

Design Tools Idea generation – this envolves sketching, sketch development, 3D ‘mock ups’ to resolve the idea.

Identification – distinguishing the problem space. (Brainstorming)


Solution – finding a solution to the problem. (Brainstorming and evaluating the solution)


Communication – presenting the final concept to the client. This evolves visual communication of what the product is going to be like. This is done using imagery and descriptions pointing out the key selling points of the product .

Market analysis – looking at what appeals to the consumer. (Persona’s, talking to the consumer)

Design Team & Process: Digital Lightbox

Intel - Live Project: On The Move

Detailing – using CAD and model making to define the details and finish of the product.

Cloud Nine (Group 9)


The Problem

Advancement in technology and the frequency that we use Internet has resulted in more demand on image capture; consequently the way we interact and view images has completely changed. We believe Lighbox brings these elements together by creating a tool that improves and consolidates the pre and post image capture processes in digital photography. Lightbox Process By ‘streamlining’ the pre and post picture taking process Lightbox shortens the photography process and increases productivity when a laptop might not be available or plausible. This makes it ideal for professional photographers in getting there photography to there clients quickly.

Preview shot




Shoot... Automatically uploads to device

Light years ahead of a PC... Lightbox is a versatile and flexible tool for photographers tailored to aid the pre and post capture of images in a way that no PC has yet to achieve. Wireless live view on the 10inch screen gives perfect clarity and visibility so you can capture great images every time.

Love a photograph and can’t wait for people to see? Lightbox has full internet connectivity via 3G so you don’t have to waste time to show the world your iconic image.

Fully edit or quick fix photos in the palm of your hand with the Lightbox pen.

Instantly store and catalogue all of your photos on Lightbox’s internal hard drive for security and referencing.

A gestural based interface makes Lightbox seamless in your picture taking process. It’s as easy as a push or a grab to store your photographs.

Design Area & Problem: Digital Lightbox

Intel - Live Project: On The Move

Cloud Nine (Group 9)


Lightbox is a tablet PC that uses touch screen technology to enhance the professional photography process. The device will provide a means of instant access to cataloguing photographs, editing and transfer to various sources through a wireless connection between the camera, the web and the device.


1. Prepping the shot with the live view function. Touch to shoot.

2. Sending and storing the image in one easy drag movement.

3. Menu - two gesture navigation to select an option.

4. Sending the image.

Product Overview Bag – for easy editing on the go.

Lightbox is dominated by the crisp 16:9 10inch OLed touch screen which makes it the ideal portable tool for photographers.

Pen - Precise editing tool.

Dongle – wireless transfer of data to the tablet.

Materials & Construction USB The screen cover is glued in place. The cover has an oleophobic coating making it fingerprint proof! Injection moulded polycarbonate for strength & durability. The 10inch capacitive touch screen is clipped in place. The frame is cast aluminium and magnesium alloy. It provides strength and rigidity to the product. The front and back panels are mounted to this part as well as the devices hardware components.

SD card Reader

4.5 charger port

3.5 audio ports

Injection moulded ABS. Due to the clips on this part.

Product Outline & Specification : Digital Lightbox

Intel - Live Project: On The Move

Cloud Nine (Group 9)


On The Move 2 - Cloud 9 project boards  

This project was done within the Global Studio 2010: On the Move 2 in collaboration with Intel

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