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October 7, 2010

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Qatar Hero

Volume 58, Issue 3

Shown left to right: Dr. Thomas Mooney, retired SC4 Professor, Robert Tansky, retired SC4 Professor, and Dr. Nicholas Degrazia, SC4 Trustee, listening to his Abdulrahman bin Hamad AlAttiyah’s speech.

Photos by: Twana Pinskey

Shown left to right: Dr. Abdel Aziz Alawaisheg, Head of International Economic Affairs at the Gulf Corporation Council Secretariat, Abdulrahman bin Hamad Al-Attiyah, Secretary of the GCC and SC4 Alumnus, Mr. Saeed Al-Marri, Director of Protocol department at the GCC Secretariat, Sultan Al-Bouanin, and SC4 student Nasser Al-Attiya.

Rachael Krafft Staff writer Imagine getting to sit in on a rare personal speech made in English by one of the more important diplomats currently in the world. Not only is this diplomat a mover and shaker in the world, but he is also an SC4 Alumnus. Monday, Sept. 27, Abdulrahman bin Hamad Al-Attiyah, Minister of Energy and Industry of Qatar, and Secretary General of the Gulf Cooperation Council which is an economic alliance

Abdulrahman bin Hamad Al-Attiyah, Secretary General of the Gulf Cooperation Council, delivering his speech.

between Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, gave an economic presentation. Al-attiyah was a student at SC4 in the ‘60s. He was one of 8 students from Qatar who began their western education here at SC4. President of SC4 Dr. Kevin Pollock says “SC4 is proud to have someone of the stature of his Excellency visit our campus and speak to our community.” David P. Goetze, Director of College Advancement, and Alumni relations said the speech was

very informative and enlightening, and that SC4 is fortunate to have an alumni member like Al-attiyah willing to come back to the campus and speak. Dr. Nicholas J. DeGrazia gave an overview of the country Qatar and SC4’s history with students such as Al-Attiyah who came from the small Middle Eastern country. “Four of those students are cousins who have since risen to great power in the world,” Dr. DeGrazia said. Jim Leader, who became the Foreign Student’s Advisor during the ‘60s

and ‘70s, said that when the first batch of students from Qatar came to SC4, the college did not have a program for foreign students. Al-attiyah recalled that in 1969, when he and his Qatari colleagues came to Port Huron “there weren’t procedures for foreign students.” He had to find his own way to access the services that made his life easier as a foreign student. Al-attiyah recalls managing to “blend in with the college community” and adapting to the social and cultural atmosphere in Port Huron.

Al-attiyah, Minister of Energy and Industry of Qatar, have the opportunity to become as educated as they want to be without regard to age, gender, or social stature. There are plenty of jobs for citizens to choose from. Women have every opportunity, according to Al-attiyah, to be successful in the work force. “At some universities” according to Dr. DeGrazia, “women even outnumber the men.” Women are holding positions of power within the government, as well as executive positions in the private sector. According to Qatar’s constitution there are liberties given to families to deal with themselves in the matter in which they

see fit. This means women have rights when it comes to life in Qatar, but the families decide which of those rights the women in their homes get to execute. This modern way of life for a Middle Eastern Country and the diplomacy between Qatar and nonIslamic countries, has lead to some terrorist activity according to Oxford’s Analytical Daily Brief Service. Security is beefed throughout Qatar, but there is still fear of unsettled extremists. David P. Goetze, Director of College Advancement and Alumni Relations, said, “It is important to know that we are part of a global community now. This will influence our curriculum development in the future, as we want to prepare our

students to be competitive in the job market not only within the United States but also worldwide.” “The most important is to focus on education as the number one priority. No exceptions,” says James A. Relken, CEO of the Common Cents Group in Port Huron. Relken also believes that the community should step up, support, and pay educators more. He feels we should work closer with Sarnia, Ontario and share ideas and resources. Relken also feels that the US education system should be revamped. Year round schooling and free college to all, which Relken says would model our efforts similar to the most fast paced educational systems in the world.

Keeping up with the Qataris Rachael Krafft Staff writer Virtually no taxes, an unemployment rate of 0.5 percent and unlimited free education. Add this all together, and you have the state of Qatar. Qatar is a monarchy with a royal bloodline, and a king who finalizes decisions made regarding the countries’ laws. Qatar’s most recent ruler has set up democratic dynamics, and expanded the rights of all its citizens. Board of Trustees member, Dr. Nicholas J. DeGrazia, explained Qatar has among the highest GDP per capita in the Middle East. Citizens, according to Abdulrahamn bin Hamad

Dr. Pollock says Alattiyah’s return to SC4 is a testament to the education the faculty at SC4 provides to students. Four decades after attending SC4 as a student, Al-attiyah continues to have strong ties with the college. Speaking for SC4, Dr. Pollock states, “We are proud that he celebrates the strong start SC4 provided him for a career as an international leader.” Those who attended the speech ranged from community leaders, state leaders and SC4 retirees to economic students. James A. Relken, CEO of

The Common Cents Group in Port Huron said, “It is an honor to be here.” Michigan representative, Phil Pavlov, said that he has learned from Alattiyah the importance of International Corporation. Pavlov would like to see Michigan take a cue from Qatar and the Gulf Cooperation Council and work with Canada to establish closer unity economically. Another country that Pavlov would like to see Michigan host educationally is China.

Leader of SC4

Rachael Krafft Staff writer Jim Leader, a former foreign student advisor of SC4, remembers 1of the 8 cousins from Qatar who never showed up to class. After weeks of being a no show, Leader would tell other students if they saw the student to tell him “to get his butt to class or the embassy would be notified.” Later, a girl showed up in Leader’s office, claiming to be the young man’s girlfriend. She was sent over to take care of the situation. Leader says that he told her “to tell him that he needs to get in to take care of it himself or his butt was headed back home.”

Photo by: Twana Pinskey

Professor Jim Leader

The young man still never came into see his advisor. This past winter Leader received a phone call from a much older gentleman apologizing for his behavior, and soon after, watches arrived for him and his wife made in platinum, with Arabic engravings.


Erie Square Gazette, Port Huron, MI

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RAINN Day raises awareness Twana Pinskey Editor-in-Chief It could never happen to me, right? I take all the precautions, remaining aware of my surroundings. What do you do if the unthinkable does happen? Sept. 23, Saint Clair County Community College hosted Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network Day, a sexual assault awareness, prevention and survival program in the Fine Arts building on campus. According to their web site, RAINN Day is a national campaign, hosted on college campuses in all 50 states, Canada, D.C. and Puerto Rico. The campaign provides information on what can be done to reduce the risks of an attack. The SC4 presentation included; Detective Sandra Jacobson, Saint Clair County Sheriff’s Department; Senior Assistant Prosecutor Melissa Keyes, Saint Clair County Prosecutor’s Office; Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Tami Stapleton, St. Joseph Mercy Hospital; Director of Support Services Diane Baur, Turning Point; survivor Sonja Merritt.

“Shoot the moon”

Moon photography provided by NASA

Cody Kimball Webmaster “Intelligent” is how Charlie Tinker, former Drama Club President describes “Welcome to the Moon”, an upcoming play

October 7, 2010

at SC4. The drama club is holding auditions for “Welcome to the Moon” on Monday, Oct. 18 and Tuesday, Oct. 19, between 3:30 and 5:30 p.m. in room 30 of the Fine Arts building.

Photo by: Twana Pinskey

Survivor Sonja Meritt addresses the audience during RAINN Day, in the fine arts building on campus, Sept. 23.

Detective Jacobson discussed awareness and being safe in public venues, such as bars. Jacobson suggested never leaving your drink unattended when using Auditions are competitive to an extent for any lead role said Tinker, and they use most of the people for some roles. According to Tinker; “’Welcome to the Moon’ is 6 unrelated shorts. The drama club did it year before last for Tapestry.” Tapestry, explained Tinkler, is a “show for the art department, detailing what they’ve learned.” The drama club, which has roughly 10 regular members according to Tinkler, expects between 30 and 40 people for auditions over the two-day audition period. The group has performed several shows over the last year. The club meets every other Wednesday at 3:30 p.m. For more information, contact drama club president Dan Williams at 810-689-6712 or advisor Tom Kephart at (810) 9895721.

the restroom. Should you forget, Jacobson explained the drink should be thrown it out and to order a fresh one. “It just isn’t worth it said Jacobson.” Survivor, Sonja Meritt

shared that victims don’t always come forward right away. Meritt explained they are afraid to tell anyone. “It may take a long time to tell someone,” stated Meritt. According to

Meritt, every victim reacts differently. Detective Jacobson shared that if the person the victims share their ordeal with overreacts, they may shut down and not ever tell anyone else. RAINN Day‘s web site offers the following tips of prevention. Make sure you don’t share personal information online. Avoid being alone with anyone you do not know, or don’t trust. If the hairs on your neck are standing up, you feel ill at ease, that feeling in your stomach that something is not right, get out of the situation. Contact campus security if you notice anything suspicious. Should you or someone you know become a victim, remember, you did nothing wrong. Get help. Further information for prevention and help for survivors can be obtained at: Turning Point at www.turningpointinc. org, Turning Point’s 24 hour crisis line at 586463-6990, the St. Joseph Mercy Hospital Emergency Department Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Program to speak to Tami Stapleton at 810-985-1500, RAINN at or call the National Sexual Assault hotline at 810-656-HOPE.

Walsh College is serious business. A college is all about its students and helping them develop the tools to succeed. Walsh College students know better than most what they need, and they get it. Above all, Walsh College students want to learn about business. Any and all aspects of the college experience which don’t help them learn about business are considered, well, unnecessary. They want smaller classes, so they can talk to their professors easily and readily. They want the business skills that can put them ahead of the pack and enable them to climb a rung or two or more on the corporate ladder. They want to be taught by people who live and breathe the business world every day. And they are, by CEOs, CFOs, CMOs, partners in law firms, CPA firms and other positions of prestige who share their stories and business-world insight as Walsh professors. Walsh students take pride in learning the ropes at the state’s largest graduate business school, where they can rub elbows with many like-minded students, including the largest group of MBA candidates of any in Michigan. And, they all want to be able to work while they go to school, out of sheer necessity. The luxury of putting their career on hold while they go back to school isn’t an option. But all this serious talk doesn’t mean the Walsh College experience isn’t enjoyable. It is, but in a decidedly no-nonsense way. Serious students. A college serious about helping them. Perfect match.

Get your bachelor’s of business administration at the area’s only all-business college. Major in Accounting Processes, Finance, General Business, Management, Marketing or Business I.T. Some majors can be earned online. Classes offered at St. Clair County Community College–University Center. Puzzle by: Cody Kimball

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9/30/2010 5:08:32 PM

Erie Square Gazette, Port Huron, MI

October 7, 2010

CAMPUS EVENTS Homepage makeover


How do you feel about medical Marijuana?Ray Robinson

Managing Editor

Gene Bachman 54, Columbus Township Engineering manufacturing technologies “Good experiment in the feasibility of legalizing marijuana.”

Garrett Summerville 18, Port Huron Liberal arts “Not that big of a deal.”

The current draft for the new SC4 home page.

Cody Kimball Webmaster

According to Starkey, the changes will take place in the next few weeks. “We’re going to deploy The SC4 website will be this,”said Starkey. “And getting a makeover. we want people to provide Shawn Starkey, Executive us feedback,”The links to Director of Public Relathe SC4 email, WAVE, and tions, Marketing and Legislative Affairs, demon- Online Classroom have strated the proposed layout been removed from the front page and have been to a focus group of web placed under “Current Studevelopment students on dents”. Tuesday. The new site design, which The new feed has been redesigned and is now can be viewed at http:// more prominant than on features several updates de- the current page. The bottom of the homepage has signed to make navigation a bannner to advertise more user-friendly.

upcoming events. The site which previously did not utilize the entire screen, has been changed to fill the monitor. Some other changes include the color and button arrangement. Students in the focus group provided suggestions and opinions regarding the changes, including the arrangement of content.Other students, not in the focus group shared thier thoughts on the current proposed changes.“ I prefer the WAVE button on the homepage.” commented Zachary Pen-

zien, an SC4 art student upon seeing the proposed changes, shortly after the focus group presentation. “I think if would be good if it were polished up a bit more.”“I’m not a fan of the text fonts” Douglas Johnson, a communications design major said. “There’s no depth to any of the buttons.” “It just doesn’t look organized” added Nicole Dubs, a computer science major. The students agreed that the site could be an improvement if some “finishing touches” are made.

Becky Lubbers 43, Fort Gratiot Political Science Professor “I think the law was very poorly written.”

Steven Gentner 26, Lakeport General Education “I feel that we learned very little, if anything, from prohibition.”


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4 Erie Square Gazette, Port Huron, MI

October 7, 2010


The King of rock

Photos by: Twana Pinskey

Members of Gasoline Gypsy, Jason Peart 21, Port Huron, Steve Briere, 23, Capac, and Caleb Malooley, 21, Ruby.

The Product, Charlie Jewell, 24, Rich Bennett, 23, BJ Perry, 23, and RJ Perry, 19 of Port Huron.

Student government President Chuck King on stage at Hollisterz during the “Rock n the Leadership” fundraiser.

Carrie Sass Production Editor The local “Rock-n the Leadership” fundraiser, sponsored by Leto Covington and Hollisterz Bar, took in $750 for clubs at SC4. Although the proceeds were given to the Student Government, President Chuck King, aka ”Leto Covington,” said that the money is intended for student groups trying to organize activities that promote leadership and mentoring skills on campus. According to King, if a club wants to request money from student gov-

ernment for an event they must present information on the event in question, discuss how much money would be necessary to organize it, and discuss what the club has done to raise the money on their own. The fundraiser was held at Hollisterz of Port Huron on Thursday, Sept. 30. Owner Shari Blackburn commented “Somehow we’ve become known for the fundraising place to be.” The event began at 8 p.m. and continued through 1 a.m. Entertainment for the night included performanc-

es by local bands Gasoline Gypsy and The Product as well as a solo performance by Detroit musician Mick Madness. Disk Jockey services were provided by Scholar DJs of Port Huron. The musicians volunteered their time, as well as talent, to help support the college. “I was very happy with the outcome and greatly appreciated those that helped to sponsor the event.” King said. The success of this year’s event will lead to at least one per year from now on.

Lee Hoffman of Scholar DJs mixxing it up.

Hit me with your best shot Liz Whittemore Staff Writer A little prick can be annoying, but sometimes it’s worth it. With flu season starting, it’s time for people to start getting vaccinated. If you are a public worker, health care provider, elderly, experiencing health problems, pregnant, or have young children then getting the flu shot might be for you. If you are often in good health, or aren’t in any of the previously listed categories, the flu shot may still be a good idea. In the vaccine there are 3 strains of the flu. There is no exact number of how many strains of the flu there are because they are constantly mutating. The strains included in the vaccine may not be

the same strains that are affecting your area, so if you get the flu shot and still get the flu, the flu you acquired is a different strain than what you were treated for. Even more so, unpredicted new strains of the flu can also show up even after a vaccine is made and distributed. Soreness around the area of the injection is the most common side effect of receiving the vaccine, in addition to fever, exhaustion, and sore muscles. These side effects are more likely to appear in children who haven’t before been exposed to the flu virus. Side effects can last up to 2 days, but can begin to appear 6 to 12 hours after getting the shot. It is important to those who have an egg allergy to know that the viruses for growing the vaccine are

DeGrazia for SC4 Four more years. Vote on Nov. 2. Hereʼs why... classroom as a University of Detroit business school professor gives him a perspective on what faculty and students need and want to do their best

as an SC4 trustee since Feb. 2009

★ “Able to express a differing point

Visit us.

Take our virtual tour any time at

of view without getting personal”

★ “Independent thinker” ★ “Excellent public speaker” ★ “Great on his feet, one of the

university V-P and CFO give him perspective on administrative challenges

I’m on Facebook: DeGrazia for SC4 Trustee Check it out.

14 people in your accounting class? Perfect.

Dr. DeGrazia

and whatʼs behind the numbers and can explain it to non-Þnancial people”

✓ Experience as a

business, as president of Lionel Trains Inc. and of technology startups gives him a perspective on what employers are looking for

834 friends on Facebook? Wow. 128 followers on Twitter? Nice.

Descriptions of

★ “Asks the right questions” ★ “Gets to the core of an issue” ★ ÒBrought a calming inßuenceÓ ★ “Diplomatic” ★ “Understands college accounting

✓ Experience in the

✓ Experience in

grown in chicken eggs. The vaccine may contain some egg protein even after treated with chemicals, so if you have an egg allergy you should contact your health care provider before getting the vaccination. To those who are afraid of needles, receiving the shot by way of injection is not the only option to get the vaccine. There is also a nasal spray, though it is a weakened version, it is approved to be used by those who are between 2 and 49 years of age and who are not pregnant. If the only thing holding you back from getting the flu shot is the fear of the expense, the vaccine is relatively inexpensive, usually about $25. The vaccine is covered under most insurance providers, but if the cost is still an issue, free clinics are an option.

best Iʼve seen”

As moderator of an SC4 economic summit that he organized in 2009 and again in 2010, Dr. DeGrazia listens to a question from the audience.

Note to ESP and MAHE: Thanks for the endorsement. I look forward to working together with you for the betterment of SC4. - Nicholas DeGrazia

★ “Appears to know a LOT of

people who could help SC4”

★ “Able to build consensus” ★ “Can talk to anybody” ★ “Not using this position as just a stepping stone”

★ ÒConÞdent yet humbleÓ ★ “Good listener”

Paid for by DeGrazia for SC4 Trustee Committee, 3650 Shorewood Drive, Burtchviille, Michigan 48059

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6 Erie Square Gazette, Port Huron, MI

October 7, 2010


Thank you Cincinnati State

Photo by: Daniel Pettee

Brittany Williams practicing for the upcoming basketball season, Sept. 28, 2010.

Daniel Pettee Staff Writer Cincinnati’s loss is our gain. Brittany Williams will play for the Lady Skippers this season after transferring to SC4 from Cincinnati State Community College. Williams, 20, was born in Detroit, Michigan and played for the Allen Academy in high school. According to Williams she has played shooting guard ever since she started playing basketball when she was five years old. When Brittany is not playing basketball she

enjoys skateboarding, cooking pasta, going to the movies, and hanging out with her friends. Williams is a sophomore majoring in Criminal Justice. Williams was not satisfied with the basketball program at Cincinnati State and sought out Coach Carrie Lohr and inquired about playing for SC4. Coach Lohr looked into her character and her academic ability and invited her to join the Lady Skippers. According to Assistant Coach Bob Banks, Williams chose SC4 because of fellow Lady Skipper Portia Forbes, whom she became friends


with while playing against each other in the Amateur Athletic Union. Williams signed with SC4 this season because she wanted to play with someone she knew. Coach Banks said Williams will fill the role that Megan Johnson, former Lady Skipper from 2008 and 2009 had last season. Banks said, “While MJ was a good defender because she played smart defense, Brittany has the advantage of being taller than Megan.” Banks said “She’s tough, physically…she can play 2-5, big post, and she can stretch the defense. She’ll be a great contributor to the

Local talent stays local

Thomas Pregano Sports editor It’s always a great story to hear that three local women’s softball players will stay local, for at least two years anyway. Three girls, Alissa Dawson, Riana Schmid and Amanda Tacabery, will be playing this spring for the Lady Skippers Softball team. Alissa Dawson, 18, a freshman from Imlay city, chose St. Clair Community College, because according to her she wanted to continue playing softball. Dawson has been playing since she was 5 years old. Dawson is taking general classes at SC4 and is not sure about a major. Dawson likes to hang out with friends and work out

every day when she is not playing softball. Dawson will patrol the outfield this year for the Lady Skippers and according to Head Coach Ron Matthews is the best outfielder he has ever had. Matthews said, “She has a good arm and hits the ball really well.” Riana Schmid, 18, also a freshman, chose SC4 because she didn’t want to go away to school just yet. Scmid is majoring in Radiology right now but according to her she will be changing it. Schmid said, “I’m not sure what I will major in.” Schmid has been playing softball since she was 7 or 8 years old. Scmid played third base at the high school level and she will continue to play the hot corner and a little first base

according to Matthews. Matthews said, “She has a power stick looking for her to bat behind Ashley Valle” according to Matthews Valle got walked a lot last year, with Scmid behind her Valle will see better pitches. Amanda Tacabery 18 also a freshman from St. Clair High School majoring in physical therapy also wanted to stay close to home. She will be one of the Lady Skippers catchers this spring. According to Matthews, Tacabery is a strong girl, with a good arm and a good bat. All in all, with the recruiting of these 3 girls by Matthews, and the decision to stay local, SC4 and Port Huron will be the winners this year.

team.” According to Williams she likes SC4 better because the people are friendlier, and she knows where to go to get help with her work. Williams is looking forward to the beginning of the basketball season on Nov. 1. Williams’ expectations this year and every year are the championship. Williams is practicing and conditioning for the Lady Skipper’s first practice on Oct. 1 and their first scrimmage game coming on Oct. 5.

Photo credit: SC4 public relations



SC4 Board of Trustees For

Bob Tansky has been an expirienced educator for a number of years. He has been recognized for 19 years of out standing guidance , leadership and commitment to exellence as advisor to St. Clair Community College’s Deca chapter.

Vote November 2 for a trustee that is dedicated to students Paid for by Tansky for trustee committee, 209 Huron Ave, room 7, Port Huron, MI 48060, 810-334-0823

October 7, 2010 7

Erie Square Gazette, Port Huron, MI


Skippers smear Lake Area Dodgers

Illustration by: Jenny Walker

Savannah Wilcox Business Manager The Skippers fall baseball team beat the Lake Area Dodgers 10-4 last Thursday night giving

head coach Denny Dwyer’s Skippers a 3-2 standing in baseball. “We played a good game against the Dodgers, but I think we could have done better. As a team, we

need to work on batting, but overall we’re doing pretty good for the fall season,” Donovan Rigel the Skipper’s first baseman. Rigel, Auburn Hills, went 2 for 4 against the Dodgers

with a double and 2 RBIs. Jessie Smith, Marysville, went 2 for 3 and scored 2 runs for the Skippers while Evan Lyszcyk, Marine City, went 2 for 2. Both of Lyszcyk’s hits for the

Skippers were doubles. The Skippers took off after the third inning against the dodgers and never looked back. “We did good, but we have the potential to do

better next game. We need to keep working on our game.” Rigel said, “If we play to our full potential, we will be a very competitive team in the spring.”

Pet of the issue

Carlee is a female domestic short hair black and white cat. She is 1 year old, and a bit of a prima donna. The best home for her would be one where there is no children, that way she can be the center of attention. She cute and loving and need a home, she has all her shots up to date, is house trained and has been spayed. Carlee’s adoption fee is $75. You can apply for her adoption and others at the Sanilac County Humane Society, by phone at (810)657-8962 or e-mail at A friend of the Erie Square Gazette has offered to assist with adoption fees, for more information contact the ESG at (810)989-5733.

DU students: Shontea, Matt, Elona, Donna, Alyssa and Mike.


Take the next steps toward earning a bachelor’s degree. • Transfer scholarships up to $4,000 annually. • Transfer plans allow for easy transitions. • Small class sizes averaging 15 students. • Campuses in Warren, Flint, Livonia and online. To create a personal transfer plan with an admissions representative, please call 1-800-686-1600. Sign up for a personal transfer web page at Or visit for more information.

WARREN 27650 Dequindre Road FLINT 4318 Miller Road, Suite A LIVONIA 19499 Victor Parkway

October 7, 2010 8

Erie Square Gazette, Port Huron, MI

“Guardians” embraces cliché

ENTERTAINMENT Liz Whittemore Staff Writer

Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole - Provided by Warner Bros. Entertainment, 2010

Cody Kimball Webmaster Predictable; if “Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole” could be summed up in a single word, that would be it; predictable, but far from being terrible. “Guardians” as it is shortened, is a classic tale of good versus evil, much in the likeness of the “Lord of the Rings” saga, with the notable difference that the characters are owls. The story begins with a young dreamer and his family growing up in relative calm, when they are suddenly thrust into chaos. They are taken captive by the very evil that the boys had heard stories of, and that had been typically dismissed as myth. However the threat is very real. One brother

escapes from captivity and the other stays behind and joins the captors in waging war on the Guardians, a race of owls sworn to protect what is good. An unstable peace is torn apart and brother fights against brother. Though the story is predictable, it may be just what Hollywood has been missing in a familyoriented film. In a theater landscape riddled with anti-heroes and often no clearly defined enemies, it is refreshing to see such contrast of good and evil. It is nice to know who to root for. Every aspect of the film has been done, and better, but being based on a children’s book series ensures that it’s familyfriendly entertainment. You could just watch The Lion King and Lord of the Rings and have virtually the same experience.

“You Again” is hilariously heartwarming. Touchstone Pictures puts forth a compelling comedy that gives the audience a film with plenty of chick fights, fierce rivalries, and ample opportunities to put your hands over your eyes and say, “Oh no, I can’t believe they just did that.” The movie starts with the main character Marni Olsen (Kristen Bell, “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”) giving a glimpse into her difficult life in high school. Joanna (Odette Yustman, “The Unborn”) is Marni’s tormentor during her high school years. After graduation and moving away to become a successful public relations worker, Marni has put her past behind her. On her way home to attend her Brother Will’s (James Wolk, “Lone Star”) wedding, Marni finds out the bride is none other than her former high school nemesis Joanna. Joanna pretends not to remember Marni, refuses to give the apology to Marni that she desperately wants to hear, and with that the rivalry between them comes back with a vengeance. The plot thickens all the more when Joanna introduces her Aunt Ramona (Sigourney

Thou, once more

Cody’s Chaos Column Cody Kimball Webmaster

You Again property of Touchstone Pictures

Weaver, “Avatar”) to the Olsen family and Marni’s mother Gail (Jamie Lee Curtis, “Freaky Friday”) identifies Ramona as her own rival from high school. Gail and Ramona’s competition comes to a peak at the wedding’s rehearsal dinner, as well as Marni’s ruthless mission to save her brother from his evil fiancé. After the ruined dinner, the movie becomes

somewhat predicable about the outcome, but with plenty of twists. Overall “You Again” is an excellent movie, but the intended audience is aimed more toward females. The male characters of “You Again” are more of background characters and don’t add much to the plot. Either way, “You Again” is a good choice if you want to see a movie where you get good laughs from female rivalry.

As the webmaster, I spend an excessive amount of time on the Internet. Let’s see what’s weird this week. Anyone who has spent enough time on YouTube knows that often “related video” links can take you to places far away from your original topic. Whilst on an adventure of little attention span, I discovered that there are ska covers and techno covers of virtually any popular song. A reggae version of “What’s My Age Again” by Blink 182, a techno/ house version of “Carry on Wayward Son” by Kansas, even a ska version of Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” by a band called Mister Mime. Not only are some of these covers beyond bizarre, some are actually really good. I suggest giving your favorite tune a search and add the word “cover” to it. You might surprise yourself.

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