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24 2013



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1 Community Oct. 24 - Blue Water Chautauqua Concert - 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The Port Huron Museum, 1115 Sixth Street. Port Huron, MI Cost: Students- $5


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Calendar Oct. 25 - STEM Education Conference 7-9 p.m. - SC4 Fine Arts Galleries Attend a free evening lecture by world-renowned paleontologist Dr. Robert T. Bakker.

College Visits Nov. 4 – Walsh College visits SC4 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. Main Building, first-floor hallway Students can drop by and talk to Walsh representatives about programs.

Oct. 27 - SC4 Symphonic Band and SC4 Jazz Band: Heroes and Villians 4 p.m. SC4 Fine Arts Theatre - Cost: $7 Adults, Nov. 7 – Northwood University visit Oct. 25 - The Rocky Horror Show 8 p.m. FREE for students with Skipper One 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. - College Center McMorran Theatre, 701 McMorran card and for K-12 students accompanied Students are welcome to drop by to talk Boulevard, Port Huron Mi. by an adult. to representatives of Northwood Cost: from $20 to $30 about programs. Oct. 29 - Global Perspectives Lunch and Oct. 26 - Artful Bra Auction and Art of Learn - 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. - Cost: FREE Our Women Reception - 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Front page photos This event is sponsored by SC4’s Global Studio 1219, 1219 Military Street, Awareness Taskforce. The topic for the Gasoline Gypsy knocks ‘em dead at Lynch’s. Port Huron - A portion of the auction event is “Worldviews on Child Abuse”. Photo Credit Kristopher Reynolds proceeds will go to support the Studio 1219 Breast Cancer Fund Oct. 31 – Halloween makeup and more Pollock photo by liz Whittmore 5 to 8 p.m. - SC4 Fine Arts Building Oct. 26 - Vantage Point Farmers Market dressing rooms - SC4 theatre students Physical Bitcoins. Photo by Anton Ana, used 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Vantage Point Farmers will provide Halloween makeovers for under a Creative Commons license. Market, 51 Water Street, Port Huron all whom bring a food pantry item for Every Tuesday and Saturday the local soup kitchen or make a donation to Friends of the Arts. Oct. 26 - Red Wing Alumni - 7 p.m. McMorran Place Sports & Entertainment Oct. 31 - Student Government and The Center, 701 McMorran Boulevard Erie Square Gazette presents: Cost: From $5 to $8 Halloween Costume Contest -10 a.m. to 2 p.m. - College Center Café Oct. 27 - Port Huron Fighting Falcons vs. No cost to enter. Arrive dressed to scare Michigan Warriors 4 p.m. and winners will receive bags of candy. McMorran Place Sports and Entertainment Center, 701 McMorran Boulevard Nov. 1 – SC4 Fall Choir Concert - 7 p.m. Cost: From $8 to $10 SC4 Fine Arts Theatre - Cost: FREE Nov. 6 – “Create Art” Group 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. Studio 1219 Cost: $2 suggested donation


Oct. 24 - Thursday noon and night concert series: Robert Michaels presents Flamenco Fire Noon and 7 p.m., workshop 3:30 p.m. SC4 Fine Arts Theatre - Cost: FREE Oct. 24 - Marketing and Management Club bake sale 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. - College Center This will be a bake sale fundraiser; all proceeds will benefit the MM Club.

Nov. 1- Dec. 4 – SC4 Deck Art Exhibit and Auction - Mon – Fri at 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. SC4 Fine Arts Building - Cost: FREE Nov. 2 – Red Carpet Affair - SC4 College Center - 6:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. A gala featuring 21 area establishments offering specialty food items. Dancing music provided by Cliff Erickson. Cost: $90 Nov. 7 – Port Huron Junior College and SC4 Presidents discuss the Past and the Future – short play - A celebration of SC4’s 90th anniversary 12 p.m. College Center Atrium - Cost: FREE


Campus Capturing memories Introducing Katie Weatherly Natacha Hayden Guest Writer

Without any memory exercise, the ability to recall different sorts of information by only focusing on her memory comes innate to Katie Weatherly. During her young age, Weatherly, would shock her mother mentioning finest details of past happenings. About third grade, Weatherly was taken to the doctor and submitted to some exams, which pointed to the so – called photographic memory. “It’s really cool” said Weatherly. “I remember a lot of stuff in really great detail and it comes in handy when taking a test.” describes photographic memory in a broader concept: “Just as a photograph freezes a moment in time, the implication for people thought to have photographic memory is that they can take mental snapshots and then recall these snapshots without error.” Yet, the website also emphasizes that people’s abilities when remembering things may vary from one person to another. Weatherly, in particular, presents a peculiar way when remembering events. Weatherly is able to recall her best friend’s outfit, when recalling the first time they met and even teachers’ clothes when recalling a specific lecture in class. The 19-year-old, Katie Weatherly still remembers her second birthday party details, such as the shape of her cake, her mother’s clothes, and how she thought she

got herself in trouble because of something that her cousin said. The fear of getting herself in trouble seems to conduct some of her behaviors and also trigger most of her memories, including the one

By: Katie Weatherly.

that she wishes to forget. During seventh grade, Weatherly and her friend Jessica decided to ride their bikes throughout a golf course nearby. Jessica took off when a man in a golf cart approached them,

leaving Weatherly alone. The man then threatened Weatherly with calling the police. “He was wearing a white shirt, red tie and dress pants. He showed up in this green golf cart and I was crying. That was scary for me. I don’t like getting in trouble” said Weatherly. Without any other significant downsides or terrifying memories, Weatherly confesses having such distinct memory contributes to her life extensively. With her artistic abilities, her visual memory plays a central role when memorizing script lines and visualizing images for further drawing. Passionate for photographs, Weatherly is also involved with theater since she was 7-years-old. Last year she joined the Drama Club of SC4 and debuted in many plays, including “The Mind with The Dirty Man,” directed by Dan Williams. “She’s an amazing actress, and definitely is prepared with her lines,” said Brandy Standefer, referring to the time that she stage managed the “Biloxi Blues” production, which Katie Weatherly was a part of. Currently living in St. Clair, Weatherly recently graduated from St. Clair High School. Attending SC4, she plans on transferring her degree to Oakland University and further pursue a bachelor’s degree in Communications, “I think I can do many artistic things with that degree,” Weatherly said. Contact Natacha Hayden at

3 Thoughts from a smoker The ban may not be so bad after all Angie Stoecklin Staff Writer

mostly all day without having what I call, a “cancer stick.” But at the end of the day, when I Being a 23-year-old SC4 realize all of the school deadlines student, I like many other I must meet and trying to juggle students experience my fair a social life on top of that, it is share of stress. Nothing seems all too easy to walk outside a to relieve that stress quite like a campus building, find a fellow good long drag off of a cigarette. smoker, and ask them to lend me Even though that in all reality, one of their own “cancer sticks.” cigarette smoking actually The convenience of being increases stress levels. able to indulge in my nicotine Too many times I have said addiction while on campus leads “this is my last one,” and too me to believe that if SC4 were many times I have lied to myself. in fact dubbed a “non-smoking” If I had a nickel for every “last campus, that it would be easier cigarette” that I have had, I would for me to quit the habit that I probably have enough money to have been trying to kick for about buy my school books. Or maybe four years. even pay for my tuition. This is why I whole heartily The reality is that I can go support SC4 joining other

Campus colleges around the country and adapting a no smoking rule. Now I understand that since I in fact am a smoker that wanting the ashtrays removed seems hypocritical, but I hate that I smoke. I hate the taste of the carcinogens on my breathe, the poor blood circulation which leads to numbness in my hands and feet, and wheezing every time I walk up a flight of stairs. But the thing I hate most of all is how easy it is for me to obtain a smoke. In my experience, it is a lot easier to resist buying a whole pack of cigarettes than to resist asking a friendly smoker on campus to “bum” one of theirs.

Spending an evening with Shel Silverstien Latest production an excellent performance by the SC4 Players Reachelle Kocis Staff Writer

with musical interludes of songs Silverstein wrote. Tom Kephart, artistic director Walking into the SC4 Fine Arts of SC4 Players, suggested in the Theater I had only known of Shel director’s notes that Silverstein Silverstein from his children’s books, may have been the most interesting I walked out of the theater with a man in the world with his versatile smile and a whole new appreciation accomplishments. for a multi-dimensional man of great While the whole cast was talent. phenomenal, certain performances The production included a series stand out as unforgettable. of one act plays enthusiastically One such performance was when performed by the SC4 players and Justin Rutherford and chorus sang presented in a Vaudeville format, “Cover of the Rolling Stone,” a song similar to the sketch comedy of SNL, made famous by Dr. Hook.

Lizzy George was funny and had excellent facial expressions in her role as Lisa the birthday girl, in “The Best Daddy.” August Smith’s comedic timing was impeccable in his performance of the song; “Never Bite a Married Woman on The Thigh.” He seemed to channel the voice of one the Beatles. “Wash and Dry” performed by Elizabeth Wentzel and Robert Kroll was the most outrageously shocking and funny act all night. At times I actually laughed then looked to make sure that the crowd found

So yes, I will admit that in the eyes of other smokers, it seems rather selfish of me to want a non-smoking campus, taking away the right for smokers who have accepted their addiction to smoke. I also believe that with the use of electronic cigarettes, as well the banning of smoking both within and around the vicinity of most public places, that the number of smokers in the United States can continue to decrease, which could ultimately lead to a happier and healthier nation. Contact Angie at

it acceptable to do so, due to the explicitly mature humor. Katie Weatherly flawlessly recited the poem “Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout Would Not Take the Garbage Out!” This poem is a tangled tongue twister to read, let alone recite from memory. An evening with Shel Silverstein was hilarious and everything that I didn’t expect. Contact Reachelle Kocis at


Campus SC4 campus “one of the safest in the state” Clery Act Security Report reviewed by SC4 trustees Erick J. Fredendall Editor-in-Chief

SC4’s board of trustees heard and voted 5-0 to accept the Clery Act Annual Security Report on Oct. 10, which was presented by Kenneth Lord, senior labor relations executive. “Overall, we are one of the safest schools in the state,” Lord said. Eight crimes were reported in 2012 on SC4’s campus, which were composed of five offenses of burglary, one offense of motor theft, one offense for drug law violations, and one offense for liquor law violations. In 2011, only five crimes were reported, all crimes being burglaries. Asked by the board whether any trends followed with the report, Lord said, “Trends? No. Our crimes are mostly thefts, which occurs everywhere. Not in an inordinate amount.” The security report is an annual requirement for all colleges and universities under the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics

By. Erick J. Fredendall

Act Title II of Public Law 101-542. The report requires all colleges and universities to maintain records on incidents of crime on campus, as well as submitting an annual report composed of the previous three

The 20’s are coming back

year’s statistics every year by Oct. 1. Those interested in viewing the Clery Act security report can download a digital copy from www. You can also obtain a printed copy from the

Red Carpet Affair fundraiser to come to SC4’s campus Emily Mainguy Copy Editor

The “Roaring 20’s” were a time of partying and fun and is fittingly the theme for this year’s Red Carpet Affair. The Red Carpet Affair is SC4’s annual dinner and dance located

in the college center building. The event is also the largest fundraiser that SC4 hosts on campus. The Red Carpet Affair will be held on Saturday, Nov. 2 from 6:30 p.m. to 11 p.m. and tickets are $90. The proceeds raised from this event will benefit projects and scholarships here at SC4.

“This year is our 10th anniversary of the event,” stated David Goetze, director of college advancement and alumni relations. “This year the event will feature SC4 flapper dancers, 21 restaurants, a guest speaker, four live mannequins from Salon PiZazz, and a drawing for one of four prizes worth over a $1,000.”

Campus Patrol Office, located in Room 101A in the College Center. More information on campus crime statistics can be found at the U.S. Department of Education’s security website at

This event will also feature entertainment by Cliff Erickson, valet parking, and a cash bar. For tickets to this event or more information, email advancement@ or call (810) 989-5760. Contact Emily Mainguy at



SC4’s Smoking ban still under consideration Board of trustees looking for input on proposed smoking ban for SC4 Erick J. Fredendall Editor-in-Chief Smokers attending SC4 may soon be lighting their last cigarette on campus if no opposing voices are heard during the coming board of trustee’s meeting in November. Members of the board of trustees met for their regular meeting Oct. 10 where the board took public comments and made a second reading of the proposed revision for smoking policy at SC4, known as Board Policy 2.13. The policy presently states smoking is prohibited within a 20 feet radius around any enclosed space on SC4’s campus. The proposed revision to the policy eliminates the 20 feet radius rule and call for a complete ban on any tobacco products anywhere on the SC4 campus, effective Jan. 1, 2014. Board Vice Chair Nicholas Degrazia recommended postponing an action on Board Policy 2.13 until the next general meeting. “We’ve heard valuable input from those who believe in a smokefree campus, but we’ve yet to hear anything from the other side, someone who would propose some kind of allowance for smoking. I’m wondering if there is some way we could get input from those people,” Degrazia said. Ken Barker, a member of the St. Clair County Smoke Free Team, doesn’t think so: “The reason that the other side of the smoke-free campus isn’t represented at these meetings is because they have no

legal ground to do so,” Barker said. “St. Clair County’s adoption of a smoke-free campus would be following in the footsteps of over 22 other universities and colleges who are adopting these polices.” According to the American Nonsmokers’ Rights Coalition report published in July, out of the 22 colleges that have smokefree policies in Michigan, 17 are completely tobacco free. To address the possibility of a policy change, a SC4 smoking policy committee has been created to brainstorm the most effective way to implement the new policy. While no definite conclusion was reached at the smoking policy committee’s meeting Oct. 22,

discussion arose about possibly allowing students to smoke in their cars, a prevision that the current board policy does not allow. “As a smoker, I know that I’m not going to quit smoking just because the college is going tobacco free,” said assistant registrar Sue Tenbrink, who was the only smoker present for the committee. “When someone approaches me and tells me that I’m not allowed to smoke on campus, my first question will be to ask them where I can. We need to keep this in mind while we decide how to implement the ban.” SC4 nursing student Natalie Hillman fully supports a tobacco free campus.

Photo by: Liz Whittemore

“Whenever I go to class I have to walk through a cloud of smoke. I’m very sensitive to tobacco smoke and end up coughing every time,” Hillman said. Teddy Pace, SC4 alumni currently on campus for the University of Michigan psychology degree had a different opinion. “That’s bullshit,” said Pace. “I follow the rules and stand 20 feet away from the building. If they need change, why can’t they just have designated smoking areas for us?” The board of trustees next regular meeting will be held Nov. 14 at 4:30 p.m. in the SC4 Alumni Room, located in the College Center.


Campus Reporter of the Month Erick Fredendall Editor-in-Chief

on the first day of class and was the only new staff writer who submitted any content for the first Reporter of the Month is an award issue. given to a staff writer of the Erie With production nights as frantic Square Gazette for journalistic as they are, having staff writers excellence or above and beyond attend and assist the editors with assistance given to help the copy editing, gathering data, or Gazette in its mission to produce running errands is incredibly a quality publication for the helpful and appreciated. students of SC4. Staff writers are During last issue’s production chosen by vote from the editorial night, Alex showed up and team. volunteered his time to help out, and made the evening go much The editorial vote was unanimous smoother as a result. for the Reporter of the Month During our newsroom meeting, recognition this month. when we select stories for the next On behalf of the editorial staff, issue, Alex is often the first person we would like to congratulate to suggest possible stories, and Alex Olsen on being October’s one of the first to volunteer when “Reporter of the Month” award stories need to be covered. winner. Here’s why: His reviews are usually Alex jumped right into the fray insightful, well thought out, and

engage the reader. We’ve had multiple students and faculty come in just to comment on his pieces and tell us they appreciated them. He formats his articles properly, has an understanding of the English language, and his articles have always been submitted before deadline. He also submits so many stories

By. Emily Mainguy

that it’s hard to believe that he’s only participated in the Erie Square Gazette for less than one semester. The editorial crew is extremely grateful for the enthusiasm and effort Alex has given to help this publication to succeed and is pleased to recognize him as the Reporter of the Month for October 2013.

Candy for costumes!

Student Government to host Halloween costume contest Greg Garofalo Staff Writer

Participants will be assigned a number upon signing up for the event. Photographers from the Erie Better start laying out the Square Gazette will then take a Halloween outfit, because SC4 picture, which will be used by the Student Government is hosting a Student Government to grade the costume contest Oct. 31. submissions. The event will begin at 10 a.m. Costumes will be rated on two in the College Center Café, and criteria: creativity and design. continue until 2 p.m. “We’re looking for out of the Both students and faculty are ordinary costumes,” said Student encouraged to participate. Government President Sean There will be a grand prize of Lathrop. “We want to see costumes a large bag of candy, as well as that you don’t normally see, and three runner-up prizes consisting of the more detailed, the better.” smaller bags of candy. According to student treasurer

and co-creator of the event, Brian Heidt, we can expect to see more events like this. “The Student Government is looking to host a major event each month of the semester for the students on campus,” says Heidt. “It is a means to get students more involved in campus life.” Marketing Management Club will also be hosting an unannounced horror film in the College Center Café at the same time the costume contest takes place. Nearly 100 participants are expected to show up.

Dress up, show up, and have fun. Contact Gregory Garofalo at Erick Fredendall contributed to this story.

by San Diego Air & Space Museum Archives


Entertainment The next adventure

Zack Penzien Production Editor/Designer

As of midnight, Oct. 12, the newest installment in the Pokémon franchise was released out into the wild. I was there, with an oddly diverse group of people to snatch it up as soon as it became available. Pokémon X and Y are now available for the Nintendo 3DS and the 2DS via physical release and digital download in the Nintendo eshop. The game itself does not stray too far from classic Pokémon games. Like all first party Nintendo games it comes with a high level of polish. “The new online features looked fantastic, I’ve been trying them out and they are. I think X and Y are the best expansion of the Pokémon series since Gold and Silver,” said SC4 student, Nick Wauters. This installment of the game is set in the Kalos Region of the Pokémon world. The inspiration for Kalos is France, and the music and architecture of the area carry French themes such as a gym that looks suspiciously like the Eiffel Tower. X and Y introduced a few new things into the mix. First of which is a new type of Pokémon, fairy types. Fairy Pokémon are a strong against dragon types and weak against steel. Overall I really enjoyed the game. Here are some aspects that stood out to me: Highlights: • Your trainer avatar is now customizable with different skin tones, hair and clothes. So you can catch Pokémon in style. • Gone are the days of pixel art based Pokémon games. In X and Y every Pokémon is lovingly crafted in full polygonal graphics complete with idle and battle animations. • There is an excellent mix of Pokémon from all generations. The game has rebalanced stats and attack powers to account for the new type. • You now have roller blades! Movement and speed are a lot better in this game. • They are doing a lot of cool stuff with friends list and blind trading over wifi. Nit picking: • The Pokémon storage box has the “move” option mysteriously absent. This makes moving Pokémon a hassle. • The frame rate on some of the Pokémon battle animation is low on the more complex ones. • The game does not take full advantage of the 3D, but you probably will not use that anyway. If you have any experience with the Pokémon franchise now is a fantastic time to return. It is a highly polished and refined game with lots of little extras to get lost in. I could gush about this game for pages but I think you should drop the $40 and experience it for yourself. Contact Zack Penzien at or fallow on twitter @testsubject777.

Entertainment Carrie 2013: Telekinetic bloodbath?

Steven King’s “Carrie” returns to the box office 37 years later Alex Olsen Staff Writer

If you’re a fan of Stephen King, go and see this movie. If you’re a fan of telekinetic destruction, go and see this movie. If you’re a fan of high school proms, don’t go and see this movie. The newest rendition of “Carrie” is a bloody escapade that will shock and delight horror fans, and make you feel sorry for the sad girl named Carrie White. The film follows Carrie, a bullied girl in high school, as prom comes nearer. The other girls harass her, to the point where Carrie is crying in the school shower while being pelted by sanitary napkins. There you see the first flash of Carrie’s telekinetic powers. Updated for the digital age, the film shows some of the girls taking a video with a cell phone and posting a video of the incident online. Carrie is further tortured by her religious zealot of a mother, who locks Carrie in a closet full of crucifixes and talks in Bible references.


w No


in y a l

Invited to prom, Carrie attends, desperate to fit in with her peers. After a particularly nasty trick involving pigs’ blood, Carrie unleashes her wrath upon the students, slaughtering them with her telekinetic abilities. Chloe Grace Moretz portrays Carrie superbly. Carrie doesn’t talk much, so the character is shown through subtle facial expressions that Moretz pulls off perfectly. When the destruction starts, an inhuman looks overtakes her face and leaves a chill within the viewer. Julianne Moore is Margaret White, Carrie’s extremely religious mother. Moore does a fine job bringing a crazed air to the character, and is one of the creepiest aspects of the film. The other actors are mediocre at best, playing stereotypical high school students. They look, act, and talk much they way you’d expect. The musical score is hardly noticeable, only standing out a few times when Margaret White plays religious music while Carrie screams to be let out of the closet.


Visually, the film is a treat. Special effects are crisp and enjoyable; the prom massacre is brutal and will satisfy bloodthirsty viewers. But is it better than the original? In 1976 Brian De Palma’s “Carrie” shocked and terrified viewers with a one of a kind performance by Sissy Saspeck. In its own right, the film is a classic. The 2013 Kimberly Peirce remake is a close match. It pays homage to both the book and the original film, with similar shots and sequences. Overall the film is well done, with great leading performances can be told many times. and excellent special effects. Will it Contact Alex Olson at alexolson51@ go down as a classic? Maybe not, but the story of Carrie White is one that



What is a Bitcoin?

The cyber-currency that is more popular than ever Nicholas Wedyke Managing Editor

Bitcoins are cyber-currency created by users and completely open source, as well as being independent of any central authority. Controversy surrounding web privacy and governmental control has taken center stage as of late with the recent NSA scandal and U.S. government shutdown; these are two of the many factors that lead to the rise in popularity surrounding Bitcoins. According to, during the U.S. government shutdown the value of Bitcoins has reached a five-month high at $156 per coin. Upon its inception in 2008, Bit-

coin made huge waves in the online privacy and economic sector of the internet. Being a “cyber-currency” gives Bitcoin its biggest advantage against normal state or institution controlled currency: Bitcoin is generally referred to as peer-to-peer or user maintained. This means no fees and no real regulation. But getting Bitcoins can take a bit of effort. There are two ways of obtaining Bitcoins, buying them outright or “mining” them. Buying Bitcoins is pretty straight forward. Establish an account on an “online wallet” service and buy Bitcoins from a Bitcoin seller. “Online wallet” services can be found at’s “choose your wallet” section. Since Bitcoin prices fluctuate, the stock market-like practice of buying low and selling high can make an avid Bitcoin buyer a lot of money. Another way to gain Bitcoins is to “mine” them. “Mining” Bitcoins is the process of running software that evaluates and solves massive equations ending with a payout in Bitcoin for the solved equation. Mining often yields a minute amount of Bitcoins, but if the processing power is there, this is a huge money maker. Currently, uses for Bitcoins are limited. For the moment the best option is to sell Bitcoins through the online wallet service and make some

money when prices fluctuate. But with the recent rise in popularity of Bitcoin, online retailers have taken note and many are now accepting Bitcoins as payment for goods and services. The world of Bitcoin is growing more and more each day, with more retailers accepting it and coin prices going up Bitcoins are a step into the future of economics. For more information on Bitcoins visit the Bitcoin Wiki. Contact Nicholas Wedyke at

Physical Bitcoins. Photo by Anton Ana, used under a Creative Commons license.



The dead walk again

Catching up with “The Walking Dead”

Gregory Garofalo Staff Writer The screens are filling with ghouls and goblins, yet no show was more anticipated than AMC’s “The Walking Dead.” The first two episodes of season four aired the last two Sundays, and only one word can give it justice. Wow. After last season’s finale, which received mixed reviews at best, people were left wondering if the show had already reached its height. Nothing could be farther from the truth. If feelings of skepticism followed the season three finale, they were soon to be replaced with awe. The show of the undead has been brought back to life. Rick is no longer the sole leader of the group and it is unclear if he has any say at all anymore concerning the group’s

direction. Instead there is a council of members that lead the group, which has grown into a fully functioning community of survivors. Discussion between whether strangers should be added is now based on the question: “can these strangers be of value to the community?” Fans of the comics will of course recognize the admission questions strangers must answer to be accepted: “How many walkers have you killed? How many people have you killed? Why?” Episode one was a big budget thriller that kept you on the edge of your seat. Half of the episode focused on fighting off monstrous walkers, while the other half was devoted to Rick discovering a woman who is a grim reflection of what he could have been if he lost his grip in this apocalyptic world. Episode two was a perfect blend of mystery and action that

introduces a deadly disease that can kill overnight. Not even the prison is as safe as it once was; as the danger now comes from within. So far it appears that the group is staying at the prison for at least one more season. It seems the writers have learned their lesson that constant change of setting isn’t always positive. With a whole new list of additional characters, hopefully there will be three dimensional development of the new guys, rather than merely using them as red shirts and quickly killing them off to advance the singular story. The show seems to have found its niche with a new goal: “survive the undead.” While that may have seemed like the previous goal of the show, in reality the previous goal was: “keep your humanity, in an inhumane time.” The last three seasons of the show saw a steady decline of the

dead and an incline of the living. Not many complained considering Jon Bernthal’s performance of his descent into madness as Shane and the sheer cruelty of David Morrissey as The Governor. Now that the show has a large fan base, season four is the perfect time to change up the pace and remind us just how outnumbered and isolated people are in this dystopian world. The zombies are back, bigger and bloodier than ever. Over all the two episodes were the perfect combination of gripping story, and heart pounding action, that leave us with exciting cliffhangers that we love to hate: a reassuring reminder that the writers of the show have perfect control over the drama. The dead will be walking around for many more seasons to come. Contact Greg Garofalo at garofalo.

11 Hitting the grind


A simple tip to make coffee taste a lot better

Coffee grinders can range anywhere between roughly $30200. In the lower price range are the propeller grinders: small, Time for an analogy: fuel is to car cylindrical, capsules that contain as what is to college student? a singular blade and grind small The answer is caffeine, most prevalently found in the most servings at a time. coveted drink in the world: coffee. Propellers are a great choice And with more students flocking to for students due to their modest the various coffee shops downtown financial requirement and their and elsewhere, interest in specialty fast preparation. The tradeoff is coffee is more prevalent than ever. that the grinds produced are not uniform in size, which affects the But with the fast paced lifestyle most students lead, many substitute extraction process. Further up the price range are quality for convenience by visiting burr mills. These grinders use Starbucks, McDonalds, or Tim Hortons and paying per cup for their burrs that rotate slower than the propeller grinders, which reducing java fixes. Seemingly a cheap and easy habit to adopt, paying per cup heat friction and lessening the risk of losing flavor to dissipation. is deceitfully expensive. Additionally, burr grinders Unbelievable? Buying one small black coffee at Tim Hortons every produce a uniform grind and often come with adjustable settings to morning would leave you $580.35 less in your pocket at the end of the increase or decrease the fineness. A general rule of thumb for grind year. size is the finer the grind, the more To the relief of the cash strapped student, fairly inexpensive ways to extraction occurs. On the fine side of the grind spectrum are drinks improve the overall quality of the morning cup o’ joe exist. like Turkish coffee and espresso, while coarse grinds work best for But the most essential step to a drinks such as French press coffee great coffee is grinding beans right before the brewing process. and percolators. The average coffee makers, also known as auto-drips, A little known fact in the coffee industry is that the majority of the are best when the grounds are coffee consumed is what experts in milled at a medium setting. Taking control of the grinding the specialty coffee industry would consider “stale.� process is one of the most effective ways to improve the quality and During the grinding process, volatile flavors and aromas are caffeine content of the morning cup of coffee. As an added perk, the released from the bean. These nutrients dissipate quickly, and you smell is glorious. will notice that two coffees from the Happy grinding, friends. same bean can taste very different Erick Fredendall is the Editor-inChief of the ESG. Contact Erick at depending on whether beans were ground right before brewing or were or follow him on Twitter @mrfredendall. pre-ground. Erick Fredendall Editor- in-chief

An example of a burr grinder, one that you would most likely find in a cafe.

By.Erick Fredendall


Halloween Defend yourself against zombies at Blake’s Big Apple Liz Whittemore Photo Editor

located in Armada, Blake’s Big Apple is home to Blake’s Halloween attractions, and is located on 33 mile The cold October night started off and North Avenue. with what was without a doubt the This year Blake’s offers four most delicious caramel apple I’d attractions for Halloween: a three ever eaten. level haunted barn, the haunted It ended with getting stared down hayride, a kid-friendly Spookyland, by a giant clown with a chainsaw and Zombie Paintball Safari. and experiencing the thrill of “All the other attractions are busy, shooting zombies with a paintball but paintball I believe is our number gun. one attraction,” said Blake’s event This is just a typical weekend night coordinator Tony Agosta. “People during Halloween at Blake’s Big like to get involved. You get to shoot Apple. something and be part of the scare.” Not to be confused with Blake’s Zombie Paintball Safari takes you Orchard and Cider Mill that is also out on a wagon equipped with eight

paintball guns through a series of scenes where you have to defend your wagon from zombies. Each gun starts off with 80-100 paintballs. Riders can choose to purchase more during the ride. 140 more paintballs is $10 with the addition of a souvenir tube. If the buyer chooses to get another after that it’s discounted to $8. The zombies have masks that are dipped in latex with pieces of burlap bag on them to give the appearance of melting skin. “We do as much as we can to make the masks look life-like, but safety is our number one goal,” said Agosta.

By: Liz Whittemore

This is Blake’s second year of offering the zombie paintball attraction. According to Agosta, last year there was a four to six hour wait. With the addition of four more wagons, to make a total of eight now, the wait time has been cut in half. “On average a couple thousand people go through, it’s really caught on,” said Agosta. “I’ve never seen the crowds act so excited about shooting live zombies. It really gets the crowd going. It’s been phenomenal.” Zombie Paintball Safari comanager Vince Fecteau had a few interesting stories after seeing so many people go through. “There was a woman who apologized every time she shot,” said Fecteau. “Another time there was this sweet and innocent looking little 8 or 9-year-old girl who couldn’t hurt a fly, but by the end she was a ruthless zombie hunter. She ran out of rounds then took over her father’s gun.” To ride Zombie Paintball Safari by itself is $19.95 per person. It is suggested to bundle attractions to lower the individual prices of the attractions. VIP tickets, which include all four and VIP lines, are $49.95 per person. For more ticket combos check their website at As of right now, the attractions are open until Sunday, Oct. 27. According to Agosta, it’s still being decided whether to be open the night of the 30 and 31. Check their Facebook or Twitter page for updates. Contact Liz Whittemore at

13 Halloween “Do-It-Yourself” style


Making Halloween a bit more budget friendly Jenelle Kalaf Staff Writer

Forty dollars for a cat costume? Why not just do it yourself and save some hassle? Halloween is an expensive holiday, with candy, decorations, and food for that big party, so adding a costume in the mix might push you over your budget. Staying in budget makes any holiday easier. Halloween costumes, however, are usually expensive and poorly made. Costumes are usually easy to make and really no skill for the arts is needed. No one will have your costume either. Do you still want that cat costume? Your local thrift store or Goodwill

Ready to take the next step?

Rack-Clothing: A rack of homemade clothing.

should always be your starting point. Thrift stores are famous for having odd things in stock. A black cat costume is in order, so find a black shirt and pant combo. Any style you wish. The more the style fits you, the

By.goes to UNIFORM Studio under Creative Commons Wiki.

better. For a cat, you need ears and a tail. Those can be purchased at a costume shop or dollar store for cheap. You can always make your own cat ears with a little fabric, a hot glue

gun and a head band, but dollar store ones will work. If scandalous or sexy costumes are what you want, look for a dress to shorten or a mini skirt, corset or a belly shirt. Don’t be afraid of being creative with the costume. Use accessories and makeup to help make the costume unique. This can be done for many costumes, ranging from costumes as simple as a bed sheet ghost to ones as specific as Finn the Human. With the thrift store and a little imagination, most any costume can be made. Contact Jenelle Kalaf at

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AIM HIGHER St. clair comm college ad 10.24.indd 3

10/9/13 5:46 PM



Horror Movie exchange with Rebecca and Zack

Rebecca and Zack have known each other since middle school. They both love horror movies from different parts of the genre. In honor of Halloween they have given each a horror film to watch that the other would have probably skipped over.

Another Zombie Apocalypse Movie?

Rebecca Kelly Webmistress

Down and out radio jockey Grant Mazzy is not too thrilled to be working in a small town basement radio station on Valentine’s Day. He’s used to big city life, and spilling hard hitting discussion. Pontypool, Ontario was not cutting it. Queue in the zombies – er, somewhat zombies. This film lends a very unique take on a zombie apocalypse. It’s based off of a novel of similar title, and plays much like Orson Welles’ “War of the Worlds.” “Pontypool” was a good psychological horror, and worth the hour and a half watching it. Some dry moments pushed me to obliterate bright, hard candies on my phone, pressing my spine against the part of the couch where your bottom should be. Still, I eventually straightened my posture as it heated. Mystery was evoked as I tried to fumble theories on what exactly was going on. Perhaps my favorite part of the film was listening to the disc jockey, played by Stephen McHattie, spew off creative off-the-collar talk on his show. I felt like the radio was cranked up and I had a nice cup of morning coffee in my hands. This is definitely a film to check out if you want something different to watch this October. It will leave you thinking, and it will make you wish such personalities like the late Sonny Elliot were still telling you how the weather is colder than a giraffe wearing scarves.

Things go poorly: Rosemary’s baby Zack Penzien Production Editor/Designer

Horror films used to be my bread and butter when I was in high school but something changed. I watched “Rosemary’s Baby” at the direction of Miss Kelly. I had my doubts about the film. As much of a horror fan as I am, I had up to this point not seen the film. I feel that this movie can be called a horror movie due to its occult nature of the film but it could also find a good home in the suspense section. So mething that I liked about “Rosemary’s Baby” was that it was not afraid to take its time to establish characters, an element that many modern horror films lack. Most times characters are killed before you even had a chance to learn there last name. The first half of “Rosemary’s Baby” on the other hand, could just be a drama. My only real problem with the film is the end, I feel they missed the mark. It just feels like its missing a resolution to the conflict. Something else that I enjoyed was the fact that with the exception of some throw-away setup lines of dialog, the horror part of the horror movie was not interjected until 40 minutes in, it’s a slow build. I don’t want to say much about the plot of the film because films like this work best when you go in to it blind. All you need to know is Rosemary is married to a self-absorbed actor and witches are involved. Contact Zack Penzien at or follow him on Twitter @ testsubject777.



In Defense of Remakes

An argument for breathing new life into Hollywood classics

Alex Olson Staff Writer

Photo by Mark Lee used under creative commons. Photo by Faruk Ates

remakes are completely unnecessary. There are whispers on Internet Movie remakes are all the rage forums such as www.nextmovie. lately; it seems Hollywood may be com, about a possible “American out of ideas. From “Nightmare on Psycho” remake. It’s hard to imagine Elm Street” to “Footloose”, it seems someone being able to top Christian no Hollywood classic is safe. Bale’s performance as Patrick Which begs the question, are Bateman. Also, the film is not that remakes necessarily bad? old, having been released just over a Consider Wes Craven’s original decade ago. “Nightmare on Elm Street.” While Another rumor speculated is a horror movie fans will howl that “Scarface” remake. This will agitate the Craven’s is the best, the only every fan who has ever quoted Al “Nightmare,” the film is dated. Actors Pacino. Pacino gave a spectacular who are supposedly to be teenagers performance as Tony Montana, and, are obviously in their mid-twenties. like Bale’s Bateman, I doubt it can be The special effects are cheesy and topped, or even matched. Freddy is a joke. There is one remake that I’m Younger audiences who are used looking forward to: “Godzilla,” which to over the top effects and multiis currently under production at million dollar film budgets will not Legendary Pictures. Considering be very interested. todays special effects, the Remakes rejuvenate a classic story. destruction of a major city by a giant With this month’s release of “Carrie,” lizard would be very enjoyable to we see another horror film making watch. a return. While the film is not the Remakes aren’t horrible; they’re same as the original, it’s been a necessary part of the movie updated and fits in with the digital business, and a way to preserve our age, making the films message favorite stories so they never die. clearer. Contact Alex Olsen at alexolson51@ Granted, some of the upcoming

Waitressing Woes Weekends don’t Exist for us Liz Whittemore Photo Editor

wage, even during a dead shift. The disadvantage is that guaranteed wage almost encourages laziness and the motivation to up-sell and Servant, the help, the waiter, increase the check average is not as bringer of food and beverage; that prominent. is, your typical server working hard Food for thought. to make ends meet. Workers in the restaurant Liz’s shout outs: industry work long hours, deal Parents: Family restaurant or with complaints all day, work most not, please do not let your child holidays, and live in a nightmare run around the restaurant. They world where weekends off don’t are likely to get burned or tripped actually exist. over, usually while I am carrying According to the U.S. a heavy tray. Also, I am not their Department of Labor, servers in mother; please do not let them call Michigan are allotted a maximum me momma, repeatedly. hourly wage to be $4.75 an hour If I am at another table and you in addition to tips. The minimum need me: Please catch my eye, I is $2.65 an hour, though if servers will be over to see you as soon as were not able to make at least I am done addressing an issue or minimum wage per hour with the taking an order. They are equally addition of tips, then they are given important. minimum wage. Phones at the table: “Are you Essentially most servers rely talking to me? No you didn’t want solely on tips. fries with that? Wait, yes you do? Some restaurants add gratuity Sorry, what?” My time is valuable to checks to ensure servers get too. tips. This additional amount can People who walk out without go toward any number of things. paying: You do realize that most One, there could be a tip pool. restaurants make the server cover This means that the gratuity from that amount right? I hate you. all checks during a shift would be People who tip in Kohls cash: split between all front-of-house If I am working three jobs and staff, with varying percentages serving at a restaurant trying to from servers, bartenders, and server pay my way through school, what assistants generally. makes you think I have time to go Another possibility is it could go to Kohls and get some miniscule toward paying servers an hourly item? I need money for textbooks, fee. An advantage is that wait not shoes. staff is guaranteed a decent hourly



Living Life Full-Time

How age plays into student outlook Jennifer Gibson Staff Writer

The age has been reached where themselves. The students I have had with any request I have ever had.” one realizes in order to survive to work with try to get by with the One thing I am certain of, college successfully in life a commitment to least they can, instead of striving has been a great experience being in excellence is key. to excel. There is money involved classes with such an assorted group The demographics of the students This is not to say there are not with education now, they should be of people. at a community college are a vast disappointments and failures, rather, more aware and in tune with what is The younger students have taken assortment. I immediately noticed when these things happen, the going on with their education.” me back to the way I was at that age, how diverse each of my classes effort given was above and beyond Pat Cruickshank, a 43-year-old and the older students have provide were and how the diversity of the mediocre. United Parcel Service driver, took me with a sense of belonging. mentality of those in my classes ma Mark McIntyre, a 39 years old classes at SC4 right out of high I enjoy the point of view from tched. SC4 student taking 14 credit hours, school from 1988-1990. Regarding the younger generations and the At the age of 39, I started classes said, “Some of the students are his return to SC4, Cruickshank experience of the older students. at SC4 this fall. In addition to my 11 old enough to be my daughters or said: “For me, I take school more I have been blessed to share the credit hours, I work full-time, and sons and their mannerisms show seriously than I did when I was right classroom with fantastic instructors, am a single mother to three children. it. The nice thing I have noticed is out of high school. I have received all as well as entertaining fellow I was amused while listening to the majority of the teen or early A’s since I have been back and a lot students. the younger students discuss how twenty students are not childish, has to do with amount of studying Contact Jennifer at justjennee@ they managed working part-time don’t behave in a lousy fashion I am able to put forth and the whilst taking full-time classes. This and they are actually enjoying professors are always able to help sent a cheeky grin across my face and a single thought to my mind, “Seriously?” Mentality is the difference. For many younger students, college is their first taste of freedom. For these students, college can often be seen as an expectation set by family or peers. But for the older students, college is a must. There comes a time in life when no matter the amount of experience one possesses, employers want the degree to match. I should elaborate – employers offering positions other than an assembly line, cash register, or a mail room. The older student is in need of a career, not a “Just Over Broke” (JOB) life. Oftentimes the older student who has a full-time job and family to care for does not view going to class or completing assignments as an option, more so as a responsibility By Jennifer Gibson Burning the candle at both ends without getting burned. and requirement.




Live close. Go Far. Business Administration – International Tourism Developed specifically for the partnership with Lambton College and St. Clair County Community College, this degree is offered in Port Huron to round out students’ education with a strong core of business courses specializing in international tourism. This is a Business Administration – Professional Track degree emPHAsizing international tourism. Once students complete the degree, they will have a combination of occupational specialty knowledge with Business knowledge and will be ready to serve in management and administrative positions in the hospitality and tourism industry.

Ferris OnLine Degree PrOgrAms In addition to the Criminal Justice program and Business Administration - Professional Track (International Tourism) right here at SC4, we have fully onlIne degreeS and certificate programs, as well as a host of online classes available. To find out which courses are offered online, or to determine if online learning is right for you, visit

CAll our offICe at (586) 263-6773 or (586) 445-7150 to schedule an appointment with an academic advisor or to FInd out moRE about the affordable Ferris programs available to you right here at SC4.

master’s Degrees Business Administration, mBA nursing, msn Bachelor’s Degrees Allied Health sciences Automotive management Business Administration Business Administration – Professional Track Dental Hygiene Health information management HVACr engineering Technology* integrative studies nuclear medicine Technology nursing rn to Bsn Technical education * requires a 5-day on-campus laboratory session.

Ferris state University Port Huron


Community Walking “Out of the Darkness” Port Huron walks for suicide prevention

Monica Stiles Staff Writer

All proceeds coming from these walks will go towards benefiting the AFSP. The proceeds help researchers Did you know that suicide is the find ways to help individual fourth leading cause of death in the suffering from depression, helps United States and claims more than increase national awareness of 38,000 lives annually? depression and suicide, and help On Sun. Oct. 13, the Out of the families cope with the loss of a loved Darkness Community, and American one. Foundation for Suicide Prevention, This year’s walk held over 100 (AFSP) held their annual walk in participants and according to AFSP’s East China Park. The Out of the website, Over Darkness Community holds events $6,000 was raised. year around, all over the country. Erika Stiles of Yale participated in

By. Monica Stiles

the walk for the first time this year. They were walking for two uncles and a friend they had lost. Stiles had been fundraising for two weeks before the event and had raised about $250. “The walk was beautiful. It was peaceful and full of support and love,” said Stiles, “you’re walking with individuals that have been through what you have been or are currently going through.” “I will definitely be participating again. This is now a foundation that

I hold very close to my heart. I only wish I had known about it before,” said Stiles. Out of the Darkness Community is holding events for suicide prevention throughout the year. The Michigan events are done for the year, but if interested in participating or donating to the organization you can visit their website to find out information on future events. Contact Monica Stiles at



Brains, Booze, and Undead

Zombie pub crawl lurches through Military Street

Kristopher Reynolds Staff Writer

‘Tis the season for ghouls, ghosts, goblins, and thanks to recent media and pop culture: zombies. On Oct. 12, there was plenty of mindless, foot-dragging, and brainhungry undead roaming Military Street in Port Huron. This day marked the fourth annual Port Huron Zombie Crawl, put on by the Blue Water Social Club. Patrons of the event were urged to put on their best dead guy/girl visages, and roam the bars of downtown. Exposed muscle tissue, missing teeth, sunken eyes, and decaying flesh; much like a vintage horror movie, zombies were in plentiful supply. The event began around 5 p.m. at which time parents and legal guardians were encouraged to dress the youngsters in zombie makeup to have them parade around downtown until bedtime. At roughly 9 p.m., the adult festivities began, as more and more inebriated undead began to wander around Military Street. Zombies weren’t the only characters to be found; “The Walking Dead,” “Resident Evil,” and

“Evil Dead” cosplayers also made appearances. Unlike most pub crawl events, there was no set itinerary. Patrons wandered bar to bar very much like, well, zombies. Robert Jones, 23, of Algonac stated, “I mean, I like any kind of pub crawl or just pub in general. Scantily clad girls in undead makeup and alcohol sounds like a good reason to come out to me.”

Pet of the issue

Angela Stoecklin Staff Writer

“The dead walk the Earth.”

“The thing that makes this great is that the more drunk I get, the more in character I am,” added Sam Ryckman, 21, of Sandusky. A Port Huron local who asked to be referred to only as ‘Gunther the Talking Zombie’ had this to say: “Brains! More brains!” So next year around October, grab your crossbows and shotguns and head to Port Huron, remember to aim for the head, and always mix

and absolutely loves people. Karma will do best as the only cat in the household for she always wants to Karma is a 6 to 9-month-old mix be the center of attention. breed. She was brought into the To help cover the costs of adoption Blue Water Humane Society last fees, an anonymous supporter has May with a large litter of 13 kittens. offered to cover the cost of any pet Karma is now spayed and up to date featured in the Erie Square Gazette. on all of her shots. She is very sweet For more information on Karma or

By. Kristopher Reynolds

green herbs with red herbs. Contact Kristopher Reynolds as Editor’s note: The views and opinions in this article do not reflect those of the editorial staff. The ESG does not condone the usage of crossbows, shotguns, or herbs (which we think was a Resident Evil reference).

other pets up for adoption, contact the Blue Water Humane Society at (810) 987-4357. Or visit their website www.bluewaterareahs. The Humane society is located at 6266 Lapeer Rd., Clyde, MI, 48049. Contact Angie Stoecklin at



SC4 President to perform at Lynch’s to raise money for the SC4 arts

consisting of community members, businesses, and SC4 faculty and staff that support theatre, music, creative writing, and the visual arts at SC4. “We want to offer a real diverse nature of offerings for the community to go to,” said Pollock, “we just started this program and we’ve already raised SC4 President Dr. Kevin Pollock will be doing his second acoustic about $40,000, $34,000 of which is in scholarships.” performance at Lynch’s Irish Tavern Thurs. Oct. 24 from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 In Feb. 2013 Pollock sang and played the acoustic guitar at Lynch’s to p.m. to raise money for SC4’s Friends of the Arts. raise money to expand SC4’s Natural Science Museum. According to David “I volunteered for this one. And the last one,” said Pollock, “I only thought Goetze, director of college advancement, foundation, and alumni relations I’d have to do it once, but now I’m going to do it again.” at SC4 the event raised a total of $5,170, well over the targeted $3,000. Lynch’s Irish “I felt very honored and overwhelmed by how many people showed up Tavern, located on the last time I did this,” said Pollock, “there was an hour wait to get in.” Huron Avenue in The money raised at the performance will go toward the art programs Port Huron, will and events or to student scholarships, according to Pollock. be hosting the “I actually have to practice. I think I’ve played twice since the last fundraiser with the fundraiser,” said Pollock laughing, “it just comes back, it’ll be fine. I’ll be SC4 Foundation. singing mostly bar sing-along, have-fun stuff. The idea is for everyone to There will not be enjoy themselves.” a cover charge Donations can be made at For more information though donations call Lynch’s at (810) 824-4021 or (810) 989-5760 for SC4’s College are encouraged. Advancement Office. SC4’s Friends of Contact Liz Whittemore at the Arts is a group Liz Whittemore Photo Editor




By. Liz Whittemore



A Tiger gives his last roar Brendan Buffa Sports Editor

The American League Championship Series came to a close on Saturday, Oct. 19 in Boston, Massachusetts, as the Detroit Tigers fell to the Boston Red Sox in game six of the seven-game series, losing 2-5. The Detroit Tigers, who were on their way to a third World Series trip under the wing of manager Jim Leyland, had failed to close the game with a win and excel over the Red Sox. With the pain of the recent loss still stinging for the team, it was a sudden press conference that was called by the Tigers managerial staff that really caught the attention of Detroiters and the MLB alike. “I want to retire a Tiger. So long. It’s not goodbye,” said Leyland at the conference. The words echoed through the mind of every Tigers fan as the unthinkable became a reality. Jim Leyland, approaching the ripe age of 69, decided to retire from the game of baseball as a Detroit Tiger on Oct. 21, 2013. Leyland, after a 22 year career in the MLB, has 1,769 wins under his belt, along with a 1997 World Series win with the Florida Marlins. Informing the team in a rather unconventional, yet personal way,

Leyland confronted the team about his retirement immediately after the loss to Boston in the team clubhouse. Justin Verlander, the Tigers’ Cy Young award winning pitcher took the announcement graciously, simply telling Leyland that he loved him. Leyland served more than two decades in the MLB with the Pittsburgh Pirates, (’86-’96) the Florida Marlins, (’97 & ’98) the Colorado Rockies for a year in ’99 and after an extended break, took a job with the Tigers in 2006. The big question on the mind of most Tigers fans is what will happen next, and the only answer is to wait and see whom General Manager Dave Dombrowski will appoint as the new manager. With this newly confirmed departure of Leyland, the MLB has five teams in need of a manager for the next season, including the Chicago Cubs and the Cincinnati Reds. Widely known as a man who sported a stone face, and was respectfully vulgar when addressing the press, Leyland will be missed in the City of Detroit. Our ball caps go off to you, Mr. Leyland, in hopes of an ongoing friendship between you, and the Detroit Tigers organization.

Photo by keith allison under a creative commons licence


Sports Triumph after a breakdown

Brendan Buffa Sports Editor

The Skippers were on a roll in Grand Rapids, Michigan, at the Raiders Challenge tournament on the weekend of Sept. 28, walking out with a 3-1 record and only losing to the defending NJCAA champions and host team, the Grand Rapids Raiders. It seemed that the wins were coming out of the waterworks for the Skippers Volleyball girls as they clenched 20 out of their 24 games in September. As sweet as it seemed, bad news struck the Skippers as they took a new and unsatisfying turn once the

month of October began. The Skippers immediately fell into a 1-4 slump, only to beat their division rivals, the Macomb Monarchs on Oct. 10. The Schoolcraft Ocelots, creeping up on the Skippers in the conference, were threatening a second seed placement, which would have knocked the Skippers down to a third seed in the MCCAA tournament. “We started off really well in the season, and our skills hit a plateau,” said Rachel Cooper about the team slump, “We just got tired.” Thankfully, the Skippers caught their second wind as they

dominated the Kishwaukee College Tournament in Rockford, Illinois. Winning three of their four games, the Skippers were satisfied as their talents shined in a match with the top of the Western Conference, the Muskegon Jayhawks. Taking the Jayhawks to a five game match, the Skippers lost by only five points in the last sudden death round (25-16,18-25,18-25,25-22,1015). The regular season came to a close after the tournament in Rockford, and the Skippers finished the season with a record of 22-10, and went 7-3 in the Eastern Conference. Clinching an MCCAA state

tournament spot, the Skippers are headed to Jackson, Michigan, on the weekend of Oct. 26, to fight for the title of State Champion. With an outstanding finish, the unrelenting force of the Skippers doesn’t look as if they can be stopped for the upcoming weekends. The Skippers will rally together to play the state tournament, along with the regional tournament in Grand Rapids the weekend of Nov. 1, which, if they qualify, will lead them to nationals in Toledo, Ohio, on Nov. 21 and 22.



Issue 63-4  

Issue 63-4 of the Erie Square Gazette, student publication.

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