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Volume 60, Issue 10

Thursday Feb 23, 2012

SC4 gets its dance on Danielle Kennedy Copy Editor How does SC4 celebrate Black History Month? With a packed gymnasium and a group known as the Zuzu African Acrobats, hailing from Mombasa Kenya. “It was the largest single audience I have ever experienced on our campus during my 16 years at SC4,” said Pete Lacey, Vice President of Student Services and Chair of the Global Diversity Council. “The gym was full of energy and audience members were having a great time.” On Feb. 11, the Zuzu African Acrobats troupe performed in the SC4 gymnasium. Several of the members of the group were known for having appeared on “America’s Got Talent.” “I thought the show

was fantastic,” said Geri Kimbro, founder of MLK event and SC4 Global Diversity member, “They were awesome.” They danced, they tumbled, they contorted their bodies in cringe worthy manners, and they balanced precariously on chairs. All for the pleasure of the audience. An audience that was at times, part of the show. “We packed the gym for the first time in years, and it couldn’t have been any better. And I was glad to see so many young people participating in the show,” said Kimbro. One of those participants was a former SC4 student who wished to be known by his stage name, Phoenix. He was amongst many audience members who chose to show off their limbo skills. “It was hard. I did it

before, but that always was hard for me before,” said Phoenix. He went on to say that he enjoyed the show, and would attend if SC4 did a similar event in the future. “Based upon the success of this show we will certainly be looking to offer a similar type of experience to our campus and community next year,” said Lacey. “We hope to come and perform again,” said Zuzu African Acrobat, Edison Baya. Baya said that what he and the others do when performing is considered a part of their culture. And that if anyone is to take anything away from the show, “we like for them to do some exercising.” Kimbro felt that the acrobats brought some cultural diversity to SC4, and “that’s what we’re all about.” “We wanted to

provide the audience an opportunity to have fun while experiencing the rich cultural history of East Africa in celebration of Black History Month,” said Lacey. Lacey said that feedback from the show has been very positive. “Audience members left our campus happy and several people

posted on Facebook about how much they enjoyed the show. We were also contacted by an organization in Canada that saw the article in the Times Herald and wanted contact information,” said Lacey. How did SC4 manage to snag such an event? “We actually received an email

prior to the holiday’s from the organizer stating they would be traveling near our area and wondering if we would be interested in a show,” said Lacey. “We were looking for an event to celebrate Black History Month and inquired about bringing the show to our campus.”

Zuzu African Acrobatic troupe members build a human tower during their performance at the SC4 gymnasium Feb.11. Photo by Twana Pinskey

Zuzu members entertain audience by balancing on objects such as chairs during their performance. Photo by Twana Pinskey

A former SC4 student, who wanted to be known by his stage name Phoenix, performed the limbo during audience participation. Photo by Twana Pinskey


Erie Square Gazette, Port Huron, MI

Thursday Feb 23, 2012


Editor-in-Chief Twana Pinskey Production Editor Zack Penzien

Trump in play

Christian McGeachy heard or seen a card Sports Editor game of Euchre. I was really confused, but Buisness Editor Different semester, before you know it, I was playing it over Christina Stoutenburg but the same game. Play the cards right and over again and and trump will come found myself addicted. Copy Editor your way. But, I was not the Danielle Kennedy Even though only one. students at St. Clair Jacob Eagle, a Managing Editor Community College student from Croswell, Alyssha Ginzel enjoy going to school, picked up Euchre they have to find ways while coming to SC4. Web Master to have fun in between “As I progressed, I Clay Kimball classes. got better and started So, like the fall to learn more about the Photo Editor semester, I found fascists of the game,” Liz Whittemore my own way to cope said Eagle. through the painful I agree. Euchre is a Sports Editor and often times boring game of skill, luck and Christian McGeachy hours in between most of all strategy. classes. Which was by And the most effective Adviser playing the wonderful, way to learn this game John Lusk interesting and at first is to play it more and the confusing game of more. Euchre. Euchre is more than ESG Contact Info: Euchre is a very just a card game to Email: eriesquaregazette@ unique card game and Eagle and the other usually is only played students. in Canada and most of Students like Josh Address: the state of Michigan. Shaffer, a second 323 Erie St I for one, before last year student from Port Huron MI semester, had never Memphis, said, “I like 48060 Editor’s Note: All views expressed in editorials and columns contained within the ESG are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the views of the ESG or any of its advertisers. We welcome feedback!

Students at SC4 show that trump always wins. Photo by Christian McGeachy

that it (Euchre) passes the time between classes.” On another note, Shaffer also said, “It (Euchre) grabs all the students together... and you make more friends.”

So, this card game is not just about trumping the opponents, but building relationships with other students. But, Jeremy Case, a student from Lakeport, said simply, “It’s just

fun.” So, take it from someone that had no idea about Euchre before. It is worth the time to play this game, to pass the time and also to meet new people.

Games, games, games

Find podcasts and other content online at Video game photo by Korey Hodek under a Creative Commons license





Zachary Penzien Production Editor Videogames these days are kind of an expensive hobby, especially when everyone today is trying to save money. Especially college students. Video games can be seen all over on campus, from consoles hooked up to the TV’s in the college center, DS players, even Iphone games. Chris Hischke says, “I haven’t been able to buy a new platform in years. Most of my money goes to school or food, my DS and most of my games were gifts.” Here are some things that I do to play games, even within my small budget. First, I tend to buy games that are a bit old. I tend to play games that are about a year old. There are a lot of advantages to this, all of the bugs have

been patched by this point and the prices have dropped to more manageable levels. But if you are playing multiplayer games, this is where this strategy falls short. Years out of the release, people are really good and will steamroll you, or the online population of the game has dwindled. If you do want to play a “Modern Warfare” or “Halo,” you rent them. And yes, video stores still exist. I recommend Family Video. I use them a lot; there you can get a video game for five days, for seven bucks. I have played through “Mass Effect 2” almost twice for a third of the price. There is a limited supply of the games they carry, for instance I still can’t get “Skyrim.” There are also a lot of games on the Ipod touch, from $5.99 to the low low price of free. I don’t have as much experience with this platform, but I did pick up a game called “Zenonia.” It is a cool RPG with four installments and it is free, with some things you can buy in game like gold. Well, that’s all I got for this issue. Hope It helped, I’m going to go play “Fall Out,” cheers.


Erie Square Gazette, Port Huron, MI

Thursday Feb 23, 2012


Defending home

Jesse Schienke Staff Writer

floor. And that’s exactly In order to have what the Lady success at any level Skippers did Saturday, of basketball, a team routing Mott CC, 68must defend its home 44. floor. On the road, “I think this was anything can happen, the best overall game including things often we’ve played all year,” out of that team’s said interim head control. coach Mike Groulx. At home, there are The Skippers, who no excuses. A team wore pink uniforms to must defend its home support breast cancer

awareness instead of their traditional white, jumped out to an early 10 point lead five minutes into the game and never relinquished it. “The key to this win was our execution,” said Groulx. “We had been working hard in practice and everything seemed to be clicking today. I

think we’re peaking at the right time as a team.” Teisha Knott paced the Skippers with 15 points and Heidi Highstreet added 14. Groulx noted strong play inside from Jade Gaines. In addition to a great win, the Lady Skippers also enjoyed a game attendance that

was higher than usual. “Everybody comes out when they hear about Mott,” said Josh Moffitt, a SC4 sophomore from Brown City, MI. “If you’re going to come to one game, this is the one to be at.” The win moved the Skippers to an 8-7 conference record (15-13 overall), which

puts them in fifth place heading into the final three games of the season, as well as the playoffs. “If we can continue to improve, I like our chances in the post season,” said Groulx. The Lady Skippers next home game will be Feb. 29, at 5:30 vs. Henry Ford.

Heartbreak from #1

Christian McGeachy slid by on a 68-64 win Sports Editor over St. Clair County Community College. “We did everything Also, giving Mott we came here to do, Community College except win the game,” their ninth single digit Coach Dale Vos said. loss of the season. After a tough With the loss to Mott overtime loss to Community College, Oakland Community SC4 record stands College earlier in the at thirteen wins and week, the St. Clair fourteen losses. Just County Community below the five hundred College men’s win percentage. basketball team faced Also, the Skippers the number one team have now lost two in in their division. a row. On Feb. 18th, the But Coach Dale Vos, SC4 Skippers hosted coach of the St. Clair Mott Community County Community College. College men’s The Skippers led basketball team, is Mott Community still a strong believer College at the half in his team. After the with a score of 38-33. game he went on to Through a hard fought say, “We’ve played battle, the Skippers two games this week went back and forth that we felt like on that with the Bears of Mott day, we were the better Community College. team.” But at the end Vos would also of the game, Mott go to say that his Community College team played good

man to man defense, and also on the rebounding aspect of the game versus Mott Community College. Even with the two straight losses, Vos said, “I do believe that we are hitting our stride.” After the game, Vos told his players, “We’re off tomorrow, so if you wanna lay on your couch and feel sorry for yourself, go right ahead, but you gotta be back Monday and go back to work.” With only three regular season games left to go, the Skippers will have to heat up to have a better chance in the NJCAA tournament. Last home game of the season will be on Feb. 29 against Henry Ford Community College at 7:30 p.m.

Deion Stegall (#5) goes for the lay up against the #1 Mott Community College. Photo by Christian McGeachy

Baseball heads to Tennessee with high expectations Michael Scott Staff Writer This past Friday, the St. Clair County Community College baseball team packed their mitts and bats, tossed on their caps and ditched the friendly confines of campus for the fresh, smooth, green grass of the “Volunteer State.” Led by new Head Coach Mike Greene, SC4’s boys of summer have hit the road for an 11 game spring trip throughout Tennessee to kick of the 2012 season. “I’m excited for down south,” said Greene. He expects to return from the trip with a record of 8-3, and possibly even 9-2. The Seattle, Washington, native replaces former coach Dennis Dwyer, hoping to bring an end to the coaching carousel that ensued in recent years after the departure of long time head coach, Rick Smith. Along with Assistant

Coach Andrew Buelow, the anxious Greene hopes to bring stability to the program and improve upon the dismal record of 39-101 that reflected the previous three seasons. “I wanna be here for a while and more,” said Greene, who also believes the team will be competing this season for a Michigan Community College Athletic Association championship. Hoping to advance to the NJCAA Region 12 Playoffs, in Battle Creek, Greene leads the well- balanced 25 man roster into the season, intending to build upon an impressive fall campaign. He plans to take advantage of being overlooked by the other teams in the conference. With a favorable non-league schedule, the Skippers look to get off on a very hot start. After receiving the job late, Greene was forced to leave the state to recruit.

“We had to recruit from outside of the state because I got the job after all the Michigan kids had already signed,” Greene said. The team consists of four players from Seattle, one from Mississippi and one from Texas. The pitching staff is led by left handed ace, Tim O’Callaghan. The imposing, 21 year-old sophomore leads a tall group of pitchers that throw in the mid 80’s range. Greene is very high on the staff and expects it will catch a lot of teams by surprise. There are also high hopes for O’Callaghan. The lefty is expected to win, and eventually transfer to play at a four year college. “He’s a lefty with upgrade…..awesome curveball. He’s gonna go somewhere,” said Greene. First Baseman Donavon Rigel returns to lead a young but talented Skippers infield. The former

Auburn Hills Avondale stand-out provides excellent leadership, as well as ability. The Skippers possess a speedy outfield that will make it tough on opponents looking for hits. The squad is centered by sophomore Charles Melvin from Redford, Michigan. He is a speedy leadoff hitter

who can hit and bunt, and hopes to be SC4’s offensive catalyst. Mickal Helton, a pitcher from Tacoma, Washington, enjoys playing for Greene despite the cold Michigan weather. He is enthusiastic for the opportunity and is excited to be part of the SC4 team. “We have alotta

guys from outta state. We’ve become close and are all really good friends, great teammates and just can’t wait to play ball,” said Helton. The Skippers home opener is scheduled for March 3 at 2 p.m., against Grand Valley State Club. The game will be played at Sanborn Park.

Photo by Sean Winters under a Creative Commons licence


Erie Square Gazette, Port Huron, MI

Thursday Feb 23, 2012

Campus Board ok’s project, SC4 to get facelift

Model image of the McMorran Greenway and Street Closure project at St. Clair County Community College. Photo provided by SC4 Public Relations.

Michael Scott Staff Writer

new, and both exciting and young again. The vote was passed St. Clair County with a unanimous Community College decision, receiving looks old, beat-up and seven votes from boring, suggesting that the seven present perhaps her best days members. are behind her. “The board has However, on approved it as a Thursday, Feb.9, project and we are in in the M- Tech the final stages now of Center located to getting all the ducks the northeast part in a row in terms of of campus, the SC4 agreement with the Board of Directors city,” said Chairman of voted to approve the Board, John Adair. the start of a capital The vote to approve project that will make the development the campus freshly project further

Twana Pinskey Editor-in-Chief

progresses and formalizes a plan already approved by the city of Port Huron. The McMorran Greenway and Street Closure project will offer dramatic changes to the SC4 campus. McMorran Boulevard will be vacated by the city, and closed from Erie Street to River Street. The new construction will essentially equip SC4 with a “front door” to campus by providing an entrance sign welcoming

visitors or students to the college, as well as a newly landscaped courtyard. River Street will remain open so that cars will be able to get in and out of the parking lot. However, modifications to the road will be made. “Bids to contractors have already been sent out. SC4 hopes to receive them back within the next month to start construction by tearing up the roads right after graduation for the winter semester. This project is just the first of many for SC4. Five capital projects are in the works all together,” offers SC4 President, Dr. Kevin A. Pollock. Pollack also maintained that the funds for the project have been raised by the SC4 Foundation. It is very important the people and students realize that none of the

New York bound

beach anywhere warm. For students from St Clair County Ah, spring break. For Community College’s some college students Global Awareness it means the chance to Club, it means going frolic in the sun on a to New York on an

educational trip. According to GAC club President, Rachel Kobylas, the club’s newest members have been actively involved, assisting

with locating lodging and developing the trip itinerary. “I have been most impressed by the leadership qualities and ‘go get ‘em’

money for this project is coming from tuition or tax dollars. It is all donations. The five capital projects will also include the expansion of the Natural Science Museum in the Mackenzie Building, the historical restoration of Room 312 in the Main Building, a plan to create a Campus Innovation Center and provide campus signage. “It’s an exciting project,” says Adair, “It will be exciting to see something move on campus and make some improvements.” The benefits of the project are both fundamental and secondary. The fundamental benefit is the safety of the high volume of students and pedestrians crossing through the busy intersection of

McMorran and Erie, with the secondary benefits being esthetics or “looks” of the campus. “At the same time of accomplishing safety, we will be developing areas for students to pass through or sit down and relax. It will provide a traditional college feel,” also stated Adair. For now things look bright for the future of St. Clair County Community College. Students are both excited and leery for the improvements to begin. Caylee Gordon, a 19 year-old first year student at SC4 said, “It’s gonna be cool and make our campus feel more connected, but it’s gonna cause the fire trucks to have to go all the way around and take more time to respond to emergency calls.”

spirit within these members,” said Kobylas. According to Kobylas, the trip takes place from March 5-10.

Kobylas explained that a portion of nearly every day of the trip will be spent at either New York University or Columbia University.

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Erie Square Gazette, Port Huron, MI

Thursday Feb 23, 2012


Meghan Grady Student Writer

New business math teacher at SC4

many unexpected compliments from students who Whether it is with expressed their students or staff, appreciation on one thing that is how their success certain at SC4 is the was solely based on fact that each and her guidance and every semester our knowledge. She went family here is always on to explain how growing. accepting a tutoring One of the more position was thought recent additions to of as just a job, but had SC4 is Business Math realized quickly that teacher, Shannon the faculty all work as Cruickshank. a team and really are Even though “a true family.” Cruickshank is a Cruickshank holds newer teacher here at a B.A. in Accounting SC4, these campus from right here at grounds are not SC4, and is currently unfamiliar to the SC4 pursuing an MBA at alumnus and current Walsh College. TRiO tutor. If you thought that According to she was busy enough, Cruickshank, tutoring she explained that she has brought her was also in the process

of taking the second athlete on. about the question out of four Michigan As the interview asked; what can you CPA exams. proceeded, identify that most Marysville is Cruickshank thought people don’t know Cruickshank’s hometown, which she resides in with her husband, Pat, their two children Jake (Junior) and Carly (Sophomore) as well as their two dogs. To this present day, Cruickshank is very much involved in the affairs in Marysville, specifically at Marysville High School, not only as an alumnus, but as the parent of two current students. She has even joined other parents in starting the Marysville High School Golf Team, which her Photo provided by Shannon Cruickshank daughter, Carly, is an

about you? As she paused, her husband gave her an idea; they had described Cruickshank to be extremely organized and takes her, and others’, education very seriously. These two components seem to be the exact equation to why all of her students become successful. Some of Cruickshank’s hobbies are golf, reading a book other than a textbook, walks by the St. Clair River and spending Sundays cooking with her family and friends over some fabulous cuisine.

Students receive help to fund their education Liz Whittemore Photo Editor

Community College, in room 150 of the MTEC building, On Sunday, Feb.12, financial aid advisors 2012, close to 180 helped those who students and family attended fill out the members attended free application for College Goal Sunday. federal student aid. From 2-4 p.m. at “We help students St. Clair County and families all day

every day fill out the form, but it’s a place where we can help multiple families at one time,” said Josephine Cassar, Director of Financial Assistance and Services at SC4. “It’s one way that we

SC4 Registrar Carrie Bearss assists a woman filling out the FAFSA at College Goal Sunday Feb.12, 2012. Photo by Liz Whittemore

help give back to the community.” College Goal Sunday happens usually every February and is a national event, having begun in Indiana in 1989. 40 states and Washington, D.C. planned events this year. This year was St. Clair County Community College’s seventh year participating in College Goal Sunday. “If it’s easier for families to come in on a Sunday, so they don’t have the typical running home from work to get dinner on the table and still get the professional assistance that they need; then I think it’s

The legacy lives

Alyssha Ginzel Managing Editor

centers, prisons, nursing homes and museums, as well as She said no, and in Australia, Germany the Montgomery Bus and Scotland, as an Boycott ignited. exchange student The moment Rosa for Michigan State Parks refused to give University. up her bus seat was Chapman an iconic moment incorporates audience in the Civil Rights participation while Movement, as well performing a skit, fully as African American costumed, embodying history, and was and communicating definitive in ensuring the attitudes and equality and progress tribulations throughout for generations to Rosa Parks’ life. come. Alyssa Ferri, a But Rosa Parks did sophomore music more than refuse to student of SC4 and give up a bus seat, President of the SC4 and with the help Music Club, said she of storyteller Rosie attended Chapman’s Chapman, students performance of Harriet of SC4 will have the Tubman in the winter opportunity to witness, of 2011 and definitely “The Life and Times plans to go to this of Rosa Parks” on year’s performance. Thursday, Feb. 23, at The Thursday at noon in the Fine Arts Noon Concert series Theater. is a free admission Rosie Chapman, performance. a social worker For more at Utica Schools, information, call (810) has performed for 989-5709. churches, juvenile

Walsh College has over $300,000 in scholarships available for new undergraduate students who enroll in spring classes. Registration begins February 20.


a great opportunity,” said Cassar. Students were asked to bring either their 2011 tax forms, W2, or 1099 forms with them to fill out the form. “Applying for financial aid helps remove some of the barriers, financial barriers that could be there for students. We need to see more and more students going to college and completing their degree. This is a way that they can access some funds to help them complete their educational goals,” said Cassar. SC4 student Amanda Coffelt, 19, from Jeddo found attending College Goal Sunday

beneficial. “It was useful because they help you figure out how to answer the questions,” said Coffelt. Students that attended and filled out a survey for College Goal Sunday have a chance at winning six statewide scholarships being offered by organizers for the event. There is one $1,000 scholarship, two $500 scholarships, and three $250 scholarships students have a chance at winning. Drawings for the scholarships will be on May 1, 2012, to be used for the following academic year.


Erie Square Gazette, Port Huron, MI

Thursday Feb 23, 2012

Community Your money, your education Russell Kovar Guest Writer

rescinding $3.5 billion, of an estimated $34 billion in tax breaks Two words, free granted to Michigan tuition. corporations annually. Michigan state The structure of the Senate Democrats are Michigan 2020 Plan currently in the final is loosely based on stages of drafting a Kalamazoo’s Promise piece of legislation program, which has that guarantees offered Kalamazoo free tuition to any area graduates four Michiganian K-12 years of free tuition at graduate who wishes one of 43 schools in to continue past high the state of Michigan school into postsince 2005. secondary education. In that time the The bill, called program has had the Michigan 2020 85% of its total 2,300 Plan, would offset students attaining/ the median $9,575 remaining in the it costs annually to process of attaining go to college in the their degree. state of Michigan by The bill comes at

an important point in time for students as state funding for public universities has dropped over 65% in the last decade, leaving the increasingly heavy burden of tuition hikes on students’ backs. One such student is Tony Perez, 20, a Ft. Gratiot native who expressed concerns over tuition hikes recently. “Tuition bills have been killing students lately, more kids have been going to community colleges and things like that instead of more expensive institutions

like U of M or MSU not because they’re not smart enough to get in, but because they simply can’t afford it,” said Perez. Perez also vocalized his support for the plan saying, “It’s a great idea, it’s good for the state, it’ll help keep people in Michigan not to mention make Michigan attractive to outsiders as well.” Perez added that it would be nice to be able to go to a bigger school without having to get some kind of special scholarship or grant. Michigan state Senator and

Sail away

Democratic leader Gretchen Whitmer, D-East Lansing, spoke in favor of the plan last week upon its introduction to iterate her support. “Study after study after study has emphasized the importance of a highly educated workforce in the economic vitality of any state in the 21st century,” said Whitmer, continuing on later to let her fellow senators know, “It’s not about whether Michigan can afford to do this, it’s whether we can afford not to.” According to the official website for

the Michigan 2020 plan “education is economic development” and Michigan’s path to economic revival lies in the establishment of a “knowledge economy” or an economy that relies on “intellectual capital.” The Michigan 2020 Plan plans to utilize many world class institutions of higher learning already present in the state of Michigan to make what the website calls “the single best investment a state can make in its job market ...”

Dan Nichols preparing food, as Jennifer Keener assists guests. Photo by Christina Stoutenburg

Christina Stoutenburg Business Editor “I don’t think there’s anything like it in Port Huron,” said Dan Nichols, owner of Sail Away Cafe. “It really reminds me of being in New England somewhere.” Having reopened on Nov. 28, the Sail Away Cafe offers a variety of panini sandwiches, soups, salads, and a full espresso bar. Specialty drinks are created by Katie Voss, a professional barista of 12 years. “She is the personality of this cafe,” descried Nichols. Gluten and vegetarian friendly, Nichols, who is a professional chef of about 13 years, sees these as “opportunities not problems.” Horomone-free meats and organic, fair trade coffee are offered as well and everything is

prepared from scratch. Free Wi-Fi is available to guests. The cafe has the ability for both in house and out of house catering, which enables them to accommodate small parties. Already offering take-out, Nichols hopes to start a lunch box program in which a meal would be ordered by guests and then delivered. A full Italian gelato bar is another aspiration, which he hopes to achieve by June. The cafe is open every day during the week, Monday thru Friday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. “We would be open later, if we had a reason to be,” noted Nichols, “We are here for you, not viseversa.” Sail Away Cafe is located at 231 Huron Ave, Port Huron.

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Erie Square Gazette, Port Huron, MI

Community / Opinion

Clay’s Chaos Column

Clay Kimball Webmaster


Memes, memes everywhere! Lately the influx of memes has brought the concept to a mainstream light. Sites such as 9gag. com and Facebook allow for the majority of internet users to share laughs through common images. While the majority of the public may view these on Facebook and other social sites, let’s not forget the origin of these macros. It is debated as to which site copied the other, two sites have been deemed the originators of most current memes: Reddit and 4chan. 4chan is a very controversial “imageboard” known for its housing of anonymous internet activist

Thursday Feb 23, 2012

Blue Water happenings

organizations and profane content. It is here that it is said that the worst of the internet spawns and the “hackers on steroids,” quoth Fox news, gather. Reddit, on the other hand, is a tamer link-board known for political activism and charity. Reddit divides in hundreds of smaller sub-reddits, each for individual interests. In these sub-reddits, specialized memes are created and recreated, such as Good Guy Greg and Condescending Willy Wonka. The two sites’ members are always at odds with each other over who started memes and who copies the other. Despite the Twana Pinskey differences, to an Editor-in-Chief outside observer they are heralded as the prime source of • Saturday Feb. 25, 10 a.m.: hilarious images on Ice Fantasies the internet. Ice Show at If you have McMorran any questions for Arena, Port me, send them Huron. Price to eriesquare for event is: gazettewm@gmail. adults $10, $6 com. I may feature students and the answer to your senior citiquestion online or in zens; $25 for a future issue. on-ice table. For informa-

tion, call (810) 985-6166. • Rabies Vaccine Day at the Tractor Supply Company 1400 32nd street Port Huron. Saturday Feb. 25 from 10 a.m. to noon. This event features rabies vaccines, 2012 dog licenses for St. Clair County dog owners. Cats



Guest lecturer Joe Vicari, President and CEO of Andiamo Restaurant Group

The Business of Fine Dining Tuesday, March 27, 2012 7 p.m. Madonna University | Franciscan Center 36600 Schoolcraft Road, Livonia, MI 48150 PLEASE JOIN US FOR THIS INFORMATIVE, FREE LECTURE

R.S.V.P. at 734-432-5356 or

welcome. Cost is $25.00 for altered dog, $35.00 for unaltered dog, $15.00 for rabies vaccine only. Cash only. This event is sponsored by: Humane Society of St. Clair County/SNAP (Spay Neuter Adopt Protect) program. For more information call (810) 984-3835. • Sunday, Feb. 26, author visit and book signing at the Atrium Café and Ice Cream Parlor 1519 Military St. Port Huron. St Clair County Community College alumnus, and author; Dr. Robert Coulter who wrote “Four Years, Four Months and TwentyThree Days,” will visit at 10:30 a.m., signing copies of his book that will be available for sale.

• Friday, March 2, Beatrice Thornton Art Exhibition at the SC4 Fine Arts Bldg. 323 Erie Street, Port Huron. Student art work from area middle schools and high schools. • Saturday, March 3, American Wild West Exhibit at the Knowlton Ice Museum. 317 Grand River Ave., Port Huron, MI 48060. Hours are 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. For event information call: (810) 987-5441 • Sunday, March 4, Artist of the Month. Studio 1219’s Spiral Gallery presents work by SC4 alumnus, Valerie Hostus from noon-5 p.m. at 1219 Military St., Port Huron, MI 48060. For information call (810) 984-2787.

Correction Corner In issue 60.9, article “Coast 2 coast: SC4 philosopher aims to build department,” Oana Suditu’s name was misspelled,

and her country of origin was incorrect. Oana Suditu is from Romania. We apologize for the mistake.


Erie Square Gazette, Port Huron, MI


T-birds tidbits

Twana Pinskey Editor-in-Chief With the hectic schedule I have, it is not often I get to sit down and eat a good meal in the company of friends, followed by watching a good movie. Over the weekend, I watched brothers, Stephen and Alex Kendrick’s movie “Courageous.” This movie documented the lives of police officers that faced struggles relating to responsibilities, and sometimes the mistakes made as fathers. The Kendrick brothers also made the movies, “Facing the Giants” and “Fireproof.”

The common link for all three of these movies is the fact they has been labeled by Hollywood as “Christian movies” or “Faith-based” movies. It was refreshing to watch a movie presented in a way that showed real struggles faced by any parent that has doubts about what kind of a job they are doing raising their children. What was so refreshing was it was presented in a humorous and at times heart wrenching manner, without blood, gore, swearing and X-rated scenes. I guess I am getting fickle as I age. I find I don’t need all the trappings of a secular world movie to be entertained I find I can watch

a movie with a fast paced scene, my heart racing, and be entertained without scenes that have murder, swearing, blood and gore. Movie reviewer, Roger Moore of the Orlando Sentinel, labeled the movie as a “myopic, melodrama movie.” The movie did not fare well with other mainstream movie critics either. Web site, www. rottentomatoes .com slams the film as a “preach to the choir” film that only “faithful” would find interesting. For those of us who are parents, no matter what our spiritual beliefs or non-beliefs maybe, we all struggle with occasional doubts of how well we are parenting. This movie has a message for anyone, no matter what their beliefs are. Do we really need the trappings of a “Hollywood” movie to seek solace or validation that we are doing an ok job raising our kids?

Thursday Feb 23, 2012

Photo Poll

Zachary Penzien Production Editor Liz whittemore Photo Editor

How do you feel about the closing off Erie street?

Tara Turpin Liberal arts Port Huron “I think it’s a good idea. I won’t have to worry about getting hit on my way to the Main Building.”

Danielle Mertz Undeclared Port Huron “I think it’s kind of stupid, lots of people use that street.”

Adrienne Ervin Liberal arts Port Huron “I think it’s smart, people drive crazy down that street.”

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