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Volume 60, Issue 8

Thursday Jan 26, 2012

Remembering the legacy: Ten years of celebrating King at SC4

Twana Pinskey Editor-in-Chief

King, a civil Kimbro explained Services, Adjunct effort, it never rights leader, was the message of Instructor, Business stops (battle against killed in Memphis, equality still needs Administration racism),” said Miller. The message of Tennessee, on April to be taught. Department and the Jerilyn Brown, equality rings as 4, 1968. “It begins at chair of the Global President of the loudly today as it did According to home. It is up to Diversity Council, Port Huron branch 44 years ago. event founder, the parents to teach said this event is one of the NAACP, St. Clair County Geri Kimbro, this our children,” said of the ways to bring addressed the Community College event was started Kimbro. diversity to the SC4 audience, explaining hosted their Tenth “It takes a whole village to do away with racism.” - Geri Kimbro. Annual Martin Kimbro said she students. she felt community Luther King Jr. Day to assure King’s Master of involvement to be Celebration Monday, message would not had the opportunity be forgotten. to meet King and his ceremonies, very important. Jan 16, 2012 at the Kimbro is also a wife in 1967-1968. Reverend Tony “There are still a fine arts building. “I actually sang in Miller, explained few of us that have According to SC4 member of the SC4 Global Diversity a church choir with that so many years not picked up the Public Relations Advisory Council Coretta King,” said after his death, King cross, especially Director, Shawn and a SC4 alumnus. Kimbro. is still doing stuff for in these tough Starkey, over 200 Pete Lacey, SC4 our community and economic times,” people attended the Kimbro gave the introduction at the Vice President nation. said Brown. event. event. of Student “It is a continual Brown feels that

SC4 alumnus Geri Kimbro, SC4 MLK event founder, and member of SC4 Global Diversity Council.

if more people don’t get involved, than our country is in danger of losing an entire generation. “I am surprised at the number of kids who don’t know who Dr. King is,” said Brown. Kimbro also felt it important to continue informing and reaching out to youth in our communities. “It takes a whole village to do away with racism,” said Kimbro.

SC4 student, Alesandra Christmas performed an inspirational dance during the event.

South Park Men’s Chorus, under the direction of John Kidd, sang gospel songs at the event.

Photos By: Twana Pinskey


Erie Square Gazette, Port Huron, MI

Thursday Jan 26, 2012

ESG Staff

Editor-in-Chief Twana Pinskey

Twana Pinskey Editor-in-Chief

John Lusk Advisor

Production Editor Zack Penzien

Zack Penzien Production Editor

Buisness Editor Christina Stoutenburg Copy Editor Danielle Kennedy Managing Editor Alyssha Ginzel Web Master Clay Kimball Photo Editor Liz Whittemore Sports Editor Christian McGeachy Adviser John Lusk ESG Contact Info: Email: eriesquaregazette@ Address: 323 Erie St Port Huron MI 48060 Editor’s Note: All views expressed in editorials and columns contained within the ESG are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the views of the ESG or any of its advertisers. We welcome feedback!

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Twana Pinskey is a journalism major and current Editor-in-Chief of the Erie Square Gazette. She is a NCSL (National Certified Student Leader), and a member of Phi Theta Kappa-Lambda Mu Honors Society. Pinskey is a parttime broadcast journalist for WPHM AM 1380 at Radio First here in Port Huron. After completing her education, she plans to pursue freelance work as a photo journalist.

John Lusk is in his twenty-sixth year of teaching at SC4, and has been reading newspapers since he could. In his fifteenth year as adviser to the Erie Square Gazette, Lusk hopes to continue working with the best students on campus for a few more years.

Zack Penzien is the Production Editor at the ESG. He is an “artist”, and sometimes a writer, in his spare time. He is the creator of the comic “All for Show” on the ESG site. Zack also writes and runs a gamma world D&D. If you want to see more of his stuff, find him at

Clay Kimball Webmaster Danielle Kennedy Copy Editor

Christina Stoutenburg Business Manager

Christina Stoutenburg, 22, is a resident of Smiths Creek and is the Business Manager for the Erie Square Gazette. Stoutenburg is currently unsure about her major, but has an interest in TV broadcasting.

Clay Kimball, 17, is a dual enrollment student and the Webmaster for the Erie Square Gazette. Kimball currently attends Port Huron Northern High School, but spends most of his school days working towards an associate’s degree in Engineering Transfer and Physics.

Alyssha Ginzel Managing Editor Liz Whittemore Photo Editor

Christian McGeachy Sports Editor

Christian McGeachy is a sophomore at St. Clair County Community College. McGeachy plans to transfer to Central Michigan University and major in Broadcasting and Cinematic Arts. His hometown is Marine City and he is the current Sports Editor for Erie Square Gazette.

A returning SC4 alumnus, Danielle Kennedy is the current Copy Editor for the Erie Square Gazette. Kennedy graduated with a degree in Communications Media back in 2009 and has returned to SC4 to pursue a degree in the field of corrections. Interests include: reading, writing, and the game.

Alyssha N. Ginzel spent her childhood years in Emmett, MI, eventually attending Yale High School. Upon graduating twentyfirst in her class, she enrolled at SC4 and began focusing on English, social science, and psychology courses in hopes of pursuing a career in either journalism or psychology. She plans to tour Europe before furthering her education. Ideally, Alyssha strives to focus on journalism early in life and later, open her own child psychology clinic which advocates healing through the arts.

2010 graduate of Algonac High School, Liz Whittemore is currently a sophomore at SC4 pursuing a career in journalism. Whittemore is a member of Phi Theta Kappa, the Global Awareness Club, and is the Photo Editor for the Erie Square Gazette. The Algonac resident loves going on road trips in her spare time. Whittemore is a terrible bowler. She plans to move to Chicago and go to school in the fall.


Erie Square Gazette, Port Huron, MI

Thursday Jan 26, 2012

ESG Staff Michael Scott Staff Writer

Dale Merrill Staff Writer Dale Merrill is a communications major at SC4 and currently working on his broadcasting and journalism degrees. He is the program director of 91.3fm, the father of two sons, a music and beer snob, and cynic by default.

Michael Scott is currently in his first semester as a member of the Erie Square Gazette. Born and raised in Port Huron, he also graduated from Port Huron Northern High School. At SC4, Scott is currently pursuing his associate’s degree in Journalism. After the completion of his program at SC4, he intends to transfer to a four year university and pursue his bachelor’s degree in either Journalism or Communications. Currently he is a member of Phi Theta Kappa, and is on the President’s Honors List at SC4. He is hoping his experience writing for the school newspaper will help to prepare him for the future, and his desired career as a journalist.

Carol Szparaga Staff Writer

Jesse Schienke Staff Writer Jesse Schienke graduated from L’Anse Creuse High School North in 2010 and is a sophomore at St. Clair County Community College. He is currently writing sports for ESG and plays basketball for the Skippers. Schienke is undecided on his plans for next year, but is interested in pursuing a journalism degree.

Meghan Grady Staff Writer

Beth Holloway Staff Writer

Carol Szparaga, of Columbus Township, is a pre-nursing major that loves: cooking, camping, and home improvement projects. Szparaga joined the school newspaper because she likes that is student involved. It also gives her the opportunity to meet students and staff.

Meghan Grady is a nursing focused SC4 student. Grady grew up in Grosse Pointe near Detroit and currently dually resides in Grosse Pointe and Marysville. She currently works in the medical profession for a family practice in Clinton Township. Special interests include: freelance graphic art, photography, ballroom dancing, any outside activity including softball, tennis, swimming, and movies. Grady is currently striving for a freelance position as an un-official food critique to any restaurant that will have her. Savannah Wilcox Staff Writer

Beth Holloway is one of the new staff writers to join the ranks of the Erie Square Gazette.

Savannah Wilcox is one of the new staff writers to join the ranks of the Erie Square Gazette.


Erie Square Gazette, Port Huron, MI

Thursday Jan 26, 2012


Changes to SC4 campus winter 2012

health insurance and based on it being said Pollock. library workers, “Of course I retirement costs are out of district. There Upon closing the maintenance, and like when the mail still increasing. were less than 30 satellite campus, also security. was delivered here These expenses graduates from the SC4 was able to pull “It doesn’t mean because it saved There have been are going up into the campus this year. resources from the it’s always going to me from having to some changes to thirtieth percentile These graduates Bad Axe campus to remain that way, but remember. I miss SC4 since last mark. This means were able to finish introduce here. SC4 until we can really it, but I understand semester. that for every their degree, but is able to introduce get a handle on our the reason why,” Among these dollar spent on an starting this semester two new programs budgets and make said Kim Kelley, changes: the “Closing the Bad Axe facility; it was a very difficult decision. But it is part of many decisions that campus library now we’re using to help make sure that we have the budget in place.” -Dr. Kevin Pollock will be closed on employee, 30 cents no new students this semester: Health sure everything’s Secretary of the Sundays, the Bad of that has to go were added. and Information there, it’s just Communications Axe campus closing, toward the state. Those that worked Technology another thing that Department. and there will be no According to in Bad Axe were and Radiologic will help us save “We’re way more campus mail Pollock, even if offered positions Technology. some money,” said ahead of a lot of delivery. basic costs stay on the Port Huron Also among these Pollock. other institutions These changes level, the school campus, but many changes to cut costs What’s more to and we’ve been were necessary due could still be looking decided it was time is the campus library the changes is that very good about to budget issues for at a $1-3 million to retire. will not be open on there will no longer maintaining our the college. deficit. “Closing the Bad Sundays. be mail delivery on resources,” said According to Dr. “We don’t want to Axe facility; it was According to campus. Pollock. “This next Kevin Pollock, balance anything on a very difficult Pollock, research According to year coming up and President of St. Clair the student’s backs, decision. But it was conducted that Pollock, previously the year after that are County Community but the only revenue is part of many found that less than one worker would going to be the most College, the college source we actually decisions that we’re ¼ of 1% of our deliver the mail to difficult. And once has three revenue are in control of is using to help make students utilize the the entire campus. we go through those, sources: tuition, state our tuition,” said sure that we have the library on Sundays. Now it is the I think we’ll be able funding, and local Pollock. budget in place, and To have the library responsibility of to really see where taxes. All of these The decision to we’re also utilizing open on Sundays each department to we are.” are decreasing, but close the Bad Axe our resources in the means having the send one person to expenses such as campus was largely most efficient way,” building staffed with pick up their mail. Liz Whittemore Photo Editor

Melts in your ears, not in your hands by day and making peculiar pop songs at night, the band, Sounds from Sarnia consisting of the Giresi brothers Mike, will fill a downtown Port Huron Saturday Matt and Marcus evening, Jan 28th, as know, that like the Chocolate Robots serving up a tasty pie, bring their gooey and music takes many different ingredients spicy tunes to the and toppings to make Roche Bar. it stand out and be Working in their family’s pizza parlor something special. Dale Merrill Staff Writer

Chilly Fest Meghan Grady Staff Writer

Want a break from the “winter blues”? There will be plenty of fun, and not to mention chili, at the Port Huron’s Chilly Fest. The festival is Jan. 28-29 and Feb. 3-5. Tickets can be purchased as a one day pass for $10, or a weekend pass for $25 with $1 of each wristband going towards Port Huron’s 2012 fireworks. To purchase tickets please phone (810) 984-9790, or for more information visit downtownporthuron .org. The festival will have everything from: ice carvings, chili cook-offs, snowmobile drag races, live bands, carriage rides, children’s activities, and more. There will also be the newly added ‘Red Wings Alum Meet and Greet’ and free hot chocolate all day.

From their cupboard Brian Eno era Roxy Music and the prime of choices of 80’s avant pop such as XTC serve as a base for their sound. Add generous toppings of the Pixies, the Strokes and Arcade Fire and lightly sprinkle it unexpected flavors ranging from

the murder blues of Son House to the whimsical singa-longs of young children’s TV show “Yo Gabba Gabba” and it shows the band brings something familiar to lots yet distinctive to itself. Also scheduled to appear on the bill are the fuzzy noise pop

Erie Square Gazette expands junior journalist program Danielle Kennedy Copy Editor The ‘Erie Square Gazette Goes to…’ began in Hannah Palmer’s third grade classroom at Woodrow Wilson Elementary School during the winter 2011 semester. Erie Square Gazette staff assisting potential future journalists with the creation of their own paper. Though still in its infancy stage, the program has already begun to expand. From third graders to fifth graders, the ESG started the winter 2012 semester by visiting the fifth grade classes of Kathy Cilluffo and Becky Krafft at Cleveland Elementary. According to ESG Editor-in-Chief, Twana Pinskey, the expansion of the program came about when a teacher at Cleveland Elementary, a Kim Reno, expressed interest in the program. Unable to participate in the program herself, Reno

put Pinskey in contact with Cilluffo and the ball just kept rolling from there. “I think the program really helps out, especially for certain age groups who seemed to really appreciate us visiting them,” said ESG Advertising/Business Manager, Christina Stoutenburg, who took part in the fall 2011 ‘Erie Square Gazette Goes to Woodrow Wilson’ as well. “In school we never had anything like that (the program), and it probably would have been pretty cool to have,” said Stoutenburg. ESG Production Editor, Zachary

Penzien, echoed Stoutenburg’s sentiment. Penzien believes the program to be a good one, and enjoys working with the kids. He feels that is opens the students up to writing as an option for a future career. Pinskey hopes that the program is one that will continue to grow and not die off when it comes time for her to depart from the ESG. “I believe it (the program) does benefit the children. It also meets one of the college’s goal which are how do we reach children,” said Pinskey, “And this is a great way to reach the kids.”

Becky Krafft’s fifth grade class. Photo Credit: Twana Pinskey

sounds of Detroit’s Instant Party and the moody, brooding alternative folk/blues of Sarnia’s Dorothy’s Hazarai. The Roche Bar is located at 405 Quay Street in downtown Port Huron. Shows starts at 10 p.m. with dj’s spinning strictly vinyl record before

and between bands. No cover. 21 and over. The Chocolate Robots latest release, Pizza Face, can be found at Cheeky Monkey and Red Vinyl in Sarnia or by connecting with the band through their website. http://www. chocolaterobots .com/

Pets of the Issue Brandy Standefer Guest Writer


Bart is a domestic white short hair. He is a medium sized adult, neutered, up-to-date with routine shots, and house-trained. Bart had been living at a local vet, but he looks forward to finding his new home. Won’t you be the one to give him that? His adoption fee is only $75.

Photo Credit: Sanilac County Humane Society


Milkshake is a small, young, male maltese/ poodle mix. He is white and cream colored, with medium length hair. He is neutered, up-to-date with routine shots and is semi house-trained. He is still fairly young and will need help learning the ways of living in a home, but is very lovable and loves to dance around your feet. Please call for more inquiry’s if you would like to adopt this little fur ball of fun.

To help cover adoption fees, an anonymous supporter has offered to help cover the cost of any pet featured in the Erie Square Gazette. For more information on adopting these pets, contact the Sanilac County Humane Society at (810)657-8962, or e-mail them at societypets @att. net. You can also visit their webpage and check out the other adorable adoptees at www .petfinder .com/ shelters/ MI278.html. For more information call 989-5584.


Erie Square Gazette, Port Huron, MI

Opinion Christian’s Column

know about the BAFTAs due to the fact they are from the British, but it does include a lot of American film and television. Also, when a lot of actors, actresses and films get nominated in all of these awards, Christian McGeachy Winning for the first it’s almost a guarantee Sports Editor time was Michelle to go to the Academy Williams, for her role Awards. On Jan.15, many in “My Week With The Eighty-Fourth Hollywood stars Marilyn.” Academy Awards enjoyed a night of Best Picture will be on Feb. 26 on eating, drinking drama went to “The ABC. Already people and listening to Descendants,” and are making their the hilarious Ricky comedy went to “The predictions, and I will Gervais burn them Artist.” do the same. at the Sixty-Ninth Though the Golden Without a question, Annual Golden Globe Globes are over, there Best Supporting Awards. are a lot of other Actress will be The Golden Globes movie award shows Octavia Spencer is an award show still to come. from “The Help” that recognizes great On, Jan. 29 is the and Best Supporting achievements for Screen Actors Guild Actor will go to television and film Awards (SAGs) Christopher Plummer from the past year. on TNT and TBS. for “Beginners.” Many recognizable Nominations are Best Actress stars came out and fairly similar to the and Best Actor are received awards for Golden Globes, but a different story their achievements the film categories are with so many great presented by the not split into comedy performances it’s so Hollywood Foreign and drama. All actors hard to choose. I will Press. and actresses from be between Brad Pitt George Clooney either genre can be for “Moneyball” and won for best actor up for Best Actor, George Clooney for in a motion picture - Best Actress, Best “The Descendants.” drama for his role in Ensemble and Best Also, Viola Davis for “The Descendants.” Picture. “The Help” and Meryl Meryl Streep won best Then on Feb. 12, the Streep for “The Iron actress in a motion British Academy of Lady” will fight it out. picture - drama for Film and Television All and all, this is the “The Iron Lady,” Arts (BAFTAs) hold best time for movies which was her eighth their award show. and I can’t wait to Golden Globe of Many people don’t watch the results. her historical career.

Thursday Jan 26, 2012

Photo Poll

Carol Szparaga Staff Writer

“What is your favorite class this semester and why?” Caitlin Combs Port Huron Teacher “Fundamental of acting. It has helped me open up, because I was really shy in high school. This has helped my career.”

Lexy Aslakson Algonac Psychology “Physics, I love science and I know what I’m doing naturally.”

Steven Kronnich Algonac Animation “It would probably be the computer class, it is lots of fun. The teacher makes it fun.”

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Erie Square Gazette, Port Huron, MI


Christina Stoutenburg Business/Advertising Manager “We have them. I just don’t know what they are,” said Dylan Brown, in regards to the college’s tutoring options. St. Clair County Community College offers free tutoring

Help is on the way!

options in order to help struggling students. Help is available from both fellow students and teachers. What’s available? “I know there’s accounting and the Writing Center,” said Mike Keith. “But if there’s more than that I don’t really know anything about them.”

Located in Room 100 of the Clara E. Mackenzie Building(CEM) is the Math Center. Open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Thursday, students can use the Math Center as a study area or receive tutoring and math problem help from both students and teachers.

sponsor their next blood drive on Feb. 6 and 7 from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. at the CEM bldg. on campus. Sarah Mineau, Phi Theta Kappa-Lambda Mu Vice President of Fellowship, said the September 2011 collection drive collected 50 pints of blood. According to Mineau, their goal of total pints collected was lowered for this drive due to low

numbers at the last drive in November. Mineau felt the bad weather during the November 2011 drive kept donors away. Walk in donors are accepted, however you can avoid wait time by booking your appointment time in advance, says Mineau. For information on donating blood, e-mail Mineau at: musicalone

Give life

Twana Pinskey Editor-in-Chief

Acts of charity often require monetary donation to benefit lives of others in need. Collection drives like those sponsored by Phi Theta KappaLambda Mu require little more than rolling up one’s sleeve and sharing the gift of life, blood. Phi Theta KappaLambda Mu, honor society at SC4, will

Thursday Jan 26, 2012

The Writing Center in the Main Building, Room 121, has 30-minute tutoring sessions available for appointments, or a first-come first-served walk-in service. Help is available for more than just English classes. Hours are 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday as well

as 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Wednesday. More tutoring subjects such as BIO 100, all Psychology classes, SPC 101 and more, are available in the Achievement Center, Room B100 in the College Center. Hours and subjects vary by the day of the week. A tutoring schedule can be found

on the SC4 website, under the ‘Current Students’ link. While many free tutoring options are available, students can also ask professors, or fellow students, for assistance. Paid tutoring is another option for students in need of help with classes.

According to Sarah Mineau, Phi Theta Kappa-Lambda Mu Vice President of Fellowship, the goal of pints to collect for the Feb. 6 and 7 drive was lowered due to low numbers at the last drive in November of 2011. Photo Credit: Twana Pinskey

Pianist Pauline Martin mesmerizes

Alyssha Ginzel Managing Editor

Chopin. The technical and meticulous compositions proved The audience was to evoke suspense and entranced Thursday, awe from a crowd Jan. 19, by pianist where even small Pauline Martin’s children remained skillful and articulate silent, seemingly hour long performance fixated by the pieces’ in the theater of the emotion. Fine Arts Building. Not coincidentally, Recited all from Martin claims, “I have memory, Martin to be moved by the conveyed an eerie, piece. If it doesn’t almost painful speak to me, than how aura with hopeful can I expect it to move undertones in three an audience?” pieces by Franz Music has always Schubert, Maurice been a part of Martin’s Ravel, and Frederic life. With a piano

teacher for a mother, Martin began officially taking lessons at the age of five, but dabbled with piano even before then. Even after performing with such groups as the Detroit Symphony Civic Orchestra, the New American Chamber Orchestra, and the Detroit Chamber Winds and Strings, Martin still claims to occasionally get nervous before performing. She is currently writing

a book about performance anxiety. Anxiety slowly diminishes with experience, but nothing cures anxiety better than preparation. Hard work is a crucial ingredient to any aspiring musician, according to Martin. Her advice to fellow musicians is to seek people who inspire and encourage, and to find a good teacher. “There may be a very good teacher, but

he may not be a good teacher for you,” said Martin. Martin advises any musician to truly understand why it is they play, and what it is they need to share. “Go to music festivals, seek out fellow musicians, and always look to improve.” Martin has previously performed at SC4 in a motherson duo, and hopes to return soon. The Thursday at Noon Concert Series

is a free admission event with new acts once every month. All students are encouraged to come and witness a variety of talent in the arts. The next concert series, held on Feb. 23, will feature storyteller Rosie Chapman bringing to life the story of Rosa Parks. For more information regarding the Concert at Noon Series, call (810) 9895709.

Kiss me once, kiss me twice Twana Pinskey Editor-in-Chief St. Clair County Community College’s theatre discipline department held auditions for their production of, “Stop Kiss” by playwright, Diana Son, on Jan. 16 and 17. This comic, romance and crime drama is being directed by SC4 Adjunct Visual and Performing Arts Instructor, Elaine Schatzline-Behr. “Stop Kiss” focuses on Callie, a

Liberal Arts Major, Rae Ann McVeigh of Ann Arbor (left), and Liberal Arts Major, Sean Lathrop of Port Huron, await their turn to audition for the production of “Stop Kiss” Jan. 17. Photo By Twana Pinskey

traffic reporter, her seven available friendship with Sara, roles. a third grade teacher, Performance dates and what happens as are: March 23, 24 the result of a kiss. and 25 at the fine According to arts theatre. Behr, there were Further 17 students that information on this auditioned for the show is available by

contacting Behr at: epsbehr@, or by calling (810) 9895709.

SC4 Adjunct Visual and Performing Arts Instructor and “Stop Kiss” director, Elaine Schatzline-Behr, gives instructions to students auditioning on Jan. 17. Photo By: Twana Pinskey


Erie Square Gazette, Port Huron, MI

Thursday Jan 26, 2012


“Horrible Bosses” Dragonborn battles

Meghan Grady Staff Writer

It’s safe to assume that the premise in this film has been one some have experienced a time or two; having a horrible boss. The cleverly structured but crude film opens up with thee friends: Nick – the could be manager (Jason Bateman), Kurt-an accountant (Jason Sudeikis) and Dale- a nervous dental assistant. Surprising, their bosses are played by an all-star cast. Kevin Spacey plays a narcissistic control

freak with a side of manipulator. Colin Farrell is almost unrecognizable as a slobby druggie that not only would destroy the business his dad created, but does it with a comb over. Last, but not least, there’s Jennifer Aniston, who doesn’t seem to have much time inbetween harassing, and eventually blackmailing, Dale and being a dentist. This tips Dale and the other boys into homicidal go-mode. Each of their heinous bosses seems to contain the worst of

3 +1 =4

the worst, but quitting their jobs is not an option. They opt for a different option, to get rid of their current situation by getting rid of their bosses. It’s decided that this would be done by hiring a hit man, but expected problems occur due to trying to hire a hit man online and eventually hiring one at an inter-city bar. Fueled by alcohol and poor decisions, the men hilariously devise a plan to permanently rid themselves of their horrible bosses. But the plan is only as clever as the brains that are behind it.

Image used under Creative Commons by Elen Nivrae

Clay Kimball Webmaster There’s nothing better to do on a Sunday morning than killing dragons. Considered “Game of the Year” by Spike Video Game Awards, “Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim” is the most addicting game since “World of Warcraft,” in my opinion. I started playing “Skyrim” three weeks ago and I have already logged over seventy hours into the game. The amazing part of it all is that I am not even close to bored yet. “Skyrim” is an action role-playing game for the Xbox 360, the PS3, and computer systems. The game follows Dovakiin, the Dragonborn, as he tries to stop the threat of the return of the long thought dead dragon race in the land of Skyrim.


(transfer up to 90 credits)


Bethesda, the producers and developers of the “Elder Scrolls” series, designed the world of Skyrim in such a way that there is never a lacking of things to do in game, whether it’s following one of the many main quests, one of the hundreds of secondary quests, or just old fashion dragon hunting. “Skyrim” prides itself on an open world environment, that is to say that the game is played non-linearly and to personal taste. With ten races to choose from and eighteen skill areas to choose from, no two play-throughs will ever be the same. From lizard battle wizards to orcish illusion thieves, any class race combination is possible. Personally, I like my orc axewarrior and my anthropomorphic cat

The legend continues

(of Madonna University classes)

Zack Penzien Production Editor


“Avatar: the Last Airbender” fans unite! The creators of the original series are almost done with a new show set in that world. “The Legend of Korra,” takes place 70 years after the original series, and will follow Korra, the new avatar. For those of you who have not seen the original series, “Avatar: the Last Airbender” takes place in a China inspired fantasy world. The world is filled with hybrid animals, spirits and people who can control or “bend” one of the elements: fire, water, earth, or air. The series fallows

in one of these popular majors:


Learn more at an

OPEN HOUSE Tues., Feb. 21, 3-6 p.m. Fri., March 23, 12-3 p.m. Thur., April 19, 4:30-7 p.m.



University Macomb

University Center

(Macomb University Center Open House)

To RSVP or get more information, contact Linda McIntyre 586-263-6330 ▪ 44575 Garfield Road, UC-1 ▪ Clinton Township, MI 48038

fire mage. Not only that, the game contains freedom that rivals claims made by “Fable’s” hypeman, Peter Molyneux. Hundreds of characters, factions, guilds, and decisions to choose from really puts the roleplaying in RPG. Aside from the game engine, the graphics are amazing. The game uses the new Creation graphics engine, which paints a landscape no words can describe (see photo). If you want weeks of fun, a creative story, infinite possibilities, and mind blowing environments wrapped into one video game, you can’t do any better than “Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.” So get ready, grab your axe, and try not to take an arrow to the knee.

the avatar, a reincarnated individual who can control all the elements and is looked at as a peace keeper between the nations. The new series will follow Korra in her quest to learn to control the final element of air. The setting will be in a new city that has a strong “anti-bending” movement. The world of Korra is one shaped by the events of the original. “Legend of Korra” is coming out in the middle of this year on Nickelodeon and is set to run for 26 episodes. All three seasons of the last series are currently available on DVD.


Erie Square Gazette, Port Huron, MI


Thursday Jan 26, 2012

Skippers fall into losing streak

Christian McGeachy streak. Sports Editor At the end of the first half of Saturday’s “We just need home game, the to become a better Skippers were losing basketball team,” 37 - 27. With many St. Clair County led changes in the Community College final five minutes of basketball coach Dale the game and couple Vos said after his team clutch three’s from lost 68 - 65 to Delta Lionel Hicks, the College last Saturday. Skippers still fell Once again, SC4’s short. basketball team is It seemed St. Clair struck with another County Community lose on the season. College tried to come With the loss to Delta back, but it was too College on Saturday, little too late. Vos said, the Skippers are now “We didn’t play well in a three game losing enough for the first

thirty minutes.” Skippers overall record now is 10 - 9 after Saturday. “We are really down...None of us believe that we are a 10 - 9 basketball team,” said Vos also said, “At one point you are what your record says you are and if you don’t believe that then you have to do something to fix that.” The Skippers fell to their ninth loss of the season by the way of turnovers, missed

opportunities and giving up offensive rebounds for second chance points. When asked about what the team will be focusing on in practice next week, Vos remarked, “ We are going to be focusing playing as a team and playing for each other. I think we are a very talented group and we gotta figure out a way to get all that talent in the same direction.” Hopefully with some good practices next week, the team will

be able set the direction for a “W.” Next home games for the St. Clair County Community College Skippers will be on Jan. 25 against Schoolcraft College, and on Feb. 4 against Kirkland Johnnie Mills (#2) gets blocked by Jody Hill (#3) in Skippers versus Community Delta College game. Photo Credit: College.

Michael Scott Staff Writer

moment there,” said Wells. The cuts of the unfortunate events run deep. Former Port Huron Northern athletic stand-out and Raiders redshirt freshman Kenny Sanders has been affected both athletically and educationally. Instead of remaining at the school, the disappointed football player has left GRCC and enrolled at SC4 for the current semester. Sanders said he was unhappy about the decision. The freshman athlete said there was a sense of failure or let down within the GRCC

program, amongst the players. Sanders further elaborated on the issue by saying, “Everyone doesn’t know the whole story. The school could have a whole new program. The talk within the program among players and coaches is that there were possible sanctions coming. Between that and the money, they decide to give up on the team.” Personally motivated by the setback, Sanders intends to further his education at SC4 for now and eventually transfer to another college to play spring football somewhere. However, he didn’t dismiss

the possibility of going out for the SC4 basketball team next fall. Individuals connected with SC4 and the Skippers athletic department feel very fortunate their programs are intact. Current athletic director and longtime men’s basketball coach, Dale Vos, said that he would be personally devastated if the college’s program fell by the wayside. “I’ve been here since I was 25 years old. In a lot of ways from an employment standpoint, this has been my life’s work. Without question we are fortunate. The support we

Christian McGeachy

GRCC Raiders football sacked!

recent departure of longtime head coach Tony Annese, and an In November, estimated $250,000 the Grand Rapids per year budget, Community College invoked GRCC to feel football team capped it was unnecessary off a banner season by to continue football going undefeated and operations. winning a conference Charlie Wells, the championship. athletic director at On Monday, GRCC, stated on Jan. Jan. 9, the NJCAA 16, that the decision school announced to cancel the program the cancelation of was strictly financial. its football program Wells said that effective immediately. generally, students are After 80 years of not pleased with the fielding a team with decision. a winning tradition, “Students are a the defending big piece. They are Midwest Football saddened. Recently, Conference champions some have lifted their have laid this once heads and things gridiron giant to rest. are returning to According to www. normal but there was, the definitely a somber

receive from the administration, faculty and the board of trustees is incredible. We are aware of the tough economic times and must be more efficient financially. The budget has decreased four years in a row and sacrifices have been made,” said Vos. For now, GRCC is transitioning into a new era of athletics and adapting to the changes. Meanwhile SC4 strives to remain steady and successful in both the areas of athletics and academics. The Raiders program has been sacked. However, the Skippers are driving towards their goals.

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