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Volume 60, Issue 7

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Thursday Dec 8, 2011

Young journalists

Erie Square Gazette staff writer, Christina Stoutenburg, helps the children brainstorm ideas for their article on Nov. 30, 2011. Photo By Liz Whittemore

Liz Whittemore Ginger Elf

talked. She shared According to gone really well. So also went on the could see the pride that her students Pinskey, starting hopefully we can and confidence in recent visit. didn’t get some of in January the Erie replicate that with the way he carried “The kids, they The two year old the breaks in life Square Gazette the radio program,” really look up to himself. I had to turn program of the Erie that other kids had, will visit Cleveland said Miller. away for a minute us. It feels good Square Gazette so I decided to do Elementary School The most recent knowing that we’re because I was going to Woodrow something about in Port Huron, where trip to Woodrow helping out the next getting choked up,” Wilson is expanding. it, thus the idea of they will be able to Wilson was on Nov. generation. I’m said Pinskey. After being Erie Square Gazette extend the program 30, 2011. “It was a powerful glad that I get to be contacted by Hannah goes to Woodrow there with two fifth Zachary Penzien, part of this great experience twofold, Palmer, a third Wilson was born, “ grade classes. cartoonist and for the children to experience,” said grade teacher at said Twana Pinskey, After speaking Production Editor get this experience Kimball. Woodrow Wilson “The kids, they really look up to us. It feels good knowing that we’re helping out the Elementary School in Port Huron, next generation. I’m glad that I get to be part of this great experience,” Clay Kimball. the SC4 studentEditor-in-Chief of with Pinskey, for the Erie Square Rachel Kobylas, from these college run newspaper the Erie Square Paul Miller, a SC4 Gazette, went on Global Awareness students of various the Erie Square adjunct instructor, the visit for the first Club President, age groups and Gazette (ESG) have Gazette. The class learns advisor for the time. participated in one diversity to come been visiting the “I was super of the first visits to into their room, but school teaching the how to write articles school’s radio and even make program WSGRpsyched when I Woodrow Wilson. also for these kids children how to be a their own paper, the FM (91.3), and the asked them to draw “It was really cool who are 8, 9, or 10 journalist. Palmer Town News. host for the WPHM whatever they to be able to utilize years old pouring After the Erie “The support Morning Show liked, and a little the experiences that their hearts out, such Square Gazette’s that SC4 has given (1380 am) at “Radio girl started drawing we’ve had in college innocence and these Coats for Kids First” is looking ‘Pokémon.’ Best to encourage these amazing dreams campaign last year, in this project has been incredible. into expanding the thing ever,” said children to move that they have and the ESG received Shawn Starkey has program to include Penzien. forward with their what they want to be thank you letters readily assisted with the radio broadcast Clay Kimball, a own hopes and when they grow up,” from Palmer’s third anything I have segment. dual enrolled student dreams, but it was said Kobylas. grade class. Some needed. He even “I think it’s a great at SC4 and Northern also really amazing On the recent trip of the students had High School as well to be able to be to Woodrow Wilson, received some of the helps by getting the idea and it sounds paper printed for like everything the as Webmaster for the right there, sitting Hannah Palmer donated coats. us,” said Pinskey. ESG has done has Erie Square Gazette, on the floor with revealed a brand “Hannah and I them and sharing new $250 camera their dreams,” said for the class that Kobylas. was purchased via a “My favorite grant, to encourage memory hands the program. down was when we The completed delivered the first work of the ever issue to the third grade class children. A little boy Woodrow Wilson named Ethan saw Elementary can be his photo in that first viewed on the Erie issue. He looked at Square Gazette’s me and says, ‘Miss website at www. Twana that says esgonline. org. Ethan, that’s me!’ It There is a link to the was an empowering Palmer Town News experience for the in the heading. child to see his Erie Square Gazette Production Editor, Zachary Penzien, teaches the children how to draw cartoons on Nov. 30, 2011.Photo By Liz Whittemore name in print. You


Erie Square Gazette, Port Huron, MI

Thursday Dec 8, 2011


Field trip!

Head Elf

Twana Pinskey

Tactical Layout Elf

Christina Stoutenburg Worker Elf

going over some of the newspaper positions with the Jingle Elf students before our Danielle Kennedy Walking into arrival. We added a room to have more information Electric Elf everyone turn to knowledge Clay Kimball to stare can be a she pre-supplied nightmare. by going into a Ginger Elf Not when you’re little more depth Liz Whittemore with the “Erie about the various Square Gazette,” positions here at the Dreidel Elf Christian McGeachy walking into a room newspaper, as well of third graders. as covering new On Nov. 15, things such as using Buddha four members of John Lusk the inverted pyramid the “Erie Square ESG Contact Info: Gazette:” Twana Email: Pinskey, Danielle eriesquaregazette@ Kennedy, Clay Kimball, and Address: myself(Christina 323 Erie St Stoutenburg) Port Huron MI travelled to 48060 Woodrow Wilson Editor’s Note: Elementary school. All views expressed Our purpose: in editorials and columns contained to help teach the within the ESG students of Hannah are those of the Palmer’s third writer and do not grade class how necessarily reflect the to write their own views of the ESG or newspaper. any of its advertisers. Palmer was very We welcome helpful with the feedback! program, having the students read the “Erie Square Gazette” and Zack Penzien

Find podcasts and other content online at

Twana Pinskey Head Elf

style of news writing. Not only was it an experience for the students but for us as well. During our visit, Pinskey asked the class for article suggestions. One of the little girls, who was scared to say her suggestion, shared with me, “When I talk sometimes,

people laugh at me.” So I told her that I would raise my hand for her, but she would have to answer the question. To see the huge smile on her face when it was written on the board and no one laughed was priceless. Towards the end of the visit they were full of questions for us; some of which

included, how many articles we write and if we play video games. Thank-you notes were also not in short demand. Members of the paper will be returning to do more work with the students on future dates. A similar trip is planned for next semester.

Erie Square Gazette, Editor-in-Chief, Twana Pinskey explains the Inverted Pyramid to students in Hannah Palmers third grade class at Woodrow Wilson, Nov. 16. Photo By Christian Stoutenburg

Holiday Happenings

the public. $65 for members. For ticket reservation and The Blue Water Area location information, offers a multitude of call (810) 622-9946. holiday happenings for your families’ Dickens Festival: consideration. Dec. 9-11. Holly Michigan. Weekend Meet Father long event includes: Christmas: Dec. old fashioned games, 11, 2-5 p.m. at the a parade Friday, Victorian regal, the Dickens Races Heather House. offer a 5k,10k and 409 North Main tiny Tim trot and Street, Marine City. the Detroit Model Christmas readings, Railroad Club will coloring contest and be sharing their light refreshments. hobby all days of the Event information: event. Further event (810) 765-3175. information at (248) 328-8191. Victorian dinner: Port Sanilac Dec. Holiday Art 10 at 6 p.m. Dinner Gallery: Studio at the mansion. 1219 presents their Tickets are $70 for winter exhibition,

Band Concert: Holiday Winds and Voices: Saturday, Dec. 17, at 7 p.m. Event takes place at McMorran Place Auditorium. Cost is $7 Nut Cracker Ballet: Dec. 9-Dec. for adults, 11, 2011. Friday at $5 for 7:30 p.m., Saturday students and free for k-12 at 2 p.m. and 7:30 p.m., Sunday 2 p.m. students. For information 701 McMorran call (810) Blvd. Port Huron 989-5709. Michigan, 48060. For further information, call (801) 985-6166. Holiday Art Gallery. This event features items for sale by local artists. Also at exhibit is the Ten Thousand Village Festival Sale. This event started Nov. 15 and runs through Dec. 31, 2011. Further information call: (810) 984-2787.

Photo By: Twana Pinskey

SC4 Symphonic

Gift in the machine

Clay Kimball Electric Elf

Photo By Tom Newby under Creative Commons

gift exchanges with each other over the internet, allowing Santa has finally for increased ease of gone digital after all anonymity through these years. A new wish lists and ease breed of “Secret of purchase through Santa” sites, such suggested shopping as, links. has hit the web. Currently, most These sites allow sites are free to use for groups to enter by anyone. into anonymous

The sites also advertise as being easier to use for those who are geographically dispersed, even internationally separated. Adjunct Professor Robert Kroll, 29, commented that he would be interested

in using a Secret Santa site due to its ease of secrecy. On the other hand, SC4 student Holly LaPorte, 20, commented, “I

honestly never heard of them, but they seem kind of creepy,” citing a lack of trust in the sites.


Erie Square Gazette, Port Huron, MI

Thursday Dec 8, 2011


Santa Claus Guest Writer North pole- SC4 Faculty and staff, I’m making my list and checking it twice. Have you been naughty or nice? That’s right, I’m in town. And I’m the real deal, not that imposter that’s been traipsing around campus in fake Santa clothes and a Halloween mask. I stopped by with the intention of reclaiming my good name, but my mission changed entirely when I noticed some of the solemn faces lurking about your campus.

I’m watching you

Where are the smiles? Where’s the good will? Has no one told you that it’s the holiday season? Regardless of what belief you may follow, this is a time meant for cheer and giving. A time when you should be willing to lend a hand to a stranger simply because they’re in need. I’m not saying for you to empty your pocket book into the nearest collection bucket, even I understand that times are tight. Just last week I had to let some of my elves go. I’m talking about

the simple things. When entering a building, if you notice someone coming in behind you, hold the door open. If someone drops their books in the hall, stop and help pick the books up. Even the smallest of deeds can make a difference in someone’s day. And remember, patience is truly a virtue. Just because someone may not be moving at the same pace as you doesn’t mean you should fly off the wheel and start hurling foul language in their direction.

Such behavior gets you on the naughty list, just a hint. So SC4, I leave you with these parting words. Smile a little. Relax. And don’t let exams gets

you down. It’s the holiday season, act like it. And let a little good will into your hearts. I’ll be back, that I promise you. And just for you, I’ll

check my list a third time. See if some of you naughty folk have migrated to the nice side. Happy holidays, and ho ho ho!

Photo By:Twana Pinskey

T-bird’s tidbits: is it wrong to celebrate Christmas? Twana Pinskey Head Elf There are varying opinions concerning Christmas and the celebration of this Christian based holiday. It depends on how you look at it. For me, celebrating the holiday the way it seems to have evolved, sours my stomach. Christmas is a holiday that seems to grow every year. This boggles my mind. How does something change that occurs on the same date every year? Before the Halloween items were clearance priced, Christmas items were stocking store shelves. The holiday season comes earlier and earlier every year. If you doubt this, just look at all the preThanksgiving sales and Black Friday Sales. Relatively new on the scene is Cyber Monday offerings. Camping out for Black Friday sales days in advance just to save a couple dollars? I can sure think of ways to better use my time. I am realistic enough to understand the days

of the “Norman Rockwell” holidays are long gone. Just because the holidays of my childhood are no more, does not mean the holidays are wrong. Thanksgiving once reserved for reconnecting with friends and loved ones, has become a strategic planning session to map out one’s desired plan of attack to secure the desired Christmas gifts. Pepper spraying fellow shoppers, or store employees getting trampled have become the norm. The commercialization used by ad agencies brainwash our children, and some adults, into believing they simply have to have a specific item under the tree on Dec. 25. I can’t help but wonder if these same agencies put that much effort into suggesting we as a society volunteer at a homeless shelter, offer a kind word to those we meet on the street, or even shoveling the sidewalk for our elderly neighbors, that the world just might be a little better for it.

’I’m ’ 19’’. I’m a published researcher.

Just one reason why U.S.News & World Report has ranked us in the top tier of our category for more than a decade.

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Erie Square Gazette, Port Huron, MI

Thursday Dec 8, 2011


Welcome to the neighborhood

Alyssha Ginzel Guest Elf After a barrage of sleepless nights; tormented by mounds of medical terms and clinical reports, Joshua Varty, 25, of Emmett, graduated with a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Life University. Soon after, he

quickly opened Port Huron Family Chiropractic in downtown Port Huron. Locating his clinic in downtown Port Huron was no happenstance. Varty claims to love the downtown area, and hopes to run a community oriented business. He plans to be open for every community event, donate to every charity drive, and he even pledges to loan his office to any group or organization, free of charge. What’s even more astounding is that Varty will

offer local artists the opportunity to display and sell their work in his clinic, and will demand no commission from the profits of their sales. Being an advocate of the community, Varty hopes to provide a healthcare that caters to families. The clinic itself was invested by, renovated by, and is now run by Varty and his family. His affordable family pricing merely stipulates that the first three members of a family fully pay for adjustments while the next two

members’ receive treatment at half price and the rest of the family will be taken care of at no cost. I dare you to find a more reasonable chiropractor. The charitable approach to the business should portray his honest, altruistic mentality. At the heart of it, Varty says, “People are more than bodies to me, and therefore, when I adjust them, I am addressing the mind, body, and spirit because all three interact with each other. There is simply no way the mind can reflect

itself in the body without a nervous system free of interference.” Varty guarantees a natural, proactive chiropractic experience in which, “People will receive no cold lasers, no electrical stimulation, no waterbed treatment, no traction tables, just simply pure, unadulterated chiropractic care that removes interference to the nervous system so that an individual may manifest himself in the body and ultimately contribute to the animated world.”

Varty’s passion for people and health is what gives his clinic the unique edge the competition simply doesn’t have. His holistic approach to medicine combined with his appreciation for life and community together offer a healing experience unmatched by the average chiropractor. You can find Port Huron Chiropractic at 229 Huron Avenue. To contact, visit their Facebook page, call (810) 982-9335, or stop in Monday-Thursday 9 a.m.-7 p.m.

of here. I don’t want to as much as think of SC4 until it’s time for the winter semester to begin. I’m going to give my brain some nice relaxation time while feeding it loads and loads of junk. Cartoons, movies that make no sense and video games. Lots and lots of video games. My family will most likely have to pry me off the couch when it comes time for winter semester. Not that the fall semester was without its good times. I got a chance

to meet some rather awesome young journalists at Woodrow Wilson, and got to reconnect with old friends while making some new ones.

Those are experiences I will treasure and think back on fondly when I’m old and decrepit. The constant papers and tests, well those won’t

make for such fond memories. I guess that in the in the end, I must think it all worth it. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t have signed up for winter.

Freedom, it’s so close

skies and winter break. How do you intend to spend that time off? Hopefully relaxing. I know that’s what I intend to do. Exams are still a Danielle Kennedy week away and my Jingle Elf brain feels ready to explode. As if it’s The final trying to take in too countdown has much information begun. and unable to find If you perk your any more room to ears and listen, store it. Hopefully you can hear the I can make it past rumbling thunder exams without of the approaching burning out. storm that is exams. Once I finish that But beyond that last test, I fully storm rests clear intend to book it out

Photo By: Hamish Duncan under Creative Commons

Clay’s Chaos Column Clay Kimball Electric Elf

about freeware and opensource, besides the price, is the file They say the best compatibility. While things in life are most proprietary free, especially software only saves when it comes and loads in standard to the computer. file type and their If you can’t file type, opensource afford proprietary software will load software like nearly any related Adobe Photoshop file type, proprietary or Microsoft Word, or not. and you don’t feel For me, there is safe pirating, there’s a list of freeware always something I install on any called freeware and computer I use, just opensource. out of necessity. Freeware is The most useful any software that freeware I have developers allow ever come across to be downloaded is OpenOffice. without charge. OpenOffice is Opensource is basically Microsoft freeware that Office only free and developers allow older looking. It is for editing and great for students modifying by who need to view downloaders. and edit doc files but The best part can’t afford a newer

version of Office. For images, I need Paint.NET, a freeware image editing software similar to GIMP or Photoshop, and Infranview, a multipurpose image viewing software great for gif files. Next, for audio/ video, there is a program called VLC media player that can play almost any AV file produced, from avi to mkv. Also, for audio there is a professional grade software called Audacity that can add effects to any audio track and directly edit the wave functions. Finally, for the programmer few, there’s always Notepad++

for HTML and CodeBlocks for C++, but the average reader won’t understand what

those two are. If you have any questions for me, send them to [eriesquare

gazettewm @ gmail. com]. I may feature the answer to your question online, or in a future issue.

Sites such as download. and are great for browsing for freeware.


Erie Square Gazette, Port Huron, MI

Thursday Dec 8, 2011


Hunger in America: feeding the hungry in the Blue Water Area Twana Pinskey Head Elf It is a cold, blistery, winter

morning as a young mother shuffles into her kitchen to prepare breakfast for her three hungry

Dan Martiny PTK BWAA president delivers donated food. Photo By Twana Pinskey

Liz Whittemore Ginger Elf

children. She opens her pantry, removing the few meager items left. Knowing there is not enough to feed everyone in her family of four, she tells her children, “Mom isn’t very hungry today.” She gives her portion to assure her children eat. This is not a synopsis for a movie or a stage play. This is reality for all too many of our neighbors in the Blue Water Area. For 29 years, the Lambda Mu chapter of Phi Theta Kappa has stepped up to the plate, sponsoring a

food collection drive to assist neighbors in our area. St. Clair County Community College student and Lambda Mu President, Greg Lane, said he participates because he likes helping in the community. According to Tom Obee the drive that started in 1982 was out of necessity impart because of the recession. Obee said that a colleague of his that was a member of the St. Vincent DePaul Society contacted him for help in feeding the hungry of the area. Obee explained that St.

“Hope For Our Hometown Heroes” is partnered with Operation Care Package Michigan (OCPM), a non-profit organization. According to the OCPM website, 100% of proceeds go toward the cause as all of the workers are volunteers. “They have really gone above and beyond to help out and assist us with the event,” said Gouweloos about OCPM.

For a complete list of items, visit Operation Care Package Michigan’s website at: http://www. / Donations. html. Donations can also be made online. For more information on how to help out, you can stop by the store, or call GloWorks at (810) 824-3529.

Vincent DePaul’s was opening a food depot and needed immediate donations so they could open. “We did that first food drive from the college and it netted over 1600 lbs and a few hundred dollars,” said Obee. As a result of Lambda Mu’s support and the effort of St. Vincent DePaul, the Food Depot was born. Since that first food drive, Obee said he believes Lambda Mu has donated well over 100,000 pounds of food and about $15,000 dollars since the first food

Hope for our hometown heroes

and can be dropped off in-store until Dec. 20. The store is also Support our soldiers! collecting written GloWorks Imports, letters to be sent to a new store located those in the service. by American Eagle Ashley Gouweloos at Birchwood Mall in is the manager of Port Huron, is hosting GloWorks Imports at an in-store event to the Birchwood Mall. help our troops that “I’m shocked by are overseas. the amount of support The store is from the community, collecting items that as well from the stores are in high demand in Birchwood. I’m by soldiers such as really impressed with gloves, bug spray, or the consideration prepaid phone cards. and what people All donations are have donated,” said 100% tax-deductible Gouweloos.

Collected messages to be sent in support of American troops overseas Photo By Liz Whittemore

Guitar Quartet concert Jessica Jack Worker Elf

From left to right are: David Martin, Michael Stockdale, Andrew Bergeron and Brian Morris, members of the Grand Rapids Guitar Quartet. Photo By: Carmen Maret

Brandy Standefer Worker Elf

McMuffin is a medium-sized, young female short-hair. She is spayed, up-todate with routine shots, and housetrained. After being rescued at a local Mcdonalds, she is more than ready for a loving home. Her adoption fee is only $75.

drive. “Over the years, we have generally been the third largest supporter of the Food Depot,” said Obee. Phi Theta Kappa BWAA President, Dan Martini, continues to participate after graduating from SC4. “It is a important cause and it helps a lot of people in our community,” said Martini. Drop boxes can be found throughout the SC4 campus throughout the campus. Last day of the collection drive is set for Dec.9.

and David Martin. The music presented in the On Thursday program will Dec. 8, at noon, be a variety of the Grand Rapids pieces, such as Guitar Quartet will their originally be performing in our written music. The very own Fine Arts Quartet will also Building. give informative The Quartet is explanations made up of four about the music, talented and award- making it a fun winning guitarists: and entertaining Andrew Bergeron, experience for all Brian Morris, ages. Michael Stockdale Tickets for this

event are $5 and will be available to purchase at the door, or you can buy them in advance by calling (810) 9895513 between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4 p.m. For any other questions, or concerns, please call (810) 989-5709, or visit the website at www.sc4. edu/ noonconcerts.

Pets of the Issue

Photo by Brandy Standefer

Candy is a medium-sized, adult female, Welsh Corgi/Bull Terrier mix. She is up-todate with routine shots and housetrained. At two years old, she is a new mother who is looking for a good, loving home for herself or any of her babies. Her adoption fee is only $175.

Photo by Sanilac County Humane Society

To help cover adoption fees, an anonymous supporter has offered to help cover the cost of any pet featured in the Erie Square Gazette. For more information on adopting these pets, contact the Sanilac County Humane Society at (810)657-8962 or e-mail them at societypets @ You can also visit their webpage and check out the other adorable adoptees at www.petfinder .com/ shelters/ MI278.html. For more information call 989-5584.


Erie Square Gazette, Port Huron, MI

Thursday Dec 8, 2011


Basketball update

Christian McGeachy Dreidel Elf Thanksgiving was a perfect time to give thanks, watch football with family and friends, and for the basketball teams of St. Clair County Community College, a well deserved break from the court. Going into Thanksgiving break, both teams were off to a good start to the season. The men’s basketball team has a record of 4-2 with their only loss coming from Muskegon Community College 82-62 and Owens Community College 73-62. Up to this point, the Skippers have been doing really well on the offensive side of the court. The Skippers have four players that average double digits in

points per game. Those players are: Johnnie Mills with 14.6, Jesse Schienke with 13.8, Latwann Wesley with 12.6 and Deion Stegall with an even 10. Defensively, the skippers have not stopped their opponents from scoring and have been very close games so far this season. The opponents have been able to score over 70 points in all of their games this year, but have held them under triple digits so far this season. Only one player on the team is averaging over 10 rebounds a game and that is Jesse Schienke with 11.2. On the other side of the court, the Lady Skippers had a good start to the season. Winning their first three games of the season,

but fell short the last three games against Muskegon Community College, Kalamazoo Community College, Lansing Community College, and Owens Community College. Making the Lady Skippers 3-4 to start off the season. So far this season, the Lady Skippers have struggled on the court offensively by only having two girls score over 50 points in the first six games. Through the last three games, the Lady Skippers have been outscored 273 – 192, showing that the ladies have to find a better way to stop the opposition from scoring the ball. So, both teams are off to a decent direction in the season, but both need improvement. Defense creates offense and both

teams could use more defense in stopping the opponents from

scoring. Hopefully, now that the turkey and mashed potatoes

are gobbled up, the men’s and women’s basketball teams will go from dinner time

SC4 Skippers Lionel Hicks goes for a lay up. Photo By Christian McGeachy

Sports in the movies

Christian McGeachy Dreidel Elf Everyone loves a good movie, and it seems like every guy loves a good sporting event to watch. Over many years, the cinema world has come up with some of the best movies that sport fans have come to love. In the basketball world, the movie that comes first in a lot of peoples’ minds would be the 1986 film “Hoosiers.” This movie is about the true story of a coach with a checkered past who leads the 1954 Milan Basketball team to a state title. This film had a great cast with Gene Hackman and Dennis Hooper, and was nominated for two Academy Awards. In the boxing world, many people

think of “Rocky” and the whole series after that. The first of the series received three Academy Awards, including Best Picture, in 1977. But, most people forget about another movie called “Raging Bull.” Starring Rober De Niro and Joe Pesci, this movie tells the story about Jake LaMotta, a prizefighter from the Bronx, and shows the many issues he has outside of the boxing ring. “Raging Bull” is considered one of the best sports movies ever made and received two Academy Awards in 1980. “If you build, they will come.” This quote comes from the 1989 film “Field of Dreams.” This film stars Kevin Costner and James Earl Jones in one of the most recognizable baseball movies of all time. “Field of Dreams” tells the story of an Iowa farmer who builds

a baseball field to reconnect with his deceased father through baseball. By building the field, baseball players throughout history come back from the dead to play one last

game. This movie was nominated for three Academy Awards, including Best Picture. Many other movies have been made as well, featuring many different

sports throughout the years for the sport fans in all of us. Other movies include: “Slapshot,” “Miracle,” “Major League,” “Bull Durham,” “Rudy,” “Remember the

Titans,” “Bad News Bears,” “A League of Their Own,” “Caddyshack” and so many more. So the sport fan in you and watch a good sports movie today.

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PP-WC-13881C.indd 1

12/1/11 2:36 PM


Erie Square Gazette, Port Huron, MI

Thursday Dec 8, 2011


Wibbly Wobbly A “Supernatural” series Timey Wimey

Zack Penzien Tactical Layout Elf “All of time and space, anything that ever happened or ever will, where do you want to start?” that is a quote from the trailer for season 5 of BBC’s long show “Doctor Who,” and it’s the show in a nutshell (which is bigger on the inside). The show follows The Doctor, a several thousand year alien in his time machine, The TARDIS. The TARDIS malfunctions a lot,

taking him and his companions through time and space, plopping them in places that range from the familiar, to the fantastical, but always exciting. In the past six years, The Doctor has visited many alternate realities and many historical figures, such as Vincent Van Goh, Charles Dickens, Hitler and Shakespeare. He is also a man of many faces. Part of why the show has had such a long run is The Doctor, when

mortally wounded can regenerate, giving him a new face and personality. But he is the same man. I feel it is best to start in series one, but all of the seasons are pretty selfcontained. Season six just wrapped up and is on DVD and the Christmas special is set to air on Christmas Eve. It is a cool show to watch while waiting for “Walking Dead” to come back. It is available on Blue Ray, DVD and streaming on Netflix.

Photo by Nancy Pavana under Creative Commons

Clay Kimball Electric Elf It’s fifty percent “Charmed,” fifty percent “The Walking Dead,” and one hundred percent good television. “Supernatural” is the right show for any supernatural drama enthusiast who doesn’t want the feminine focus of the series “Charmed.” “Supernatural” follows the adventures of Sam and Dean Winchester on the search for their missing father, John. Their family isn’t a normal one though; it’s one of “hunters.” Ever since the supernatural death of Sam and Dean’s mother, John has been hunting the cause of the deadly fire that

took her. Along the way, they’ve been killing every unnatural being that has posed a threat to humans. Now, twenty years later, John is late a few weeks from a hunt and Dean has to convince his collegiate brother to come back to hunting with him in order to help find their missing dad and help him eliminate the entity he’s been hunting for so long. Overall, the series is very well balanced. The characters are very relatable, especially to any pair of brothers. The character development is very natural; you can feel where the brothers obtained the personalities they have and why they act as they do.

One of the best parts of the show is the balance of comedy and tragedy. While in the beginning of the episode you can be laughing at the hi-jinks shared between the brothers, you’re also able to be brought down to tears at the end when a major point of contention is pushed or a main character is sacrificed, all with no recognizable seam in the flow of the story. The show has been running for seven seasons now, with the latest episodes playing on The CW, but it might not be too late to ask for a season DVD for Christmas. Otherwise, there’s always Netflix and streaming.

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Issue 60-7  

Issue 60-6 of the Erie Square Gazette student newspaper.

Issue 60-7  

Issue 60-6 of the Erie Square Gazette student newspaper.