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Volume 60, Issue 5

Thursday Nov 3, 2011

Digging up a bit of history

education to teach people about Liz Whittemore archeology and how Photo Editor science works,” Rocks, ants, grubs said SC4 Professor Robert Richardson. and dirt. Lots and Led by SC4 lots of dirt. faculty from In honor of National Archeology a mixture of departments, Day, SC4 hosted its first exploratory the excavation intended to increase excavation on appreciation and Saturday, Oct.22, knowledge of from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the field between the Fine Arts Building and the Citizens First Michigan Technical Education Center on the SC4 campus. In what used to be a residential neighborhood in the nineteenth century, the dig targeted the area in hopes of finding the foundation of a residence, as well as artifacts that would give not only insight into life during this time, but also of the progression from the residential area into today’s SC4 campus. “Part of my goal is to not only find out data about the college’s past, but to also do some

archeology and our local history. Both SC4 students and the public were welcome to attend and participate. “One of the things that archeology is trying to get at is to study the lives of people who came before us, and so that makes it a very mutual thing,” said

Richardson. Multiple items were found, among them being a pipe, coal fragments, a toy matchbox motorcycle that was only produced in 1960, pieces of brick and mortar, brown bottle glass, and ceramics with transfer printing that date back to the late

nineteenth century. “The cemetery’s across Glenwood. We won’t find a body here,” said Richardson. For information on future digs, you can contact Professor Richardson at rrichardson @sc4. edu or on his office phone at (810) 989-

5613. Email is the preferred method of contact. “This is the first annual event and I’m hoping that we generate enough enthusiasm and interest that we can continue to have archeology here on campus and throughout the Blue Water area,” said Richardson.

Upper left: William Pilkey, of Memphis, measures some findings. Upper middle: Nicholas Brier, 13 of Fort Gratiot (left) Pilkey (right) remove dirt surrounding an artifact. Upper right: SC4 Professor Robert Richardson, of Fort Gratiot, records findings. Middle left: One of the artifacts believed to be a tile fragment. Middle: Pilkey and Brier sort through dirt. Middle right: Recovered 1960 toy motorcycle. Bottom left: Pilkey and Richardson uncover a large stone. Bottom middle: Michael Walling, 12 of Fort Gratiot, Brier, and Pilkey dig in their unit. Bottom right: Excavation volunteer removes dirt around a finding. Artifacts surrounding middle: Fragment of a ceramic doll, undated coin found during excavation, various recovered unidentified fragments, and ceramic fragment believed to be a part of cookware. Illustration by: Liz Whittemore Photos by: Twana Pinskey and Liz Whittemore

Lambda Mu and SC4: 50 years together Society members Initiative. To work Obama to achieve Stacy Desimone across the Michigan with administration higher graduation/ Guest Writer region were strongly and faculty at our completion rates. The Phi Theta encouraged to join community colleges During the afternoon Kappa Mini Honors the C4 College to meet the goals set sessions, conference Conference was hosted Completion forth by President attendees filled the here on campus Oct. 28-30, 2011, by SC4’s Lambda Mu Chapter of PTK with 133 people in attendance. The honors study topic, “Democratization of Information: Power, Peril, or Promise” set the theme for the weekend. Professor Becky Lubbers opened the conference with her presentation, “The Impact of the Internet on Social Media and the Political Arena.” On Saturday, Professor Emeritus Tom Obee, recently retired from SC4, opened the College Completion initiative session with his presentation, “The Michael J. Wisniewski Jr., of Schoolcraft College, President of the Michigan ReAllegory of the Farm.” gional Board of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, attended the PTK Mini-Honors Phi Theta Kappa hosted by the SC4 chapter of Phi Theta Kappa-Lambda Mu on the SC4 campus. International Honor Photo Credit: Twana Pinskey

North Building to hear more about the effects technology has on our lives today. Business Instructor Jeff Arnold gave two presentations, “A Business Perspective of Stephen R. Covey’s Book ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’” and “Motivational Advice and Stories” with a full house at each presentation. Professor Rob Richardson also gave his presentation, “Too Much of a Good Thing: Revealing Some of the Risks Associated with Everyday Technology” in two separate

sessions. Shawn Starkey, SC4’s Executive Director of Public Relations, Marketing, and Legislative Affairs, addressed how media and digitized information effect the way we communicate and get information in his presentation, “Who are the People in your Neighborhood.” International honor society members joined together to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the charter of the Lambda Mu chapter of Phi Theta Kappa at St. Clair County Community College. Upcoming Phi Theta Kappa events: an induction on Nov. 12, a blood drive on Nov. 28 and 29, and the start of the food drive on Nov. 28.


Erie Square Gazette, Port Huron, MI

Thursday Nov 3, 2011

Campus Events

Editor-in-Chief Twana Pinskey

Club corner: Gay-Straight Alliance

Production Editor Zack Penzien

Brandy Standefer Staff Writer

Copy Editor Danielle Kennedy

Acceptance. How many people know the meaning of this word? How many people actually practice the act of this word? That is the message the members of the Gay-Straight Alliance Club are attempting to spread on the campus of Saint Clair County Community College. Knowing how hard it is to find somewhere where people are accepting of others sexual orientations or gender identities, the Gay-Straight Alliance are working on creating a safe place where people can go for help, support and knowledge of the lesbian, bisexual, gay, and transgender (also

Web Master Clay Kimball Photo Editor Liz Whittemore Sports Editor Christian McGeachy Adviser John Lusk ESG Contact Info: Email: eriesquaregazette@ Address: 323 Erie St Port Huron MI 48060

Editor’s Note: All views expressed in editorials and columns contained within the ESG are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the views of the ESG or Liz Whittemore any of its advertisers. Photo Editor We welcome feedback! The Criminal

known as LGBT) community. Gay-Straight Alliance meets on the first, third, and when applicable, the fifth Monday of every month between noon and 2 p.m. Their main goals are to educate, raise awareness of the issues the LGBT community faces, and to have fun at the same time. They have many events in the works for the near future, though nothing is set in stone yet. These include a movie viewing that interacts with Native American Month, a free HIV testing for World Aids Day, and they are working on putting together a second drag show. Their first drag show raised over

$7000 dollars for the Ruth Ellis Center in Ferndale, and they are hoping to match that, or raise more, this year. A major accomplishment for the Gay-Straight Alliance this year was becoming the Dodgeball Champions in the All-Club Dodgeball tournament

held earlier this semester. When asked how it felt to have won this title, GayStraight Alliance Club President Sean Lathrop stated, “It feels great. August Smith, Ryan Silver, Thomas Rose-Grey, and myself worked hard that day to get the title and we

Photo provided by Sean Lathrop GSA club president

The “Magic” is in the cards

Criminal Justice Club Most recently, at their meeting on Nov.1, they had two guest speakers from the St. Clair County Sheriff’s office share their experience in the drug task force. “Participating in community events is our big thing,” said King. Recently they have been involved with SC4’s Club Awareness Day and the dodgeball event hosted by Student Government. A few members of the club had volunteered to help put on the Suicide Prevention Walk back in October. They plan to participate in the

just seemed to have dominated, having lost only two games all day.” Though this title did come with some negativity on campus, as well as a lot of anger towards the club, Lathrop feels that winning the title just helps prove that you can’t judge a book by its cover.

upcoming Stress Breaker event this December, yet a decision on an activity has not yet been finalized. Though being part of the CJC does look good on a résumé, it

Christian McGeachy Sports Editor

play this card game at the college center, said, “ There’s a lot of variety, a lot of people Justice Club is In last week’s with different decks so good for more column, I talked it’s not going to be the than receiving that about the card game same game over and approving nod from sweeping the college over again. There is a Find podcasts and those who look over center at St. Clair nice variety of players other content online your résumé. also helps you with County Community here and its gets pretty at networking, provides College, which was Meeting every fun.” fellowship, increases Euchre. So, since Tuesday at 5 p.m. The game of Potters Market your communication Halloween is around, “Magic: The in room 207A of the skills and it is all there is another card Gathering” is a very North Building on educational. game being played complex game, but the SC4 campus, the For more that is appropriate for like Euchre, once club tries to involve information, you can this time the year. The you start playing it, activities relevant to check out the club’s card game of “Magic.” the game itself is the curriculum for Facebook page which According to www. like second hand the criminal justice can be found if you wizards. com, “In nature. degree program. search “St. Clair the Magic game, The card game County Community “We try to get a you play the role consists of different College- Criminal guest speaker in of a planeswalker, Twana Pinskey colors of spells a card Justice Club.” Or you who fights other every other week,” can use, different Editor-in-Chief can contact James planeswalkers for said Justin King, environments to Jones, the club advisor glory, knowledge, and president of the play on and different Get early jumps by emailing jjones@ conquest. Your deck Criminal Justice characters to attack on your Christmas . of cards represents all with and try to defeat Club. shopping this year the weapons in your you opponent. by attending the arsenal. It contains the Case explained a “Potters Market.” speels you know and couple of the many the creatures you can ways of taking down Colorful bowls, summon to for you.” your opponent, “The plates, mugs and Around the college most conventional ornaments are center, many students way is depleting your among the items that that choose to relax opponents life points will be displayed during their classes down to zero before during the Nov. 10 like to play this they get you down through Nov. 13 creative and tactical to zero. Other ways event at the Citizens game of “Magic.” are to hold out so that First Michigan Jeremy Case, a your opponent runs Technical Education student at St. Clair out of cards as well.” Center on the SC4 County Community “Magic:The College, when not campus. Gathering” has been playing Euchre likes around since 1993 and Student, faculty to get his deck out and over six million people and guest potters Student Government Representative Myra Rivera, CJC President Justin King, CJC play “Magic.” will exhibit their play in over seventy Vice President Anthony Paollela and CJC member Chris Spiekhout at their Nov. 1 Case, who likes to hand crafted items meeting.Photo credit: Liz Whittemore countries worldwide.

for sale at this ninth. annual event. The event will run from noon till 4 p.m. daily. Further information can be obtained by calling Celeste Skalnet at (810)650-0545.

Jessica Jack Staff Writer It’s that time again, Saturday, Nov. 5, at 6:30 p.m., the Red Carpet Affair will be in full swing. The Red Carpet

Red Carpet Affair

Affair has been going on for eight years and every year there has been a great turnout. Fifth Third Bank is sponsoring the event, along with about 50 other event sponsors. There will be 14 area

restaurants catering to the event. Dancing and music will be provided by the Charlie Stephens Jazz Band. This year’s theme is going to be “Mardi Gras on the Red Carpet,” where 3

local artists will be showcasing their talents. Guests are encouraged to vote with pledges for their favorite artist. There will also be a jewelry raffle with sponsors such as

Coughlin Jewelers, Alexander Fine Jewelers and Mosher’s Jewelers. Tickets are $75, and all proceeds go towards scholarships and projects here at SC4.


Erie Square Gazette, Port Huron, MI

Thursday Nov 3, 2011


Where do you go, when you have nothing at all?

Rachel Kobylas Staff Writer

“Reality is, that most of us are only a paycheck away from homelessness,” said Heather Bearden, Lead Housing Resource Specialist and cochair of the Homeless Awareness Week in St. Clair County. Nov. 12 through Nov. 20 is National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness week. Drives, demonstrations and events will be taking place all over the country. The city of Port Huron is no exception to the upcoming annual events. Starting Nov. 12, Pathway Shelter, located at 511 Union

St in Port Huron, is holding a basic needs drive. Food, toiletries, clothing and “anything you feel would be useful to homeless individuals and families,” according to the event flyer. These items may be dropped off at Pathway or at the location of the events during the week. Wednesday, Nov. 16, the “I Care Walk” will be meeting at Pathway, marching through downtown Port Huron to the Municipal Office Building at 100 McMorran Blvd, where there will be a Speak Out at 6 p.m. Friday, Nov. 18 at 1 p.m. until Saturday, Nov. 19 at 9 a.m. is an annual Sleep Out at Pine Grove Park.

There will be food and beverages available. Bon fires, music and other entertainment will be available on site. It is suggested to dress warmly for this event and participants may bring their tents. “All events are free and open to the public. All ages are welcome, the more the merrier,” said Bearden. These collaborative community events are meant to eliminate the stigma of homelessness and educate the community. “Each year 3.5 million Americans experience homelessness,” according to the National Coalition for the Homeless, http://www.

Photo by: Ed Yourdon under a Creative Commons licence.

nationalhomeless. org. “The homeless population is composed of people from all walks of life, it doesn’t discriminate. It affects people of all ages,” said Bearden, “We need to get

the word out there. Homelessness affects everyone and at any given moment any one of us could be in those shoes.” For further information regarding the drive and events,

contact Pathway Shelter at (810)982-1020 or Heather Bearden at (810)-9899307 ext. 306, or refer to www.facebook. com/ homeless awareness week 2011.

Meet the candidates Christina Stoutenburg Staff Writer On Nov. 3, Port Huron residents will get to take place in a first. The mayor and city council will be elected separately. There are 15 candidates total, three vying for mayor and 12 candidates for the six city council seats, with the mayor being elected for a two-year term and the council being elected for a four or two-year term. The three candidates with the highest votes will be on for four years, while the others will serve as council members for two years. Running for mayor are Garth Gurnsey, John M. Moldowan, and Port Huron’s current Mayor, Pauline Repp. Council candidates are: current incumbents Sherry Archibald, Alan Lewandowski, Brian Moeller, and Domingo Ruiz and Alphonso Amos, Richard Brettin, David Castillo, Rachel Cole, Thomas Grambau, Kenneth Harris, Timothy Keller, Jeremy Ruiz. All but four council candidates- Brettin, Grambau, J. Ruiz

and Keller who was recovering from a heart attack- were present at a forum held Tuesday, Oct. 25, 2011. Some of the handful of topics mentioned included water rates, income tax and the consistent mention of small business. Moldowan, who is a small business owner himself, mentioned in a number of questions taking care of small businesses in order to improve Port Huron, and numerous other candidates covered the issue of blight in their opening and closing statements. With the issues of blight it was also mentioned that renters would be faced with having to take care of blight on property that they occupy instead of the property owners. Income tax was discussed, but also mentioned that any changes would have to go through the state in order for any changes to take place, and that a water rate increase would most likely have to take place in order to help our bond rating according to Lewandowski. Moeller, the self proclaimed no vote on the current council, stated that he would not vote for a water increase with candidates Amos and Moldowan agreeing.

jimmy john’s, you stole my heart, now you and i will never part! stephanie b. - omaha, ne

4079 24TH AVE. 810.385.7827

AMERICA’S FAVorite sandwich delivery guys! ©2011 jimmy john’s franchise, llc all rights reserved.


Erie Square Gazette, Port Huron, MI


Thursday Nov 3, 2011

One bad kitty cat

Danielle Kennedy Copy Editor

Dumpty(Zack Galifianakis), Puss seeks to steal the He’s small, he’s legendary magical furry, and he has an beans from the extremely small shoe infamous Jack size. and Jill(Billy Bob He’s Puss in Boots, Thornton and Amy and he’s back on the Sedaris). big screen. Beans that meant so Stepping out of the much more to Puss boots of a supporting than a beanstalk that character and into would lift them up to the ones of a main their fortune. character, Puss, voiced The audience is also

someone that’s never seen the “Shrek” series, you can see “Puss in Boots” without worry of getting lost. It’d be just like seeing any other animated

“Despite being a spin-off of the “Shrek” series, “Puss in Boots” is capable of standing on its own two paws.” by Antonio Banderas, stars in his own movie, “Puss in Boots.” “Puss in Boots” tells the story of the sword wielding feline before his fateful meeting with the green ogre the world has come to know as Shrek. “Puss in Boots” has action, adventure, comedy, and dancing. It turns out Puss is not only an expert swordsman, but he’s got some wicked dance moves. Together with Kitty Softpaws(Salma Hayek) and Humpty

treated to a glimpse into Puss’ childhood, when he was but a wee kitten that had yet to find his boots. Despite being a spin-off of the “Shrek” series, “Puss in Boots” is capable of standing on its own two paws. As with the “Shrek” series, some of the humor found in “Puss in Boots” is geared more towards the older audience, though it does not go as far as “Shrek” and is still suitable for younger audiences. And if you’re

movie about a talking cat. All in all, “Puss in Boots” makes for a good family movie. A movie worthy of being seen on the big screen. And a movie worthy of adorning this writer’s DVD wrack upon its release in the future.

Welcoming the “New Girl”

Meghan Grady Staff Writer The start of this fall’s 2011 line-up consists of your usual twelve police/mystery shows that all possess a similar appearance to “CSI.” On Tuesdays at 9:00 p.m., one of the top ten anticipated shows for this year stars the “adorkable,” Zooey Deschanel, which blew past all ratings projections to open with a big 4.8/12 in adults 1849, 10.3 million viewers overall, and had topped the night for the first time in a decade for FOX. Deschanel plays Jess in the new comedy, “New Girl,” that premiered its pilot on Sept. 20th, 2011. As Jess tries to surprise her livein boyfriend, she discovers a surprise of her own: Rochelle. Shortly thereafter, she answers a craigslist ad for a roommate with three male roommates, eventually becoming a sort of family audiences everywhere can relate to. The three roommates also possess very contrasting personas from each other, but are also cleverly

created for helping Jess understand men and forming good relationships with them. She in turn teaches them how to better relate to women. Coach is the macho man, Nick is sensitive and understanding, and Schmidt is vain and insecure. What does seem to be relatively obvious is the sexual tension drawn from Nick and Jess, and what seems to possibly leading to a relationship, most likely two seasons away. As the show moves on each week, the episodes highlight the best attributes of Jess that seemed to have been cloned by the real-life Deschanel. These include her quirky and refreshing humor, and yes, even her homemade written theme song. All in all, the pilot was well done with room to grow for a fantastic series. Kudos to the show’s writer, Liz Meriwether, for the brilliant decision to build a show around Deschanel’s character that will bring the success that FOX is much overdue for.


Erie Square Gazette, Port Huron, MI


A day at the zoo

Thursday Nov 3, 2011

Trick or treat! Schedule II amphetamines! Alyssha Ginzel Guest Columnist

Schedule II, addictive graph, a device that drugs as Ritalin and measures the electrical Clay Kimball Adderall. impulses of the brain. Webmaster Beware little These prescription After measuring the witches, superheroes, medications, which frequencies at normal Waking up at and vampires! Beware, not only have negative concentration, Russell 5 a.m. to board not of the candy that health effects such as used light and sound a train going could rot your smiles, weight loss, stunted stimuli to cause towards Chicago but of appearing too hyper. on a weekday “The present obsession with a I can already isn’t normal, but “disorder” of hyperactivity simply hear the maniacal while visiting your laughs resonating stuns me, as it should you.” collegiate brother it Following the tour, outskirts that sold us from the dark is. we decided it had some amazing apple- shadows; laughing brainwaves to resonate growth, cardiac This past week I of pharmaceutical in time with a faster been way too long black raspberry arrhythmia, psychosis, decided that I would companies spying paranoia, irritability, pulse, or rhythm. cider and honeycrisp go visit my brother, since the two of us on potential ADHD The result? Not and hallucinations, had something to applesauce. the former ESG patients who skip only did the subjects but which can also eat. We decided to On the final webmaster Cody merrily from door exhibit increased be easily misused pick up a friend and days of the trip, Kimball, to spend to door, amassing concentration, but or inhaled, only copious amount of some time with him head to Bilbo’s Pizza my brother and also showed lasting ensure through their in a Pan on Stadium I went around to hyperactive treats. and scope out the gains in concentration, accessibility an inDrive. As many see the attraction The present increased performance city of Kalamazoo. school trafficking of “Lord of the Rings” of the town. The obsession with on IQ tests, reduction a psychostimulant What I didn’t expect a “disorder” of fans have already top by far was the in behavioral drug that has the same to find was the hyperactivity simply pharmacological recognized, it is a “General Store,” a problems, and perfect example of a stuns me, as it improvements in fantasy themed pizza store with all the effects as cocaine. college town. should you. When reading, spelling, and If only there were joint with what is materials needed My trip started the psychiatric auditory memory an alternative to this probably the best for home brewing, with stepping off community looks to madness. Like, oh… functioning. pizza I’ve had. and the Air Zoo, a of the Amtrak prescribe a child who behavioral therapy, Shockingly, light and It actually seemed museum focused platform and into has trouble focusing psychotherapy, or even sound neurotherapy like in Kalamazoo on the history of in an atmosphere of my brother’s car, can also be utilized in music therapy! all the restaurants aeronautics and mundane repetition where we promptly Music therapy may people suffering from aerospace. (school) with a disease sound like some idea depression, anxiety, dropped my luggage knew who they Even if you’re whose characteristics which sparked around PTSD, and addictive off at his apartment were catering to. are inherent to the A separate day not an aerospace a campfire of singing disorders. complex and went nature of children, we stopped in at enthusiast, the Why more money hippies, but it, and to the Western causality should be isn’t being poured into Menna’s Joint, a museum has particularly rhythm Michigan University investigated. therapy, has made its lobbying alternative, Dub shop with the something for campus for a tour. And as the adult way into the respected contemporary slogan of “The everyone, from the If you’ve never “market” for antitherapies which medical community. first manned flight been WMU, it would only legal joint in depressant drugs town.” Opening to the international became saturated years In a study done by could alleviate a be a trip worth major drug problem Harold Russell, a up at an unset time space station. Cody ago, it’s no wonder taking just to see clinical psychologist within America is that research funding and adjunct research quite disturbing. All the architecture on mid-day, closing up and I, however, past midnight, and spent a fair bit of targeted a new, fresh professor, 40 that is necessary is campus. Whether serving amazing time in the flight market: children. consciousness and schoolboys were it’s the second And so was the dawn attached to an munchies, the simulations for the vehement support. story, inter-building of lobbying such workers being F-16 fighters with electroencephalosky walks or My name is Clay Kimball, I’m 17, a dual enrollment student, and the webmaster for the Erie Square Gazette. I currently attend Port Huron Northern High School , but I spend most of my school day working towards an associates degree in engineering transfer and physics.

rhythmically timed fountain pools, your aesthetic side will be reveling in the beauty, and that is just in the arts college.

average college students. If you aren’t looking to eat out but want some good food, there’s also no lack of farmer markets on the city

What is your pet peeve?

the full rotational sphere. If you’re looking into WMU to transfer to, stay the Twana Pinskey Editor-in-Chief full weekend. You won’t be at a loss of things to see and do.

UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN-FLINT Complete your bachelor’s on the campus of SC4!

Scott Dulyea, Accounting Major. “My pet peeve is when someone gets trained for a job, they simply refuse to do the job they wanted training for.” Dalton Miller. Music Major

Bachelor of Science in nursing (RN/BSN )

“The parking problem(at SC4) would have to be my pet peeve.”

Bachelor of Arts in psychology

Advising Day Tuesday, November 8 10 a.m.—2 p.m. Walk-ins welcome! Come to room 251 M-TEC

Come to room 251 M-TEC Building, or call (810) 989-5808, ext. 3

Tara Turpin, Criminal Justice Major Enforcement Major.- “I hate it when people are eating and make loud chewing noises.”

Correction Corner In the 60.4 issue photo poll the participants’ quotes were incorrectly placed. We apologize for the mistake, please see the corrected artical at


Erie Square Gazette, Port Huron, MI


One for the road

Christian McGeachy and 25 - 22. Sports Editor Coach Chuck Weisner said, “After On Oct. 27, the Lady game one we took Skippers Volleyball them too lightly.” team were not just Mott Community smelling the roses on College almost the court, but they winning set two and smelled the scent of winning set three something sweeter. made spectators Victory. wonder if it would go The last home game to five sets. But the of the season for Lady Skippers and the Lady Skippers the sophomores didn’t Volleyball team was want their last home also sophomore night. game to end in defeat. Roses were given to In the words of the eight sophomores Weisner, “In the end, on the team including: they sucked it up and Kelly David, Michelle we stuck together and Arnett, Andrea Henry, they pulled each other Amanda Curley, Ann up by the boot straps. Bogie, Cassie Cobb, They played fired up Jillian Verbeke and volleyball for the last Lindsay Thams. two points, which is The sophomores the way we wanna and the rest of the play.” Lady Skippers played The St. Clair County a very well fought Community College game against Mott Lady Skippers played Community College two more games after in a three to one set their last home against victory. Sets were 25 Jackson Community - 14, 25 - 23, 15 - 25 College and Grand

Rapids Community College. They got three sets to one victory over Jackson Community, and a three set loss to Grand Rapids Community. This gives the overall standing for the Lady Skippers 30 wins and 14 losses on the season going into their final tournament of the year. The volleyball team still has the NJCAA District Tournament at Grand Rapids Community College, and if the girls get through that, the National Tournament at Owens Community College. Tournaments will be held Nov. 4-6 and Nov.18-20. So, the Lady Skippers have no time to stop and smell the flowers. They have to prepare to go against the best in the weeks to come.

Martha Veihl crushes ball over the net towards a win over Mott Community College for SC4. Photo Credit: Christian McGeachy

Thursday Nov 3, 2011

Pets of the Issue Brandy Standefer Staff Writer


Kita is a medium-sized, adult female. She is spayed, up-todate with routine shots, and housetrained. She is very independent and does best in a home with no other pets. She is ready for a good home and lots of attention. Her adoption fee is only $75


Marshall is a large-sized, young male Labrador/ Retriever mix. He is upto-date with routine shots and neutered. Take him home and give this dog a chance at a happy life. His adoption fee is $175

To help cover adoption fees, an anonymous supporter has offered to help cover the cost of any pet featured in the Erie Square Gazette. For more information on adopting these pets, contact the Sanilac County Humane Society at (810)657-8962 or e-mail them at You can also visit their webpage and check out the other adorable adoptees at www.petfinder. com/shelters/MI278.html. For more information call 989-5584.

Serve & Protect Ferris State University welcomes YOU to the next chapter of YOUR life. If YOU have been waiting for the right time to finish YOUR Criminal Justice degree or start working toward it, YOUR time is now. We invite YOU to take advantage of the Ferris location right here on YOUR campus and begin to find YOUR place in law enforcement. Our reputation for transforming students for real life and real careers is what sets us apart from other universities, and why Ferris State University ranks number one in transfers in the state of Michigan. Our Criminal Justice students enjoy small class sizes – between 15 to 30 students, as well as faculty who have the professional experience and education necessary to provide quality instruction. We have online, evening and weekend classes,


Imagine More

making Ferris ideal for transfer students to finish or further their education. YOUR career in Criminal Justice begins at Ferris State University.

Phone: (810) 762-0461 or (866) 387-9430

Issue 60-5  

Issue 60-5 of the Erie Square Gazette student newspaper.

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