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Thursday Oct 20, 2011

Students and colleagues mourn loss of beloved instructor

Twana Pinskey Editor-in-Chief

Students and colleagues, along with the cast and crew of the SC4 production of “Fool for Love,” grieve the loss of Adjunct Theatre Discipline Instructor, Lisa Sturtridge. Sturtridge was doing what she loved best, helping her students perfect the craft of stage makeup and preparing for a show when she died on Oct. 10, 2011. Sturtridge lived in Port Huron and was an adjunct faculty member of the Visual and Performing Arts Department at SC4, where she taught Fundamentals of Stage Makeup and Fundamentals of Theatre at SC4. She had been the costume designer working on numerous Theatre Discipline productions at SC4 since 2004. She had worked in professional and academic theatre for more than 30 years. She earned a bachelor’s degree in technical theatre with a costume and lighting design emphasis from Michigan State

Mozart wig and vest from that time period. According to Jones, she said she could do that and left coming back with a Mozart wig and period vest. “She (Sturtridge) said I didn’t think anyone would ever ask for this in a million years,” shared Jones while laughing. “And of course she had it.” Sound crew member from “Fool for Love,” SC4 student Alyssa Ferri, a veterinary major from Cass City, shared how Sturtridge loved her job and was always there for her students. “She impacted Lisa Sturtridge, Adjunct Theatre Discipline Instructor, working with students in her fundamentals of stage makeup class, fall 2011. Photo Credit: Twana Pinskey everyone she knew,” University, and a “We are in shock, did the SC4 show, this was a testimony said Ferri. “She had master’s degree in she was a well “Christmas Belles” to how students past a way of touching costume design and respected and cared three years ago. He and present felt about everyone’s heart and dramatic literature about instructor,” said said they spent a lot Sturtridge. she never forgot about from Emerson College Starkey. “Our prayers of time together since “Fool for Love” cast her students.” in Boston. She also and sympathies go out they shared an office. member Christian Kephart expressed had designed costumes to her family, friends “It’s just really weird Jones, from St. Clair, similar sentiments. “It for Port Huron Civic and students during to know she is not SC4 sophomore and was her (Sturtridge) Theatre. this difficult time.” going to walk through liberal arts major, only constant, coming As news of Adjunct Instructor the door anymore,” shared his fondest in here and working Sturtridge’s passing for the Visual and said Kephart. “The memory of Sturtridge with the students spread, students, Performing Arts, thing I admired most from the SC4 Drama is what made it faculty and colleagues and Drama Club about Lisa is how she Club production of worthwhile for her.” paused to remember Adviser, Tom Kephart, cared, really cared “Welcome to the There will be a Sturtridge. shared an office with about the students at Moon.” memorial service Shawn Starkey, Sturtridge and was SC4.” Jones’ character was honoring Lisa Oct.28, Executive Director of working with her on Kephart said former a poet. at 3p.m. in the Fine SC4 Publics Relations, the SC4 production of students have been Sturtridge looked Arts Auditorium. said grief counselors “Fool for Love” at the calling and stopping in at him and wondered were made available time of her death. since her death, asking what to do for a to students, colleagues Kephart first met what they can do to costume. As a joke, and faculty. Sturtridge when he help. Kephart felt Jones asked her for a

Your schooling may be over, but remember that your education still continues.

and growing up on the street where I now live Liz Whittemore and how she told me Photo Editor all about the people “My favorite memory that used to live there.” of Lisa would be when I first met her! -Brittany Vermeersch I walked into class with Twana and was “My favorite memory amazed at this woman, of Lisa was the stories so full of excitement she told me of my family. You see, my over painting on dad’s brother and someone face! She sisters grew up with was incredible. This Lisa on the same being the first time I met her, I was shocked block. She would tell me stories of what my at how personal she was with everyone. I father used to do and took her class because how they used to play baseball in this field of my wonderful experience with Twana behind there street. that day and I am truly She also told me about grateful for knowing how my grandmother taught her how to her!” sew dresses. Her -Jasmine Hall stories brought back “My favorite memory memories of my of Mrs. Sturtridge was grandmother, and, for that hour, she felt like how when we were another Aunt, or even in her class and she would always tell us my grandmother, for one of her childhood she would always call me Paul, the name of stories. Especially when she pointed out one of my uncles, just that she grew up with like my grandmother.” -Craig DesJardins one of my friends, and classmates, Craig “We had been Desjardin’s family

worrying about a particular student and something the student was struggling with. And we had this long conversation about what kind of options there were, and what might happen, and how to best do what would be useful for the student. We had come up with this very interesting, sort of formal ‘this is what you can do and what you can’t do and here’s the plan and here’s how you help and these are the suggestions you can make.’ About 20 minutes later I walk out into the hallway and Lisa has literally taken the student by the hand, she’s holding the student by the wrist, and she’s saying ‘Yes I know, but you’re coming with me, no, you’re coming with me, you’re coming with me right now, right now, and we’re going over there and I’m not letting go until you do.’ And

Lisa Sturtridge, Adjunct Theatre Discipline Instructor. Photo provided by SC4 Public Relations.

I looked at her and I said, ‘Lisa this is the plan?’ And she said, ‘Well, whatever it takes, right?’ If she had a student that was struggling, she was just determined that she was going to do whatever she had to do to help.” -Elaine SchatzlineBehr

teenage boy who had just finished doing a big, gooey, wound, burn thing on his arm, and she walked over and she looked over at it and she said ‘Ohhh...that’s gross! That’s disgusting! I love it!’ Really well done make-up, she just loved it no matter how gross it was.” -Elaine Schatzline“We were working on Behr one of those blood and gore makeup things “Watching her for an arts festival in interaction with town. Lisa showed the students, her up and there was a enthusiasm. She had

great recipes; her recipe for Febreeze is cheap vodka and water in a spray bottle.” -Karen Jezewoski “My sister, who was in the band, symphonic band with Lisa in high school. And Sue and Lisa were always fighting for first chair, and my sister was a pretty decent French horn player…she said Lisa was the most beautiful French horn player.” -Holly Pennington


Erie Square Gazette, Port Huron, MI

Thursday Oct 20, 2011


Undead at a red carpet affair

Editor-in-Chief Twana Pinskey Production Editor Zack Penzien Copy Editor Danielle Kennedy Web Master Clay Kimball Photo Editor Liz Whittemore Sports Editor Christian McGeachy Adviser John Lusk

Timothy Busfield of “thirtysomething” and “West Wing,” was presented with the Golden Mitten Award

Detroit native, Dave Coulier, star of “Full House,” performed at McMorran Theater on Thursday Oct. 6, 2011.

ESG Contact Info: Email: eriesquaregazette@ Address: 323 Erie St Port Huron MI 48060 Editor’s Note: All views expressed in editorials and columns contained within the ESG are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the views of the ESG or any of its advertisers. We welcome feedback!

Mae Overholt, a SC4 dual enrolled student and ZDC member, walked the red carpet at the premiere.

Clay Kimball, SC4 dual enrolled student, ESG Web master, and ZDC member, as one of the zombies for movie premiere.

Find podcasts and other content online at

Danielle Kennedy and Twana Pinskey Copy Editor and Editor-in-Chief Port Huron played

host to the mid-west premier of “Mimesis.” SC4 zombies ushered the event. The third annual Blue Water Film



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at the microphone for a stand-up comedy routine. But perhaps the biggest event of all took place on the following evening, the mid-west premier of “Mimesis,” which brought Sid Haig, of “Kill Bill” and “The Devil’s Rejects,” and other stars from “Mimesis” to Port Huron. An event that some SC4 students got to be a part of. Led by their advisor Bob Kroll, SC4’s Zombie Defense Council descended on the event, talking the talk and walking the walk of the undead, all while entertaining the crowd and acting as ushers. “They’re excellent zombies. They’re really good, well dressed up and a lot of fun,” said Clarissa Karling as she observed the zombies shambling about by the curb in front of the McMorran. “Good idea to have the zombies.” Acacia Sherman, of Port Huron, was part of the makeup team that made the zombie magic happen. When asked about “Mimesis” premiering in Port Huron, Sherman had this to say, “I think it is absolutely awesome. It is awesome because

Photos by: Twana Pinskey

not many people know of Port Huron and it’s a way to get the name out, the city out, and bring in business.” SC4 alumni Cody Kimball traveled all the way from Kalamazoo to partake in the occasion, lending his “zombie affinity” to the movie’s premier and calling it “one of the greatest moments in Port Huron film history.” When asked about how he managed to bring the mid-west premier to Port Huron, Jeremy Stemen, Executive Director for the Blue Water Film Festival, said that the director of “Mimesis,” Douglas Schulze, was a former Blue Water Film Festival judge. Screenings for the 17 films deemed “Michigan’s hottest” by the festival took place on the following Oct. 8. Following the screening of those 17 films, Tim Busfield, of “thirtysomething,” was awarded the Golden Mitten Award, and Chris Gore was awarded the Big Thumb Award. Films: “The Dancer,” “Bullies on Vacation” and “World of Art” took home the top three prizes out of film awards.


Erie Square Gazette, Port Huron, MI

Thursday Oct 20, 2011

Community Occupy your life

Alyssha Ginzel Guest Writer

to the principles you see merely spraypainted all over Wall How exhilarating Street, then wake up! it would be to stand Live the revolution in elbow to elbow your own life! amongst swarms of You hate big protesters, and to corporations, banks, shout from the deep and capitalist greed? pits of the stomach, Cancel your bank account. If you “We are the 99%!” absolutely must have Sadly, not everyone one, support the local can afford to quit business. Why give work, abandon your money to a

Photo Poll

Liz Whittemore are the byproduct Photo Editor of the consumerist mentality). Volunteer at a soup kitchen if you hate corporate greed. If you hoard all of your time and resources instead of giving back to those less fortunate, how are you any better than the white collars scoffing at the protesting masses? There are devices

“What are your plans for Halloween?” Alonna Mertz 19 St. Clair Psychology “My son’s first Halloween. He’ll be 15 months and I’m taking him out for the first time.”

“Volunteer at a soup kitchen if you hate corporate greed.” corporation that will propagate thousands of dollars in APRs by lending your money, just to compensate you with laughable yields in return? Research the consciousness. brands of everything Moreover, the you buy, and don’t protesters have been support manufacturers deemed unorganized, who actively use impotent, and inhumane practices directionless as like child labor, have their sentiment a mere disregard for of resentment is worker and animal obviously present, rights, or destroy the although they have environment. At the yet to establish very least, don’t shop demands aimed to at Wal-Mart when reform and improve. Meijer is next door. So, what can If you despise the we do? We all are consumerist society, so miniscule and walk or bike when helpless, or so it often driving is unnecessary, feels. shop from thrift stores, If you want donate to thrift stores, revolution, if you plant a garden, and want to make a recycle everything tangible contribution (gorged landfills obligations, and just…drive. Drive and drive and drive to New York and contribute to this awakening of the American

used to hypnotize and sedate you-rid your life of them. These “drugs” numb you to this bleak, oppressive reality, orchestrated by those in power. To start, detach yourself from obsessions with fashion, Facebook, video games, media, pop culture, etc. These are intoxicating drugs, numbing us from the painful reality which consists of forty hour work weeks, student loan bills, a failing job market, stagnant wages, ongoing wars, crippling national debt, and environmental atrocities. Make the revolution start in yourself. Be informed, and live a life of activism in every way possible.

Nick Markobic 30 Port Huron Business “I don’t have any plans yet, but I’d like to go to a costume party.”

John Berridge 26 St. Clair Freshwater Assessment and Purification “Road trip to Wayne State to attend a costume party.”

Walk, Raise Awareness, Save Lives Liz Whittemore Photo Editor It claims 36,000 lives each year in the United States alone. Suicide. Nearly one million people attempt suicide each year. According to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP), suicide is the tenth leading cause of death in the U.S. In St. Clair County alone there is a suicide

Twana Pinskey Editor-in-Chief Whatever your interests are this time of year, the following list of events is sure to have something for everyone to enjoy. Blakes Night Time Spooky Hayrides and Three-Level Haunted Barn in Armada: Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night in October, The Barnyard Fun Land mutates into Spooky Land Night with fortune tellers, dark cornfield

said Jones. Over four hundred people showed up to walk and support the event. Volunteer Matt Roy, a junior at Algonac High School said, “My mom committed suicide when I was younger, so for like the past four years me and my sister have been going to the walk… this is the first year we helped.” SC4 Criminal Justice Club members Justin

King and Matthew Boyd came out to show their support and help out with the event. Jones commented, “As long as that need is there, we’ll be part of it.” CJC member and Student Government Treasurer Matthew Boyd said, “I’m one of the lucky ones. I’ve never had anyone close to me commit suicide.” Donations will be

accepted until Dec. 31 and information can be found on afsp. For those who have lost a loved one, there is a Survivors of Suicide Support Group that meets on the second Tuesday and fourth Wednesday of every month. For locations and times, contact Amy Smith at 810-985-8900 or

been nominated as one of the “4 the best” on Haunted Hayride, the list of Halloween Miller’s Big Red attractions by channel Greenhouses and 4 in Detroit. They Cider Mill, Romeo: are located at 71800 The haunted hayride Romeo Plank Rd., takes you on a trip about half a mile The Fear Factory: through a foggy north of 33 mile road. Tickets start Located at Gibraltar orchard populated with monsters, demons at $10 and range up Trade Center in Mount Clemens, this and other creatures. to $16 for combo attraction runs every Open every weekend packages, including a 3D haunted house day in October. It through October. Admission is $14/ event. For further takes 40 minutes to adult. Info available info on prices and experience, spans 25,000 square feet, at: (586) 752-7888. attractions call: (586) 752-7669 or email: and has a unique info at slaughtered at vortex tunnel. It costs Slaughtered at Sundown: $17 per person. For more information, call This attraction has

Halloween Pet parade: Dress up Fido in a Halloween Costume and parade through downtown Port Huron, Saturday Oct. 29, from 2:30-3:30 p.m. Line up at 2:15 p.m. on the corner of Military and Water Street. A prize will be awarded to the best costumed dog. For more information, go to www. downtownporthuron. org.

of Doom, Forest of Darkness, 3D House, Terror Zone Maze, Yappo’s Fun House, and Castle of the Dead. 61288 Gratiot Ave. Lenox, MI 48050. Tickets information call: (586) 749-6666.

approximately every two weeks. St. Clair County hosted their annual Out of the Darkness Community Walk from 12 p.m.-3 p.m. on Oct. 9 at East China Park, corner of M-29 and Recor Rd. These 3-5 mile walks occur in over 250 communities across the nation. Proceeds from these events go to the AFSP to research suicide and put out educational

maze, fun house terror tunnel, petting farm and much more. For more information, their 24 hour info hotline is: (586) 7849710.

programs to prevent suicide, increase awareness, and also to provide support for those who have lost a loved one to suicide. Former Captain of the Port Huron Police Department and now instructor at SC4 Jim Jones shared that as a policeman, he took many of the suicide calls. The Out of the Darkness Walk is, “… such an important event for so many survivors of suicide,”

Fall Events

(586) 216-2291

Scare fest Scream Park: Featuring: Hayride

Port Huron Mental Asylum Haunted House: 510 Pine Street, Port Huron. “Family Friendly.” $10 admission. Weekends through Oct. 30.


Erie Square Gazette, Port Huron, MI

Thursday Oct 20, 2011


Liz Whittemore Photo Editor

50/50 not so 50/50

from manipulation and allows the viewers to decide on their own This 100 minute, R how to feel. rated drama/comedic Joseph Gordonfilm will make you cry Levitt, from “500 more than laugh. Days of Summer,” Inspired by a true and Seth Rogen, from story, screenwriter “The Green Hornet,” Will Reiser bases are best friends whose the story on his lives are changed own real-life battle when Adam (Gordonwith cancer that is Levitt) is diagnosed brilliantly portrayed with a rare cancer. by director Jonathan The script is based Levine. “50/50” gives around the concept a clear view of the that friendship and struggle that is free love are the greatest

healers, but also finding humor in unlikely places. One such moment is when first learning of the disease and Adam’s 50/50 chance of living, Adam’s best friend Kyle (Rogen) said, “That’s not that bad. If you were a casino game, you’d have the best odds.” Other characters keep the story progressing such as Adam’s nogood girlfriend

Rachael (Bryce Dallas Howard) and Katherine (Anna Kendrick) Adam’s new therapist who has had only two patients previously. Though it is an unexpectedly emotional film for something that is assumed to be mostly a comedy, based on almost 5,900 votes, “50/50” is given a rating of 8.4/10 on One of the users,

reginac23, who wrote a review shared a small story about being diagnosed with cancer themselves, spoke highly of “50/50,” especially the characters. They wrote, “Joseph Gordon Levitt and Seth Rogen deserve high praise for the honesty that they bring to their performances. There was not a false note anywhere…I plan to see it again when it is released…”

“50/50” is capable of appealing to many levels of audience because of the honesty of the film, and it will leave moviegoers with plenty to think about as they walk out of the theater and head home. Though it’s not exactly first date material, “50/50” excels in a stirring performance and is worth seeing.

Terror Town on Tenth Brandy Standefer Staff Writer It’s that time of year again. Thrills, chills, screams and scares everywhere you look. The Port Huron area is definitely contributing a fair share to the Halloween season with some of the local Haunted Houses. The one getting the most buzz in town so far would appear to be Judgment

Jessica Jack Staff Writer

House. Located on Tenth St in the old Washington School, which is rumored to be a 100 year old haunted school, Judgment House takes you on two levels of nonstop screams. It is not recommended for the people who are pregnant, have heart conditions, or are under the age of 10. They are open

movies started out as stories told around a campfire and were For over 90 years, then passed down horror movies have through generations. been captivating Horror movies audiences both young started to become and old. There’s popular around something about the the 1920’s and has twisted storylines, evolved immensely. psychotic killers and At first these movies horrific monsters that didn’t have any sound keeps people coming at all, or color as a back for more. matter of fact. The media When radio started convergence of to get popular, horror horror movies is very stories used to be widespread. Horror broadcasted over the

Friday and Saturday, Oct. 22 and 23 from 6 p.m.-11 p.m., Wednesday Oct. 27 from 6 p.m.-10 p.m., and Friday and Saturday, Oct. 29 and 30 from 6 p.m.-11 p.m. Cost is $12 dollars per person, $2 dollars off with a coupon of student ID. For more information, call (810) 388-1100. Photo by George Erwss available under a Creative Commons license.

Horror films

radio. Many authors started to write books that could be classified under the horror genre. When horror finally got to Hollywood, the concept spread like wildfire and directors kept cranking out horror movie after horror movie, captivating the American audience everywhere. According to www. the top three horror movies of all time are, “The

Shining” (1980), “Halloween” (1978), and “The Exorcist” (1973). These three movies captivate some of the key elements of horror films. Erick Jorgen Fredendall, a communications major here at SC4, stated, “I agree with what www. stated as being the top three horror movies of all time. The exorcist was really freaky.” Another student,

Thomas Grambau, majoring in communications, said, “I think the movie ‘Christina’ is missing because it’s a really good movie and it’s a Stephen King film.” Movies have evolved in special effects in many ways. The slasher films have become gorier, the paranormal has become more bone chilling and the costumes have become more

extravagant. With all of the computer enhancements, horror flicks are more realistic. It’s a wonder of how they will keep evolving and how much more twisted this genre of movies will become. Horror movies keep changing and making Hollywood history one film at a time. Hopefully the horror genre won’t crumble or fade anytime soon.


Erie Square Gazette, Port Huron, MI


Thursday Oct 20, 2011

Blue water Hollywood

Ray Robinson Guest Writer

horror movie master Sid Haig on Friday. Saturday saw a Glitz and glamour showcase of stellar descended on Port cinema from Michigan Huron as the third filmmakers. The film annual Blue Water flickered from 10 Film Festival gave the a.m.-9 p.m., showing city its own taste of something for Hollywood. everybody. The festival began “Regional Roots” with a night of stand is a short subject up hilarity from documentary from Michigan native and Detroit area director, “Full House” star, Carrie LeZotte, Dave Coulier, on that examines the Thursday, Oct. 6, and economic history and the red carpet premier ethnic diversity of of “Mimesis,” starring Detroit. I appreciated

Zack Penzien Production Editor Ya know, coming home at 1 a.m. covered in latex is a lot less sexy than it sounds. Let’s give that last sentence some context shall we. Myself, along with the rest of SC4’s own Zombie Defense Council, were invited to make pretend to be zombies for the premier of “Mimesis” at the Blue Water Film Festival. The night started off at 5:30, when I was lead back, and then under, stage of the McMorran theater for blood and makeup. The basement/

the way that it took time to show the different cultures and different layers of the city in an effort to show that Detroit isn’t as terrible as people make it out to be. As with any short subject of this nature I personally felt that it short changed itself by being so short and not going in depth in other areas that it should have, such as showing the subtle ways that the cultures come together.

Under their skin

makeup room was filled with ZDC faces old and new. Even Cody Kimball, former webmaster of the Erie Square Gazette and founder of the ZDC, came up from Kalamazoo to sing show tune and become zombiefied for the evening. After getting our faces on, we headed north, as in upstairs, to the lobby, where the group was split to inside and outside. Inside zombies were ushers, outside zombies mingled with the crowd. We stumbled and shambled around outside entertaining and, in a few

instances, scaring the crowd, some of which had been there all day. Advisor to the ZDC, Bob Kroll, was over taken by the hoard on a few occasions. The hour and a half we shambled around the lobby and line was a flurry of photos until people started to move in to the lobby, for the stars of “Mimesis” had

began to show up and the screening begun. It’s not this articles place to tell you about the flick, but I will say I really liked it. In a world where zombies are used and over used in all formats of media, this is a fresh and interesting take with a cool twist. Then came the payoff, as if the

Photo by Terry Tyson available under a Creative commons license.


Ready to take the next step? Find out why so many community college students advance to Wayne State University. Join us at our open house. Saturday, Oct. 29 9 a.m. - noon

“Strong from Detroit,” another short subject documentary from director Jeremy Olystyn of Berkley. This film shows how after suburban area senior Marcellous Strong’s father loses his job that he must go outside of the Detroit city limits to continue his education. This movie also makes it hard to convey its point because as with “Regional Roots,” it’s another one where

they could expand on how Marcellous intends to plan his future in a city that builds prisons based on a third grade level. “Being from Another Planet” is a feature length comedy/drama from director Joseph Parcell, of Okemos, that explores the possibility of two astronauts having the major first of a successful pregnancy in outer space on the first manned mission to Mars.

The pregnancy is successful, but it turns out to be a media circus and the baby ends up being as big of a deal as Michael Jackson’s son Blanket. As with everything however, the media hype does die down and the child ends up falling into obscurity. The 2011 Blue Water Film festival was a rousing success. I hope that if this year is any indication of next year, future years to come, it will keep getting better and better. Roll em!

movie wasn’t enough, the volunteers were allowed to go through the autograph line, which included Sid Haig! Before the doors opened! Haig and the rest of the cast were just as cool as the night’s events. Haig was very low key and an all around fantastic dude. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many zombies with their jaws on the floor as I had that night. We got a group photo with Haig, which I’m sure will go straight to the ZDC hall of fame. As I walked back to my car, I remember feeling like I had just

walked in the door back at 5:30, except I was more excited, even more than going to concerts and midnight screenings. I think having the cast and director in the room as the film flickers across the screen creates a different atmosphere in the dark theater. Showing your art, even if you are a thousand percent confident with it, is scarier than anything you can put on film. I hope that the cast enjoyed sharing what they had made with us. I know that theater full of horror and film fans enjoyed it.

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Erie Square Gazette, Port Huron, MI

Thursday Oct 20, 2011


Drinking with the Devil, the history of Jack O’Lanterns

Rachel Kobylas Staff Writer

www.history. com, the name comes from an Irish Halloween is folktale about a man just around the named Stingy Jack. corner. Soon, Internationally beets, carved pumpkins, turnips and potatoes illuminated by a were used as an candle, will begin earlier pumpkin popping up on prototype. neighborhood Hand in hand porches. with this tale is a But how did varied international pumpkin carving belief that during become a tradition Halloween, spirits included in trick-or- enter our world, treating festivities? these fire-lit carvings How did these are also meant gourd works of art to ward off the become called “Jack unwanted spirits. O’Lanterns?” Irish immigrants According to brought the tradition

to the United States, with its native pumpkin, and it became an integral part of Halloween festivities. So, who is this “Stingy Jack,” and why is he “honored” with such a continued Halloween tradition? According to the traditional Irish folklore carried on for centuries, Stingy Jack was, well, stingy. This mythical tale, according to www.hauntedbay. com/history/jol. shtml, shares the

The truth behind the myths

tale of a drunken, Irish blacksmith who invited the devil to drink with him. Being stingy, Jack didn’t want to pay for his drink. Jack tricked and captured the devil on two occasions, bartering his soul. The last of the trickery, Stingy Jack managed to have the devil promise not to take his soul. Not long after, Jack died, but God wouldn’t allow him in to heaven because of his dastardly deeds. From the

Clay Kimball Webmaster

Was the truth too terrible? I ask this question of two popular Halloween legends: Dracula and the werewolf. Dracula, or the vampire, originated from the Romanian individual Vlad Tepes (pronounced Tse-Pesh, a term for “Impaler”), according to an article on an Ithaca College website. Dracula lived in Wallachia, which, due to its location, was often caught between Hungary and Turkey in a power struggle. Throughout his life, Dracula lived as a patriot to his country, spending years as a captive and prisoner to one of the two nations. The terrible myths surrounding Dracula, beginning with Bram Stoker’s book, and continuing as far as the “Twilight” series, muddy the reputation of this Romanian hero. What gives rise to these myths is the odd tendency of Dracula to impale lawbreakers and enemies.

Should I do the grapefruit diet, or the bacon diet? With all the weight loss schemes and diets out there today, how can we ever decide the best way to lose weight? Well you can take this one from personal experience of mine. Over the past four months, I’ve lost over 30 pounds in total. Overall, I’ve lost much more in fat and gained back in muscle. I’ve been on what is called a ketogenic diet. A ketogenic diet is a diet that replaces nearly all carbohydrates with fats and proteins. The idea is that when the body stops taking in the sugars that are carbohydrates, it enters a state of ketosis, or when the body begins to break down fat

Twana Pinskey Editor-in-Chief Jenna is a force to be reckoned with. You look into those big brown eyes and she has you hook, line and sinker. You are melted into putty and cannot help but love her joy and zest for life. Like most six year olds, Jenna loves anything to do with Hello Kitty, Jessie from “Toy Story” and Figaro, the stuffed cat her grandma brought for her in New York. Jenna is also a child

throughout most of the body, abnormal nail and teeth growth, and hypersensitivity to light, according to This disfigured appearance, coupled with the seemingly insane behavior which would accompany these individuals when exposed to bright light, could easily have been mistaken for lycanthropy in ancient times. The myth has been around since ancient Greece, when Zeus turned Lycaon into a wolf. Popularized by modern film, these entities have become both more fearsome and more pitied. With truths this disturbing, is the myth really necessary?

living with Cystic Fibrosis, a disease that threatens to rob those diagnosed with the condition of their life. Finding out that I was going to be a grandparent for the first time was such an incredible experience. It is a gift not everyone gets to enjoy. Then the first ripple in the water. My pregnant daughter needed testing; something was not right with an ultra sound. Our family knew before her birth that

Jenna would have the condition known as Cystic Fibrosis, or CF for short. We all had four months to adjust to the news. With her birth came all the joy any new addition brings to a family. What also came with her birth was my concern for her future. As Jenna’s grandma, I vowed I was going to love her unconditionally, no matter what limitations or conditions she could possibly have. Knowledge is power,

from the fire of hell to light his way. Jack put the coal into a carved-out turnip and has been roaming the Earth with ever since. The Irish began to refer to this ghostly figure as ‘Jack of the Lantern.’” So when you’re carving your pumpkins this year, if you keep with the tradition, maybe your Jack O’Lantern will keep Stingy Jack and his friends away from your home and off of your porch.

Clay’s Chaos Column

Gregory Lane Staff Writer

Although he was very fair in the law and gave his life for law-abiding citizens, the penalties he set were more than severe. It was these tendencies that gave rise to rumors about him drinking the blood of his enemies. Having been excommunicated by his church for political reasons, Vlad can be considered immortal, for in his religion, excommunicated individuals are doomed to walk the Earth forever. Congenital hypertrichosis, combined with albinism, may have been the cause of the werewolf myth. This unique combination of genetic disorders can cause hair growth

myth itself it reads, “The Devil, upset by the trick Jack had played on him and keeping his word not to claim his soul, would not allow Jack into hell. “Being unable to go to heaven or hell Jack asked the Devil where he should go. The Devil only replied, ‘Back where you came from!’ The way back was very dark so Jack begged the Devil to at least give him a light to find his way. The Devil tossed Jack burning coal

T-Bird’s Tid Bits

so I began reading anything I could get my hands on about the disease. I have learned that CF is an inherited condition, a disease of the mucus glands that affects many body systems, causing this abnormally thick and sticky mucus to lead to problems with digestion, problems with breathing and lung infections (http:// The CF web site also says that in 1995, CF kids did not live long enough to go to grade

instead for energy. This process releases large amounts of ketone bodies into the bodies, hence the name ketogenic. With ketosis in effect, the body resorts to burning fat first, sugars second, meaning easier weight loss through exercise. Science aside, the diet is the most important part of this weight loss style. The diet itself is simple enough, just sticking to three simple food groups: proteins (meats and nuts), naturally processed dairy, and vegetables. Major foods to avoid are sweets, fruits, and most sauces. While this may seem hard to follow, there are numerous places to find recipes and success stories of this diet. Major sites include www.reddit. com/r/ keto, www.atkins. com/recipes.aspx,

and www. allrecipes .com. All of these sites have many low carbohydrate recipes for this plan, such as low carb bread and cake made from flax seeds or homemade ice-creams. The “subreddit” has posts with real life examples of followers who have lost anywhere from 15-100 pounds on the diet. Trust me, if you feel unconfident about your weight, but you don’t want to stop eating what you love, how much you love, or have to exercise more than an hour a day, try the keto lifestyle. You’ll feel great and bacon is always a main course. If you have any questions for me, send them to eriesquaregazettewm I may feature the answer to your question online, or in a future issue.

school. Improvements in treatment of CF have increased the median age of survival to mid 30’s for children diagnosed in 2009. Sorry, but that is simply not long enough. Live only into their 30’s? Since I am 52 years old, I could quite possibly outlive my granddaughter. I find this totally unacceptable. Parents are not supposed to outlive their children and we grandparents are certainly not supposed to outlive

our grandchildren. While waiting for cures to be found, families living with CF learn to make every day count, living life to the fullest. Everyday moments take on special meaning, becoming etched in our minds. You will have to excuse me now. I have an appointment with a very special young lady. We have nails to paint and perhaps a game or two of “Pretty Pretty Princess” to play.


Erie Square Gazette, Port Huron, MI

Thursday Oct 20, 2011


From Player to coach, Kyle Brown Christian McGeachy Sports Editor

is no longer able to play the sport as a player, he said, “I just In many different wanted to stay in scenarios throughout it... I am here for the life, boy becomes coaching aspect and at man, student becomes least to keep the team the teacher and at going in a positive St. Clair Community direction as best as I County College the can.” player became the According to Brown, coach. he has coached before Kyle Brown, a at his high school, sophomore at SC4, and also while being became a part of the a player last year at coaching staff for SC4. So, between his the upcoming men’s skills on the court as basketball team a power forward and season. being an assistant Brown, played coach, he would be high school ball at the perfect choice to Marysville High School teach the players of and played a year tomorrow. underneath the SC4 Brown believes, “ roster. Deciding to The most critical thing take his talents to a is just effort and hard higher level, Brown work...and what the became one of the players need to know coaches on the staff. is that it takes hard “It brings a player work and effort to point of view to the get to the point to coaching side,” said be better than their Brown. (the other team) best Even though Brown player.” Clay Kimball Webmaster

Altogether, $221 were raised and split between the two teams Fighting like lions to pay for equipment, and tigers, only this time for a good cause. uniforms, and travel funds. On Thursday, Oct. At the end of the 13, the Men’s and first half, the lady Women’s Basketball teams played against skippers were down 30-16. Even though each other to raise they fought hard to fund for both teams.

Even though Brown has had a great experience throughout his basketball and coaching career, so far, nothing compares to being next to Coach Dale Vos. Vos has been the coach for St. Clair County Community College for 20 years and has much success with men’s basketball program. When asked about being next to the very successful Dale Vos, Brown exclaimed, “I like Dale as a person and as a Coach...just to be by him and have the connection with him is a big help me personally and it’s a great experience.” Brown plans to continue his way on coaching men’s basketball in the future and continue to be the player that became the coach.

Trumping into the Euchre scene Christian McGeachy Sports Editor During the course of the year, many sports fans that watch ESPN will come to find that the “World Series of Poker” has become a main attraction. And for the students at St. Clair County Community College, Euchre has become the main event. Students that come to the college center for their lunch break have found out this semester that Euchre is a popular card game among other classmates. According to thefreedictionary .com, Euchre is defined as, “a card game played usually with the highest 32 cards, in which each player is dealt 5 cards and the player making the trump is required to take at least 3 tricks to win.”

Battle of the sexes

gain a lead, the game ended with a Men’s close win at 42-31. Though some players were disappointed by the close ending, they were reminded that the game was for fundraising, not competition. Coach LaKita Gantz

commented that even though not a large amount of money was made, she plans to have the Women’s Basketball team participate in more fundraisers, such as a fashion show or assorted parties. She also hopes that more

Photo by Phillipa Willitts under a Creative Commons license.

Confused? You’re not the only one. I was too. But since I’ve gotten into the phenomenon of Euchre, I can come up with a better explanation for the people still confused and scratching their heads. Four players are split in two teams and play each other in game to which have to score ten points to win. Each player is dealt five cards a piece. The only cards being dealt are tens’ through aces. Jacks are considered “bowers” and are the highest cards when used in the right trump. Someone from the four must call trump, either spades,

hearts, diamonds or clubs. Trump becomes the highest value in the game and if you have enough trump during a hand, you could have the advantage to win. Still confused? Well that’s very common, but many students at SC4 have enjoyed and learned very quickly by playing this strategy game of wits and trump. Students like Michael Brough, a third year student a St.Clair County Community College, says, “I like Euchre, because it passes time faster. It also helps to strategize better and helps your brain power.”

people will be aware of the teams because of this event and will come out to more of the events to help the teams. Gantz believes that the game showed her what members of the team played more competitively, played

harder, and played better against their male counterparts, what she believes to be a good indication of how well they’ll play against other women’s teams. It showed her what the team needs to work on at practice, as well.



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