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Erie family health center 2012 annual report

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2012 Erie Family Health Center Annual Report: Building Healthy Communities CV1

Erie Family Health Center provides accessible, affordable and high quality health care for those in need.

Fiscal year 2012 marked the culmination of years of planning, and we’re gratified that enormous expansion is unfolding as a result.

Erie at a glance

Dear Friend of Erie,

55 years caring for communities

We're proud to present highlights of a year that represents a turning point in Erie's growth—including new sites, partnerships and patients. In this report, you’ll read about important progress leading up to the October 2012 opening of Erie Evanston/Skokie Health Center, our first location outside of Chicago. In our traditional service areas, we also made significant investments including the new Erie Division Street Health Center in Humboldt Park, which has already served thousands of patients since opening in July.

13 locations in Chicago area 170,000 total patient visits by 37, 000 unduplicated patients 21, 000 visits by 5,500 unduplicated patients at 5 schoolbased health centers and the region’s only freestanding teen health center Top 10% nationally on key women’s health measures 150 residents, medical, dental and other students training for health professions 3 consecutive years as one of Chicago Tribune’s Top 100 Workplaces Patient statistics reflect fiscal year July 1, 2011– June 30, 2012

CV2 2012 Erie Family Health Center Annual Report: Building Healthy Communities

To plan our first site on a hospital campus, we partnered with Swedish Covenant Hospital. Erie Foster Avenue Health Center will open in 2013 to provide care for 8,500 people on Chicago’s northwest side and train the hospital’s residents in communitybased medicine. Thanks to a new partnership Lee Francis, MD, MPH Brian Marsella with Northwestern Lake Forest Hospital and a major federal grant, plans also progressed for the 2014 opening of Erie Waukegan Health Center to serve 13,000 patients in Lake County. As early adopters of electronic medical records, last year we made our technology work harder and smarter to strengthen our foundation of trusted care. Even between patient visits, our systems help us alert patients to keep their appointments, take care of their chronic illnesses, bring in their children for immunizations and participate in free health education programs. As you will read in these pages, our resources have offered more opportunities for more people to take charge of their health, prevent disease and enjoy healthier lives.

This report reveals how the Erie Running Club helped a ten year-old girl transform herself from a sedentary child to one who enjoys exercise and a healthier lifestyle. The care received by a teen at one Erie school-based health center illustrates how we help thousands of teens overcome health and emotional issues to improve school performance and family life. The experience of an expectant mother exemplifies our commitment to teaching that oral care is an inseparable component of prenatal care that ensures a healthier start for unborn babies. Lastly, the story of a hard-working mother of two who had no time to take care of herself demonstrates Erie’s capability to help patients prevent diabetes and other chronic diseases. While much is being done and much more remains to be done, we are ever mindful of maintaining core financial stability through responsible, diverse leadership and a deep commitment to constant innovation that keeps costs at a minimum in times of rapid change. None of this could have been accomplished without our hospital and community partners, as well as the many foundations, corporations, individuals and other philanthropic partners also committed to our mission. Finally, we are extremely proud Erie was named one of Chicago’s Top 100 Workplaces by the Chicago Tribune for the third consecutive year—proof that our deep satisfaction in caring and building healthier communities is also experienced and appreciated by our employees. On behalf of Erie’s leadership and Board of Directors, thank you for your generous support. With your continued partnership, we hope to further the goal of building healthier communities—one patient and one family at a time. All the best in 2013,

Lee Francis, MD, MPH

Brian P. Marsella

President, CEO Erie Family Health Center

Chairman, Board of Directors Erie Family Health Center

2012 Erie Family Health Center Annual Report: Building Healthy Communities 1

Investing in care, one community at a time

Last year, Erie delivered more care to more people in highly diverse communities. We strengthened partnerships and extended our reach. We seized every opportunity to innovate solutions that improved the health of thousands of patients. These investments positioned Erie for a new era of providing care as unique as the communities we serve—now and in the future.

Expanding to meet needs in northern suburbs


ajor federal grants and partnership support enabled Erie to develop new sites that will increase access to care in the northern suburbs and Lake County. Plans for Erie Waukegan Health Center progressed with the announcement in May of a $4 million competitive capital grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, made possible by the Affordable Care Act. Erie Waukegan will open in 2014, with operating support from our new partner Northwestern Lake Forest Hospital. In June, Erie won a $650,000 federal grant for operating support to realize the vision of Erie Evanston/ Skokie Health Center. This award— also from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services through the Affordable Care Act—enabled our first location outside of Chicago. Erie Evanston/Skokie was launched with full community support, a lead capital gift of $1.2 million from NorthShore University HealthSystem and the partnership of Saint Francis Hospital.

Designing the future of coMmunity-based care

Building the primary care workforce



o deliver care more efficiently and cost-effectively, we entered a new agreement with Swedish Covenant Hospital to launch Erie’s first community health center located on a hospital campus. Erie Foster Avenue Health Center will train the hospital’s residents in community-based medicine and provide seamless referrals for the hospital’s services. Dental care currently provided at Erie Helping Hands will be consolidated and expanded at the new center, opening in July 2013.

helping teens maintain positive physical and mental health


ecognizing the critical need for teens to improve their physical and mental health, in July 2011 Erie assumed management of schoolbased health centers at Amundsen and Lake View High Schools. Erie has continued to ensure that teens have access to medical services, while Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center has provided behavioral health services at these sites.

Responding to the need for care in Chicago


n accordance with Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s “Healthy Chicago” program, Erie answered a call to help eliminate duplication in the City's public health services. Erie developed a plan to introduce services at the site of the City’s West Town Neighborhood Health Center—the heart of our traditional service area. Since opening at this location in July 2012, the new Erie Division Street Health Center has provided primary care services to thousands of patients.

2 2012 Erie Family Health Center Annual Report: Building Healthy Communities

rie celebrated the full three-year enrollment of the Northwestern McGaw Family Medicine Residency Program with partners Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine and Norwegian American Hospital. Twenty-four residents are now in training at Erie Humboldt Park Health Center to become the next generation of leaders in communitybased care. This program is one of the eleven original federally designated Teaching Health Centers and the only one in Illinois.

Winning recognition from our employees


e were honored as one of the Chicago Tribune’s Top 100 Workplaces for the third consecutive year, based on votes from our employees. Our dedicated staff members provide care, coordinate scheduling, manage facilities and perform thousands of tasks daily to help our patients. Thank you!

Nurturing healthier communities, one patient at a time For some people, the reality of health care means a trip to the emergency room. They don't have access to preventive care that can keep them healthy—and out of the hospital. Last year Erie made significant advancements to change that reality—and reduce the burdens of untreated illness on people and the health care system. We expanded our capabilities so more adults learned to prevent disease and take that knowledge home to their families. More teens were guided toward healthier futures. And more children discovered that an active, healthy lifestyle can make them feel better—physically and emotionally. The stories on the following pages illustrate how Erie continues to invest in care one patient at a time—because that’s the foundation of healthier communities.

2012 Erie Family Health Center Annual Report: Building Healthy Communities 3

Putting children on track to healthier lifestyles Angkana Roy is an Erie pediatrician and an avid runner. She’s also concerned that more of her young patients lead sedentary lifestyles, causing excess weight gain that increases their risk for developing serious chronic diseases as they grow older.

“When we started running in June, my daughter and I couldn’t run five minutes. But we received lots of encouragement and trained at our own pace. By fall, we loved running, and we finished a 5K.”

Dr. Roy's combined passions for her patients' health and running led her to collaborate with other like-minded Erie staff and local community members. Together they realized a long-standing dream and an Erie first—getting families involved in a 5K run. “Exercise is so important, but children need a lot of support and encouragement,” says Dr. Roy. “Our idea was to make exercise a fun activity for the entire family with the Running Club as a first step in working toward a 5K.”

Elizabeth Aguilar Jasmine’s mother 2012 Running Club member

4 2012 Erie Family Health Center Annual Report: Building Healthy Communities

By the time she was ten years old, Erie patient Jasmine Aguilar had gained 30 pounds in just two years. Concerned about her health, her parents Elizabeth and Alfredo signed all three of them up for the Erie Running Club’s initial season in spring 2012. The family was among 30 patients, community members and Erie staff members recruited through referrals from doctors, Erie emails and staff announcements. Volunteer coaches were Dr. Roy, other Erie providers and community members including UIC Family Nurse Practitioner Evelyn Cato, originally from Humboldt Park.

The Aguilars trained with the club twice weekly from June through August at Erie West Town, Humboldt Park, and Helping Hands in Albany Park. As summer progressed, they ran longer and farther. Their enjoyment of running together as a family grew along with their sense of accomplishment. When the Running Club’s official season concluded at the end of summer, Jasmine and Elizabeth continued training two days a week. In October, they participated in the Pumpkins in the Park 5K at Lincoln Park. Family members and neighbors cheered as they crossed the finish line.

Erie ranks in the top 10% of health centers nationally for tracking healthy weight in children and providing them counseling on nutrition and physical activity.

“In the years to come, we plan to expand the Running Club and envision someday sponsoring an Erie 5K to convey our commitment to the importance of physical activity for children and their families.” angkana roy, md Pediatrics Erie West Town Health Center

Elizabeth is glad that her daughter has lost weight and has gained lots more energy. The family is looking forward to training with the club again in 2013. For Alfredo, better health has been the biggest benefit. He wants to live longer to spend more time with his children and grandchildren. The family has only one complaint about the Running Club: “Next year, we should start sooner, and go longer,” said Alfredo. ⓦ

2012 Erie Family Health Center Annual Report: Building Healthy Communities 5

Transformative care for teens Trymaine enjoys math, playing football and spending time with his family. But this was not always the case. He was born with sickle cell disease.

During sixth grade at Ryerson Elementary School, Trymaine's painful symptoms interfered with schoolwork, sports and bonding relationships in his family. Severe pain often caused him to leave the classroom, and he was hospitalized for ten days. His grades plummeted, causing difficulties with his teachers. His family life suffered as well. But fortunately for Trymaine, Ryerson is the home of Erie Westside Health Center. Erie is a national leader in delivering care that serves the needs of pre-adolescents and teenagers. Our school-based health centers are particularly well suited to help address the physical, emotional, and social issues that characterize this age group. For Trymaine, the results have resonated far beyond the classroom. “Trymaine came to our clinic in pain and in tears. He was completely controlled by his illness. He was withdrawn and disconnected,” said Sandra Small, Behavioral Health Therapist at Erie Westside. “He needed a place where he could find respite.”

That respite became the staff at the health center and, eventually, Small’s office. He came regularly, but said little. Small taught him to play chess and other games. Before long, they began talking about courage and selfconfidence. He began to open up about his health, school, and family concerns. She took him to the appropriate Erie providers who helped him learn what to do to better manage the pain through medication and coping skills. Small coached him on speaking up for himself and asking his teachers for help.

Erie is one of the largest providers of health care to pre-adolescents and teens in Chicago. our five school-based health centers and the region’s only freestanding health center

“The people at the clinic helped give me the confidence to believe in myself. Now I can manage my pain, concentrate on school work and talk to my teachers when I need help.” Trymaine Ryerson Elementary School Class of 2013

for teens serve close to 5,500 children annually.

“Teens and pre-teens are a huge and vulnerable part of the communities we serve. Our school-based model enables them to receive the medical, psychological and behavioral

Now in eighth grade, Trymaine is earning As and Bs. His parents are proud, and he’s enjoying more time with his siblings. He’s become goal oriented and—instead of his illness— he thinks about high school, college, and his future. He trusts in his Erie support team, but he no longer sees Small as often.

support they need — in an environment they can trust.” sandra small Behavioral Health Therapist Erie Westside Health Center

“That’s how it should be,” she says. “He’s no longer ruled by illness, and he’s learned great life skills.” ⓦ

6 2012 Erie Family Health Center Annual Report: Building Healthy Communities

2012 Erie Family Health Center Annual Report: Building Healthy Communities 7

Prenatal dental care for moms, healthier beginnings for babies When Margarita Rivera learned she was pregnant with her first child in 2012, she wanted to do everything to ensure a healthy baby.

“I never want to experience dental pain again. And I never want my child to go through it. Thanks to Dr. Kearney, I know I can do a lot to help prevent dental disease for both me and my child.” margarita rivera Erie patient

Margarita looked forward to regular prenatal visits at Erie and gladly followed her doctor’s advice. But she was surprised when the doctor strongly urged her to see a dentist. At the time, Margarita was receiving no regular dental care, even though her gums were inflamed and bleeding. She thought she couldn’t afford care. Yet for the sake of her baby, she decided to follow up on her doctor’s referral to Dr. Lisa Kearney, a dentist and Clinical Director of Oral Health at Erie. “In the past, I dreaded going to the dentist, and I only went when I was in serious pain. It was always very expensive, and I never felt that the dentists cared,” said Margarita. “But I found out that Erie is affordable. And I know Dr. Kearney really cares about helping people. She has a way of explaining why taking care of my teeth and gums is important not only for me, but for my baby. I never had a dentist talk to me that way, and it really hit home.” According to Dr. Kearney, bacteria from untreated oral disease can bring infection to other parts of the body, and even to an unborn baby. For

8 2012 Erie Family Health Center Annual Report: Building Healthy Communities

pregnant women and new mothers, she believes her role is to teach patients that all oral disease is preventable, and prevention will have a positive impact on their children’s health. “While there is some early evidence that oral disease may contribute to pre-term births and underweight babies, we know for certain that mothers can transmit oral disease bacteria to their babies by sharing food or even kissing them,” she said. “Of course, we don’t want women to stop kissing their babies. But if preventive dental measures aren’t taken, tooth decay can appear in children at a very early age.”

7,500 children, adults and pregnant women received Erie’s oral care services in fiscal year 2012.

“Erie is fundamentally committed to oral care as an integral part of health care. Even in the face of budget cuts, it’s important to make affordable dental care a priority for our patients—and especially for pregnant women.” lisa kearney, DDs Clinical Director of Oral Health Erie Family Health Center

Dr. Kearney expects Margarita’s treatment to be completed successfully before the baby is due. As for Margarita, she has become a big proponent of flossing and regular dental care. “Even though I still have a few treatments to go, I can already tell a big difference. The pain and bleeding have stopped. Now that I know what regular, affordable care can do for me, regular trips to the dentist will be a priority. And I plan to bring my baby to the dentist, too.” ⓦ 2012 Erie Family Health Center Annual Report: Building Healthy Communities 9

Turning the tables on adult diabetes After her annual physical exam at Erie in 2011, Yuriko Nakasone’s test results indicated that her A1c level was high, indicating she was pre-diabetic. But she did not pay attention. She was too busy working long hours at her job and taking care of her two children.

Following Yuriko's 2012 physical exam, Erie’s electronic medical record system prompted health educator Lourdes Hernandez to take a closer look at Yuriko’s test results. She was now on the borderline for diabetes. Concerned, Hernandez immediately called Yuriko to explain the results and the greater risk. Yet, Hernandez also had encouraging news: Yuriko could still learn to prevent the disease by attending Erie’s program, Mi Vida Nueva y La Pre-Diabetes (My New Life and Pre-Diabetes). “I was frightened, but I was also impressed that Lourdes reached out to me,” says Yuriko. “She made me understand the importance of paying attention to my health, and she told me how easy it would be to attend the program. It was close, and it was free. I could not have afforded it, otherwise. And I loved when she said I could bring my husband to the program, too.” According to Dulce Quintero, Adult Care Coordinator, Erie strives to ensure that the pre-diabetes program, staff and systems work together. The

program provides patients with all the tools they need to take charge of their health. And Erie’s state-of-theart electronic medical record system seamlessly transmits important patient information among medical providers and educators—to help patients stay on track. Yuriko and her husband, Jose Murapa, joined other patients in the program. Together, they learned about diabetes, its symptoms, the importance of a nutritious diet, healthy food choices and regular exercise. She also cut her hours at work and began using the extra time to take care of herself. Jose reports that now when they go grocery shopping, they are careful to check labels and make better nutritional choices. He has noticed that his wife makes time for regular exercise. By incorporating these principles into their lifestyle, Yuriko was able to lower her A1c level and reverse the course of diabetes within a matter of months. Both are pleased to pass along their new habits to their children, who now exercise and eat healthier foods, too. ⓦ

10 2012 Erie Family Health Center Annual Report: Building Healthy Communities

last year, erie helped provide more than 1,300 patients with individualized diabetes education through approximately 250 presentations and events.

“People who find out they’re at risk for diabetes are motivated to change their lives. But they need support. Erie is equipped with the experts, information, and encouragement they need to help them make those important changes.” Dulce Quintero Erie Adult Care Coordinator

“I could not have done this by myself. Erie helped me learn that I have the power to change. Now I’m conscious of the small changes I can make every day to live a healthier lifestyle.” yuriko nakasone Erie patient

2012 Erie Family Health Center Annual Report: Building Healthy Communities 11

Operating financial statements for the fiscal years ending June 30, 2012 and June 30, 2011

The Benefactors behind Erie’s mission annual gifts from July 1, 2011 to June 30, 2012



Assets $ 4,287,556

$ 2,368,921



Patient accounts receivable



Grants receivable









Cash Certificate of deposit

Prepaid expenses/other assets Total current assets

Property, plant and equipment Other assets Total assets





$ 1,083,918


Liabilities Accounts payable/accrued expenses Accrued compensation




$ 2,999,662

$ 2,648,456

Long-term liabilities



Total obligations

$ 5,325,144

$ 5,096,665

Total current liabilities

Net assets






Total net assets



Total liabilities and net assets



Operating revenue



Operating expenses





Temporarily restricted

Non operating revenue–capital

Erie's strong financial management supports operating stability and future growth. Over the next five years, Erie plans to make major investments of its own resources in capital projects that will expand services to new communities.

FY2012 Operating Revenue $32,326,398 ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

Medicaid 49% Federal grants 21% Private grants and donations 12% State and local grants 11% Self pay 4% Private insurance 2% Medicare 1%

FY2012 Operating Expense $29,989,860 Patient care Administration ● Support services ● ●

80% 15% 5%

public sources

Chicago Department of Public Health Chicago Public Schools Illinois Department of Human Services Illinois Department of Public Health Illinois Preparedness and Emergency Response Learning Center U.S. Department of Health and Human Services–Bureau of Primary Health Care U.S. Department of Health and Human Services–HIV/AIDS Bureau U.S. Department of Health and Human Services–Maternal and Child Health Bureau U.S. Department of Health and Human Services– Office of Women’s Health corporations, foundations and organizations

$100,000 and above AIDS Foundation of Chicago Illinois Children's Healthcare Foundation Northwestern Memorial Foundation Polk Bros. Foundation Ravenswood Health Care Foundation

$75,000 – $99,999 Chicago Community Trust Northwestern Memorial Hospital

$25,000 – $74,999 Anonymous ACCESS Community Health Network Aetna Foundation Inc. BlueCross BlueShield of Illinois Covidien/National Association of Community Health Centers Evergreen Invitational/ Northwestern Memorial Foundation Grant Healthcare Foundation Lloyd A. Fry Foundation Michael Reese Health Trust Northwestern University Prince Charitable Trusts Sisyphus Supporting Foundation

$10,000 – $24,999 Advocate Bethany Hospital Community Health Fund All Saints’ Episcopal Church Arie and Ida Crown Memorial Bears Care Bowman C. Lingle Trust D & R Fund Davee Foundation March of Dimes–Illinois Chapter Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine W.P. and H.B. White Foundation

$5,000 – $9,999 American Heart Association

12 2012 Erie Family Health Center Annual Report: Building Healthy Communities



Chicago Dental Society Gilead Sciences, Inc. Harvey L. Miller Family Foundation Kroger Foundation REAM Foundation Seedlings Foundation

$1,000 – $4,999 Aetna Inc. Genentech Inc. Illinois Primary Health Care Association Institute for Oral Health Peoples Gas Winnetka Congregational Church Up to $999 GoodSearch In Smyle Dental Kedzie Lawrence Plaza LLC Krause Construction Prairie Home Builders Ltd. United Way of Southeastern Pennsylvania WALKS Wound Centers West Town Chicago Chamber of Commerce individuals and family foundations

$10,000 and above Anonymous Chiron Philanthropic Fund

$5,000 – $9,999 Lee Francis* and Michelle Gittler John and Jill Svoboda†

$1,000 – $4,999 Michael and Ellen Alter Bruce Buerk and Radha Reddy Saul and Carol Cohen Terrence Conway and Judith Neafsey S. Downey Fund Harte-Matlin Fund Laurence E. Herman Family Foundation William† and Joan Kistner Paul and Nancy Maddrell Jack Murchie Nancy Pick Fund Mark and Rebecca Ryerson Eric and Chris Strobel Frederick Sturm and Deborah Gillaspie Alice Swider Matt Volmerding and Miriah Plawer-Volmerding* Mark Waymack Elliot Weisenberg and Clara Orban Thomas Wilson and Jill Garling Timothy and Jodi Zoph $500 – $999 Richard Bolliger and Lisa Kearney* Gerardo Cardenas and Ana Maria Soto †

Theodore and Ann Doege Ruth Gorton Robert and Carol Hirschtick Maurice Lemon and Catherine Kallal Dean and Keri Manheimer Stephen and Lisa McKenna* Julio and Luz Mora John and Shannon O’Brien John Rogers and Susan Swider Gordon Schiff and Mardge Cohen Dwight and Susan Sipprelle Charles and Georgi Yost Mark and Julie Zerwic †

$250 – $499 David and Ann Baker Kevin and Valerie Comprelli Raymond Curry and Kristi Kirschner Keith Dunn and Vera Rigolin Robert Evans and Holly Watson-Evans Janet Ferguson* James and Nancy Foody Adam Helman and Rachel Krause Steve and Lena Helms Ed and Luz Jimenez* Colleen Karabetsos Lewis and Jill Landsberg Steven Loevy and Sara Segal Loevy George Marquisos and Antonia Contro David Meyers and Roberta Strickler Edward and Sara Naureckas* Juan Perez Clark and Megan Wildenradt $100 – $249 Anonymous (3) James Alexander Kimball and Karen Anderson Andy and Stephanie Andrews Emily Benfer Celeste Castillo † Frank* and Courtney Castillo Diane Cesarone Alan and Ronda Channing Victoria Chiou Robert and Carolyn Clarick Foster and Janet Dale Steven and Ariel Derringer Bruce Doblin David and Stacy Dobreff* Rafael Dominguez* Adeniran Fajemisin Lisa Farmer Daniel Fulwiler Mandy Gittler Marvin and Carol Gittler Marshall Glanzer and Erin Brown John and Shari Glynn Dorothy Greiner Ada Mary Gugenheim Judith Haasis Karen Haverkamp* Gordon and Jill Hawkes* Flavia Hernandez

Timothy Johnson Rosemary Joy* Geralynn Kahn Kanako Kawai* Kathleen Kilbane Irene Kolinski Jeffrey and Beth Kopin Kamala Krakover Kathleen Laslo* Ronald Leahy and Rose Navarro Jon and Suzanne Mayeda Mark and Elizabeth McKelvey* Daniel Mendoza* Gayatri Menon* Bruce and Kathryn Miller Nivedita Mohanty* Robert and Laura Murphy Tom Murray Tim and Kelly O’Day Timothy O’Hagan and Julie Osborne* Stephen and Kathleen O’Loughlin Jeff Panzer* Samuel Pickering and Kate Maehr Dale and Betsey Pinkert Lizann Prosser Steve and Deborah Quazzo Kyran Quinlan* Fred Rachman* Natalie Raghu* Adnybel Rosario- Ortiz* Angkana Roy* Marcia Salas* John and Jeanne Scanlan Amy Schroeder* Richard and Karen Schultz Laura Schwab* Joe and Jacqueline Shubitowski Soleak Sim* Gerri Smothers Debbie Sontag* James Strait and Janina Levy Lucy Tarabour Elizabeth Tisdahl Daniel Tounsel † Mark Upton Arvydas Vanagunas Vanessa Villacorta Sierra* Ana Lilia Vivar † Stephanie Willding* James Wolter and Patricia Neyman James Zimmerman

Up to $99 Anonymous (3) Cecilia Ackmann* Yvette Adorno* Rosa Alejandre* Douglas Allen Elizabeth Alvear* Josue Anaya* Mario Andrade* Barbara Ann Ashley Erika Avila* Juana Ballesteros

2012 Erie Family Health Center Annual Report: Building Healthy Communities 13

Benefactors continued

David and Kate Balsley* Peter Barash and Beth Valukas Marysol Berrios* Gloria Bordoy* Frederick and Antoinette Braucher David Buchanan* and Lacinda Hummel John and Roberta Buchanan Ana Cesan* Jeanette Clayton* Grace Corral* William and Kamala Cotts Rosaura Cruz* Adriana Diaz* Monica Diaz* Oscar Diaz* Patricia Diaz* John Edinger Nancy Edwards* Leonor Espadas* Shirley Fitzgerald* Hugo Flores* Sara Flores* Steven Fox and Jane Perrin Naomi Franklin* Tom and Mary Frech Guadalupe Galarza* Diana Garcia* Steve Garner and Elizabeth Thresher* Erika Gonzalez* Iliana Gonzalez* Johanna Gonzalez* Tiosha Goss* Liliana Grisales* Yesenia Gutierrez* Maria de Lourdes Hernandez † Alma Herrera* Norma Herrera* Yammily Hidalgo* Holly Hudson Angelica Irigoyen* Tom and Judith Ivacko Claudia Jimenez* Timikia Jones* Ayla Karamustafa Lawrence Klein and Loretta Mohr* Claribel Landeros* Barbara Langley David and Elizabeth LeBreton Kenia Lopez* Andrea Mackey* Royston Maddock Anabet Manzanarez* Dalines Marrero* Maria Matias-Areizaga* Glenn and Gloria Mazade Yenny Mazon* Roxane McLean Gabriela Medina* Ivette Medina* Lucy Monarrez* Glenda Monterroso* Esther Morales* Cory Muldoon

Cindy Nguyen* Frederic and Kay Nordeen Mayra Olivares* Heidi Ortolaza-Alvear* Adelaeda Pagan* Diana Perez* Maria Perez* Joyce Quezada* Teresa Ramirez* Maribel Ramos* Lauren Ranalli* Virginia Reising* Jessica Renteria* Celina Rivera* Leticia Rivera* Dulce Roberson* Maria Rocha* Camila Rodriguez* Carmen Rodriguez* Marcelina Rodriguez* Maria Rodriguez* Maria Romero* Ruben and Margaret Rucoba Almudena Ruiz* Jessica Sance* Angelica Sanchez* Lissett Sanchez* James and Margaret Schlegel Angel and Cristine Serrano* Michele Shubitowski* Ana Sigda* Sandra Small* Emily Smith Iliana Solorzano* Mary Sommers* Catherine Stewart* Ray and Mary Swider Alexander and Antoinette Thiele Amaryllis Torres* Lilian Townsend* Beth Truett Idamaris Valcarcel* Eduardo Valentin-Perez* Amy Valukas* Janice Valukas Robert VanTreeck* Lisbeth Varela* Beatriz Vargas* Rocio Vargas-Garica* Dia Velasquez-Pescetto* David Velez* Vanessa Vera* Irene Villalpando* Mark Wallace and Rachael Godinez-Wallace* Katherine Wilson † Todd and Robin Winer Matching gifts

AARP American Express Charitable Fund Aon Foundation Bank of America BP Foundation CME Foundation

*Staff 14 2012†Board Erie Family Health Center Annual Report: Building Healthy Communities

MillerCoors PepsiCo Foundation UnitedHealthcare UNUM in-kind support

Liz Alicea Chicago Sky Flo’s Bar and Grill Gymboree Harper Collins Publishers Illinois Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics Preventacare Roundedge Orthodontics, Inc. golden toothbrush awards luncheon Corporate sponsors

Lead Sponsor UnitedHealthcare Patron Sponsor Krause Construction premium table hosts

Linda Cushman † Leal Associates, Inc. Mercer Health and Benefits MetLife NorthShore University HealthSystem Northwestern Medicine PACO Ideation Swedish Covenant Hospital Ungaretti& Harris LLP table hosts

Matt Aaronson † Belcore Electric Chicago Dental Society Citibank Comcast Michael Cole † Lee Francis* and Michelle Gittler HUB International Midwest Limited Integrated Office Interiors LabCorp Leopardo Companies The Loevy Consulting Group Brian† and Michele Marsella Eric† and Sarah Mayeda McKesson Medical-Surgical Norwegian American Hospital John and Jill Svoboda † Darryl Tom † Tympani UNUM donors

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Steven and Jill Baskin Stacy Bilharz Karen Brach Kevin Burnson Celeste Castillo † Anthony and Mary Grace Cicero Brad Colehour Michelle Collins Kevin and Valerie Comprelli James Corbett Jill Corcoran Ben Crowder Linda Cushman † Larry and Char Damron DentaQuest Adriana Diaz* Susan Becker Doroshow Paula Douglass The Field Museum Mary Flynn Howard Drossman and Julie Francis Lee Francis* and Michelle Gittler Paul and Muriel Francis Bill and Anne Fraumann Justin Funk J.P. Gallagher Maricela Garcia Thomas Wilson and Jill Garling Steven Geiermann John Gerding Chris Gibson Ozzie Godinez Randall Grove Mary Hayes Henry Schein, Inc. Louise Hickman Suzanne Hill Juan Fernando Jauregui † Molly Johnson Lynn Kasik KaVo Dental William† and Joan Kistner Susan Koralik Casey Kotarba Keri Kramer Gary and Erica Krugel Anand and Lakshmi Kumar Leal Associates, Inc. Sami and Carol Levi Lifton Associates Alexander and Elizabeth Lippitt Fred Litke Blaz Lucas John Luther Roberto Saldana and Amelia Madrigal † Brian † and Michele Marsella Eric † and Sarah Mayeda Ann McDermott Audrey McInerney Manny and Catherine Menendez Dawn Miller Peter Moirano Bodee Kittikamron and Iliana Mora* Brian Mortensen

Cecilia Mowatt Noreen Heron and Associates Oral Health America Miguel Palacio Vaidotas Petrus Radio Flyer, Inc. Adam and Marilyn Rehmer Andrew Remak Pamela Rhoades Eric Rodriguez Regina Rogers Hollis Russinof John and Eileen Sachanda John and Lois Sachs Ivonne Silva Sue Smith Gerardo Cardenas and Ana Maria Soto † Gregg Stauber Michael Telesky Elizabeth Tisdahl Bruce Scalambino and Carole Towne Beth Truett Margaret Trufant Lora Vitek James and Ann Marie Walker Arnold Shkolnik and Carol Waugh Mark Weber Ralph Weber David Wong George Zehak Mark and Julie Zerwic † eriedescence Corporate sponsors

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2012 Erie Family Health Center Annual Report: Building Healthy Communities 15

Responding to the needs of each community, at every site



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superior california



Erie provided high quality medical and dental services to more than 37, 000 patients in fiscal year 2012 at 11 sites, including: three large primary health care centers, one adolescent-only health center, five school-based health centers and two dental health centers. Since July 1, 2012, Erie has opened two new primary health care centers, for a total of 13 locations.


Erie Family Health Center Board of Directors fiscal year 2012

I-290 expressway

officers and committee chairs, Left to right : Rosalie Alicea, Matt

Aaronson, Deborah B. Wright-Powell, Lee Francis, Daniel J. Tounsel III, Maria L. Hernandez and William G. Kistner. Not pictured : Brian P. Marsella, Eric Mayeda and Ana Maria Soto.

board of directors

Brian P. Marsella Chair

Ana Maria Soto Vice Chair

Eric Mayeda

Linda Cushman

Darryl Tom

Pilar Gonzalez*

Partner Quintairos, Prieto, Wood & Boyer, P.A.

Maria L. Hernandez

Daniel J. Tounsel III

Juan Fernando Jauregui

Risk Manager Northwestern Memorial Hospital

William G. Kistner

Deborah B. Wright-Powell

Vice President, Internal Audit Northwestern Memorial Hospital

Matt Aaronson Partner and Managing Director The Boston Consulting Group

Rosalie Alicea Reyes Holdings, L LC

Amelia Madrigal Brian P. Marsella Vice President, Sales & Service National Accounts – Market Head Aetna, Inc.

Eric Mayeda

Celeste Castillo

Principal The Chartis Group

Jacqueline Cervantes

Rev. Ed Sarden

Marketing Manager Sears Holding Corporation

Michael Cole National Vice President UnitedHealthcare of Illinois



auxiliary council




Senior Minister Christian Church Center

Ana Maria Soto Jill Simon Svoboda

Humberto Uribe Teacher City Colleges of Chicago

Ana Lilia Vivar Katherine Wilson Deborah B. Wright-Powell Teacher Hinsdale Central High School

Julie Zerwic Professor and Executive Associate Dean University of Illinois at Chicago

Kara Bogart Chris Chambers Matt Cohlmia* Dorothy Dschida Sara Elsasser Adam Gratch Dominique Gupta Rohit Gupta Meredith Hirshfeld Holly Hudson* Laura Jensen Boettcher* Molly Johnson Casey Kotarba* Tom Levin Michele Marsella Mary Beth Murphy* Kristi Passarelli Brenna O’Leary* Sean Schafer Julie Schulz Emily Smith, Chair Sarah Till Holly Trice Maya Vyas Carrie Wuellner

1 Erie West Town Health Center 1701 West Superior Street Health Center: 2nd floor Administrative Offices: 3rd floor Chicago IL 60622 2 Erie Humboldt Park Health Center 2750 West North Avenue Chicago IL 60647 3 Erie Humboldt Park Dental Health Center 2750 West North Avenue 2nd floor Chicago IL 60647 4 Erie Helping Hands Health Center 4745 – 47 North Kedzie Avenue Chicago IL 60625

5 Erie Teen Health Center 1945 West Wilson Avenue 5th floor Chicago IL 60640

10 Erie Amundsen School-Based Health Center 5110 North Damen Avenue Chicago IL 60625

6 Erie Westside Health Center at Ryerson Elementary School 646 North Lawndale Avenue Chicago IL 60624

11 Erie Lake View School-Based Health Center 4015 North Ashland Avenue Chicago IL 60613

7 Erie Henson School-Based Health Center 1326 South Avers Rooms 106 & 107 Chicago IL 60623

12 Erie Division Street Health Center* 2418 West Division Street Chicago IL 60622

8 Erie Helping Hands Dental Health Center 4747 North Kedzie Avenue Chicago IL 60625 9 Erie Clemente Wildcats Student Health Center 1147 North Western Avenue Chicago IL 60622

13 Erie Evanston/Skokie Health Center* Temporary Location: Lorraine H. Morton Civic Center 2100 Ridge Avenue Evanston IL 60201 *Newly opened sites

*Term concluded in fiscal year 2012

16 2012 Erie Family Health Center Annual Report: Building Healthy Communities

2012 Erie Family Health Center Annual Report: Building Healthy Communities 3

At Erie Family Health Center, we believe health care is a right, not a privilege.

Erie Family Health Center 1701 West Superior Street Chicago IL 60622 312.666.3494 847.666.3494

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4 2012 Erie Family Health Center Annual Report: Building Healthy Communities

Erie Annual Report 2012 II  
Erie Annual Report 2012 II  

Erie Annual Report 2012