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Website Title Tags How to Increase Your Google Rankings in 10 Minutes! By Richard Woolsey 

How many times have you seen a website and the title for the web page reads, Home, or About Us, or Contact Us? Old habits die so very hard. When will web designers learn that the title tags for your web pages need to be easily searchable to search engines! Calling a web page "About Us" is the WORST thing that can happen. Why? Because when Google (or any other search engine) indexes your website, so to give your website some type of positioning, terms like "About Us, or "Contact Us" mean nothing to search engines. For example: when a potential customer is searching for your services or products, they will not do a Google search for "About Us". Did you know, at the time of this writing, 1,230,000,000 web pages are listed on Google for the search term "About Us"? Do you think your website has any chance of showing up on the first page of Google when it is competing with over a billion other web pages?! Website title tags very extremely important to use if you want high ranking on search engines. If you sell shoes, then you need to tell Google that your web page is all about shoes. Title the web page "Quality Leather Shoes". And then make sure the content of that web page is all about quality leather shoes. You might have another page on your website about Italian leather shoes. So title that specific page "Italian leather Shoes". And again, make sure the content of that page is all about ITALIAN shoes. It really isn't rocket science. But so many webs designers have no clue about how to properly name web pages for excellent search engine placement. Most web designers are designers. They like to make websites look pretty. They like to use all types of flash and visually appealing bells and whistles. But from a website title tags point of view, visuals are no where near the top of the list when designing a web site. In fact, your entire success on the Internet depends on accurately naming each and every web page on your site! Also, the content of every web page on your website truly needs to reflect the EXACT website title tags. There is no getting around it. Website title tags not only helps search engines find your web pages and list them accordingly, website title tags also help you, as a business owner, clarify each page of content on your site. It really helps create excellent navigation as well. The idea is focus, focus, focus. Be 100% sure that every word is fully concentrated on the subject of each web page. Otherwise, how can search engines like Google or Yahoo understand the content if you aren't sure about it yourself? Another GIGANTIC mistake regarding website title tags is this: NEVER USE YOUR BUSINESS NAME AS THE TITLE OF ALL YOUR WEB PAGES! Using your business name for website title tags prevents people from finding your website! Did you know that? It is very true. When people search online for your products, let's say, Italian

Leather Shoes, they DO NOT type in your business name. Unless you are Coke or Nike, your web pages will only be found by utilizing specific website title tags that DESCRIBE your specific services and/products. Nobody does a random search for "Joe Henry's Shoe Store". Are you getting the picture? Fantastic! Do yourself a huge favor by IMMEDIATELY changing ALL your website title tags to suit the CONTENT of EACH of your web pages.

Website Title Tags  

Website Title Tags How to Increase Your Google Rankings in 10 Minutes! --- How many times have you seen a website and the title for th...

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