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Time-Lapse Photos

1. I don't change a thing and I never move a figure or doctor a single pixel. I simply decide what's stays in and what's left out. 2. My work looks real because it is real, even though it's based on a trick. 3. I use Photoshop to increase imperfection, not remove it. 4. When I go out to photograph I like to have a plan because I can always bag it when I get back to the studio and do something completely different. 5. I try to have some context so I'm not just taking pictures in the dark, as it were. So I try to read a million books, see a ton of movies, listen to all kinds of music, and go to every gallery and museum I can find. 6. I never pass up the chance to make a joke, visual or otherwise. 7. People tend to clump, so I look for birds and kids to fill the high and low spots. 8. Rule: If twins happen to wander into the frame, I always leave them in so people think it's a Photoshop trick.


Stop Motion/Bullet Time Photography Mashups

The Void