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There are a lot of ways to make money online. It used to be the domain of marketing experts, tech companies and big business, but not anymore. Earning money online is now a very common activity. With the confusing amount of options available, what really is the best way to make money online fast? If earning fast is your main concern, then going for quick jobs and quick sales might be your best option. There are websites online that facilitate seamless and fast micro transactions. All you need to do is find the right buyer and client. Short quick transactions and jobs sound promising right? Of course it is, but there is a catch: small tasks may earn money fast but the amount can be disappointing. This is why to earn a decent income you have to get a lot of volume. The internet again comes to the rescue: the online market potential is staggering. The volume is present; the biggest part of the job is getting the right person to find you and then buy or utilize your services. So here are two excellent ways to make money online fast:

Selling stuff online Ebay, Etsy and Craigslist are just a few of the more popular online selling sites. Once you’ve completed registration and verified your account, you can start selling. If you go for popular easy to sell products, you can get more money coming in faster. You’ll need to spend a significant time marketing your products on forums, social media sites and other high traffic sites online. If you’re new to this type of business, its best to cut your teeth on small secure transactions in the online classifieds / market sites. Once you’re confident enough with the process, then you can invest on your own merchant site.

Microtasks oDesk is one of the largest freelancing websites at the moment. They offer full pledged long term work contracts and fixed hour tasks. If you have the necessary skill, you can try your hand here. If you want fast turnover, do the small fixed hour tasks. Complete a lot of these contracts and build your reputation to make it easier to get hired in the future. Fiverr was designed primarily for short tasks that can be completed within a few days. You can sell whatever special skill you have here and build up your reputation. It’s a great place for people who can create good content at a short time. Videos, music and articles are some of the most popular services that workers offer. Amazon Mechanical Turk is one of the oldest online work platforms. It focuses on what they call HIT or human intelligence tasks. These are small repetitive task that need human input to be complete. An example is sorting through a batch of photos and trying to find which one is a picture of specific person, item or place. Pay here is small but you do have full control of your schedule and how much time you want to work. The methods I’ve mentioned here aren’t long term solutions to getting a stable income, however every little bit helps. It’s also important to learn how these sites work so that if you need to utilize them in the future, you already know the ins and outs.

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What’s the best way to make money online fast by ericwelke  
What’s the best way to make money online fast by ericwelke