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Is it possible to put your Home Business on auto-pilot? We’ll define “on auto-pilot” as having the business fully independent and requires no direct input from the owner to keep operating. It should continue to earn and ideally grow with minimum intervention. In specific circumstances, a business can run by itself, but it probably isn’t something you can do in the long term. Limited automation maybe your best bet. Is your business suited for automation? Some businesses are easier to put on auto-pilot. It depends a lot on how much of the operation can be automated. A one man business typically can’t operate without the business owner. A business like consulting or remote support won’t be able to function without the people who provide the services. If that person is you then you won’t be able to leave it. So called “passive income” online businesses can operate with minimum supervision, but won’t grow without anyone taking care of business development. Business like affiliate marketing and network marketing rely heavily on quality

advertising and promotion. However, these businesses can be left to run on their own if you have the right tools and well trained staff. Here are some tools and strategies that will help you put your home business on auto-pilot: Applications that allow you to schedule posting to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Auto responder software that sends scheduled emails, and also sends canned replies if someone replies -

An automated marketing system that does a lot of the work for you.

Hire a team of remote support staff and train them. You’ll need to get an efficient project manager if you want to make sure that work is getting done. Get an assistant who is capable of running it for you. This might be the same person who handles part of your day to day operations. Automated payment and delivery system. Some affiliate marketers and drop sellers don’t have inventory. They only maintain and promote a portal that relays purchases to the actual product vendor. Consolidated real time reporting tools. You need this to know how your business is performing on a day to day basis. It should provide you with a detailed summary of the current state of your operations at a glance. You shouldn’t need to read through several reports just to know that. How will you know that your business is ready for a less hands-on approach from you? If you have the systems, personnel and tools you need in place, then step back from operations for a day or two and see how much work piles up. Check what sorts of tasks are left that need direct input from you. Determine if they can be delegated to your staff especially those that are urgent. If you’re left with only a half an hour or so of tasks that you need to do, you’re very likely on your way to having your business run by itself.

Is your Home Business truly on Auto-Pilot? In the strictest sense, it is not. Your business needs your input to grow. It needs a direction, but then, if you set up the systems properly, you don’t need to be the one doing the heavy lifting and the grunt work. You’re only input will probably be approving the budget, reading reports, and figuring out the quarter’s marketing plan A lot of entrepreneurs typically aim for this sort of scenario. Reaping the rewards of their business while hardly moving a finger. It is possible to build one but it takes time before an organization that can function this way. Still, the thrust for more automation and proper delegation in any business provides its own rewards. It may not be running by itself, but it’ll surely be running more efficiently.

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