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Let’s face it, to get ahead in networking marketing you’ll need to establish a solid team of productive affiliates. Recruiting network marketing affiliates is a critical task for any marketer. You’ll need to look far and wide for these special individuals who are driven to succeed as much as you are. They aren’t easy to find though and you’ll need to cast as wide a net as possible to find the best candidates. Your marketing team members may start out as one of your customers. After successfully closing a sale, a satisfied customer can be a potential recruit. Here are some best practices you can use when recruiting new affiliates: Try to attend all networking opportunities you can find. Especially those that are related to the service or product you are selling. Set a daily goal for the number of people you will talk to about your product or about joining up. Stick to that goal as much as possible. Consistency is the key to reach more people at the shortest amount of time.

Keep in touch with repeat customers and those that provided you with positive feedback. Don’t end your relationship after the sale. These people are potential recruits for your sales team. Study your prospects. Even if they don’t have the experience in this line of business they can become productive if you train and motivate them properly. What you’ll need to consider first is the attitude of each prospect before recruiting network marketing affiliates. Recruit for your core team and for your contact group. The more driven people should be part of your core team, while those more casual sellers go to your contact group. What’s the difference? The core team is your veteran or elite team, while the contact group is your training and proving ground. Recruit people who share the same values as you. It is hard to have people in your team who aren’t willing to do what you need them to. You can probably add them up but not as a member of your core team. Don’t open up your conversations with your pitch. A little bit of small talk goes a long way. After the pleasantries, segue into your recruitment pitch. Listen first before you make a move. Sometimes the opportunity to make the pitch will come from the prospect himself. Even if you know you’re offering a solution to his problem, make sure you hear it out first to make them know that you genuinely want to help. Follow through with your recruits always. Call them on the phone to make a better impression. In this age of quick messaging, taking time to make a phone call gives the impression that they are important to you. Go out and do it. Recruiting network marketing affiliates requires action. The time for planning is wasted if no action is taken.

A final word of advice: Don’t ever spam your network group. People are more informed nowadays and flooding them with unsolicited messages is a good way to lose contacts or even friendships. Make connections, build rapport, pitch your product then recruit!

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