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The best SEO tool for your online business is the content you put in. This may sound like putting the cart before the horse. However, with the Google algorithm favoring quality content over everything else, the best seo tool turns out to be useful content. The ultimate goal of any SEO campaign is to rank high on the 1st page. This is important because people use search engines to sort through info on the net. Search will always be part of the browsing experience and having a presence on the top results can reap huge commercial benefits. Over time, the search process has become less and less “gameable” than before. The original intent of Google search was to provide the best information on specific terms that a user types in. The best information is the one that a user can benefit from. Unrelated result that crop up on the 1st page of the results is undesirable. Since Google has the biggest slice of the search market, they reach more people. You want to prioritize ranking on their site. Bing is a close 2nd since it’s the default search engine used by Facebook. You need to write and design your site for Google first then Bing second. Here’s a general guide on quality content: Has a clear cut topic. It begins and ends focusing on a specific topic. It doesn’t change its subject in the middle instead it explains it further. Easy to comprehend and absorb. Quality content is able to discuss its topic more clearly and makes it easier to grasp for its readers. This is accomplished

regardless of the style used. Includes other types of media that enhances presentation. Audio, Video or embedded presentations – anything that improves understanding of the topic should be present. Try to avoid overloading though. It is factual and updated. This is a pretty straightforward guideline. Always get your facts straight and make sure you’re update on the topic you’re writing about. It is comprehensive. Whatever your topic is about, you need to put in all the relevant details that will help you explain your idea. There’s nothing worse than an incomplete exposition. It opens the content for harsh criticism and may turn off more than a few readers. Concludes but provides links for further reading. A quality blog post cites sources as needed and back links to the appropriate sites. It acknowledges the authors of resources that were used to craft the article. The irony is that SEO was supposed to help quality content shine, but it was too easy to abuse in the early days. SEO was used to push up unrelated websites on the results of popular search terms. The best SEO tool for business to use then was a class of software tools that would automatically get as many links and mentions as possible. Google’s Panda update is supposed to end the unscrupulous practices of link farming and focus more on getting useful content on the search results. Therefore, this is where you should be focusing on: interesting, high quality, and useful content for your readers.

This is how search engines should work and this will become more reinforced as the search algorithms evolve further. Best have all your efforts focused on quality content then, because it’s a win-win situation for you and your audience.

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