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Writing is one of the most popular and in demand online work at home job. You can be sure that the demand for writing projects won’t go down any time soon. This makes working as an online writer a potentially rewarding and long term profession. There are a several very compelling reasons why writing jobs are in demand and why there will always be a need for quality written content. Here are some of the more sound ones: Written content is the primary mode of communication on the internet. Forget video calls, voice calls and conferences. Written content is still the most popular form of communication online. The volume of interactions from email, chat and forum posts dwarf the rest. However, not everyone is well versed in oral communication. Businesses and even professionals often need help to convey their ideas in written form. Different types of information are easier to absorb when presented in written content. Language has a distinct advantage of being able to present abstract concepts and transfer ideas quickly. Video and Audio content can be more descriptive but it takes relatively longer to present information. A written summary can be a more efficient way to convey ideas.

Search Engines use written descriptions and content to catalog and rank webpages. Aside from the content itself, webpages contain text in their html descriptions. Audio and Video files need text descriptions and tags to summarize and identify their content. The internet is awash with text and people are needed to write up these descriptions to tag content properly. What types of writing Jobs are available online? Technical & Academic Writing This is one of the most lucrative and highly sought after writing projects. It’s mostly done by people who have expert knowledge on a specific subject. Writers involve usually have degrees and certifications related to the topic they are writing on. The quality of the finished product is usually on par with professionally published work. These can be product manuals, reports, business proposals, etc. News writing Usually this involves rewrites or condensing of existing news reports from other sources. The finished article is put on a site that also curates the news. Humor writing Humor sites are quite popular online and they stay popular by consistently publishing good articles. If you have a talent for writing funny and entertaining content then you can build a significant following and earn through advertising or sales. The Oatmeal is an excellent example Blog Article writing This is sort of an umbrella term for writing jobs meant for blogs. There’s almost an endless variety of subject matter that can be written about on a blog. Some blog owners commission articles for their site. These articles touch lightly on the topic since the aim is usually to produce articles regular to get indexed more often and rank on search engines. Content tends to be less in depth than those written by technical writers.

Product Description writing & Copywriting

A lot of merchant sites online need writers to describe the products on their site. Sometimes the descriptions are incomplete or in a foreign language. This is why they hire writers for their sites. Aside from product descriptions, some ad copy may need to be added to help sell the product. These tend to be quite descriptive and appealing to potential buyers since bland and incomplete product descriptions can seriously affect a buyer’s impression of a merchant site.

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Online work at home jobs writing by ericwelke  
Online work at home jobs writing by ericwelke