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In just a few more days 2012 will bid us goodbye and the New Year will be ushered in with the usual fanfare. So what’s in store for us in the online small business industry? Let’s take a look at a few that have caught my attention in the past months. 1. Translation Services – these services have been around for several years now, even before the Internet became widespread. These jobs are generally done by specialists and experts on shore. Now you can actually contact someone who has spoken the language since birth and hire them to do translations for you. There is a demand for this type of service, but it’s no longer just for large firms who need to coordinate with their overseas customers. There are lot of startups and online stores who want to sell to non-English speaking countries. These smaller operations need translators to rework their product descriptions, articles and SEO resources. 2. Testing Services – consists of tasks usually done by an in-house programmer. However, since paying for a full time programmer to do in-depth software and app testing is not economical for startups, companies that offer testing and QA services have become a good option. The tests are performed and the results sent to the programmer who in turn will use the information to improve the software. 3. Back Office Services – there are plenty of small tasks that businesses can outsource to firms who specialize in them. The preparation of tax, payroll, and legal documents are a few of the services on offer. There are already established companies online who offer these services. However, the variance of laws in difference states and the availability of accounting talents off shore still present an opportunity for newer and smaller players to get a slice of the back office services pie. 4. Consulting Services – is one of the more challenging areas to do business in since most entrepreneurs who are transitioning to online business already





have a high level of subject matter knowledge. The knowledge they do lack is what you can sell them. Search engine optimization, Social Media Management, Network Marketing, are all in demand, but instead of running the campaign for them, you train them on how they can do it themselves. Social Media Marketing – there is an art to marketing on social networks and no one has yet found a reliable way to take advantage of it, except for the social networks themselves. There is a huge opportunity here for determined entrepreneurs to establish a service that will help businesses market themselves on social networks. Transcription Services – the demand is high for this type of work since doctors are required to document their procedures. It takes a bit of time and investment to setup and is very labor intensive. The windfall can be high though, and it’s potentially a steady stream of work in the long run. Disaster Recovery and Backup Services – this is one of the services that’s been enabled by the cloud. Businesses can now have their data backed up online in the many virtual servers on offer by Amazon. They will need someone to manage the process for them, especially on the initial upload of their data. Remote Employee Monitoring Services – office management takes a level of administrative skill. Remote employee management takes it to a whole other level. If you have proven project management skills and are well versed with online project management software, then this could be the one of the best ideas for a small business online.

If you do consider one of these ideas for you online business, try to get as much information as you can before you start out. Study, simulate and study your plans some more. It’s definitely much better to fail on paper than in real life. But then again, if you don’t start on your plan, you won’t get anywhere. So launch it once you’re determined enough to see it through. Take a chance and make your move.

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My best ideas for a small business online by ericwelke  
My best ideas for a small business online by ericwelke