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So you’ve move forward and signed up for your first MLM venture. First order of business would be to start generating leads. Before you even exhaust your 1st (family & close friends) and 2nd (colleagues & business contacts) degree contacts, you should have an MLM advertising plan in place. MLM advertising isn’t as simple as putting up banners and ads on high visibility locations. Ordinary network marketers cannot afford to put a huge chunk of their income or capital into advertising. And you shouldn’t. Focus first on building relationships with people at your level. 1st Phase – Build a trusted brand through positive word of mouth You will have to remember that you cannot match the resources of the huge retailers. MLM’s advantage is that it markets directly to the customer. It is this “grassroots” and personal level approach that allowed innovative new products and services to crack the big businesses’ hold on the consumer market. Since you’re marketing to people on the local level and not from an ivory tower, you will have the opportunity to build a direct relationship with them. This makes it all the more important that you have a good reputation and a genuine connection to them. This is important at the start as you will rely heavily on appreciative word of mouth to get your MLM venture going. This is true even if you’re already marketing to people online.

Unlike celebrity endorsers who are paid to use the product. You have to use and believe in your product 1st before you pitch it. 2nd Phase- Increase the Visibility of your trusted brand Once you have good word of mouth going, you’ll need to reach more people who are outside your usual travel range. It’s time to go beyond geographic barriers and get established online by building a blog or a website. Cost-wise, online based MLM advertising typically beats real world advertising (print, electronic media). It is strongly recommended that you have your online presence off the ground before you even proceed to real world advertising. One very important benefit of , online MLM advertising is the ability to do Targeted marketing. Website traffic, Social media followers and Blog subscribers can all be considered warm leads especially since they followed you voluntarily because of your expertise. They want to interact with you because they believe they can benefit from a relationship with you. As with any real life relationship, Trust is critical. Always share something that your followers can benefit from – an informative blog post; a useful report; online resources. Part of your commitment to your followers and subscribers is to engage them and make them feel they are benefitting from the relationship. Then slowly and methodically introduce them to the products or services that you’re using and have benefitted from. It’s good practice of course to mention that you’re offering these products and services. Ensure that the relationship is transparent and you will earn the trust of your followers. Measuring Success and Happy Ever After So how do you know that you’re MLM advertising efforts are paying off? The acceptable percentage for success, that’s been mentioned often, is 2-3% of total leads closed. Make sure you differentiate between your different sales channels so that you can find the accurate measure of success for each.

Maintaining a profitable marketing business is similar to farming, you will have to prune some of the branches that are unproductive. But then again if you designed

your farm well at the start, planted the right seeds in fertile soil, and took care of it daily, then there’s no reason why you should not reap a good harvest.

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Mlm advertising getting started by ericwelke  
Mlm advertising getting started by ericwelke