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Articles from Longtail Keyword Research Cheat Sheet [Infographic] by Eric Welke

As you may be aware, keywords play a vital role in optimizing your blog post. If you use powerful keywords in your blog posts, your blog post will be ranked high with the search engines for those search words. Choosing the effective keywords for your articles in an art. If you use one or two words these words are called keywords. What is a longtail keyword? Sometimes it may be necessary to use more words say 2 to 6 words as your keywords. These keywords are called keyword phrases or longtail keyword. You can understand this with an illustration. Suppose you write an article on wrinkle cream, you can use wrinkle cream as a key word for the article. If you want to use more powerful key words for the article, you may use the keywords ‘how to choose the best wrinkle cream’. These words are called as longtail keyword. Longtail keyword often proves to be very powerful and effective to attract huge targeted traffic from the search engines.

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Longtail keyword research cheat sheet [infographic] by ericwelke