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We’re in an era where making a living off internet jobs from home has become a reality. While the type of work varies from the creative to administrative, they all share a common trait; all these jobs can be accomplished and delivered using a computer that’s connected to the internet. This particular type of work style has been enthusiastically embraced by a large segment of the current computer savvy generation. Pioneers in the online freelance industry have projected an increase in the number of workers who will perform their work at home. Even with more traditional companies, there is a trend to let trusted and valued employees work from home a few times a week. There are even companies whose employees all work from home or have a majority of workers working remotely. Internet jobs from home are now very commonplace and the population of home based workers is increasing. The rising numbers mean more competition on a global scale and that in turn translates to more quality choices for employers. Not all jobs can be done remotely. But for those who want to do internet jobs from home, I present to you a few practical tips: Must haves 1. Good equipment- Get a pc or laptop with enough power to do all your required tasks. Make sure that it’s comfortable to use too. Knowing how to fix your own computer problems also puts you ahead in terms of costs and downtime. 2. Get your own internet and power connection – as tempting as it sounds,

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working over a free wireless connection puts your productivity and security at risk. Get your own connection; it’s cheaper and faster now anyway. Get a separate work area or home office – very important for people doing calls and helps keep you focused on your work too. It doesn’t have to be a separate room but it should help you minimize distractions. Payment processors – enroll and verify this in advance so you have it ready to receive funds. Local Bank Account – you’ll need this to access the payment you’ve received. Although some payment processors like Paypal can be directly used for online purchases, having a bank account ensures that you can get cash on hand when needed. A Portfolio – this will help you showcase your work to prospective clients. It’s not just for designers, photographers and artists, you can have a portfolio detailing the work you’ve done for other companies or previous employers.

Staying productive 1. Separate work time from your personal time – home based workers tend to work more hours a day just because the office is virtually “always” open for them. Regular vacations and personal time away from a computer improves morale and helps avert burn out. 2. Schedule your work to your most productive time of the day – If it’s possible, try to schedule your work to the hours when you feel most creative and energetic. You can do a lot more work during this time than the hours where you struggle just to keep awake. 3. Take care of your health – getting a good amount of sleep at regular intervals helps keep you more productive in the long run. Maintaining a good posture, regular exercise and eye rests, ensure that you stay at the top of your game. Safeguarding your gains 1. Open a savings account – for those just starting out and haven’t set one up yet. This should be separate from the fund that receives your payments to make sure it doesn’t get used on impulse. You should aim to save at least

30% of your monthly earnings. 2. Insurance – get some insurance to cover any eventualities. This will also come in handy if you become sick and can’t perform your duties. 3. Investment – Once you’ve built some capital, you can use it to invest in mutual funds or other passive earning instruments. You can also opt to start your own free lancing team. Whatever path you take, one of your goals should be to setup a source of income that can support you if you’re no longer able to work. 4. Keep track of your earnings, expenses and investments – contractor income can sometimes be erratic. It’s important that build up a buffer fund you can use during the lean times between contracts.

The last set of tips is applicable to anyone and not just home based workers. I added it to emphasize the need to be self-reliant. Self-reliance and the ability to work without supervision is a key quality of people who succeed at internet jobs from home.

Living and working from here? Yes please.

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