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We’ll be discussing a few simple Flash SEO Techniques. If you use Flash on your website, these techniques will help you get it optimized for the search engines. Adobe’s Flash software is a plug in that enables multimedia to be displayed on a web page. It is used by a lot of websites to display video, interactive graphics and even games. It is often used to extend a website’s functionality. It use is so widespread that a lot of popular websites wouldn’t exist with out it. Flash was initially designed to work with a combination vector graphics and pictures. It has very basic text-handling capabilities compared to html. This focus on graphics lessens the amount of information that can be indexed by the search engines. If a text appears in flash video, it cannot be indexed by crawlers. It used to be difficult to get a pure flash website to rank organically because of the lack of text information. Unless you were a major brand that people already looked for and link to, you were stuck with shady tactics to get your page to rank. It’s still considered difficult to get a purely flash website to rank, even with expert Flash SEO tecniques. Considerable effort has gone to study how a crawler treats this type of content on a website. Proper Flash SEO techniques can mitigate a Flash website’s poor search visibility. Applied diligently, a page with a lot of flash content can still gain ranking effectively over the course of an SEO campaign. Flash SEO Techniques – Best Practices 1. Ensure tagging and Meta information is complete for embedded flash files. The added text will get crawled and help your site get identified and indexed by the search engines. 2. Try to break up large flash content into smaller ones and embed them in different pages. This makes the page load faster and gives you more

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opportunity to add tags and Meta information. Use HTML for more important content and use Flash for design elements. Flash enabled splash pages might be a great way to introduce your web page, but they tend to make your site slower. Your home page should be the first one to open when someone accesses your primary link. Text and links within flash files can now be read by Google’s crawlers. Make sure they also follow accepted SEO rules. If you’re using Flash for the design capabilities it offers, you might want to look at other more HTML and search engine friendly alternatives. Design your Flash elements to coordinate with your HTML content. There are websites that have seamlessly created a thematic unity with HTML and Flash content. These sites gain the benefits of a very graphically pleasing site with the search engine friendliness of regular websites.

Avoid using purely Flash websites. Even though Google has updated its algorithms and can index content contained and loaded by Flash programs, search engines are still focused on information in simple text format. It’s easier for them to index text and that is the primary goal of SEO.

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Flash seo techniques by ericwelke  
Flash seo techniques by ericwelke