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Articles from 4Life Review : Health Products MLM – Standout or Dead End? by Eric Welke

A consummate network marketer will always be working on something new, always working on the next sale or the next opportunity. 4Life probably be something he’d want to sell.

4Life was founded in 1998 by David Lisonbee. They focus mainly on selling health supplements. The company aims to help people improve their health while giving their partners a chance to improve their financial future. They boast one of the highest payouts in the industry. They have an active presence in around 50 countries and have a direct sales representative in each of them. This access to a wide market has fueled their growth and made the company a major player in the health supplement niche. There are now over 250 products being sold by the company. These products range from weight management and nutritional supplements to personal care and animal health. Here are some of the most popular products being offered: Shape-Fast Ultra – is a weight management product that has “coleus forskohli” as an ingredient. It is widely believed to be able to control the body’s metabolism. Energy Go Stix – is an “immune system enhancer” that contains ingredients like: guarana, green tea extracts, yerba mate, synergistic amino acid and 3 types of ginseng.

Rio Vida, 4Life Transfer Factor, Rite Start (for women) – immune booster products Sleep Rite – sold as a natural sleep enhancer. It contains naturals herbs like chamomile, kava kava and valerian which are believed to promote natural sleep. Aloe Vera, InnerSun and Enummi – other products that are also quite popular with their customers. The Health supplement niche is one of the most competitive areas in network marketing. There are several other well established players. Innovative products help a company to stay on top. You may choose to partner with 4Life and take advantage of the Life Rewards Plan. This is the name of their commission program for Distributors. You start out with a package of products that are shipped to you monthly. This ensures that you meet your minimum target and avoids any disruption to your monthly commission. You get an additional bonus from sales that exceed the monthly allotment. You also get a 25% pay out for every new distributor you enroll. There are additional commissions based on the sales generated by the people you’ve sponsored and from those who they’ve sponsored too. This continues to several levels depending on your rank and how many distributors you’ve directly and indirectly recruited into the company. You and your recruited distributors need to be able to meet monthly targets to qualify for higher rank. To sum it up: 4Life is a health supplement company that distributes its products through direct selling and network marketing They are an established company that has been in the industry for more than a decade Those who choose to become more than just consumers of their products can sign up to become distributors. Distributors earn from commission from the sale of products and from recruiting other distributors. A minimum amount of product must be sold monthly to qualify for commission. Products are automatically shipped to the distributor. Building a team of distributors who can consistently hit the monthly goals opens up the path to gaining higher rank and potentially higher commissions Moving up in ranks also mean that you will have to invest time and resources to train the distributors you’ve recruited. At the same time you need to hit your own targets too.

So is 4Life a standout product or a dead end? One can say that a product that promotes healthy living should be something that is easy to sell, but you have to keep in mind how saturated the health product niche is and with products from established brands. It’s a challenge to sell and the money won’t come easily, but there’s no question that the potential income is huge once you’ve hit your stride. It’s really not something I would suggest for someone selling their 1st MLM product. If you are willing, then you need to do your due diligence and be very determined to make it work. As with any network marketing opportunity, the support and mentorship you have will make your business or ensure it goes absolutely nowhere. If you are looking for support, training and/or more powerful marketing systems for your business, no matter what business you are in, I recommend checking out the SOARnetworks business growth platform today.

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