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Eric Voelker STANDARD 7: Engages in professional growth. C. Applies research, knowledge, and skills from professional development opportunities to improve practice. Section Assessment Differentiation


Description / Purpose of Artifact This artifact is an everyday assignment. I chose this artifact because it is a common way that I apply research, knowledge, and skills that I have learned from professional development. This application is the end result of my engagement in professional growth in this area.

What I Learned / What this Artifact Shows / What Questions Remain Over the past three years our district has focused at different levels on differentiated instruction. For the first year I did not understand what was being presented. I thought the whole idea was something I would not understand. Then one day it hit me. In all the different ways I teach students, both school age and adult, I already use a high level of differentiation. This assignment artifact is one of the regular ways I implement differentiation. Everyone is expected to do their best and go as far as they can. This artifact captures the essence of differentiation. All students are assigned the basic questions and as appropriate students are assigned the more complex questions. This provides options for processing abilities as well as control to shorten/lengthen assignments for quantity as well as quality.

ARTIFACT STANDARD 7C Section Assessment Differentiation

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Artifact 7C  

Section Assessment Differentiation 7/11/09 What I Learned / What this Artifact Shows / What Questions Remain Description / Purpose of Artifa...